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  1. Your unjustified victim mentality will only bring you pain and grief. I’m sorry.
  2. No, you didn’t. You caused a problem. You had a loving Bishop that wanted to mend a wound you created. Good for him. Bishops have a duty to safeguard temple entrance. That’s by a temple recommend. And that includes tithing. If he had a question, he absolutely had a right and duty to investigate. And you had a duty to be meek enough to go along with it.
  3. I wouldn’t have done that. But he had every right to do so. If you said no, he would have also been entitled to take your temple recommend.
  4. That’s how our ward functions. Although, members cannot administer the sacrament at home on days they are “assigned” to meet in the chapel — without the Bishop’s approval. If they have health concerns, the approval is routinely granted. I’ll also mention that giving local authorities flexibility let’s them have broader discussions with members and ensure that the brethren have temple recommends before administering the sacrament in their homes.
  5. The simple answer is because Bishops are the Presidents of the Aaronic Priesthood and hold the keys to those ordinances in their wards. Although possible, it would be a big step for the 15 to ignore keys once given. To the extent the 15 don’t standardize the sacrament during the pandemic, it makes sense to let local leaders make decisions where the effects of the pandemic vary.
  6. Your post is utter nonsense. Inaccuracy is not equivalent to “misleading.” If you know anything about history, you’d know it’s not a science. Making assumptions is part of the process. To call assumptions misleading because you disagree with them is, ironic enough, truly misleading.
  7. I think you’re reading way to much into this. In any event, I doubt that Lehi lived in Jerusalem proper. Think London and greater London. https://bookofmormonevidence.org/house-of-lehi-found-near-jerusalem/ To quote Chessman:“That Lehi lived in Jerusalem did not necessarily mean that he dwelt in the city of Jerusalem. The land of Jerusalem encompasses much more of the immediate area surrounding the city. We are of the opinion that Lehi’s property lay somewhere in the land of Jerusalem and not within the walls of the city.“ https://rsc.byu.edu/book-mormon-first-nephi-doctrinal-fo
  8. The covenants have been on the church’s website for a long time. President Benson gave a talk at BYU ages ago about them as well. As far as my experience tells, the covenants themselves have never been secret. Nice to have them in the handbook.
  9. I read it after it first came out. The picture of the U&T with the stones was fascinating. The sleuthing of lost content was also interesting, as were the temple themes.
  10. I wish this dismissal received the same amount of publicity as the complaint did. This is a big, big deal. Denson has made fools of herself and her supporters.
  11. I may be in the minority, but I don’t think covenants work that way. God sets the terms and we accept or reject. There was the “Covenant Letter” that circulated missions around the Church promising certain successes in exchange for personal sacrifices. The brethren repeatedly tried to get rid of it. There’s nothing we can do to bind God - except obedience to what he has asked us to do. If you want a blessing, find the commandment upon which the blessing is to predicated and be obedient to that commandment. That’s a paraphrase from, I believe, President Nelson.
  12. No, Bob. Look up the word in Wikipedia. For several hundred years it was non offensive and even endearing. Words absolutely change. Even so, you’re cherry-picking a single example to dispute a statement that is largely correct. Statements by anyone, including prophets, are derivative of language, which are in turn derivative of their particularly time and culture. No reason to be contrarian.
  13. The one thing I appreciate is how he produces this timeline through a particular theory, while stating he will produce another video based on another theory. In other words, it seems like he’s investigating rather than pushing a pet theory. I’d be great if everything wraps up by 2024. Somehow I doubt it. Although, we will know next Spring if there’s anything to this video.
  14. I’m sure you’re very sincere and interested in your parallels. But you are making tremendous assumptions without any analysis and leaving very little to discuss. I’m not persuaded by reincarnating nations. But even if I was, what’s your driving point? Why is it important or material to an apologetics board?
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