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  1. Alas, Professor Hamblin passed on before he could complete his magnum opus, that long-awaited and eagerly-anticipated intellectual biography, Joseph Smith: The Cambridge Years! https://www.patheos.com/blogs/enigmaticmirror/2014/12/18/joseph-smith-the-cambridge-years/ RIP, Brother Hamblin. RIP.
  2. Hmm. I'm not going to argue the point with you (this is my first, and will be my last, post on the subject) but usually, it works the other way around. If someone doesn't want to believe the origin story of the Book of Mormon that is promulgated by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, s/he has that right. However, as I said previously, to me, it's not enough to prove that a source existed at the time the Book of Mormon was produced: To me, it falls to the person making the claim that [x] is the/a source for the Book of Mormon to answer questions about availability, access, and c
  3. Does "availability" mean simply that it existed somewhere in the world before (or contemporaneous to when) the Book of Mormon was produced, or does "availability" address the question of the likelihood that Joseph Smith could have had access to it when the Book of Mormon was produced? In my opinion, I think too many people posit parallels while assuming availability, which, in most cases, is too much of a stretch. Your mileage may vary. Not available in all areas. Restrictions apply. For a limited time only. Consult your local retailer for details.
  4. I'm appalled ... appalled, I tell you ... by such language! (On occasion, I've been known to swear on the Board. Hell, they don't call me the "J. Golden Kimball" of Mormon Dialogue and Discussion Board for nothing!) Welcome to the board!
  5. Just when one thinks that political correctness could possibly descend to more absurd depths ...
  6. Ms. Helfer, As much as I might wish to sympathize with you over the prospect that you were "kicked out" of your "home" in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, that analogy, which seems to me to be nothing more than a baldfaced attempt to appeal to emotion, is far from perfect. Even if I own my home outright, that outright ownership does not give me the right to do whatever I want simply by virtue of my ownership. For example, one condition of home ownership, even if the mortgage is paid off and, therefore, the owner holds an unrestricted interest in that regard, is the p
  7. Methinks Thou dost tap dance too much. The foregoing seems to be directly at odds with:
  8. Passive-aggressive threats? Oh, please! Whatever, Dude! I don't necessarily agree with Hank Smith's invocation of Korihor, but I'm starting to understand where the impulse comes from!
  9. Ipse dixit? OK. Again, we'll see how well that confidence serves you when the moment of truth comes, but, again, to each, his own.
  10. I wonder how well that confidence will serve you when the moment of truth comes, but, to each his own, I suppose.
  11. Oohhhhh, how I would love to be "a fly on the wall" for that conversation! (Don't forget Matthew 7:1-2, though! )
  12. I wonder, what's going to happen to folks when they meet all of these allegedly-imaginary people (Nephi, Moroni, Peter, James, and John, et cetera)? Are they going to be like the M&M's and Santa Claus were when they met each other? "They do exist!" [Whereupon a loud thud can be heard as they hit the floor after fainting, and someone, like the other M&M did to Santa, will say, "Uuuuhhh, Teancum?"] Ah, well. Thanks for reminding me of one of my all-time favorite Christmastime commercials! Cheers! Carry on!
  13. Wow. Maybe I threw in the towel too early.
  14. A. Federalist No. 1, “General Introduction” 1. What’s at Stake? a. Union’s existence b. Safety and welfare of its parts c. Fate of one of the world’s most interesting empires
  15. They don't? Here, all this time, I thought it was, "Ken, you don't know what you're missing!" and now, you tell me that it's actually, "Meh, Ken, you're not really missing all that much!" "No, Ken. Trust me: You really are blessed to be a eunuch for the sake of the Kingdom." Well, that's a relief! In my Second Coming studies, I ran across a scripture that's somewhere in Revelation that talks about the special purity of the 144,000 [that's not how John the Revelator put it, but that's the general gist of it]. And I thought, "Hallelujah! I knew there was a reason I had been
  16. Moderation by pleading is working soooo well! Welcome to the I-need-a-job, Have-you-considered-roofing?, Yes-and-I-rejected-it, whatever anyone else wants to talk about besides the originator's announced/intended topic thread. ... Onward and upward! Anything else irrelevant anyone wants to volunteer? How about this weather we've been having, huh? I can't believe the price of gas these days! Boy, am I sure glad that The Great Orange Menace no longer is in office! Yes, a senile, doddering old quack is so much better!
  17. https://www.mormondialogue.org/topic/70804-educatedtara-westover/
  18. Can we add an option to the poll question? "While participating in Sunday meetings via Zoom, have you ever taken a dump and flushed the toilet, live and (as it were) on-air?" "Brother Smith! Brother Smith! Brother Smith ... can you hear me? I recognize the importance of your bodily functions, and I recognize that, past a certain age, they can pose certain ... difficulties ... but we need you to keep the grunting to a minimum if you're not going to mute your microphone!"
  19. Not "A-leted" ... Not "B-leted" ... Not "C-leted" ... But DE-leted! I didn't pay enough attention to Chum's link. When first I compared Chum's link with the one I found, I thought it was a little different (one linking to videos only and the other linking to all course materials), but ... they're the same! A thousand pardons!
  20. https://www.washingtonpost.com/nation/2020/05/07/toilet-flush-supreme-court/
  21. Thank you. I would have liked to make a living at it, but, alas ...
  22. You definitely have my sympathy over your employment status, The Nehor. It seems that I am perpetually unemployed or misemployed. That said, please take the conversation to IMs or exchange contact information to facilitate it elsewhere. Thank you.
  23. It's all good. No worries. 🤙 👍
  24. I think what I'll do with this thread is post some notes I've taken over the years from various works I've read on the Constitution, throwing in some commentary from the Brethren here and there. Feel free to ask any questions you may have, and if I can remember what I've written in my notes (C'mon, Ken! All ya gotta do is look at 'em! Touche!) or read in the books (If I can remember that ) I'll be happy to answer them. Although my notes include occasional commentary from Yours Truly, I've done my best to let the authors speak for themselves. If anybody has any preference for what I start
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