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  1. We haven't either. Grandparents were there for some (but not all) of the ordinations, but nothing other than that.
  2. Was it the family or their insurance company that sued? I've heard of cases where it's been a person's insurance company that is actually doing the suing, even when the insured person doesn't want to.
  3. How can there be a difference? If my brain perceives a dress to be blue then for me the dress is blue. Doesn't matter what color the dress "really" is. My reality is that the dress is blue. The same thing applies, I believe, to things like words and visions.
  4. And it's a good thing that blue is always blue. https://www.livescience.com/50842-dress-debate-color-perception.html
  5. I've read the books but don't get the connection you're alluding to. We're not planning on a war with England are we?
  6. It seems to me that if I pinch pennies with the Lord that that giving Him my permission for Him to pinch pennies in return. With everything He's promised me it seems like I can afford to be generous in what I give Him.
  7. If I understand what you're saying here, you're saying that there is progression between kingdoms, right? If so then the final judgment is really not so final after all.
  8. This doesn't sound right. That would mean bishops with reception centers (or wedding chapels or event centers or whatever you want to call them) within their ward boundaries would be called upon to marry people who are not members of their ward. It sounds unreasonable to ask bishops to perform weddings for people who are not members of his ward. The current handbook reads as follows in 38.3.2 "Church officers may not perform marriages for Church members when neither marriage partner belongs to the Church unit over which the officer presides." I can't find any mention of marri
  9. Got it. I was thinking you were saying the bishop saw them on Sunday at Olive Garden.
  10. But of course the bishop wouldn't be in either of those places to see them, would he?
  11. A temple recommend isn't needed to bless the sacrament. The appropriate priesthood and worthiness are the only qualifiers I'm aware of.
  12. It seems to me that local leaders can best determine what is appropriate for their area rather than a "one size fits all" approach from church headquarters.
  13. Please don't try to explain what I do or do not believe. Your characterization of my beliefs is wrong, insulting, and seemingly questions my faith.
  14. This seems like pretty black and white thinking. If the flood was an essential part of the atonement or of one of the rites and ordinances of the gospel, then yes, maybe we could have some questions. But the flood isn't. The flood was a historical event. Whether it did or did not happen, whether it was literal, metaphorical, allegorical isn't important. Whether Nephi or Lehi or any prophet had a correct or incorrect understanding of the events surrounding the flood, it's scope and symbolic significance, plays not role in any ones salvation. You seem to be advocating for a very litera
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