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  1. I disagree with your premise. Charity is our over-riding principle when we assist others of other faiths. When I pray with a Muslim or serve them, my beliefs are active. I may not be acting in the role of a High Priest, but I am acting as a disciple of Jesus Christ should act. I misspoke above and you may be reacting to my statement; however, if I am asked by another to perform an infant baptism and there are no other options, I would gladly serve them. I suspect I would also offer a priesthood blessing to that child also. I think your priorities are confused. You should, first and foremost, be a disciple of Jesus Christ.
  2. We would be performing a religious rite to assist another not of our faith. I see it as a charitable act in one sense. Any action we take would be done by their command and we are simply complying to assuage their concerns. Of course, for us we do not believe an infant baptism has any merit due to their own state of innocence. Yet, in such an emergency or critical time our beliefs are secondary for the moment. Afterwards, we may choose to discuss our beliefs, but at that moment it is not the time to teach our beliefs.
  3. The requirement of priesthood authority within Catholic Sacraments is not equivalent. Baptism is acceptable without the requirement of an actual Catholic priest performing the Sacrament. Conversely, only a Catholic priest can bless and perform the Eucharist. In regards to LDS baptism, due to the fact that we do not mean the Trinity when we use the words, our baptism is unacceptable. Our beliefs of the Godhead put us too far outside of Catholic Orthodoxy to be acceptable even when we use the acceptable words in the baptismal prayer.
  4. I can see the "need" to reduce tuition for on-line courses at most universities; particularly the elite, Ivy-league schools. However, as far as BYU goes, I don't get it. It is so heavily subsidized by the Church it is a tough argument to make that BYU is enriching itself. ...and I really hate these types of lawsuits and the people that bring them. Our society is so litigious that any action may result in a lawsuit.
  5. I lived in the Seattle area for some 30 years and came into contact with several New Age healers, counselors, clairvoyants and others in that vein. I always got the impression that they were playing with fire without anyone to train them or instruct them in ways to handle their gifts. My advice is without addressing the therapist, to have some conversations about those individuals in the Bible that had great gifts and who were not part of the God's people. I am thinking of the priests of pharaoh who contended against Moses. And the fellow that wanted to buy the priesthood from Peter and the apostles. I see this as a great opportunity to teach how to discern by the power of the Holy Spirit what is good and what is not. Address how we as God's children are able to distinguish between good and evil. What does it mean that Satan can make some thing he is an angel of Light? What do you think the purpose of Satan wanting to deceive God's children? Can we be fooled by Satan? How can to distinguish between Good and Evil? What do we need to do to be empowered by the Holy Spirit? Eventually, she will bring up the therapist again and then these questions and their answers can be applied to her. She may be LDS in name, but her understanding of the Restored Gospel is almost nil if her talking points are a reflection of her beliefs. She appears to have been deceived and led astray while listening to familiar spirits.
  6. Great points. What continues to amaze me is how the Left and those who espouse its concepts, in complete ignorance, run to embrace that ignorance in order to spout drivel about Capitalism and slavery. How gullible are people? Gullible enough to remain totally ignorant as long as they can hold to their narrative about bad white man and bad Capitalism. And the idiots that dream up this malarkey reside in institutions of "higher learning" (an oxymoron if there has ever been one). They spout it long enough that others begin to believe it.
  7. We have got to be talking past one another. I don't understand your use of the term intimately connected to any number, or all, economic systems. Company A makes soap in Europe and sells it in the United States. Company B makes cars and also sells them in the United States. Are both soap and cars intimately connected to our economic system? No. Having a product to sell does not make it intimately connected to any economic system. Selling goods are a function in economic systems. I don't understand how they are intimately connected to any of them. Using these examples given, soap and cars are sold in all economic systems; they are ubiquitous. If they are ubiquitous, I don't see how they can be intimately connected to any economic system because there is no difference other than they are sold everywhere. The mere fact that something is sold in an economic system does not make it connected to that system. If that were so, all goods would need to be identified as "connected" or "intimately connected" to all economic systems. That just does not make sense to me. I think what you might be trying to say is that the selling of slaves had a major impact on the US economy. If so, having a major impact is....having a major impact. If something is intimately connected to the system, then it must continue to exist or the system fails. That did not happen in the US or any other nation to my knowledge.
  8. Please differentiate between how slavery was intimately connected to Capitalism while slavery flourished under monarchs....heck, every other form of economy. You seem to strain at attaching it to Capitalism when slavery functions in all forms of governments and economies. Is slavery intimately connected to all forms? If so, then there is no such thing as intimately; it is irrelevant. Slavery functions regardless of the economy or government.
  9. Imagine looking at a building named after an individual that spent a lifetime serving others and seeing nothing but a demographic: sex and race and nationality. These people that have buildings named after them spent their entire lives in service to God and to humanity. Why can’t these individuals see that? Because their minds are infected with a very odd illness: a poisonous ideology which renders all white men as mere villains in the tragedy of European imperialism. It appears to be beyond their ability to look beyond a skin color and a moment in the entire lives of these individuals and see nothing but what offends their hypersensitivity.
  10. I don't think the form of economy has anything to do with slavery. Slavery has always existed and continues to exist to this day. Capitalism has nothing to do with it. Slavery exists - full stop.
  11. You are assuming that our spiritual beings will have no memory restored of our existence prior to mortality. I think that might be a weakness; I have always assumed that all that we have learned will be ours again both from the pre-existence and our mortal probation.
  12. I was addressing the time period mentioned above with the 116 pages that went missing.
  13. I have a few friends that are LDS and also Masons and have known them for over 40 years. Yet, simply because I know them should not be an indication of my understanding or knowledge of Masonry; that would be a faulty assumption. I suspect the same for Joseph. He may have known Masons, but that relationship should not cause one to assume he had any knowledge or degree of understanding of Masonry at that point.
  14. You seem to posit that humans naturally destroy things; it is a default position. The only thing that prevents humans from destroying things is if value is placed on the item. I don't think destruction of "things" is the default position for humanity. For the most part, individuals value things and are ambivalent about most things of others....unless greed is in play, but that is a different topic. I believe hate is an active emotion. When we hate that which is not ours, that which we do not believe, or that which we do not value, then it motivates us to act, to destroy, to obliterate. I think of the two giant Buddha figures were destroyed by gunfire and canon fire by Muslims. They did not destroy them simply because they did not value them. They destroyed them for a host of reasons; they were haram within Islam being first among them.
  15. I guess those conventions did nothing to save or penalize those that destroyed, burned, and/or desecrated Christian churches in the Middle East. But, I am glad you saw them.
  16. It is strictly a cultural position within the Church. There is no doctrine that supports or negates the wearing of a cross.
  17. Did you by chance look at all the Christian churches Egypt, Iraq, and other locations throughout the Middle East. The world cries when a mosque and Muslims are attacked and the mainstream media is quiet as a church mouse when it is a Christian church attacked or destroyed by Muslims. The St. Serra statues were not toppled and vandalized by disgruntled church members. These were not church members but others attacking Christian symbols. I am not sure that just because the vandalism was done by individuals of other faiths has to do with it....other than it was an attack on Christianity.
  18. I have never recognized any of your comments to fall within the parameters of acting or being an anti-Mormon. The difference for me is not about disagreement about theology, doctrine, etc., but an anti-Mormon is committed to tear down Mormonism at all cost. It is a world of extremes without any gray at all. For example, within Catholicism it is clear that Catholics do not recognize our baptism. That is not anti-Mormon, but a position resulting from differences in perception on our beliefs. Ed Decker simply lies about what we believe and when corrected he ignores all comments contrary to his position on our beliefs. There is a degree of deceit involved.
  19. Nantes cathedral (in France) was also recently set on fire also. I see a generally hostile environment in the US when it comes to religion of any kind. This is evidenced by the vandalism of church/religious buildings, statuary, and symbols. I am a pessimist when it comes to this topic and don't see it ameliorating any time soon. Quite the opposite, I see it getting worse.
  20. If I recall correctly, one officer immediately attempted to go to his aid and another officer held him back. I did not understand that action.
  21. When I saw this happen, my first thought was not violence by the police, but a misjudgment on how feeble an old man is. I was recently very ill, lost about 80 lbs. and was a bag of bones walking about...when I could walk. To lose my balance was too easy. If someone just barely bumped me I could go flying and was incapable of regaining my balance. The fellow in the picture was certainly not aggressively pushed, but he fell like a bag of old bones. There was error on behalf of the police in not immediately responding to his condition, but it was not violence on their part.
  22. We lived in the Seattle area for a long time; raised our children there and loved it. We have a lot of family that live over near the Olympics and would spend a lot of time with them. Living now on the East coast....I long to return to the NW. Have no desire for Bellevue or Seattle, but the Olympics beckon me to return. However, as long as our grandchildren are small, we feel compelled to live near them so that we can see them each week. The communists and the socialists have taken over Seattle and Portland. Would not give a plug nickel for either one of those cities even though I loved the beautiful August sunny days. Both cities used to be wonderful places to live.
  23. I am in Leesburg, VA - about 28 miles from where I live is D.C. Once the talk of protests began in D.C., we stayed away from the city. I thought about visiting the National Gallery of Art; they are sponsoring Degas at the Opera; it recently opened again. Things seem pretty calm at present.
  24. You are making the assumption that you can go to church when you choose to do so. The problem is that that a government entity is now telling you when and if you can attend church. What makes it worse is that the same government entity is allowing others to assemble. Their decision appears willy-nilly and capricious about a fundamental, constitutional right.
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