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  1. Can everyone use the internet to access though? How many have to use libraries or cafes to get access to tech or actual internet? Are there those who have to pay extra for minutes or data used? Serious question as I am not the one who orders the coverage for us to know what is the minimum, what someone who needs a phone but is willing to do without to save money would have.
  2. The suspect was probably high himself if he actually thought that. Probably gets an tablet and a phone I am guessing, I assume missionaries still carry actual scriptures though last time we had a ‘lesson’ one gave us his tablet to read...but that was when they were brand new and the kid was obsessed with it.
  3. No, I remember a conversation I think with Robert Smith, but I don't know the key words or names he would have used for that to do a search. I have read his descriptions, but have not memorized names. If he wants to give me a couple he would have used solely for a detailed explanation and not the partial references he does at times, I can search then.
  4. Here is the PDF from Pogi’s link/ https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iO0K75EZAF8dkNDkDmM3L4zNNY0X-Xw5/view From the link, not the pdf:
  5. https://www.npr.org/sections/coronavirus-live-updates/2020/11/26/939264852/supreme-court-says-new-york-cant-limit-attendance-in-houses-of-worship-due-to-co
  6. Apparently Utah and some other states only allow lower percentage of beer in grocery stores (4% in the case of Utah where typical beer is 5% alcohol), but sounds like that is still enough in most cases to prevent withdrawal, though one might be drinking a lot of it. Beer is actually a useful way to taper down usage apparently: https://hams.cc/taper/ If someone has more accurate info, happy to be corrected. Withdrawal can be lifethreatening even in mild cases if other issues are involved, so I believe it is counterproductive to prevent any access to a source of legal alcohol, but it
  7. A gym is, imo, a special case as while it is important for people to keep their health routines healthy, gyms have been shown to be prone to spreading the virus, so counterproductive and therefore should be closed. An acupuncturist...iffy about. Probably treat it similar to physical therapists. There are studies that show possible benefits, I don't see individual treatment rooms as a major problem if ventilation is possible between patients, but given the likely vulnerability of their clients, group sessions should probably be banned. Liquor store...shopping has been shown to be relatively
  8. If a medical, legal, military, food production (growing, processing, buying, prep), or emergency situation required a certain number of people in a room at a time, I do not think that should be used as justification to allow religious gatherings of the same size.
  9. A very interesting discussion about social distancing from the beginning of February (11 known cases). https://www.statnews.com/2020/02/03/coronavirus-spread-social-distancing-us/ Don’t have time to read it all till later. Looks pretty consistent with what we know now uP to the point I read.
  10. Can we just agree the leadership and media approach to masks were poorly done and leave it as that as it comes across to me as disagreement is more making assumptions about leaders’ intent in most cases? It seems to me that depending on what sources one was listening to and what ones ignored, very different impressions could be created of what was being said by the experts and leaders. When I (I wasn’t reading much media and was never watching or listening to it save for the EDH report and the occasional link posted here, but did read the scientific and medical reports the EDH provi
  11. I walked through the room and heard the screaming of fans...apparently they are piping the sound in and someone has to be sitting there making sure it is consistent with the game. How did they do, any weird moments? At least no swearing at refs I am guessing. Is that to get watchers more excited about the game or help players’ energy levels? Both?
  12. Do you actually see a massive amount of people dying as a good thing or did you mean something else?
  13. Isn’t it more “if not x, then not y; but x, therefore y”? But that isn’t valid iirc, it would be “but y, therefore x” that is a valid structure x being leaving for work at a certain time, y being in an accident.
  14. The ones that shock me are the three times Covid has shown up at my mom’s former assisted living place with residents and staff being asymptomatic. Half of these people are not in good health and in fact it was first discovered because the resident was in the hospital for something else.
  15. Different strains I am guessing. And immune systems as bsjkki says. Hmmm...maybe not strains as we seem to be mostly one kind on the US https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2020/08/200803105246.htm
  16. I have thought that would be a reasonable solution myself, but the cost of repeating rather moving forward probably seems to unreasonable to those doing the school budgets. And there are parents who wouldn’t tolerate it. I do wish it was an option without stigma available to those whose parents could handle it without blaming the kid though.
  17. I am grateful that even if so self centered in our pain, justified or self-inflated, that we want others to suffer as well, we are still redeemable in our grief or anger or bitterness because the infinite Atonement covers even selfishness...though sometimes I wish I could be even more grateful that God was a bit more proactive in waking up others to seeing this type of toxic behaviour in themselves. (Of course, I don’t need such help from him for myself due to my level of self awareness )
  18. Do people keep trashing the Church in church? I suspect if they did, some at least would lose patience over it.
  19. It is unfortunate our culture isn’t more comfortable with repeating grades at least for younger ages. If the pressure was off by reassuring them it was no big deal, to do their best to maintain what they have learned in the past and next year those who were not good online learners or had teachers that were lacking were able to not feel stupid when they had to repeat a grade, I bet a good portion of the depression would disappear. And it is very unfortunate this happened when student college tuition is so high, so that repeating courses to raise grades is unreasonable for many.
  20. I haven't been paying attention to birth control, etc since 95ish, so I missed the introduction in 2000 of at home medication abortion.
  21. Abortion pills...are they the "day after" pills or something else? added: hadn't stayed current with options apparently https://www.plannedparenthood.org/learn/abortion/the-abortion-pill Allowing abortion pills up to 11 weeks for 'at home abortions' seems rather dangerous. https://www.whattoexpect.com/pregnancy/week-by-week/week-11.aspx
  22. From your reworked link that demonstrates less abortions where it is harder to get them, but not completely illegal. It seems to me there needs to be a balancing act here to both lower abortion rates, but remove the negative consequences of being forced to have an unwanted pregnancy.
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