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  1. I just refuse to pass judgment on a person who had no malicious intent in telling the stories. Satan does not teach true doctrines and principles.
  2. Wrong. There was no devil involved, they were just stories that taught doctrines that were confirmed by the Holy Ghost.
  3. True and somehow the church has felt it to be ok to keep his conference talks posted. I mean who knows what is fact or fiction in those talks? It took a reporter and a few suspicious people to investigate and put Dunn out to pasture but for a couple decades not one apostle or prophet could figure out he was full of it. Just wonder why they keep his material up there instead of a placeholder stating something to the effect of “this guy is a liar and since we don’t know what he said is true or false the entirety of his talks have been removed to prevent any further deception.” As missionaries in the early 70's we listened to Paul Dunn talks on tape and, regardless of whether they were true or not, they were inspiring and taught lessons, just like the Parables of Jesus.
  4. Here's what it looks like now. Imagine what it looked like 50 years ago.
  5. I sure hope nobody checks on some of the stories I have embellished a little on. They still illustrated the point I was making, just like the parables of Jesus, which He made up.
  6. I had flown to Salt Lake and when we landed the crew announced that any passengers that were supposed to stay on the plane to continue to another destination had to unload now. They didn't say why but when I left the plane and looked out the window I saw that the front windshield had been completely shattered. We were not told anything about that.
  7. I care in general but I just don't care about what critics say. What they say is not going to change what I believe to be the most important truths.
  8. Sort of a passive aggressive post. I have not heard of the criticism of any of these yet, but I have a solution. Stop worrying about what church critics say. 😉
  9. I still think it's better to just completely ignore them. Anything else could escalate to something dangerous.
  10. Do we know that God the Father never sinned? If we sinners can become gods is it possible that when he was mortal He had to repent of sins like we do?
  11. Another article said An adult passenger(of the other car) fled the scene, according to witnesses. So that certainly sounds suspicious.
  12. That's a good idea except of course the sacrament ordinance cannot be broadcasted.
  13. I am sure you all heard of the two missionaries killed in a crash a few days ago FBI investigating crash that killed two missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints FARMINGTON, N.M. (ABC4) – Federal authorities are now investigating a New Mexico crash that killed two missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and seriously injured another. A spokesperson with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints says the two young missionaries were serving in the New Mexico Farmington Mission. MORE: Utah firefighters help battle nation’s largest wildfire Following the head-on collision Thursday afternoon, 20-year-old Elder Michael Austin Davis of Corinne, Utah, and 20-year-old Elder Tyson Gene Haycock of Miles City, Montana, both passed away due to injuries they sustained. Elder Haycock’s missionary service had just begun a few weeks ago in June while Elder Davis has been serving since August 2019. A third missionary, a 19-year-old from Idaho, was seriously injured in the crash. MORE: SLC Police searching for driver who struck, critically injured man ABC4 affiliate KRQE reports the FBI is investigating the crash, which happened on the Navajo Nation. The FBI has not yet released any details about the crash. Earlier this month, the Church announced the passing of President José Maria Batalla of the Bolivia Cochabamba Mission. He had been battling COVID-19 for nearly two months when he suffered cardiac arrest. NEXT: State limits American Fork business license following death of 11-year-old boy In May of this year, two missionaries – 18-year-old Elder Luke Masakazu Carter of Springville and 20-year-old Elder Eli Jon Fowler of Pueblo West, Colorado – were killed in a Texas crash. Weeks earlier, 21-year-old Elder Fernando Antonio Ramos Garcia of Juayua, El Salvador, died after drowning in a river. In January, 19-year-old Elder Jake Smith of Lehi passed away after a car crash in Arkansas. Three other missionaries were injured. Another missionary, 20-year-old Elder Samuel Joseph Iseh, Jr. of Port Harcourt, Nigeria, passed away after experiencing a sudden health episode. ---------------- Wondering why the FBI would be involved. Is it because it happened on the Navajo Nation?
  14. I've heard of that, too, and don't discount it. Any sugar substitutes make me sick to my stomach.
  15. Most experts do not consider caffeine dependence an addiction. Regular use of caffeine does cause mild physical dependence. But caffeine doesn't threaten your physical, social, or economic health the way addictive drugs do. So it's considered more of a dependence rather than a real addiction. Opinions vary.
  16. Church leaders might want to send out a letter to all Bishops instructing their members to just ignore these people.
  17. Yes but saying we worship the brother of Satan sounds worse than saying we worship Jesus Christ. That's the point critics like to emphasize.
  18. Here's an example of another audit video that is much less harassing than others. https://youtu.be/pceseL4dTkE
  19. Well to them it means that we know First amendment rights that allows them to make video recordings of whatever they want as long as they remain on public property while doing it. And that we can not force them to stop doing it. The videos I have seen however the person with the camera are much friendlier than some of the others that are out there.
  20. Gloat! Gloat! Gloat! 😂 Smac can have it if he wants. 😉 More people will probably respond to his post anyway.
  21. Special 😊 Of course he may have thought it wasn't worth posting.
  22. I checked out some of the Youtube videos they have done of our Church buildings and temples and I sure you will all be happy to know that we are given Passes on most of them. Didn't see any videos of the Santa Clarita building.
  23. Anti-Religious Harassment For Profit Hits The Santa Clarita Valley "It’s a beautiful Sunday morning. Parents arrive early with their children to church while the pastor rehearses his final Sabbath remarks. As smiling Sunday School teachers greet the children, suddenly, masked cameramen dressed in all black arrive in the parking lot and begin taking pictures of the families arriving while hurling insults at the Sunday School teachers. “F— you Karen,” hollers one cameraman in a black mask as he gives the Sunday School teacher the middle finger and takes a picture of her license plate. His associate, another cameraman dressed in all black, except a skull-face biker mask, hollers “Allah alyi Akbar” as he stops a car and films the VIN number on the dash through the windshield while waving military signals to others, supposedly hiding in the bushes. The pastor runs out to see what the commotion is, but the cameramen refuse to identify themselves as they harass and intimidate cars coming into the parking lot, snapping photos of the drivers and their license plates while hurling insults. Afraid the church is under some attack, or, that some violent protest is about to happen, the pastor calls police and orders the church on lockdown. Several late-coming church members try and confront the cameramen. As one of the cameramen tries to take a picture of his children, their father pushes the camera away. The cameraman sprays him in the face with pepper spray claiming to be the victim of ‘assault’. By now the police arrive and the father is in handcuffs, while the cameramen gleefully film from the public sidewalk. They will make about $2,000 from this video. Congratulations, your church just completed its inaugural “First Amendment Audit” and there is nothing you can do about it. Or is there?." ----------------- Apparently these guys are making money on YouTube by posting the films and photos they take of members license plates and VIN numbers. They claim their harassment is constitutionally protected “First Amendment Audits” and they are “educating” the public on the First Amendment. Some have been arrested for doing this. Anyone else hear of this happening elsewhere?
  24. When I was a kid I thought if you fed cows Hershey bars they would give chocolate milk. 😊
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