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  1. The fault is mine, Calm, in describing what he said. He meant he will follow in whatever path the Fifteen take themselves.
  2. The case is certainly practicable in court. It will not be summarily dismissed.
  3. A former bishop and high councilman to whom I was talking today told me he really does not know where the church structurally and institutionally will be post-Covid. He said he will support the Fifteen. He said he does not expect a female priesthood, but if God's prophets say that is the way, he has his walking shoes on.
  4. My -------, who knew her, said she was bent out of shape for being ex'd. I am sure chewing out her Uncle David did not help.
  5. Cavalry Scout. That's cool. I served at 1st Cav HQs for a number of years at Fort Hood.
  6. Please inform us of why that construct is so. It's a statement, nothing more. Whereas, https://byustudies.byu.edu/sites/default/files/complete_feature_for_royal_skousen.pdf
  7. Of course, because as the Institute instructors would say, the beating heart of the true gospel of Jesus Christ rests in Cache Valley.
  8. A general anti-religious movement has been growing for decades, not only on the "woke" left but also on the anarcho-libertarian and the far authoritarian right.
  9. We had Fawn McKay Brodie's No Man Knows My History in the Institute Library at USU.
  10. Blessings on your son, MorningStar, and you and all of your family. His willingness to serve his country sets him apart as admirable among his comrades, and I honor his coming service. I served many years on active duty, and I did not have a PB when I enlisted. I wish I had, because it would have been both comfort and guide to me. Be sure and attend is graduation from Basic. The experience was memorable for me, and I wish my Dad and my Mom had been there to see what the experience had done for me. Never have I regretted serving my country. So what if I ache most mornings when I get up. That's part of the price for the honor of serving. GodSpeed your son.
  11. John is the flip side of Brian Hales, who is one of the most personable and likable guys I have ever met. John does it, too, just on the other side.
  12. Did the Church give a reason in the introduction?
  13. So what: that is a fallacy of false equivalency. We are not talking about the nature of proofs, only whether the Lord has categorically supported the 2d Amendment. He has not categorically done so.
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