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  1. I assume that Dan has no control over the ads that accompany the post. 😃 I enjoyed the occasional cheeky remark.
  2. Maximum 5% by law. Somewhat more than the amount of rodent poo allowed in food.
  3. I think God is the ultimate ' recycler ' .
  4. All ward sacrament meetings are broadcast in my area ( Southern Alberta ) In person meetings are restricted to 15% of fire code capacity. Masks are required. Several provinces are experiencing a sharp uptick in cases , particularly the variant types ( 40% of those tested in my area. ) Gov'ts are re-imposing stricter regulations again including lockdowns . One step forward, three steps back!
  5. It was ALIENS I tell you...Aliens ! Maybe I have been watching too many X-files episodes...hmmmm
  6. I had a similar feeling when I looked at the catalog. The books are one thing , but I felt the jewelry and do-dads off-putting. A CTR coffee mug?? ( OK , I exaggerate !! )
  7. Thanks for the help guys. I just looked in one place so I probably fit into that group that Pres. Nelson talked about . 😬
  8. Is there a statement on Capital Punishment from Church leaders ? I searched the on line handbook but no results.
  9. Just for fun. 😁 Not safe for the weak stomached . Cat Pukes Hairballs - ORIGINAL - YouTube
  10. Remind me how long it took before it was found that working around asbestos might be a problem . Long term studies on graphene are not available yet. My biggest concern is that the gov't approved and mandated the use of these masks. OOPS !
  11. The alarm was raised when users complained that it felt like breathing in ' cat hair '. Probably not good !
  12. And then we get this disturbing info about some masks used by children. Oy Vey ! https://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/canada/health-canada-issues-recall-for-disposable-masks-with-graphene/ar-BB1fgMuP?ocid=uxbndlbing
  13. Yes he did. No serious post op problems as I recall.
  14. Sorry to hear about your health difficulty. My father had bladder cancer. Apparently it is highly treatable. Prayers going out tonight. Note: Dad lived to be 93.
  15. Some here don't really believe that Jesus walked on water. To them the scriptures are all metaphor anyway. The boat is a metaphor, so are the waves . etc. According to scripture Jesus said that He would have gathered the people under his protection like a hen gathers her chicks under her wings BUT YOU WOULD NOT . I have actually watched that behavior in chickens. The hen calls and the chicks come running and gather under her... but there are some chicks that only stay there for a short time and then peek out or wander off. Metaphor again. Peter showed himself to be impulsive. Note
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