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  1. Yeah, it is not true. The exterior of the mask is unlikely to be carrying much more virus than your shirt. It mitigates longer range dispersal By the wearer and provides a minor benefit to the wearer in screening out some virus from the air. When I had a snack a few hours ago it seemed kind of tasteless. Now the hypochondriac in me thinks I have Covid. I hope I am just tired. I devised a taste test I can use tomorrow.
  2. Outside of a few rare cases where it is justified this practice is generally restricted to those who should not be taking the sacrament themselves.
  3. Bwahahahahahahahahahahahaha! That is a good one. Lol Oh wait, you are serious? Oh, in that case: No, these statements are false.
  4. As is your post so at least there is symmetry.
  5. Not unique. I saw a similar lawsuit against Yale yesterday. I am sure there will be more.
  6. They got pricing on that drug Remdesivir is currently being experimented for its benefits in treating Covid patients. Range is $2,300 to $3,100 per dose. Cost of manufacturing is about $1 a dose. There is hope that since its development was aided directly by federal dollars that there will be an exemption on that price for Covid.
  7. Russia announced they will begin mass vaccinations in October. There are still reports that Russian elite got this vaccine as early as April but Russia denies those rumors. They have released almost nothing about this vaccine and are puffing their chests about it being like Sputnik. The only information I can find is that it is based on a preexisting vaccine which means (assuming they are not lying) it is unlikely to use one of the new experimental methods being researched. No data on the clinical trials has been released. They are technically doing Phase 3 trials starting soon at the same time they start giving the vaccine to health care workers. The only overt indication of nervousness is that Putin has not been front and center talking about this. Presumably he wants political cover and scapegoats if it goes bad.
  8. If we were capable of making hard calls we could have stopped this before it got anywhere. We could still get down to contact tracing local outbreaks and rooting out the last of this in two months if we are willing to take drastic action. Instead we have taken the middle way of taking action but not anything that is too disruptive and ended up with the worst of both worlds. We trashed the economy without containing the disease while also not containing the disease at the cost of the economy. Opening schools seems like the next item on the list of "How else can we make this worse" that we have been checking off.
  9. I disagree. You so circumscribe the definition of priestcraft to make it a useless term as no one would fit the description. I don't think there is a stoning process. Many people in the church eat up priestcraft with joy and those that practice it have defenders. I don't think priestcraft has to overtly harm others to fit the description. Priestcraft is also not using gifts but the "gifts" this person was selling were explicitly presented as spiritual ones. A therapist can use many gifts without using priestcraft. Someone claiming to commune with the premortal world and the spirit world to "fix" someone is using priestcraft whether the gift is real or a fraud. They are clothing the whole thing in the language of religion to attract customers. Hence, priestcraft.
  10. I would recommend using bread if possible. While substitutions are allowed "in extremis" bread has symbolic representations to make it particularly appropriate in representing the body of Christ.
  11. In a chapel setting generally the presiding authority has already asked anyone who should not be partaking not to partake. I doubt he would jump up and stop them but if someone is operating under some form of membership restriction and continues to partake when instructed not to that would probably indicate a lack of penitence and/or seriousness about the situation.
  12. There were other groups. At one point the Lamanites and Nephites melded into one and there are still references to "enemies" and I doubt that that Nephite-Lamanite nation controlled all of the Americas.
  13. Why would it not include them? I agree that the theories about the Book of Mormon are not of great importance. The only times I have spoken forcefully about them is when I thought it was a kind of fraud.
  14. Most bishops would not be thrilled if their members had an IM or video call option to reach them at any time.
  15. Not discounting. I read what they want. I disagree and I suspect that political objectives direct their statements on this matter. You believe the world will be perpetually in the middle of a pandemic? School are breeding grounds for disease. The new teacher being ill almost in perpetuity for their first year on the job is almost proverbial. Without a deadly disease it is the cost of doing business as, as you said, children are generally resilient to disease. This pandemic will lay out many of their teachers (check out teaching age demographics) and kids take it home and the flu does not kill more adults than Covid does. We also still have not figured out what the long term consequences of this disease are. We could be murdering the economy for decades for one semester of schooling that will, in many cases, last a few weeks. Then again, you have won. Many schools are opening. We will find out who is right over the coming weeks and months. I am pretty sure I am right but I hope and pray you are right and it will be fine.
  16. Your first three are Fauci, Fauci and friends, and Bill Gates. Fauci works for an administration that presses for schools to be open at any cost and Bill Gates is not an expert. The next one is about the losses from not doing in-person learning which is important to know but it is not a call to open schools. The AAP focuses on their field of expertise but are not epidemiologists. Dr. Birx’s guidelines say most students in the US should not go to school. If we had done a better job at containment we probably could take the calculated risk of opening schools. I admit I find a certain irony in you quoting the UN in support of your position. Again, it is talking about the potential loss (which is real) but why do none of your links talk about the odds of having to shut down?
  17. You reading an article by someone who said we should reopen schools does not constitute a consensus I am Ignorantly defying. Some educators have pointed out the dangers of not having school. More importantly some social scientists have pointed out the even greater danger that this leaves man of the nation’s most vulnerable children without critical support. These are all valid and real concerns but they do not justify ignoring the warnings of epidemiologists and medical experts who say it will spread and the schools will shut down. Is a week or two of in-person schooling going to prevent the problems? No. Will planning to open and then shutting down A few weeks in mess with the plans of parents, force teachers to transition with no planning, and prevent planning for how to support the most vulnerable because you assume you will not need it? Yes. Will people die because we opened schools? Yes. Some US schools have already opened. Some are already shutting down. The most disgusting part are some people acting like it s a stroke of unforseeable bad luck. I really want to opt out of this death cult.
  18. Yeah, but that is not limited to the church. It is everyone except people who do a lot of video calls.
  19. There is no need for anyone specific to take it first. That is just a custom in the church that serves some practical purposes (lets person presiding have a full chance to correct any mistakes, allows them to partake early so they can observe everyone else receiving it to make sure it gets to everyone and is passed correctly, etc.) Since no one at a home sacrament meeting holds the keys to the ordinance no one has to take it first even by custom. If you want to let the person who would be presiding if we were living the patriarchal order take it first you can but you do not have to.
  20. You mean the concerns about kids not having socialization and being a bit behind on education? No, I agree with them that those are problem. It is a terrible problem. I just doubt it will be worse than the mass infections opening the schools will inevitably cause. Israel was doing better than the US in regards to the pandemic in general. They opened their schools back up in May when they thought they had a lid on it. Hundreds of schools had to shut back down and tens of thousands and students and staff were quarantined. There are no good options. There are just less bad options. If we had taken our medicine and contained the spread earlier we might be able to open schools but the virus is too widespread and we do not have it anywhere close to contact tracing. It will get into almost every school and the way schools are set up they will have a lot of spread. As to the problems that are just beginning some will probably be worse than large-scale spread in schools. The impending mass evictions for example. Nothing like becoming homeless in the middle of a pandemic. Pretty accurate. The chart left out most of the nations that are likely concealing cases on a large-scale basis except possibly the USA in the last few weeks. I am worried about the recent reporting shift causing our data to be incorrect.
  21. While horrible the US is not currently suffering from food shortages nor is anyone under travel restrictions preventing them from going to a hospital. In fact when schools were shut down most school districts I am aware of that had them kept their meal programs going to make sure vulnerable kids could eat. I condemn some of the measures used in other nations but I am not willing to use them as an analogy to argue the US needs to reopen restaurants and schools. If our system cannot prevent societal collapse when we have plenty of food and enough housing for everyone but need people to do a little less to keep alive maybe the problem is with the system itself and not the restrictions meant to preserve life?
  22. By that standard we have racism, child abuse, wage theft, and public urination are also not "still around". Making something illegal does not necessarily end it. Yes, and that is the case with almost all societal ills. Slavery is still around. I just think you are completely wrong about ascribing that change to capitalism. Capitalism does not independently have a morality. The people who practice it might. That legal chattel slavery ended when it started to become unprofitable does not speak well to the system having any kind of morality. Changes in technology were the primary motivator. So what does that mean if technology starts making slavery profitable again?
  23. I don’t agree but I like the way you think and it made me giggle.
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