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  1. No politics. It is just the best way to go. When politics, particularly in our day and age, is introduced into the topic, it sours instantly. Suffice it to say, if any other president had this achieved there would have been parades, endless hours of bright, positive coverage and cheers. We are incapable of anything except condemning this Administration. 'Nuff said.
  2. Depression does not recognize a race, socio-economic levels, or gender. It affects the religious and non-religious. It is possible that those in higher income levels can obtain mental health support for the individuals that are affected; however, that does not equate to a successful outcome. It may help, but it does not remove depression. I understand that some parents have been overly reliant on prescription medications to treat a wide range of ills in their children. That is where a skilled medical professional can assist the community - stopping parents from obtaining the drugs that a
  3. I really dislike articles that only quote percentages. It can be highly misleading for readers. For example, this report appears to have an agenda to represent that Blacks have been especially hard hit with an increase in suicides. However, when doing just a quick research on this analysis, the reality is different: "The new report shows that while suicide rates between 1999 and 2017 rose for nearly all racial and ethnic groups analyzed, disparities among those groups are substantial. The uptick was especially steep among Native Americans and Alaska Natives, with suicide rates cl
  4. Except that both have funded the PLO in the past. Though a percentage of those funds went to support the Palestinian people, they have also funded the PLO's wars with Israel in the past. What is important about these agreements are they remove players from the conflict. They may have been financial players, but when the money dries up, there is a significant impact on the ability to continue to fight.
  5. I could have said the same thing about many other individuals - both inside and outside the church. The fact remains, your request is impossible to fulfill. I did not interpret your request to question Elder McConkie's Christianity. For a believer, we each believe things are absolute fact and yet, do not demand proof outside of our own spiritual evidence.
  6. Please prove that anyone is a true Christian, rather than just opinion. Little senseless isn't it? I know somewhat of the life of Elder McConkie - his entire life was centered on Jesus Christ and serving him. Whether you or anyone else believes it, is irrelevant. No one is required to believe it. Your request to prove the assertion is like asking you if your mother knew you abused small children? Of course you don't abuse small children, but how do you prove it to a third party? If you are really serious about finding out if he was a servant of Jesus Christ and to what degree, the
  7. This quote comes from an Evangelical. No surprise he is against the actual position that Jesus set up a church and ordained men to lead that church; to seal both on earth and in heaven. Why would there be a need for such sealing powers? This area is completely blank to an Evangelical because it has no role in their theology. Their theology is extremely shallow and excludes much of what the NT states clearly. If it were not so, they would either be Catholic or LDS - there is no real middle ground. I appreciate that you read other Bible scholars, but I strongly suggest that you avoid Evange
  8. It is not my understanding. Both books come from the House of Israel or from the Jewish people. I don't think I have ever heard this line of thinking - that the Jews are solely those from the House of Judah. I am surprised to see others repeat it here.
  9. I cannot think of anything so mind-numbingly boring as to watch this type of television program. It could only appeal to the very basest of human interests. I have never watched one and I don't see myself ever being interested in watching such trash.
  10. Elder McConkie lived a life worth studying and learning more about. For the majority of his life he seemed to see things in black and white; there was no middle ground. Some think this is a good place because there was no question in his mind between truth and error as he saw them. However, as he got older his compassion, charity, and humility seemed to grow exponentially. I appreciated both phases because he taught truths during his entire life. However, I came to love him in his later years. I enjoyed meeting him in the Language Training Mission and have tried to follow his example in
  11. I don't really think of it precisely in that way. For instance, I don't think that each wrong choice, poor choice, or sin is the direct result of some demon tempting us. They may reveal our own passions to us and tempt us with how to feed those passions, but after that it is all by our choice. However, I believe strongly that evil exists in certain types of beings. Their efforts are directed to the downfall of God's children. I have experienced a specific type of presence that I interpreted as pure evil during my lifetime. I was not looking for it and the very few times I encountered suc
  12. Please explain how more unarmed white men are killed by police than black people and have that explanation continue to support discrimination against Black Americans?
  13. I reject in toto BLM and its objectives. It has nothing to do with healing race relations; just the opposite. Its goal is to destroy American society and everything it stands for. It is an organization of hate and has nothing positive to add to society, culture, or the betterment of Black people. Its sole objective is to obtain power at whatever cost is necessary to obtain it.
  14. My thoughts on being a scholar was not meant to propose that one could not be a scholar while also being a critic or apologist. However, if one is a critic or apologist then they should be known for being so. A scholar is just doing research and writes from a neutral position; they report facts and let the chips fall where they may. In other words, one can be a scholar, write about Mormonism or Joseph Smith, and not be an apologist or critic.
  15. A scholar is neither an apologist or critic. There is an element of curiosity and an eagerness to discover facts. Of course scholarship can be neutral and it is easily distinguishable in the writing style of the scholar. I don't care to comment on individuals; the critics mentioned bore me; they move from the banal to complete deceitfulness. I wish them well and pray for the salvation of their souls. I do think it is more rare that one simply leaves the Church, finds a new home, and leaves the past behind them. I have met several individuals that have done so, but it does seem that
  16. I continue to try and understand what is happening and why it is happening in our society at this present time. I firmly believe that very few movements are born at a moment's notice or after a terrible event. Rather, movements are the result of previous actions, scholarship, and direct activity of usually small groups. I was listening to a speaker today, a woman from Somalia named Ayaan Hirsi Ali. She is a Feminist, Human Rights activist, and research fellow at the Hoover Institute. The topic was the USA and systemic racism. She disagrees with this specific proposition, while still conde
  17. I think you are probably correct on the High Church thing. I have a deep appreciation for many things Catholic, but the masses that I have attended are challenging for me to appreciate. And they were all Novus Ordo. My upbringing as a LDS has conditioned me to appreciate a more casual approach to how a Sacrament meeting is held; the process is simple, with participation from several members. On the other hand, I really enjoy Adoration. I enjoy the reverence and love I have seen and felt.
  18. Exactly what kind of music do they publish; my curiosity has been piqued? Our hymnal has changed a bit since I was a boy. I miss many of the hymns no longer found in our hymnals and many of the ones that are there I would rather that I never heard them again. We each have our preferences.
  19. I fall in the camp of art being art. It is why I can appreciate and be in complete awe of Giotto, Caravaggio, Michelangelo, Fra Angelico, Veronese...and the list can go on and on. I enjoyed hearing the reason the company thought of using this particular piece of art. It is a different way of seeing it, but close to the way I see it. There is always an excitable bunch in every group. I wonder if all Catholics would be offended? Heck, I remember having Bibles as a boy with artwork in them - they were not published by the Church. It did not make me want to throw them out because of
  20. An extremely unfortunate event in the lives of this family. Some parents put so much weight on their children achieving specific religious objectives, they lose sight of the purpose. If a child does not want to go on a mission, then accept it and move forward. Find out what they want to do, guide them in making good choices as much as the child can accept and then let it go. Very, very sad situation.
  21. When a foreign individual commits this type of crime, part of the punishment should also be that he becomes persona non grata forever. The last couple of years I was in the Middle East both Qatar and the UAE took pictures of your retinas (eyes) to ensure that when they sent someone home, they could no longer get back in the country regardless of the passport or name change, etc. They also finger printed each individual with a VISA to work in the country. I don't understand why we don't have a similar system. It would save the courts, ICE, etc. a lot of time. Find someone illegal, boom, y
  22. I deleted that sentence; it was not the main topic, but obviously was a trigger for you.
  23. Yeah, no. Humans are humans. It is important, if not vital, to understand personal choice and the consequences that accompany each individual's choice. This has nothing to do with not respecting each individual's humanity or condition in life. This topic talks about an entire people; it avoids the individual unfortunately. Regardless, we consistently avoid any conversation that includes the responsibilities of a people for their choices. We want to wring our hands and bemoan how terrible everyone else is toward Black people, but we throw the challenges and prejudices to the wind when we d
  24. I will not use the word "racism" simply because it has become the word du jour and creates its own baggage. I think hate, greed, prejudice, dishonesty, among many others are more appropriate because they more accurately describe the human nature and what has been done by humans to other humans from the beginning. What you wrote above perfectly fits the Jewish people. How have their lives been shaped by a ceaseless state of mistreatment? What is the difference and why? This is not an effort to belittle our Black brothers and sisters, but I find when conversations are only, and strictly, a
  25. Oh don't be silly and exaggerate the situation. How many times did Joseph and Brigham both tell the saints they were human and they each were filled with weaknesses? How many times was their counsel to follow the Spirit and not to rely on them as the example to follow? If this letter is accurate then Joseph was seeking the admiration of others and was willing to lie to aggrandize himself. Oh no, a human. Everyone run for the hills, lock your doors, a human is acting just like others humans. What will we do? How often will individuals fall for this silliness? How often will you deman
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