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  1. Oh, it is back to avoid. Read my answer above. You follow in the footsteps of so many others. It is just too bizarre for words.
  2. I can google it as easily as you, have at it. Coincidentally, you avoided all my questions, why? Is it so hard to admit the truth? When have you ever seen the media talk about an unarmed white person being killed by a police officer? Name just one, please. You can't can you? Yet, you want me to dig up references for something that is staring you right in the face. It is just bizarre. I have aske this question multiple times of individuals with your position - every single one of them avoid answering the question. White deaths are NOT COVERED. Black deaths are covered ad nauseum. Who is
  3. There are more deaths caused by police of unarmed white people than unarmed black people. What that means is when police kill an individual, it should be reported in the media. When was the last time you saw or heard of a death caused by the police of an unarmed white person? Did you hear about one in the last month? Two months? Six months? How about the last year? How about the last two years? Now, think about the number of times you have heard about an unarmed black person being killed by the police during the same time periods. What is the difference in coverage? Why? Please do
  4. Yup, not drinking that Kook-Aid. Just does not hold enough potable water for my taste and certainly does not hold enough logic for my brain to be that patient. If it works for you and you are happy, knock yourself out. However, it is an excellent dodge to the question "WHY THE MEDIA IGNORES WHITE DEATHS?" Cheers
  5. How many times have you seen on the news in the last 12 months a report on an unarmed white person killed by police? How many times has the media covered events where an unarmed black person was killed by the police? Think about it. You have virtually no news, zero, nada coverage for white people and every single time for a black person. Who pushes that kind of narrative? Why?
  6. I am pained when I hear such stories and have heard them countless times. I have been lucky, most of the time, with doctors that were relatively skilled in pain management. My chronic back pain can often be controlled with exercise and stretching, but when it goes out, the pain is best treated with muscle relaxer and a strong narcotic such as oxycodone. More recently, I have been offered tramadol, but that does nothing for me. My knee pain is one area that simply does not have an easy answer. It is a pain that I live with out of necessity.
  7. LOL, Calm, I never assume that we agree on societal issues regardless if you comment or not. We have different life experiences and different conclusions as a result.
  8. The entire issue of racism and the police has been focused on the death of unarmed black individuals by police. It was the numbers of blacks that was constantly, unendingly in the news. Unfortunately, mass media was almost completely silent on the same thing that happened to white individuals. Not a peep, and yet there were more unarmed white people killed by the police. I don't get your second clause; your point escapes me. When numbers fail, humans often resort to percentages and/or statistics. I contend that if the mass media had paid the same attention to the killing of white individ
  9. There are statistics and damn statistics. The truth, the facts are more unarmed whites were killed by police than blacks. That single fact is always buried and when discussed these kind of silly statistics are brought up. The problem remains that police offers don't see in statistics; their lives are not impacted by statistics. They are impacted by every event where they kill another human and they kill more unarmed white people than black people. This fact is also evidence that police killing has nothing to do with race and yet we ignore all other potential causes. If it was solely a ra
  10. As you know and I have experienced, doctors don't feel comfortable managing any form of pain. Most just tend to avoid prescribing almost all form of pain killers beyond Tylenol and NSAIDS. I agree that I would have preferred to see the the owners lose their money made from the company, rather than the company itself. I do find it difficult to believe that the addictive nature of Opioids just fell out of the sky all of a sudden. I was counseled about their addictive nature almost 30 years ago.
  11. More often than not I find myself on the side of legalizing drugs. There should be some degree of reasonableness to guide dispensing drugs, but if you want it, then you should be able to buy it. I recognize that the nation is just now getting over a Opioid epidemic, which bankrupted a pharmaceutical company. I dislike or more strongly, reject such an action. If an individual wants to take drugs and they overdose of their own volition, then tough. There is no avenue to make someone else or a company responsible for your actions. "You" are responsible for your actions....full stop.
  12. Hello Rain, thank you for bringing the killing of whites by whites up and the situation of whites being killed by police officers. The fact that more unarmed whites are killed by police than blacks says something that is always swept under the rug. It just does not fit into the victimology desperately pushed by BLM. Motivations are important to me. I want to know why people are doing things. BLM is NOT out to protest the loss of Black lives out of love, charity, etc. They have a political agenda and they have chosen this situation to push their agenda. Where is their heart? It is not on
  13. If you did not want the child, then why get pregnant? Surely, you get the idea that if you have unprotected sex there is a probability that a child - a new life - may be the result? How many different types of birth control are available for women? You cross the line when you get pregnant and you bear the consequences of that life. You kill it, then you should go to prison in the same way a man should go to prison for killing the child in the womb. How did human life become so meaningless? How is it that women can be so irresponsible and the only one that bears the consequences is
  14. Humans can relate to other humans when we listen. The feelings felt by individuals, regardless of race, are known to other humans. They are not unique to a race or a culture. My ability to feel comfortable is seldom the responsibility of others, rather it remains with me/the individual. Does a white person feel like they belong in a sea of brown faces when in a foreign country? No more than any individual of a different color/race feel comfortable in a sea of others. Who must adapt? I have found that waiting on the universe to adapt to me is an extreme exercise in patience. The uni
  15. Your statements make it seem that women have zero support. Exactly what are you talking about? How would it be different? The vast majority of abortions are strictly chosen for personal convenience and nothing else. If you are asking for others to make decisions for women - which I would find outlandish - it will not work. We have a world of birth control alternatives for women to use. We even have the morning after pill. Most health insurance appears to cover female birth control, but not male birth control. So exactly, how is society failing women? What harm are you talking about
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