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  1. Tacenda, it must be exhausting to be surrounded by this irrationality. May I ask why you just haven’t unfollowed or even blocked posts from these negative family members? Or stay off FB completely? If you have to read it to stay in touch with family, may I suggesting as soon as you see it relates to Covid or politics and not family, choose the “hide this post” option if it bothers you. You can choose one day a week or even one day a month to catch up on the latest criticisms if you believe you need to be aware of them, but reading day in and day out is going to create a sense of you being surrounded by negativity. Instead, focus on the positive stuff that goes on with your family….and if your family isn’t positive, find some friends or an interest that is positive and fun and refreshing and focus on that as much as you can to stay upbeat.
  2. The 50% death rate of those given Remdesivir in the clinical study was due to the 50% death rate of Ebola. Iow, the drug most likely didn’t kill them, Ebola did. If the drug killed them, the death rate would be more than 50%. Only one participant likely died from side effects due to Remdesivir out of a likely 125 infected patients. They didn’t have a noninfected control group, but I assume death from Ebola is different from death from Remdesivir’s side effects so they could tell what the cause of death was. https://www.nih.gov/news-events/nih-research-matters/two-drugs-reduce-risk-death-ebola Added: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC7151266/ If he continues to claim that Remdesivir kills 50% of its Ebola patients after you point out that Ebola kills 50% of those infected, you should ask for the clinical trials that show this to be true.
  3. Do you have any hope that if you present him or others with studies they will be believed as factual? Or do you just want information for your own comfort because you feel alone in your beliefs? Remdesivir was pulled because it wasn’t as effective as two other drugs, not because it was killing people. https://www.biopharmadive.com/news/coronavirus-remdesivir-gilead-antiviral-drug-covid-19/573261/ Are the same people in your family now trashing this drug also antivaccine or calling for permission to use ivermectin? Iirc, in the past Fauci and others were panned for not quickly allowing Remdesivir to be widely used originally and instead insisting the proper clinical trials be performed.
  4. https://www.eastidahonews.com/2021/09/new-daybell-podcast-explores-theories-of-the-case/
  5. I know members that are in to studying end times. They are great people, wonderful members who go the extra mile in many ways. I think it more not that they are completely devoid of discernment, etc, but that at times like the rest of us they let wishful thinking take the place of confirmation of the Spirit. They want to know more and this stuff can give a sense of security that they are informed, something comforting in an ambiguous world. Once a taste for it is developed, then it can move into an obsession for a variety of reasons, some good as in wanting to be prepared and some not good like pride in knowing more than others. One might even describe it as an emotional addiction at times (those who spend thousands of dollars on weekly sessions with favorite guru reading their energies, etc).
  6. My brain fog is a great analogy Imo for the spiritual and knowledge veil that we experience at birth and throughout mortality, imo. I cannot access memory or initiate certain rational abilities during these times, sometimes to a point it feels like there is instantly a wall in my mind that I suddenly slammed into. My brain fog does not change my nature, it simply limits access to some of my abilities. I don’t see Christ having access to certain divine abilities when we do not unless through the Spirit (example: healing) as changing his nature any more than when we receive the gift of the Holy Ghost or when we are in better tune to the Spirit our nature changes.
  7. Some interpret it as another world in the same universe. They, if I understand them correctly, see the Father as having created many worlds in the universe, but not the Universe itself. And that we will create worlds in this universe as well. Some interpret coeternal as in both directions, having existed forever in some form. I am one.
  8. I would also describe it as Christ having access to his divinity during his mortal existence while the rest of us do not, at least not without the Spirit.
  9. Gospel Principles is an official source, though it may not go into much depth. I think that and GospelTopics are the best starting places, no need to stop there of course.
  10. BYU won….interesting to read about it from the AZ POV: https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/college/asu/2021/09/18/live-updates-4-key-players-out-no-21-asu-plays-no-23-byu/8407177002/ GG visits the board quite a bit and gives out rep points, but she says she is fine and just rather busy right now, so we aren’t seeing her posts as usual.
  11. He must have some attraction one to one as his writing isn’t that great either. I would say he might be a good listener, but it seems unlikely. But according to Melanie Gibb iirc, there were women hovering around him at presentations…but maybe she was just trying to justify her own interest, she kept saying she was more just an observer and someone who wanted to keep an open mind, but documents and other stuff show her as more accepting as she went along with LVD’s schemes up to lying to police.
  12. Interesting comment. I wonder if it is accurate. Maybe will check. Added: looks like it is true (I am assuming the hospital did its homework): https://www.beckershospitalreview.com/workforce/prove-it-hospital-asks-unvaccinated-employees-claiming-religious-exemption.html
  13. Harry Clark, you really need to stop relying on sources without doing additional research. I found most of the above within a minute of trying. Your credibility is suffering greatly due to your lack of double checking claims. Having said that, I do agree that we need better, more precise data. Clark:
  14. Not exactly as they were talking about adding to the current Covid hospitalization stats people no longer suffering from Covid itself, but were still hospitalized due to complications from Covid (think damage to lungs, brains, blood clots, etc). If they were clear that they had changed their counting process and identified who they were including, I think that is a reasonable stat to show impact of Covid on hospital usage. Though I do think the one doctor went way into the zone of what Juliann calls Covid porn with the suggestion: That (no vaccination=death) is ridiculous and completely false. https://www.wbtv.com/2021/09/10/novant-health-issues-statement-leaked-internal-discussion-covid-19-patient-numbers/
  15. Haven’t you been corrected for making this false claim before? added: you made the claim before and were corrected, but perhaps you did not see it… The claim: https://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/73924-covid-iii-delta-force/?do=findComment&comment=1210050167 The correction: https://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/73924-covid-iii-delta-force/?do=findComment&comment=1210050176 I am withdrawing the CFR that the PCR test can’t tell the difference since it would only be you posting more misinformation. Here is my evidence it can tell the difference: https://www.reuters.com/article/factcheck-covid19-pcr-test-idUSL1N2P42U5
  16. The article needs to be updated or corrected. Likely it was a glitch due to updating as there is currently a page with the same title the article claims is being redirected to a different page: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/covid-19/health-departments/breakthrough-cases.html It also appears the pdf is here (I searched on the sentence they used): https://stacks.cdc.gov/view/cdc/105217/cdc_105217_DS1.pdf Possibly, but it may be for another reason. From the cdc page: The news rescue article does not provide a screenshot or link to demonstrate there is a difference for unvaccinated testing. Given they appear to be wrong that the changes were removed from the website and a weird redirect was put in its place, with the implication this was meant to hide the changes, I would like to see documentation that it is actually different.
  17. It is better for future immunity of survivors, not necessarily the quality of life. “Recovered”being a key term in that sentence. First there are all those who died from the infection, next there are those who have long Covid. Then there are those crippled by medical bills or who lost jobs due to the illness. Add in those who lost family or friends to the disease. Added: Research also shows it may be even better to be both first infected and vaccinated. So if you are pushing for better immunity, you should still be pushing for vaccination. https://www.medrxiv.org/content/10.1101/2021.04.25.21256049v1 Hopefully it is true for those who were vaccinated and then infected as well
  18. He offered it in Portuguese, nothing said about the quality though or last minute change. https://www.thechurchnews.com/archives/1997-06-14/new-brazil-mtc-capable-of-housing-750-missionaries-130381 He gave his talk in English, which could have led to the assumption he was planning on praying in English as well. https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1997/09/news-of-the-church/new-missionary-training-center-dedicated-in-brazil?lang=eng
  19. I know the difference, but I am wondering why it in this case was first decided that a warrant was justified from the affidavit, but later minds were changed. I wonder if there was additional information originally that pushed towards a warrant and an arrest that was later found not to be fully established or someone just took a better look at the affidavit and recognized it didn’t meet a standard and was therefore changed to a summons. From the wording (“An arrest warrant was originally submitted to the court for a judge to sign. But Thursday afternoon, it was determined that the affidavit "does not contain sufficient information to support the issuance of a warrant," according to court records”) it looks like it was simply reported before the judge got to it and it was their appraisal of the application for a warrant that judged it lacking, that evidence provided in the affidavit wasn’t sufficient. So may not be atypical at all, just due to reporters not waiting (understandable if it is unknown how long it is going to take the judge to get to it, especially if not unusual to be a number of hours). Wonder how often applications for a warrant for arrest are downgraded by the judge to a summons only.
  20. Typically this term is officially used in the case of individuals for those who have left the Church and become antagonistic towards it. For example: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1986/02/news-of-the-church/an-apostate-but-a-friend-to-the-book-of-mormon?lang=eng An example of how apostasy is officially taught: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/doctrines-of-the-gospel/chapter-22?lang=eng https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/manual/teachings-joseph-smith/chapter-27?lang=eng Scripturally, I believe it means someone (individual or institution/groups of individuals) who have rejected the truth and now persecuted the Church. The scripture references under the heading “Apostasy” generally include an aggression against the Church or its faithful members: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/scriptures/triple-index/apostasy?lang=eng For me, an apostate is someone who was once a member and now seeks to destroy the Church, in large or small ways. Many members appear to limit it like I do, others go more with the dictionary definition of someone who renounces the Faith. As far as eternal consequences, like any other sin…only if there is no repentance. I do not believe simple loss or change of faith merits the use of the term due to its baggage or connotations.
  21. From ksl, a slightly fuller quote…seems likely to be a prepared comment Imo: So it appears to be a poorly worded statement. https://www.ksl.com/article/50243084/former-bishop-accused-of-abusing-teen-at-girls-camp Been changed from a warrant to a summons though. Wonder why.
  22. It was a quote, but we don’t know, I believe, if it was from a prepared statement or response to a question that referenced perhaps whether the Church would help with his legal defense or not or something else that would make attaching that part reasonable. I don’t remember seeing anything like it before. Smac, you preoccupied or something? Lots of typos (repetitions and such), which is unusual for you…
  23. I don’t see a lack of trust as being perdition quality. Rather I would see having full trust in God as in believing, knowing he will bless as promised and yet still aggressively rejecting and working against him, denying him and his ability to bless to others knowing you lie because you want them to turn against God. It is more imo than distrust or anger against God because life has been difficult as I think such feelings are very understandable and God would get why we go there…we were hurt; perdition is likely more being ungrateful for significant and obvious blessings, selfish, demanding, and malicious hatred. It is an unreasonable reaction to God’s Grace because it is rooted in selfishness and pride.
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