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  1. https://www.eastidahonews.com/2021/06/update-jury-trial-for-chad-daybell-set-to-begin-in-november/
  2. Trial for Chad Daybell starts Nov 8 till Dec 17. Pretrial conference Sept 29, 9 AM. I watched a zoom provided by someone else, so no link. When I feel,like it, will get one. Pryor asked for 60 days to go through all the discovery, it is labeled “voluminous” and new stuff he hasn’t received yet includes 5 days worth of Grand Jury transcript, so any motions on discovery are currently scheduled for Sept 10...which is tight for the pretrial conference hearing, but found acceptable (speedy trial requirements have a Dec 9th deadline and holidays make that even harder to fit everything in).
  3. Either that or extremely smug.
  4. And now for something somewhat different... Was wandering around looking for comparisons of DNA between organisms because of comments about shared DNA and came across this fun fact about what animal holds the current record for most genes (genes vary in how much DNA they contain): https://www.nsf.gov/news/news_summ.jsp?cntn_id=118530 Humans have 6 feet of DNA per cell, organism with largest is over 300 ft (see below). https://www.kqed.org/quest/1219/a-long-and-winding-dna I think this is what I was looking for (the idea was just because somethin
  5. I haven’t tracked your position on evolution (meaning somethings my brain remembers and others not for most posters), so missed the humor nuance. I have run into too many who actually use stuff like that as an argument. My apologies for thinking you were being lazy for once and taking the easy route.
  6. Because the Spirit confirms it. If the Spirit doesn’t, don’t. And I oh so get while simple to say, often not at all simple to do and for some may be impossible in mortality. But the Lord accepts what we give him in the context of what we have to give, not what we don’t.
  7. Much of what is now viewed as scripture would have been the “pronouncements of its prophets, seers and revelators”. What are today’s “pronouncements of its prophets, seers and revelators” just haven’t been labeled scripture by everyone yet. Many do view them as scripture though, even the contradictions. Canonized scripture has plenty of contradictions in it, so not that troubling for many that modern sources that will later be given the label of scripture have contradictions as well. My point being maybe Robert was thinking about the paradigm that leads to sola scripture rather
  8. That meme really misses the point of what a common ancestor is. If I were you, I would put it in the file of never to be used again. There are arguments to be made if you want, but don’t use bad ones please.
  9. Being symbolic does not rule out also being literal. A table can be a table and also used symbolically to represent tables as a category (think catalog pictures which are symbols).
  10. I lean this way too. I think part of the learning the Truth (which for me is God’s understanding of the universe and all that is in it) to the best of our ability post death will be understand the suffering our poor choices caused in others...and if we don’t allow ourselves to fully accept God’s Atonement that heals all, we won’t be able to fully know for ourselves that this suffering is over and done with and all has been turned to the good of those who accept Christ. So we not only may see the tracks of this suffering in those around us who have also rejected the Atonement, but we may not
  11. Yeah, my husband and I have not been happy about what has happened to it since we left. We thought it a highly intelligent resource. Alberta had a lot of things going for it that made it hard to leave (I was hoping we could return when retired before my son’s marriage to a Utah girl who is very rooted here pretty much torpedoed those plans...family before climate, there is always air conditioning but grandkids are limited). I was wondering how Douglas tied it in and he explained it well, but probably a good idea to explain what it is first since only a few of the board probably were aware o
  12. Here is a screenshot that might be what is being looked for, let me know if my guess is wrong.
  13. Myths are not always fiction, but many use the term that way leading to misinterpretation and misunderstanding. Myths may take historical people or events and place them within a narrative that has a greater purpose than simple factual analysis of “what happened”. The how, what, and why questions myths are supposed to answer are different than the how, what, and why questions the study of history is supposed to answer and therefore myth narratives attached to the historical events can end up being very different even if a myth’s foundation is a historical event (and confusion is added because
  14. Would love to understand this reference having lived in Alberta for much of my adult life, but perhaps that would take it too political.
  15. The Church, imo, is currently acting in the role of Christ for the world in terms of preaching the Gospel, the servant going out to the world as directed by the lord to gather those who will come for the wedding feast. Christ provided fish and bread to feed the hungry only a few times that we are aware of, feasts that satisfied for a few hours after teaching of the celebration that would lead to eternal satisfaction. He was insistent that filling the belly wasn’t his role though, he was bringing a more eternal source of living water, bread of life. And since he is not now present in the wor
  16. The Church I would agree is not required (though it has chosen to do so in many ways which may be confusing). However, its members themselves are asked to fill that role of caring for the poor where they can, I believe. I think people get confused about the role of the Church, what the organization’s programs/missions are meant to achieve (creating opportunities to become disciples of Christ) and what is asked by God of members who are committed to living the faith. I see the Church as preparing members to go out and serve the world in a variety of ways including helping those in pov
  17. She is quite the activist in my link as well. I doubt she has the doom mentality (I forgot I hadn’t quite finished watching it...dog or doctor or dinner interrupted...), as she sees the major US legal decisions being based on rationality (is there a rational reason for discrimination or not) anyway, so the legal protections will not be challenged in her view I am guessing. Added: She points out that “Born that Way” throws bisexuals under the bus (which is ironic as they are a much bigger proportion of the LGBT+), it is an unjust paradigm, protects those who are consistently exclusive but back
  18. Having a legacy, especially to pass down through one’s biological child, is a big deal in many cultures outside of Western. At times the legacy is one’s children. It is huge if a culture is strong into ancestral rites.
  19. Sorry to hear, Bill. I had been wondering why we weren’t seeing you.
  20. https://www.ted.com/talks/dr_lisa_diamond_why_the_born_this_way_argument_does_not_advance_lgbt_equality?utm_campaign=tedspread&utm_medium=referral&utm_source=tedcomshare
  21. Maybe everyone who dies unless their body is too damaged gets the choice and the ones who don’t come back choose to stay. Not talking about those who kill themselves, I don’t want to attach any storyline given there are too many ways and reasons to twist intentionally or not what is said in damaging ways.
  22. Except that we don’t. Instruction is to attempt the ideal, but never to embarrass the priest who is blessing and how to avoid that is left to the discretion of the bishop. Mercy and Charity are that important. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/general-handbook/18-priesthood-ordinances-and-blessings.title_number27-p132?lang=eng#title_number27#title_number27 One of the young men in a previous ward had difficulty speaking clearly enough to be understood, stumbled, stuttered. He had brain damage from an accident, possibly facial damage as well (I didn’t know him befor
  23. Pretty impressive then what they accomplish. Only time I ever get that sense is at some weddings and it is the couple or family that gives off those vibes, not the workers usually.
  24. Thank you, mods once again for your hard work (hard because not an uplifting experience, hopefully reports cut down on time)
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