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That went over like a led balloon. Try this.

I've been restoring the trim on a hundred year old boat. I'm in a clean room all day long by myself so I listen to lots of music.


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The Youtube channel, "There I Ruined It" does a good job of doing just that, but I think I actually like this side of John Denver better:

Edit:  I like the comment, "I'm gonna tell my kids this is the original version".

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56 minutes ago, Calm said:

Oh my gosh, poptart, your profile says you haven’t posted since 2019, has it really been that long?  How have you been?

Busy with work and pre-reqs for my RN.  I'm an LPN now with no free time lol.

You know, with all the crazy out there this board is a real gem, just scrolling through this place.  It's awesome everyone is still civil, hope it stays that way.

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