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  1. Scott, you remember the Great Apostasy in 1978 when 20% of the members threatened to leave if OD2 was not removed. No? Neither do I. I do remember my Stake President casually asking me how I felt about it( while in line at the grocery store of all places ). I told him I was happy about it and that I knew it would happen sometime. I did hear rumors that a few members in the US south were not too happy about it, but that was just a fleeting rumor.
  2. Oh , those pesky metaphors which were made to help learn truth, often get interpreted literally. I have not noticed a lot of brown eyed saints suddenly become blue eyed because the" scales of darkness " have fallen from their eyes.
  3. I am currently rereading " Rough Stone Rolling" and there was a time in the early days of the church when visions and tongues etc. almost overwhelmed the saints , ie. they went wild over one area of doctrine . That the church survived the first 15 + years of persecution,turmoil and chaos in all ranks ,to me, is a miracle.
  4. Seems that the apple cart has a loose wheel. What shall we do ? Increases in COVID-19 are unrelated to levels of vaccination across 68 countries and 2947 counties in the United States (nih.gov)
  5. My guess is that it is lost to the ' ashes ' of time.
  6. I wonder what the 116 pages manuscript would be worth today. I should probably ask Mark....oh wait.
  7. If you are going for a new toilet , may I suggest looking at an American Standard Edgemere with a self-cleaning rim. I just put one in my own place and so far it is a marvel. Their Sonoma model is less money and works well but doesn't have the same rim type. Message me if you come upon anywhere I can help answer questions.
  8. I'd be glad to come do it for you Calm, but the travel time cost would be a killer ! 🤑
  9. That is one jury I would NOT want to serve on. The speed at which justice is currently moving so far suggests the trial could go for years.
  10. I recently watched an ' expert ' say that cases of myocarditis may have come because of improperly injecting the vaccine into a vein in the arm instead of the muscle. He said they should draw back the suringe to see if they see blood and if seen they likely hit a vein and should try another spot.
  11. An absolute lie. Israel and Singapore are two of the most heavily vaccinated countries in the world and both are now experiencing high case levels of covid. The vaccine WILL NOT PREVENT ONE FROM CONTRACTING THE DISEASE. It might keep one from a severe case. There are fully vaccinated people in hospital and some of them in ICU. 3,577 new COVID cases in Singapore; 3 unvaccinated deaths (msn.com) Note: Singapore is 80% vaccinated. The US is about 55%
  12. What were the problems with the existing foundation that required repairs/ beefing up ? I recall that the original foundation stones were sandstone and they were changed to granite .
  13. Does it not take ' faith ' to step onto an elevator ? Sometimes they break, sometimes they get stuck and yet we still get on them. I remember getting on one of the six ( I think ) that took me to the 87th floor of the Empire State Building and then got on another that took me to the 102nd floor where the lookout was. I never once doubted the quality of the materials used or the skill of the engineers who designed it , or the integrity of the builders who made it. As you say , I was not one of the rare folks who doubt and will never get on an elevator, they may be incapable of faith but only perhaps on that singular situation. I bet they still are capable of faith in something. I assume you meant that someone may be incapable of faith in God or Christ or the gospel. Hebrews speaks of faith in the unseen but still true. I can understand those who don't receive a great spiritual vision but see " truth " from an intellectual point of view . The scriptures even list that as one of the spiritual gifts.
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