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  1. I agree that existing happily in politically mixed marriage may be more of a challenge than a faith mixed marriage.
  2. Pray for the dead is not forbidden by scripture or church authority, so go ahead and feel good for your neighbor.
  3. I don't assume anything about others. It was easy for me. I never tried to quit; I enjoyed it bunches.
  4. My son, when a very young Bishop (age 28), was confronted with an elderly couple coming in for recommend renewal, was truly confounded. The couple assured him that their doctor recommended it for their health, so their Bishop signed off. When my dying adult daughter requested I stopped drinking, I did: right then and forever. It was so easy. I wish I had known that before.
  5. Nope, JWHA and MHA are not and never have been weighted equally when it comes to orthodox. There were much fewer presenters like Bill and Jan than mainline Church of Jesus Christ presenters.
  6. I am an alcoholic, sober more than thirty years now. Your brother's condition is so sad.
  7. You, perhaps. I have always found them orthodox LDS centered, unlike Sunstone or JWHA.
  8. I think MHA is wise to do so. It's mainstream orthodox LDS members can interact with one another personally if they so wish. Sunstone Symposium is doing the same next month. Only John Whitmer Historical Association (the best pure history annual Mormon conference) is doing virtual again this year, and I think that is a big, big mistake. It is good to see people I have not been with in some time, very refreshing.
  9. Obey the WoW should not be an impediment for anyone. It's not difficult, and anyone straining at a gnat about it should be looked at more closely.
  10. Narcissists are abusive, yes, whenever their fictions are confronted by facts.
  11. "No" is the answer to Is visiting other church's 'inappropriate'?
  12. "Church ends saturday evening sessions for general conference" is a relief for me. The women say they will miss the messages from the women's leadership.
  13. Certain family dynamics are poisoned (can be) by certain family members. Dealing with a schizophrenic member is much easier than dealing with a sociopathological or narcissistic person. We deal with this in our own family. You are on the other side now. Don't feel guilt. Don't accept the baggage the other person tried to load you with. Live your life and be careful of how you treat others. Best to you and your future!
  14. The people of God live in a mortal world. We the People have set up our government in certain ways, and as Christ has told us that we should give to Caesar's that which is his. Because it is not of God does not automatically make in wrong or unworthy.
  15. Inner city of Salt Lake is facing demographic not spatial problems. In ten years, single active females will make up more than 50% of the central city stake.
  16. If you (1) don't mind driving and (2) you do have ten or more days, do the Grand Canyon, southwestern Utah, Las Vegas, and San Diego County, California.
  17. Concern and mention of it declines after the Babylonians conquered Jerusalem.
  18. Two of my in-laws fit into the LVD complex, both crazy and evil. They are bi-polar, paranoid, and possibly schizophrenic. Conspiracy theorists both to the max, they believe almost everyone they have more than a little contact with are out to get their money or whatever is important to them at times. It makes one understand that such people do exist, have always existed, and that we the 'normal' people have to always be on guard. I think LVD's attorney will drag this out forever if he can. He probably realizes LVD will never leave confinement, thus his duty as her attorney is to try to keep her in a 'better' situation than prison.
  19. I don't know God the Father hardly at all. I have a testimony of Jesus Christ and have been taught that He is the head of the church. God, I believe, is so much more than our language and symbols can capture and express. S/he is just so awesome to me.
  20. "twitwittery", Chum, is a wonderful term. It applied to my experiences in high school, college, the military, corporate business, and particularly in higher education. Education professionals must have a secret course of Twitwittery 101 that I never discovered.
  21. I ditto the above. Our local wards were populated by quite a number of Marine and Navy families, and any man or woman who joined the service after HS was considered a 'worthy' member in the eyes of the ward members.
  22. You are both ready for Basic Combat Training.
  23. I have known several families who have left their entire 'fortunes' (in one case, I think very substantial) to the church instead of to children who were estranged from it.
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