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  1. Meanwhile, in my area , the vaccine has stopped coming as Pfizer is remodeling their factory. I don't expect to see a vaccine until August+
  2. True, but males die off early so in a few years the numbers are about even and a few years later on the ratio is reversed.
  3. It took me a while to figure out that it was the pedo ,who was not the new bishop, that called you. Now that I have it correct, is this not a matter for police, not the bishop?
  4. Seagulls can spot a Mormon... but they don't discriminate.
  5. It says Satan was cast out, not that he was stripped of all power. At a minimum , he would retain the power to manipulate others and likely be able to enter into human bodies where allowed .
  6. Written errors I can live with. The verbal like language like that like I like have to like listen to like on like Utube drives me like crazy, and like it's a short drive, like. That and " upspeak " oy vey !!
  7. Rule #1 . Always assume that the media gets the story straight... like a moving snake .
  8. Setting aside the letters and faxes, one of the things that convinces me that there was another Cumorah is a careful reading of Mormon Ch 6 concerning the last major battle between Nephites and Lamanites. That 24 survivors remained on top of the hill and viewed the results , does not fit with the relatively small drumlin in NY. That place would have been overrun in minutes by the Lamanites with an army of , let's say, a couple hundred thousand soldiers. The military experts here can comment on my thinking, but they should look at a topographical map of the NY hill and discuss defensive possibi
  9. I was going to test Mike out with a roofing question but that would be rude. That said I think Mike is REAL. 😁
  10. No? Well that's OK, it was probably over your head anyway . 🤣
  11. So , Atlantic mike, see what happens around here when you get a diversity of opinion ! While I am at it mike, did you hear the joke about the roof?
  12. I have found that if I reread a post before I submit it, I will find a couple of errors which I dutifully correct. Then I post and hopefully only find a couple more oopses. Years of marking essays from 7th graders has made me vulnerable.
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