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  1. If they're no direction from God then there is really no point to the church and why bother. If it's just a social organization then people should find the one that they like best. If the prophets and apostles who lead the church are really are being directed by God, then seems like we should be doing everything we can to follow their counsel. Even the smallest of things.
  2. While I believe I can learn from suffering and misfortune in the lives of others, I don't believe God creates that suffering and misfortune in order to teach me. And I don't believe that anyone believe that a situation like the one you've described above would be viewed as a good thing by anyone. We live in a world where random things, bad things, evil things, happen all the time. The Book of Mormon calls on us to "mourn with those that mourn; yea, and comfort those that stand in need of comfort" (Mosiah 18:9). As we do that we grow and come closer to Christ.
  3. If a building is in need of repairs the owner would be responsible for directing the work to repair the flaws, or to hire professionals to direct that work. In a like manner our Father in Heaven calls prophets and apostles to direct the work of His church. When He see's flaws in His church directs His servants to do the work. The analogy is not perfect as the relationship between God and His earthly servants is much different than between an owner and a hired contractor.
  4. So the options are to fight to preserve your virtue or rot away with old age? What about living to raise children of your own and then seeing their children. How about have a full and complete life surrounded by people you love and who love you. How about realizing that a crime committed against you in no way reflects who you are to yourself and your loved ones. Your ideas here are callous.
  5. I'm guessing you don't have any daughters. I would rather have an alive daughter than a dead daughter.
  6. Not sure how a big stink could be raised about something that isn't prohibited.
  7. If the bishop asked. If the bishop doesn't ask about it...
  8. If I've never paid a full tithe before then my doing so would seem to qualify under definition 1, for me personally.
  9. I think this may be best understood and applied on a personal level. For some paying a full tithe may be unprecedented. Or perhaps it's attending church regularly, obeying the word of wisdom, or reading the scriptures individually or as a family. Some may not have attended the temple in years, despite being worth to. Maybe it's just letting go of things in your past that the Lord has forgotten but the person hasn't.
  10. This seems to allow for a wide range of cultural traditions and not just focus on Halloween (the mask part that is). What I'm noticing about the handbook is that it seems to be less rules based and more focused on teaching principles, then allowing local leaders to apply those principles as appropriate for their areas.
  11. Personally, any mention of politics in church, even those I agree with, makes me uncomfortable.
  12. I've always tried to be very patient with these kind of people. I think for some of them it's the only time during the month when people listen to them.
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