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  1. In case you missed it, scroll way down until you come to the stats of 218 countries to see the mortality rates. Best not to go to Yemen - 30% yikes. https://www.covid-19canada.com/
  2. Well, unions exist ( supposedly ) to protect the workers. If the union thinks that a return to work endangers their members, they WILL have something to say about it. They may not be able to stop a back to work order, but they can put a lot of " rules " in place to protect members. As, no doubt , they should.
  3. Sure , because that has worked out so well in Russia and China over the last 100 years. Oh sorry, I forgot . Secular humanism has never been properly practiced any where or when. If only people would seek the best interests of their neighbors and not themselves. If only there was a rule about that .
  4. What percentage of gov't workers are also unionized? Seems to me that if told to go back to work , the unions would have something to say about it.
  5. I think the stats that most people really care about is ; If I get tested for covid , what are the chances that a:I actually have covid ? and b. what are the chances I will die from it/ have long term damage from it ? There is enough of a sample size now to get a reasonably good handle on those numbers. Part b. is the more needed. Those stats hover around 3 % at least where developed countries are concerned. This of course varies by age and fitness. Apparently , one of the collateral damage areas ( shameless plug ) is arguing over who has the best stats.
  6. For those who like numbers , here are a lot of them. If you scroll down to the Global Stats you will see the results of 218 countries. USA # 1 , Canada # 30 , China # 54. There are lies, damned lies and statistics , covid - 19 : hold my beer. Anyone who thinks that China has had half the deaths of Canada is... shall I say... wool enhanced . https://www.covid-19canada.com/
  7. I hesitate to report that in my province , two major outbreaks are in large hospitals and they have had to reduce staff to bare minimums because of infections in the personnel. This from places that are supposed to be very well instructed and protected. What hope do we mere lay-folks have? Mind you there is an obviously greater chance of exposure on a daily basis when dealing with covid patients and visitors.
  8. We see reports of damage to people from suicide, depression, drug use, domestic abuse etc. which are increasing because of the reactions to covid. I see another " elephant " , environmental damage. What will be the result of 100's of millions of masks tossed in the garbage daily/weekly/monthly ? In my daily travels I find (mostly) paper masks tossed in the street. Is there a bio-hazard here? I haven't seen much discussion in the media about this, maybe it is minor but still. Feel free to discuss this or any other indirect damage you might witness or are concerned about.
  9. If only the Lord was as progressive as WE are. Give Him time and pressure and He will come around. He gave in when Martin wanted the 116 pages and that worked out well. He offered compromises when Abraham wanted to spare Sodom. He wanted to establish Zion in Missouri but the saints went their own way. Make no mistake, we the people will get what we want eventually.
  10. Correct but a couple of extra corners is onething, a whole bunch of roof gables and valleys that will cost a fortune to build and repair over the years is another. I am of the opinion that you should put your money on the inside and make the outside as low maintanance as possible. for example ; https://www.bing.com/images/search?view=detailV2&ccid=hJmSKLbU&id=52F84EB54A72D828BED47EFB0D7C994B842C182A&thid=OIP.hJmSKLbUgXtEw088vECnigHaEJ&mediaurl=https%3a%2f%2fcdn.pixabay.com%2fphoto%2f2014%2f08%2f03%2f23%2f41%2fhouse-409451_640.jpg&exph=358&expw=640&q=house+pict
  11. I'm willing to chip in for a bed of nails and an electrified toilet for their cells.
  12. A few hints : 1. Make the outside dimensions a multiple of 4 ft. If you have a choice go 32 feet or 36 feet not 33.5 feet. 2. carpet and lino comes in 12 ft. widths so try to make the rooms work with that .Don't make a room 12 ft. 4 in. You are paying for the part that is wasted. 3. Try to keep the shape without a lot of corners and odd rooflines. Every corner past 4 costs thousands more. 4. There are economies of scale. A 1200 sqft. house with 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and 2 baths will cost almost the same as a 1500 sqft. house with the same setup. If the last 300 sqft a
  13. Here's one you can play with and see if you like it. Hours of fun... or not. https://www.smartdraw.com/floor-plan/home-design-software.htm?id=369231&msclkid=c07bd994dccb124b679d861b86556fd7
  14. As I get older, I am more aware of the difficulties surrounding movement and access in a home. Also, a close relative has MS and I was sketching the floorplan for a new home for her. Wider hallways, bathroom access, kitchen cupboard utilization , etc, now enter into the design. One can't put the main floor 5 steps up either.
  15. It depends on the width of the house and the roof orientation. A narrow house requires a wall stairs , otherwise one loses too much floor space to walkways around the staircase. A couple of suggestions: make the stairs wide enough so that if you ever need to put in a stairlift chair there will be still room to walk up. : try to make the entries so that they can be sealed off. It helps when it is cold to keep the heat in the house. ( bias because of where I live. ) : build to the best energy efficient stan
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