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  1. 194th Annual General Conference Of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Saturday Morning Session President Jeffrey R. Holland, Acting President of the Twelve Was President Holland banned from speaking at General Conference? Is he positioned over a trap door? Pat is “the greatest woman [he] has ever known” She gave a talk once called “Fulfilling the Measure of Your Creation” He took a journey out of the hospital “to the edge of eternity” He received an admonition to return to his ministry with more focus, faith, etc. “Thou shalt bear record of my name … unto the ends of the earth” … “Arise, take up your cross, and follow Me” President Holland grateful for the prayers of members of the Church of Jesus Christ in his behalf – “Like the importuning widow” “Thanks are the highest form of thought” “Happiness is gratitude doubled by wonder” –G.K. Chesterton “It is for reasons known only to God why He answers prayers the way He does, but He does answer them” “The prayers of a righteous people availeth much” We should pray for our enemies, and for those who despitefully use us Christ, too, wanted to “seek [the Father’s] face, believe His word, and trust His grace” Christ stood to pray, He knelt to pray, and, once, He fell on His face to pray Christ, who did all things well, felt to pray “more earnestly” We must prepare earnestly for Christ’s coming: We don’t want to hear, “Ye never knew Me” “We really can ascend to Mount Zion” We can “come boldly to the throne of Grace” If we are faithful, eventually, we will behold a world too wonderful to understand Sorry about the way RTF "pinches" my second lines. Everything I've tried to do to solve that inserts bullets where they ought not go!
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