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  1. Actually I think you will find that King Noah neglected the military which is why they lost so bad and his people killed him for it. There is no indication that King Noah was unpopular except for Gideon’s movement. Nibley suggested he might have been the most popular king in the Book of Mormon. I mean, yeah, he pampered himself and his priests but it sounds like the wine also went out to the people and they largely seemed to like having a king that encouraged sin. Also the 20% taxation rate in Noah’s reign is not an unreasonable burden. That was around the norm in much of the ancient world. It
  2. I missed it. Sorry. I have been reading so much garbage and watching so many capitol invasion videos correlating information I have probably become immune to it. Sorry.
  3. The guy climbing down from Senate balcony was a returned missionary. It is hard to believe that this Captain Moroni cosplayer wasn’t at least partially inspired by Mike Lee’s disgusting fawning over the President and calling him a Captain Moroni equivalent.
  4. Just putting this breath of fresh air and hope here for no particular reason.
  5. I know some that fit that perfectly. Some of them were in the Capitol. I don’t think you realize that Americans in general aren’t interested in unity with fascists. I spent a lot of time in the last few weeks reading the ravings of minds addled by conservative media calling for violent action to make the President a dictator or king if necessary. Most are not going to act on it but some are. Clean your house of lies and the insane and the domestic terrorists and afterwards we can talk about unity. Until then calls for unity are facile excuses to pretend the monster in your midst doesn’t e
  6. After the last four years that is less a dismissal and more of an acknowledgement of where we are.
  7. That some of our members are still not going along with it I would argue that the statement is more like to be ‘not enough’. Then again I am not sure there is anything that can break through to some people.
  8. Probably a failed businessman or reality TV host or something stupid like that.
  9. The weird thing is the people who are the most outwardly patriotic seem to hate everything in America. Good question.
  10. The Magna Carta is an “exalted semaphore flag” The Code of Hammurabi is a “transfigured pennant”
  11. Lest I be seen as too harsh on the military some of their music is nice. Love that tune.
  12. The British had the same delusion. Their empire didn’t last.
  13. I don’t presume to tell God what He can and cannot say. You shoving those words into God’s mouth. That is probably a little more dangerous.
  14. ????? You would think Mormon would have mentioned that big government was the real problem if it was important. Instead he talked about liberty. So yes, you adding that as a main concern is fanfic and a feeble attempt to wrest the scriptures to score political points. And that is sad.
  15. It is simple. They are going to preserve the Republic by establishing a monarchy to protect it. They are supposed to wait for the Second Coming but they figured: Why wait?
  16. And? I have met several that are opposed to it. Are we going to pivot to “no true conservative”? Most who made it in were super successful before they showed up or got VERY lucky or married someone or were related to someone. It is not a merit based system and saying Reagan’s line about being open to anyone with a will to get here is reality today is utter hogwash and you know it. Notice that he also preferred no doors. So you think the doors are too open and need to be shut more? Why do you hate Reagan’s dream of ‘no doors or easily accessible doors’? You some kind of tra
  17. Most political experts who advise nations trying to build a new democracy out of a dictatorship, tribal society, or whatever do not recommend the American strong president system. Too often those that try it fail when the President becomes the government. The US was, in software terms, the beta build of democracy. It needed a lot of bug patches and it still has a lot of inherent dangers in its flawed design but it led the way to a lot of other democracies that built on the constitution. In that sense the constitution was the guide. It is not because it is the perfect form of government. B
  18. This in getting close to idolatry. It had legal force because the colonists (with French assistance) won the war and not because of some inherent power in signing a document. History is littered with declarations, manifestos, and denunciations written by people whose cause, just or unjust, failed and they are largely forgotten.
  19. Why would a world Capitol have a flag that represents thirteen original colonies and however many stars it has at that point representing states and use that to represent every person on Earth? Do you just add a lot more stars? Wouldn’t the Kingdom of God on the Earth have its own flag? Come to think of it why would it need a flag at all? You don’t need the flag to identify the nationality of ships anymore and that is the main practical purpose flags serve now. There were others but they are not really that important in a world that has one nation actually under God with actual liberty and act
  20. I was talking about the king-men and I described what happened. What you just wrote is made-up unscriptural fan fiction, much like what that idiot was spewing at the Capitol.
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