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  1. As time passes, more and more people will, I think, become not only apathetic, but antipathetic toward religion (in fact, already, many have become and are becoming, antipathetic toward religion) in general, and the biggest challenge the devout will face will not be from believers of a different stripe, it will be from those who question religion, its general utility, and the reasons to allow space for its practice and expression, altogether. And so, I say to my devout friends of whatever religious stripe, buckle up: It's going to be a bumpy ride. And remember Matthew 5:11-13.
  2. Thanks. I just noticed this. Got busy with other things. Welcome to the forum.
  3. While I am aware of the "cast out" language of Scripture (and who am I to argue against that?) generally, I believe that where beings find themselves depends less on the choices of others that, essentially, are foisted upon them (being "cast out") than it does upon the choices of the beings themselves. While, as premortal beings, we did not have the degree of agency that we have come to have here, as mortal beings, or that we will have hereafter, as postmortal beings (see 2 Nephi 2:15-16), still, we had a degree of agency, at least enough agency to choose to follow The Plan or not. I don't think God "segregated" or "kicked out" anyone so much as they experienced the natural consequences of their choices, just as all of us do here in mortality.
  4. Kenngo1969

    Moon shot

    Detective Nehor failed to advise you of your rights under Miranda v. Arizona, 384 U.S. 436 (1966), so whatever you're charged with, not to worry: I think I can get you off.
  5. No worries. Sorry for the confusion. The Brussels Airport bombing occurred well after you served, in 2016.
  6. You're leaving your house naked? Yes, I'm sure that portends many ... um ... adventures!
  7. I think Teancum would agree with you. However, there is no question in my mind that what one puts into one's body has the ability to affect one's perception of a lot of things. Ask anyone who's tripped out on LSD, 'Shrooms, or, heck, for that matter, even, in some cases, harmless Mary Jane!) In any case, Latter-day Saints have covenanted to avoid certain things, and, to whatever degree and in whatever way using any of these substances might enhance one's life [or at least, one believes that using such substances wouldn't do permanent harm, although one never knows], I know I will be blessed for keeping my covenants.
  8. And that's if you eat only your own birthday cake every year! Just imagine! If I were to go to one birthday party a week, that would shave 52 years off of my life! I would be OK with that: I don't want to live until I'm 104; I don't even want to live until I'm 54! But I'm ... still here ... Now, who's having a birthday party?! Party On, Dude(tte)s!
  9. Cool. You may recall, of course, the Brussels Airport bombing in which four missionaries were injured. As it happens, I know the most senior and the most seriously injured of those missionaries rather well: Elder Richard I. Norby was my Seminary teacher during my freshman and senior years of high school, respectively.
  10. Wow. Cool. Thanks for sharing. Makes me curious to know where you served, but I suppose you have good reasons for being circumspect about that.
  11. Boy, that was hard for me when I was in California: I was a missionary there in the late 80s-early 90s.
  12. My esteem of you never was lacking to begin with, but this post has augmented it even beyond that, if that were possible. I doff my chapeau to you, Sir.
  13. Which is why (while there are exceptions, such as well-done documentaries), seldom, if ever, do I look to television writers to tell me the truth about why something happened. "But, Ken, they're sharing their truth, which is the highest, holiest thing anybody can do in our society ..." Yeah, yeah, yeah. Tell your truth to your therapist.* I want the real thing.** These guys are playing to an audience, and neither I nor any of my coreligionists are in that audience. If someone wants to tell a story, that's fine. I'll decide if I want to read, watch, or listen. What these guys are doing is blurring the line intentionally between truth and story in the service of an agenda. *No, I'm not dissing therapy. Yes, I know it can be helpful. (Hell, the dark recesses and corners of my psyche have scared [and, probably, for all I know, even have scarred] more than one therapist ...) **Yes, I know what humans perceive isn't "the truth," and what we see depends entirely upon the vantage point from which we look at something. Still, I think there are people who, and methods that, are better at getting to the ultimate truth of something than others are.
  14. I told you God knows you better than some dumb personality test!
  15. Have you found out yet? Inquiring minds want to know!
  16. Well, you've heard the old saying about "fighting fire with fire"? Fire can eradicate fire. By no means am I an expert in such things, but it's my understanding that "back fires," fires set to go in the opposite direction of one that already is burning, essentially, can leave the one that already is burning with nothing further left to burn when the two meet.
  17. You've got me beat, there, partner. I have been unable either to: (a) convince the powers-that-be that I should be licensed in my would-be chosen profession; or (b) to convince anyone that I can be of any use to them without one.
  18. Then, by all means, take the matter up with any states that enact abortion bans. Overturning Roe v. Wade, however, in itself, would not result in any abortion bans.
  19. I don't blame Miserere Nobis. Lately, the months feel like years!
  20. Gotta love Emeril: "Oh, yeah, Babe!"
  21. I don't think anyone's posted this yet. I believe Dan Peterson posted it today on his blog. It's a review of an episode (the fourth, I believe) of the show by Jim Bennett that he originally posted on Facebook. I'm glad I wasn't drinking anything when I was reading this. I would have spit it onto the screen of my brand new computer. We can't stop them from caricaturing us, but we can make fun of them mercilessly when they do. https://www.patheos.com/blogs/danpeterson/2022/05/comedic-gold-under-the-banner-of-heaven.html
  22. I'm lusting after that steak and lobster, so I guess I'm violating both the Word of Wisdom and the Law of Chastity!
  23. He's a poet? Does he know it? Excuse me while I ponder the ubiquity of iniquity.
  24. I imbibe caffeinated soda on a regular basis, so if you feel that justifies you in ignoring my answer, you are welcome to do so. (Most people will, anyway, so you're in good company. However, in making that decision, this may inform your choice. Also, I'm one of those out-of-shape dudes you wonder should be getting a Temple recommend. Thus, if you feel you would be justified to ignore me on either one of those bases, you're welcome to do so ...) Robert L. Millet told a story, once, about a lady who was in his congregation when he served as a bishop (and after). He felt impressed to give this sister a Temple recommend even though he knew she had not completely conquered her addiction to tobacco. At the time he wrote, he said he knew her well enough to know that, even then, several years later, still, occasionally, it was a struggle for her. I don't recall exactly how he put it, but, essentially, he said he knows that the Lord knows "the thoughts and intents of her heart" (my phrase), notwithstanding her ongoing struggle. I don't know a lot about energy drinks, I'm neither a chemist, nor a nutritionist, nor a dietitian, but I have heard that quitting them "cold turkey" can have an extreme adverse effect on the body, potentially with dire health consequences. I would hope that a bishop counseling a congregant would demonstrate "wisdom and order" in doing so. I would hope that he might encourage his parishioner to cut down, to taper off, and to counsel him or her regularly as one does so. There is the issue of "leadership roulette," such that different bishops may give different counsel. In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, C'est la vie! I don't think, with regard to the question of ceasing energy drink intake, necessarily, that a bishop's advice can or should substitute for that of a doctor, but generally, I do think people are blessed for their obedience (even if two bishops might handle such a situation differently). Perhaps the "cutting-down, tapering-off, and continued ecclesiastical counseling in the process" method that I discuss above would work here. (But I don't think, generally, that the consequences of quitting vaping "cold turkey" are potentially as dire.) Why do some things have a greater impact on our standing in the Church of Jesus Christ than others do? Because line has to be drawn someplace, but neither all violators nor all violations of the Word of Wisdom (or of the Law of Chastity, and so on and so forth) are created equal. And any system administered by humans will, despite every effort to ensure uniformity, have variance.
  25. You need a personality test to know whether You are (or whether Someone Else is) a Child of God? You won't find that answer there. Sorry!
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