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  1. This is a hypothetical situation: 1. You stayed at a hotel - had a great time - and noticed the nightstand drawer did not include a Gideon's Bible. 2. On checking out you thanked the staff for a great stay, great breakfast, great pool, etc. 3. You asked them if you could put some Bibles and Books of Mormon in the nightstands of each hotel room, like Marriott hotels do. 4. They say: You'll need to ask the manager. He/She's not here right now. You can call or email them. Here's their card. 5. You call and email, thank them for the great stay, etc. then ask if you can donate some scriptures to each hotel room. They say no or don't reply. 6. You reach out to Holiday Inn corporate HQ executives via LinkedIn, ask if you can take them to dinner, or just ask straight up: can I donate some scriptures to your hotels? (This would be something like an enterprise agreement that you alone, without authorization from Church HQ would be seeking/making.) 7. Holiday Inn exec's eventually agree. 8. What do you do now? a. talk to your Bishop b. talk to your stake president c. call Church HQ and ask for the Distribution dept d. buy the scriptures yourself = In all seriousness though, how would you approach an effort like this - meaning how would you get Church HQ to distribute free scriptures to all the Holiday Inns (between 1,200 and 2,297)?
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