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  1. You probably did not understand what I was writing. That is how it was taught by Brigham Young. That's not how it is taught today.
  2. That's what Brigham would say, supported by George Albert Smith and Heber C. Kimball.
  3. The Church of Christ has become politically aware and sensitive since being run out of Jackson County almost 190 years ago. The history of the saints in the West, Texas, Beaver Island, etc., always demonstrates that the members would take control of community, county, and regional politics as quickly as possible in order (1) to protect themselves from outsiders, and (2) reinforce the unique Mormon culture within the body politic.
  4. Mississippi and Alabama by the evangelicals, though not by a single denomination. Maybe the Catholics in Delaware and Maryland.
  5. As I understand it, Adam and Eve had completed their mortal probation elsewhere, and came to our world to engender spirit children and flesh bodies for them and to prepare the Fall.
  6. I knew Mike for decades. His scholarship inspired me and hundreds of others in Mormon Studies. No one, among all the fine scholars we have right now, can fill those shoes and his status. He believed in Joseph the Prophet, angels, golden plates, and so forth. The tears come every time I dwell on our loss. Mike, you are for the ages. RIP.
  7. Romney was positioned well until his statement of being "brain washed." Anybody running against Nixon in the primaries would have his hands full.
  8. You are assuming the noun is exclusive rather than inclusive. To make it more clear I would have typed 's/he.' Yes, I agree women can be predators also.
  9. And I should note that Kelly, Lindsay, and Page Kimball Ogden are amazing women, and their comments should be believed.
  10. You demonstrated nothing of the sort. You asserted as if that was conclusive evidence. It is not.
  11. The covid continues to interfere with the mission field in the UK big time. Now that the kingdom is partially isolated from the world, shortages in basic needs multiply as cost go up and black-markets develop..
  12. Praying with one eye open : a gendered interpretation of Mormon Joseph Standing's murder in Appalachian Georgia, by Mary Ella Engel, is not well organized but remarkably interesting about President John Hamilton Morgan, converts in northwestern Georgia, the area where Morgan had marched with Sherman a decade earlier, and about gender and conversion and violence. Melvin C. Johnson's Life and Times of John Pierce Hawley: A Mormon Ulysses of the American West, along with his article on the various restoration sects and their involvement in temple ritual and esoterica in a John Whitmer Histor
  13. Such legislation would be a tremendous boon to policing and the criminal justice system as a whole in freeing up resources and restoring individuals' liberties.
  14. I am grateful for those who believe in the power of gratitude. I am grateful for my family. For those of you who appropriate the thread topic to express your hurt, I am grateful you are here to let others know that you are hurting, and I pray we can be of solace and help.
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