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  1. Don't almost everyone in Davis county have a Bible and a Book of Mormon in their homes? What kid would actually check out a Bible from the library?
  2. After Bible, Book of Mormon now challenged in Davis School District Days after the Bible was removed from many Davis School District libraries, a challenge has been made to ban the Book of Mormon from school shelves. The district confirmed a request was made Friday by an individual who wants the book removed due to violent content. A committee will now review the religious text to decide whether it will also be taken out of school libraries in the district. "The Book of Mormon is a volume of holy scripture comparable to the Bible. It is a record of God’s dealings with ancient inhabitants of the Americas and contains the fulness of the everlasting gospel," reads the introduction to the book on the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints website. The request to remove the Book of Mormon comes a day after the Davis School District announced officials had removed the King James Version of the Bible from elementary and middle school libraries. The Bible is allowed to remain in the district's high schools. The same committee that will review the Book of Mormon found the Bible "does not contain sensitive material as defined by Utah Code," according to a district spokesperson, but contains "vulgarity and violence" that caused concerns over age appropriateness. --------------------------------------------------- The Book of Mormon also contains violence (arms and heads getting cut of). So I guess that could be next to go.
  3. yes, he’s just being silly Yes. But when I first started listening to it it sounded like it was going to be something bad. He's a good actor.
  4. For telling everyone that one bad apple doesn't spoil the whole bunch but it can.
  5. Mormon Church buys Wembley Amazon warehouse for £74 million via charitable company The Mormon Church’s investment arm has bought a 186,455 sq ft Amazon warehouse in Wembley for £74 million. The property, bought from UK Commercial Property REIT (UKCM), will become part of the Church of Jesus Christ and the Latter Day Saints’ investment portfolio, which was valued at $44.8 billion at the end of 2022. The property, Wembley180, was bought by Covent Garden IP, which is registered as a charitable company with a goal “to promote and further the religious and other charitable work of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in the United Kingdom”. “CG does this by investing in and holding commercial property for the benefit of the Church,” the organization says. ------------------- Wonder what they are going to do with this big one? Never heard of "Covent Garden IP".
  6. 2 Nephi 15: 28 (From Isaiah 5) "Whose arrows shall be sharp, and all their bows bent, and their horses’ hoofs shall be counted like flint, and their wheels like a whirlwind, their roaring like a lion." If they didn't know what the wheel was then they must have been at least curious about what Isaiah said about them.
  7. I am teaching that lesson too. A side question is can anyone actually be commanded to love God or another person? Isn't that a feeling that comes from within using our agency to decide who to love? The only answer I can come up with is that God is not commanding it because He needs our love, but because we need to love others which makes us a better person.
  8. The "fire insurance" label has always been said in jest. President Hinckley is referring to all commandments. The word debt I understand in the sense that the tithing we pay is money that already belongs to the Lord and we are just handing back to Him because of the love we have for Him. But I think debt is a poor choice of words to use because it's not like we borrowed it to use it to pay for anything.
  9. Perhaps local leaders have used such terms but I don't know of any general authorities who have.
  10. If you are thinking of the Mike Wallace interview, President Hinckley admitted to having reservations about it. “If it turns out to be favorable, I will be grateful,” “Otherwise, I pledge I’ll never get my foot in that kind of trap again.”
  11. Besides Lee who was in charge of it, probably hard to positively identify all those involved after the fact. They did not have cell phones back then.
  12. Experiences differ. In my California stake we have plenty in the ward budgets for activities for each organization. Infact we always have an excess at the end of the year that sometimes gets sent back to SLC. Everyone gets reimbursed for their expenses. We have plenty of fast offering funds to help those in need in the wards so no one is denied the help. We also have plenty in the Ward missionary account to help families who need it to support their missionary. I guess we just have good sacrament meeting attendance.
  13. Auditing. I am the stake finance auditor for my stake and we do an extensive audit every 6 months for every ward. Little chance for anyone to get away with doing anything illegal or inappropriate. I am certain this attitude carries all the way up to the the main church finance operations. If anything inappropriate was being done there would likely be more "whistleblowers" letting us know about it.
  14. You use the word "about" a lot in that response and the letter is too large and confusing to even read it much less make any sense of it. What about the rest of my post? Most members are going to trust what church leaders are doing with the donations regardless of how it is used.
  15. CFR: "uses most of its money to increase the size of the so-called rainy day fund" If they did most of them would approve of the activity and would make sense to them and I am sure more of them know this than you think. Once a member pays tithing it no longer belongs to them. In fact the right attitude is that it never belonged to them in the first place; they are just giving it back to God. If they did not donate with this attitude then they should not have donated it in the first place. If they suddenly decide they don't trust the Church with it then they should stop donating it, but not expect to be repaid what they already donated.
  16. Not really sure what good that would do. Most members can already see what the church does with the money generally speaking and are satisfied with that. I don't see how knowing the minute details would really make any difference. We pay tithing because that is what God wants us to do; not just what the church leaders want us to do. In my opinion many of those who insist on more transparency are critics of the church looking for more ammunition to disparage the Church and leaders. Fence sitters usually have other concerns that will eventually cause them to fall over the fence if they can't regain the faith and testimony they once had(or never had) of the truthfulness of the gospel and inspired leadership. I don't see how knowing exactly what the church does with every dollar is going to be a deciding factor for them leaving.
  17. The metaphor can have different meanings but it certainly sounds like nielsen believes that is what the church is doing. In other words hoarding money without using it for the purposes he thinks they should use it. The difference is that the money is not just hiding under a mattress, it is growing and earning interest and value over time and according to the Church it is being used for purposes the Church regards as necessary. Nielsen doesn't agree with what the church is doing with it so in his opinion it is doing nothing with it.
  18. Nielson appears to have an unreasonable limited view of what a charitable organization should be and do.
  19. Thanks for the other examples sunstoned! Emma Smith's influence on the revelation of Word of Wisdom.
  20. Beautiful, lol; out of points so posted instead. Perhaps he is expecting a hurricane in his future 😊
  21. Isn't there a difference between a organization that is a charity and one that is a charitable organization? It seems to me that the Church is not a charity in the strictest sense, it is a religion that participates in charitable activities. Examples of Charities are here. When you call an organization a charity you expect that all or most of the money is used for charity. This can't be so with a religion that is involved in many other church related activities. The question that is hard to answer is, how much should the church spend on charitable activities?
  22. Hard to know when He doesn't intervene at least sometimes. You take a trip in a car free from any accidents. Did God intervene in an accident your were supposed to have?
  23. Easier than you think to become a Mormon. 😄 Couple’s hilariously confused reaction to missionaries on their doorstep
  24. I remember that too. I may have been in the same meeting as you. January 1972.
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