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  1. The numbers are negligible. So those who fit into those categories are basically damned by default with very few exceptions? Interesting take. I wouldn’t bring it up if you are trying to make an argument for God’s goodness.
  2. I have a plan. I will get into Celestial glory (this probably not happening is potentially the biggest flaw in the plan). Then I institute a change in the rules as to who can marry. I will marry both you and your partner and get you in. Then I marry you to him. Later on we can separate if you want but I promise I am a lot of fun. Can't fail............ Probably can.
  3. Uncomfortable Truth: If the gods are omniscient than they already know what it would be like. I suspect that part of the glories of the higher kingdoms is the enjoyment of the successes and joys of everyone else there and enjoying it as if it were you. No, I don't know how far that would extend.
  4. Wrong on death percentages. If the total covid death numbers are false in any direction it is skewing at not recording all the people who died of the coronavirus. The excess death compared to previous years have too wide a variance. If it isn’t coronavirus why are so many people dying? If we apply the same criteria used to estimate the deaths from the Spanish flu to the current pandemic the US is probably much closer to a full million dead. Alabama had more deaths than births last year, something that has never happened before. Talk to people working funeral homes or (especially) the crematories. They are backed up to an absurd degree. Or is that industry all in on the conspiracy too? They are treated as kooks because they are genuinely kooks. Even when corrected by good information they keep repeating the discredited lies. Like you do for example. And don’t even try with the “both sides are doing it” crap. There is such a thing as degrees of a mistake and having your messaging be a little off or making a misstep and correcting it is not on the same level as denying the foundation of modern medicine and just denying what is actually happening. Stop lying and stop trying to kill people. Quit the death cult and work with the sane to actually beat the pandemic. I don’t want anyone to die but if people have to die I hope it is mostly the delusional people convinced the disease is no big deal. If someone chooses to be wrong in life it seems fitting that their legacy be a cautionary tale of what not to do.
  5. I don’t buy it completely. Christianity was spreading all over. While they were enduring some tough times they weren’t hurting for new members. At least that is what I remember based on the demographic estimates I read a decade or so back. Maybe the conclusions have changed.
  6. I mean they sound vaguely villainous. Comirnaty is Moriarty’s little brother working hard to foil Sherlock Holmes, SpikeVax is a Spider-Man villain, and Vaxzervria is clearly a James Bond femme fatale villiainess.
  7. Rome was also an ideal time to spread the gospel. While there was no Bill of Rights there was religious toleration under very liberal (for that time) conditions. The Jews even had an exception to venerating Roman gods and, viewed as a Jewish heresy, the Christians could skate by a for a little while under it. The common trade language and developed infrastructure of the time moved Christianity in a way no other ancient era that we know of could. I would argue it was chosen as carefully as the site for the Restoration. Or you can just say it went apostate early and that made it acceptable to the evil world……
  8. Hugh Nibley argued that it set up perfect conditions for the martyrdom of the prophet and his brother. They broke no law but were still killed. Would be hard to find a European nation where that would have been as clear-cut.
  9. Person in Alabama: “Have another clear example of the liberal government inflating the death statistics! I told them that my aunt, my mother, and my half-sister died of COVID and they recorded that three people died.”
  10. That is a fair description of a lot of 4chan and 8chan users. Though many would avoid starting one out of physical cowardice but getting others to fight? Definitely. These are the people that would troll and/or prank just about anyone or anything.
  11. I suspect the Church had to be restored in the US more due to needing a wilderness to run and hide in than government toleration.
  12. What does communism have to do with it? Lots of democratic nations with predominantly capitalist economic systems have no equivalent to the US Bill of Rights.
  13. My experiences with the divine are solid and I don’t think I can turn of them. If I fall I suspect it will be more along the lines of still believing there is a God but not trusting him or wanting anything to do with him. I doubt that is enough to get my perdition ticket punched but who knows?
  14. I envy that trust. I am not knocking the metaphor here completely. I appreciate this kind of take a lot. I am also not suggesting that metaphors have to take on all aspects of a situation. That being said: The flaw I find in using that kind of idea to survive mortality is that your daughter was to a large extent compelled to be healed. In a gospel context wouldn’t the correct course of action for the daughter be to trust the parent even in the times of horrific suffering and keep seeking their advice even when it seems like the parents are trying to kill her. And if she does not does the healing actually work or is all the misery for nothing? One of C.S. Lewis’s more troubling insights is that the suffering of the virtuous seems justified by its effects on improving them. Yet the suffering of evil people doesn’t seem to correct them. Wouldn’t it logically follow that God would dish out more of the former and less of the latter? On that note:
  15. If it works I will play the part. Should I wear the rubber supervillain suit or the Sith robe to the photo shoot? Or both? Let me know. Edit: I will leave it up to the reader to decide whether I actually have both of those. 😎
  16. No, we theorized a lot about premortality. We built what we felt were logical conclusions about it based on the little we do know. Considering how little we know though those logical conclusions are almost all flawed and most of them probably dead wrong. Little of that framework came directly from the prophets and even less from scripture.
  17. Trust suggests an expectation that God can be relied upon to always help in that way. That seems like a setup to disappointment.
  18. Sorry, I have been busy being a degenerate deviant. Though I am pretty sure the ‘pin down and force vaccinate’ someone scenario was created by you. Don’t worry. I am not into kink shaming.
  19. Having volunteered as a CASA I can say that God would probably have His parental rights terminated due to negligence by the standards of those courts. I am not saying that sums up all of God or is an absolute indictment against God’s goodness. I am saying that it is a factor that has to be taken into account.
  20. Which once again proves my theory that Facebook was a mistake.
  21. Okay, I have to ask. Are there really hordes of people who are testifying about God helping them find their car keys? I have heard a story like that once that I can remember and it was a legitimate crisis due to a woman going into labor and they couldn’t find the car keys to get her to the hospital and they lived pretty far out and no one nearby could reasonably assist in time. I mean, maybe it the equivalent of the crazy person I knew in one ward who would bear her testimony about things like angels rearranging her bathroom mirrors and how she baptized her pet bird and would occasionally break out into song at which point the woman she lived with would stand up in front of the pulpit and apologize and say that she is crazy. I miss that ward sometimes…….
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