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  1. I am scared of people who say that if they doubt their faith they intend to go hog wild with sin. I am not saying this is you but I have met people who assume that people who don’t believe in God are all just monsters who are kept from rape, pillage, and murder only by fear of getting caught.
  2. The church accepts donations of stocks, mutual funds, property, etc. They don’t prefer cash to those but they usually convert donations to it. This can be a benefit to the tithe payer who avoids taxes on selling appreciated assets. One method of giving I have seen happening more often is a personal charitable trust set up to donate through. Most donations that are not cash do not go through local units and are not listed on your ward donations.
  3. The endless requirement for growth is a problem. Things fall apart when it grows but doesn’t grow enough. It is not sustainable forever.
  4. I think Zeihan’s theories are flawed. First that the seas will be unsafe without the US Navy ignores the probability of regional defense agreements taking over. I also heard him once talking about Japan maintaining security in the Pacific. Really? Japan and not China? He argues that China needs imports to maintain their economy (and they do) but Japan needs them much much more. China is admittedly likely to face some serious internal problems. The fallout of the one child policy and the stark gap between the haves who are living in an autocratic capitalist society and agricultural peasants who are little better off than they were in the 1950s. Something will give there at some point. Second that a shrinking work force is the beginning of serious recession. If automation continues it may even end up a blessing. We are facing an economic cliff. Assuming we can maintain industrialized civilization in the coming years we may reach a point where full employment isn’t possible. This could lead to a dystopia or a wonderful civilization. My money is we will head towards the former first but might balk and change course. This all assumes climate change and/or other factors don’t flip the board completely first.
  5. Yeah, I have driven off a few of them. Occasionally one will show up from another forum and I can recognize the posting style. Those are fun.
  6. Jesus: Good night, sleep well, I’ll most likely kill you in the morning.
  7. In the future please do not post videos of me without my consent. TIA
  8. It was clearly a false flag operation. Clearly the Church is attempting to garner sympathy by vandalizing its own buildings. How do I know this? Note that in the wording of “Smith” the I is higher than than the T. Clearly a coded message that the Church IT department is behind it. Also the kerning is a secret code that indicates the Danites funded the operation.
  9. You do know the gender gap is going the other way right. With the one-China policy and Covid killing more men than women you want to embrace polygamy as a solution to what exactly?
  10. More information on dad. Looks like he identifies as Mormon and specifically says this is why he would be upset his son was gay and I can tentatively say the same about grandpa but want more information to be sure. Dad was an MMA fighter and a porn star and mom changed the son’s name after dad went AWOL. I won’t list the filmography of dad on the grounds that it would get me banned but it included a Spider-Man porn parody. High class stuff. He was in MMA and by some accounts still is. He has been on the show Intervention for a meth addiction and according to those who have seen it it was tied into porn addiction. He was also Divorce Court but I am not sure if that was a divorce from the shooter’s mom or someone else later. Hard to nail down the timeline. He was in and out of juvie and then prison throughout his life. He is reportedly still doing porn films but I can’t confirm that. At least my initial guess of what drug dad was on in that interview probably panned out. My money was on meth.
  11. So do you sign up for that or do you submit an application?
  12. So you suggest that only the actual killer can be held accountable in any way for a killing and not anyone who might have incited or suggested or ordered it. I say that people who create an atmosphere of violence or suggest or incite or order people to commit violent acts do bear part of the blame. Then you……agree with me? And act as if you just scored a point? Is this one of those self-owns?
  13. The inventor of the Godwin Law affirmed that you can use the comparison when actual fascism is being discussed.
  14. Sorry, posting out loud. I have a theory but it is pretty tenuous without more data.
  15. Reminds me a of a child abuse case I was very peripherally involved in. A mother was literally prostituting her toddler son to random men on the internet to make money. She was caught and her primary worry while they were arresting her and taking away her child was to tell the police and the CPS rep present to make sure her child did not go to a gay couple for fostering because she was a “good Christian woman” and wanted her son raised right. Vile people often pick one bad thing as the ultimate bad thing so that their own vileness appears less repugnant by comparison. It doesn’t even have to make sense. So sure, pornstar conservative Republican dad just found out his son who he thought killed himself is still alive is just relieved he is a murderer and not gay. In fairness in the video dad is clearly high on something. Doesn’t look like anyone told dad his son was non-binary. Probably for the best. Would have just confused him.
  16. Have a quick fact check on that Chicago canard: https://apnews.com/article/fact-check-chicago-gun-laws-306468736022 So yeah, numbers may not lie but people lie about the numbers.
  17. You think it is so apt you try to force me to defend your analogy as a rhetorical trick as if it was impossible? Now you are defending it again. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!
  18. Yes, it is just an honest disagreement. This person wants me oppressed, persecuted, and to strip me and people I care about of my rights and I think this is a bad idea. Just a disagreement.
  19. The evidence is the Bernier event. This was shortly after Bernier formed his new far right party. His co-founders were an anti-Muslim extremist and a literal Neo-Nazi. Logically, people interested in a party founded by a Neo-Nazi is a Nazi. Is this why you were saying I arbitrarily throw the label around? For thinking people going to a Nazi event is probably a Nazi. Did you even know what the event was? LOL
  20. Not really. Misspeaking is not senility. The current President has shown plenty of wit and there aren’t tons of his advisors running to news outlets to anonymously tell everyone he is secretly being propped up. I will take a President who stutters and misspeaks occasionally over one who took a dementia test and then bragged about how well he did on it. “Person. Woman. Man. Camera. TV.” Well, at least the journey had some laughs.
  21. Why are you acting as if I made the Chuch’s rhetoric equals blood libel comparison? You did that. You suggested they were analogous. Explicitly. I said the analogy was stupid. Therefore you get to defend the implications of your analogy. Good luck.
  22. I am not going to “both sides” between freemen and kingmen as if support of each is somehow equal. Defending liberty is good and sometimes requires violence. Overthrowing liberty so you can oppress and persecute is bad and always uses violence and sometimes violence is needed to stop it.
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