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  1. Your point in resurrecting this thread?
  2. So responding to the above post got me listening again. I am still amused at how stereotypical this feels. Finished Warwick’s cross and Prior continues to act like a B movie defense lawyer (the one who defends criminals, not that innocent). The jailer and the FBI lead agent, they look and act exactly how they should, nothing out of place. It is very reassuring in a way, as if this is normal instead of the total distortion of what our reality should be. Both very professional in manner, but also looks...like there was an unimaginative casting director, lol. Have listened to the phone call of right before the first body was found. Anyone listening to that and not thinking Daybell knew exactly what was to come even without knowing he took off the moment he saw they found something...I would really like to hear their explanation for his defeated, depressed tone. He could barely get the words out. Daybell looks like he wants to puke after listening to that phone call when the camera shows him during Daniels’ testimony. It is also rather funny hearing such serious men seriously discussing the “ping”. I wonder if they ever curse a little the techie guys who came up with that too cute label as disruptive to the proper court atmosphere.
  3. That sounds like my husband’s process as well. He is saving on travel time, but had to invest a lot of time in learning the process and upgrading his home office for zooming or whatever he uses.
  4. They just described the collection process, not those kinds of findings. They may still be working on it given we still don’t have results of Tammy Daybell’s autopsy. From what I have read, it is almost impossible not to leave traces with duct tape, it picks up everything it comes in contact with and is very hard to manipulate with gloves on. There were many layers of duct tape in some areas and I wonder if they will look at all of it to exclude any claims the duct tape belonged to Daybell, but was stolen kind of thing. Technical stuff I skipped a lot as well. Read a couple of summaries by reporters and looked at a couple of possibly key moments (such as when CD turns his head slowly and drops it down when his lawyer was asking about wearing gloves...someone suggested he had just realized he should have worn them). I watched fully the testimony and cross examination of the welfare check guys, of Gibb (anyone interested in the case should do that imo), haven’t got through Warwick (the technical issues frustrated me, so I was waiting till more relaxed). I will probably eventually watch all the technical stuff I skipped assuming life calms down a bit now we have a ‘go’ on my daughter’s thyroid surgery (she has been suffering trying to stabilize enough for it). We are hoping for a date this month. Husband got in last week for a minor day surgery within two or three weeks, this is more complicated though.
  5. Yes, that is what I meant. I have met nonLDS who make or made a good living off of apologetics. It is BYU and other Latter-day Saint professors I have talked with or read who have said they made the choice not to get involved in apologetics because they were warned not to by bosses or colleagues or who have talked about problems they have encountered after participating.
  6. Apologetics is a voluntary occupation that has done little imo for the actual careers of those doing apologetics from what I have heard. Why would any scholar do something that may damage their standing as a scholar which has little financial benefits for them (no one is making much off any of these books, they just don't sell that well for the amount of time that is put into them) if they saw the work as "fake"? That makes no sense to me.
  7. My memory says the same thing almost was said a month or two ago. As long as it isn't shelved.... https://www.eastidahonews.com/2020/08/the-latest-on-charles-vallows-death-and-when-charges-could-be-filed-against-lori-daybell/?fbclid=IwAR3gCpI4b3xSmCMmQHgJ6PWkIdNnuBtmEZjtEKDcRV5WwdC3mmO92c9BZIs
  8. Interview with Melanie Gibb post prelim: https://www.eastidahonews.com/2020/08/melanie-gibb-reflects-on-testifying-meeting-jjs-grandparents-and-her-message-to-chad-and-lori-daybell/ Some are put off by her mannerisms and focus, they feel she is ignoring the tragedy of the deaths of two children. One person on WS brought up that she has one child diagnosed as autistic and she herself may be on the Autism scale. I am not that familiar with autism, but I also know that she has said she never watches news, didn’t know the term “burner phone” and her tone overall was matter of fact and not emotional in everything I have heard her speak, as if she is purposely holding herself distant or sees herself as observer of life rather than a participant. I just assumed this was due to ongoing social anxiety, but there may be other reasons. When remembering things of the witness stand, she would pause and think for a short time as if trying to calculate or maybe use a memory place. She would not even give a month for when she talked to FBI agents, just said how often. She said she wanted to be accurate or won’t commit to it. This could be caution or a need to be precise when asked for a detail. Prior also asked a few times if she had a hearing or another problem that would interfere with understanding, but Wood objected so nothing was said. I wonder if Daybell told Prior she was different in some ways. Just thought I mention this as it may help with context. ——— Having watched it, I get the impression she is relieved now she has survived her first time on the witness stand, I don’t see her as ignoring the deaths either. She did bring up mental illness as a possibility for CD and LVD’s behaviour which I don’t remember before. I think as time has gone on and the emotional pull/manipulation’s effect is fading, the more realistic her view is becoming.
  9. No prelim for LVD, so no hearing Mon and Tues. Means (LVD’s lawyer)probably anticipates it would just be a repeat ofCD’s, why put in the effort as if Prior couldn’t stop it, it is unlikely Means who is not a criminal defense lawyer could....especially if he did this as a flat fee or she has run out of funding. Arraignment has not been scheduled yet
  10. So he will support the Fifteen until he disagrees with them basically?
  11. Deadline to sign up might have passed before it was announced, are refunds allowed? I remember at least partials...he does seem to want to have his cake and eat it to though.
  12. Actually they paid for a decent education and church members have subsidized the whole first rate education.
  13. We all laughed about it iirc even as they were grinding their teeth and calling him scum.
  14. Isn’t there a “an act of God” clause in most contracts...something out of the person’s control means they are not liable? I had an in-law lose their business because the landlord would not pay damages from a flooded toilet upstairs claiming it was an “act of God”.
  15. Sorry to everyone about the long posts. No one at my home is interested and I signed up for websleuths so all of you would not have to endure it, but for some reason their board won’t let me post. And FB contains too much emotional venting per informational tidbits to get involved long enough to post. Plus I like to explain how I connect things...too long for FB unless first poster and that seems weird.
  16. I would like to hear from actual lawyers if lawyers generally use a hearing to clarify things they are confused about or if they are more likely to do the research first themselves and then act confused to justify the questions. I would expect Prior to have at least googled “King Noah” etc. given he said he listened to the phone call so much and was confused by it. What do people do these days when hearing a reference they don’t know? And if he listened to her testimony as much as he implied, I don’t think he would have missed that they were in separate rooms (I am pretty sure she was clear about that). I would also really like to know if Prior is LDS (I just can’t bring myself to use “Saint” for him, lol) because the whole King Noah thing and the attempts to suggest Gibb was having an affair with Warwick (asking her if she lived with Warwick, assumption she shared the bedroom with him at LVD’s) would be dramatically different if he actually knew the story of Abinidai, Noah, and Alma given he kept bringing up adultery when that is generally not the first thing members think of in regards to the story. Even asking her about it being in the Bible so she had to correct him that it was in the Book of Mormon....Either he is incompetent (seems unlikely to me) or I am thinking he is trying to paint her to the world as a weird fanatic, Mormons are cultist, etc. Or maybe he is trying to make the local members who likely would be part of the jury ticked off their scriptures are being used by LVD to basically justify her lies about her children and possibly even killing them. I was almost laughing much of the time thinking to myself “so lawyers really do this!” because of him giving off a ‘slimy’, trickster lawyer vibe as one would expect in any B tv drama along with overly dramatic music...the whole trying to push the witnesses to say something they didn’t intend to say (FBI Daniels and the pet cemetery) and then whining to the judge about how they aren’t being cooperative or he had a right to know, etc.
  17. Day care center cases....since they only need to report, some close and others do not. Nothing is said about unlicensed day care...I assume definitely not reporting, but who knows about closing or other precautions. https://www.sltrib.com/news/politics/2020/08/03/data-shows-inconsistent/ What concerns me somewhat is the day care center are reporting the numbers in the state database don’t match their actual experience in all cases. A certain amount of error is to be expected in days collecting even when operations are smooth, more in the middle of a crisis...so I am not accusing the state of blowing it, just wondering how much that should affect how we view other numbers coming from the state.
  18. Pogi (or anyone else tracking Utah numbers), has there been any change in reporting Utah stats to the public over time? I know that some other states have made changes a few times and if I understand correctly the change to no longer reporting to the CDC delayed some hospital stats in some states. Just wondering if Utah has been consistent or if there is context that should be used to interpret what the stats off the UT government case counts mean overtime I am looking for context for someone who is taking three districts and using their stats and calculating current active cases to say the risk is the same or lessening while from what I have read, cases are less concentrated now so even if numbers were the same, you would be at higher risk than before if you were not in one of the previous clustered areas. They have decided the studies are all too politicized so they are only going to depend on the numbers for where they live and mostly shop, using active cases only (assuming active are resolved at two weeks). They are assuming the percentage of non tested Covid cases is consistent over time.
  19. The majority of posters who have shared personal info live outside of Utah or have for most of their lives if they went to BYU or like me moved here for a job after living all over the US and in other countries; lots of converts as well. I can only think of one female poster who has lived in Utah all her life (if I am not mistaken) and she isn’t ‘typical’. I think there are four of us who have moved to Utah since joining the board for jobs or schooling or being by family who moved here. There may be others who haven’t shared where they lived, but I can only think of one I don’t have a vague idea on where she lives. Assuming a certain POV may be misleading you.
  20. It comes across to me as attempting to ensure leaders don’t give out legal advice themselves and possibly other non spiritual advice that should be the domain of professionals as well as ensuring they don’t go about the legal side of things the wrong way. There is nothing in that comment that suggests they intend stopping leaders from being involved after consulting with the Legal Dept. Imo, it is a good idea to always consult a lawyer before stepping into a legal or criminal issue, not to stop oneself, but to be educated about one’s choices and consequences of actions. I see it as the same as consulting a doctor and pharmacist before making significant changes in pursuit of health. I do a lot of research of technical stuff myself, but still have made some mistakes that really screwed me up. Doctors made mistakes too, but I figure between the two approaches I eliminated a lot. Or even consulting a house painter before doing it yourself...using the right tools and tricks can save both money and effort. Research before anything major is wise.
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