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  1. My wife works for the church and deals with copyright issues from time to time. Not on the legal end, but in ensuring that the proper permissions have been obtained for using images. The church has some fairly exacting processes in place for making sure that everything is done properly. It surprises me that the church would use images without the permission of the copyright holder. I'm very interested in hearing the churches response and learning if there is more to the story.
  2. 20 years from now every book that the church uses today will have been replaced by something newer. That doesn't cancel the teaching that is given today. Likewise, what is taught today doesn't cancel counsel that was given in the past. The church believes in continuing revelation and in constant progression. One should expect change.
  3. As you'd mentioned earlier it comes from the languages that have influenced religion. Spirit from it's Latin roots and Ghost from the German. Both meaning the same thing.
  4. President Nelson says that as he grew in understanding that he no longer needed a list. Perhaps there are others who, having not gained that wisdom yet, find prophetic counsel as to what constitutes proper sabbath day observance helpful.
  5. No, when members of the church talk about feeling the Spirit they are referring to the influence of the Holy Ghost.
  6. A long time ago on the radio show "Prairie Home Companion" I remember Garrison Keillor making a joke about how, in the Unitarian version of heaven, there was a half hour set aside each day for protest. This would seem right at home there.
  7. In urban areas this could be problematic if not properly regulated. You probably wouldn't want the chemicals from a large number of decomposing bodies contaminating drinking water sources. Rules like that seem to get made because someone did something stupid in the past.
  8. Sounds like it comes down yo trust then. Do you trust those whom the Lord has called or not.
  9. I would tune in just to see President Monson announce this.
  10. Seems like I remember reading somewhere that wheat uses like half the water that alfalfa does. That's just something in the back of my mind, so it could be wrong.
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