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  1. I agree. For one thing you almost always have refer to the word Mormon at some point in a conversation when talking to non-members about the church.
  2. I have a first edition of the Pearl of Great Price. Was told a while ago it was worth about ten thousand dollars.
  3. When you set up your online donation account there is a preference you can choose in the "Settings" page: "My financial statements do not need to be printed by my Ward." Is it possible that is checked and that is why the ward can't see it?
  4. And, of course if "Mormonism" never existed, then some other similar term/name would have been constructed to identify those things that "Mormonism" has been a referent to. Actually the correct term for members of the Church is Brighamites 😉
  5. Agreed, and I have seen that term still used by faithful scholars who "know better" but still have no better term to use. I also think that there is as yet no replacement for "Mormon Studies" as an academic discipline. The Church has said, ""Mormon" is correctly used in proper names such as the Book of Mormon or when used as an adjective in such historical expressions as "Mormon Trail." In some cases the I think word "Mormonism" can also be considered a historical expression.
  6. Also "For thus shall my church be called in the last days, even The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints." (D&C 115:4)
  7. I was married in the Ogden temple and the design didn't bother me or my wife at all. We just wanted to get married. The Ogden Temple is even on our grave marker.
  8. He said "Current adjustments in Temple procedures, and others that will follow, are continuing evidence that the Lord is actively directing His church"
  9. This can be a hard thing to do for members who have established other Church related websites whose domain name includes the words Mormon or LDS (like Mormondialogue 😉)
  10. Well, a thousand years plus whatever it takes to get to that point. I think I heard him suggest that more changes are to come on what happens in the temple.
  11. I struggled with that one too but after more study I understood better what he was saying. I feel like my love for my 12 year old grandson is unconditional, but No matter how much I love him I am not going to let him drive my truck. He has to prove himself able and qualified before he can do that. We have to prove ourselves worthy and become the kind of soul that can abide eternal life with God.
  12. President Nelson once said. "While divine love can be called perfect, infinite, enduring, and universal, it cannot correctly be characterized as unconditional. The word does not appear in the scriptures. On the other hand, many verses affirm that the higher levels of love the Father and the Son feel for each of us—and certain divine blessings stemming from that love—are conditional." (Divine Love By Elder Russell M. Nelson 2003)
  13. I know generally they don't assign topics for the speakers, but I get the feeling that every conference they do ask one of the speakers to focus their talk on Joseph Smith's first vision, Book of Mormon, and restoration of the church. Which is a good thing.
  14. Methods and hard work are certainly factors in learning a language quickly, but I also like to think that the gift of tongues and some help from the Holy Ghost are also involved.
  15. According to the church, "Location is paramount in deciding whether to include the statue or leave it off. Factors such as building codes and cultural perceptions play a large role. Many of the smaller or remote temples do not include it in their designs, such as the Paris France and Port-au-Prince Haiti Temples."
  16. In my California ward about 70% of the members don't wear masks and the Bishop is not saying anything about it.
  17. I can think of some masks that might not be appropriate 😉
  18. Here's another one: Former LDS Bishop in Utah Charged With Abusing Teen at Girls Church Camp A former Latter-day Saint bishop in Utah has been charged after a 15-year-old told police that he assaulted her at a church camp for girls in Duchesne County. James Douglas Robinson, 63, was charged with forcible sexual abuse after the girl told authorities that he pinned her to a kitchen counter at Reid Ranch on June 16, and touched her body over her clothes. Police said that Robinson was released as bishop and moved to Idaho after the assault. A warrant has been issued for his arrest. A spokesman for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints said in a statement that the allegations had been quickly reported to law enforcement and that Robinson was “immediately released from his leadership position to allow him to focus on his legal defense.” The church “has zero-tolerance for abuse of any kind,” the spokesman said.
  19. I have long found this to be the answer for me. It helps me make sense of everything and not have to question God. I still pray to find my keys though, because what else can you do? I gotta get where I need to be. Agree with this. However I think that praying to God to intervene (but acknowledging his will be done) at least causes us to concentrate and analyze the issue more carefully and perhaps come up with a solution on our own, using the light of Christ and/or the gift of the Holy Ghost we all have, to understand what to do or how to cope with it.
  20. I get all this I just think blaming an entire volunteer organization for the faults of a few is wrong. Especially something that happened "decades ago". The entire blame should go on the individual.
  21. How is the Church supposed to do this? They can't read a person's mind. Background checks (not normally done 50 years ago) would not help with most of them because they might not have had any known history of doing it.
  22. I suppose so. But I tend to not think of it being under the watch of the church. It was under the watch of the individual leaders who actually committed the crimes. They are the ones who should pay for it. How could the church know certain people were going to do such things to the scouts?
  23. I also like to add the scripture where Jesus said "But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved." (Matt 24) How can you know you have been saved until you have endured to the end?
  24. Right no beards. 12 Apostles of 1898 Its a cultural thing. Back then it was typical to have beards. The church today wants it's representatives to be in line with the typical business appearance of the day.
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