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  1. Wow! I wonder how it is they didn't see it before, but Earth is huge, so...
  2. When I was in the Language Training Mission (LTM, the predecessor to the MTC) in Provo, and this would have been 1972, there were some missionaries who were discouraged because of their lack of progress in learning German and the then 6 discussions. It was during a sacrament meeting talk that one of the priesthood leaders in charge at Amanda Knight Hall told us that if we were having trouble learning what we needed, that we needed to pray for help from the Lord. And not just ask, but challenge the Lord on the matter. I remember his words, not word-for-word, but generally he said we needed to b
  3. Nice! I had heard that Ahkenaten had written a hymn to the sun, and never knew the words. The titles in the video indicate that Akhenaten saw the sun as a personification of the god, and not the god himself. Or so it seems to me. I wonder how deep the theology was, and who brought it to him? The second video is a beautiful piece of music.
  4. Not true. There is a word which refers to experiencing each and every kind of experience. On the contrary. My brain starts fogging up when Mark and certain others here start discussing deep philosophical points, and their words are sometimes meaningless, or nearly so, to me. I emphasize to me because maybe you and @mfbukowski understand a given word in a given context, but that doesn't necessarily apply to others who witness the conversation. You say that "[t]here is a word which refers to experiencing each and every kind of experience" and maybe there is, but whether th
  5. When I see a 'Nevermind" from you, Mark, I am always extremely curious as to what you were never minding.
  6. My wife's Alexa enabled Gospel Voice with no problem at all. Now listening to Saints Channel Radio! Neat! Thanks for bringing this up. For some reason I had never heard of this.
  7. I love science videos when they are mashed up with music. One of my favorite YouTube channels is "acapellascience" where physicist Tim Blais produces science-oriented parodies of popular songs. Here's one of my favorites from his channel: "PLUTO MARS: Outbound Probe". It is about the New Horizons probe which flew by dwarf planet Pluto back in July 2015. This video came out just a few days before the fly-by. The song is a parody of "Uptown Funk" by Bruno Mars.
  8. I wonder if anyone here on MDDB has seen this already? I just saw it today after my brother sent me the link, and it had me smiling. So here's your turn!
  9. You don't need to have heard conference to conclude that, unfortunately.
  10. As you wish. I shall delete my comments.
  11. Stargazer


    I have no idea who or what the Homestar Runner is, but it looks fine to me! On the other hand, given your screen name, you could use this one. It's a modern version of a Mayan glyph for Hunab Ku, meaning "The One God", referring to the Christian God. Read more about it on Wikipedia: Hunab Ku.
  12. That's the rational explanation. Or is it? Sorry, just kidding! Not Kidding: No, of course not. I expect confirmation from God Himself. Without that, it's no more than an interesting parlor trick. In that same vein, the Book of Mormon is an interesting parlor trick, but one that invites the observer to seek confirmation from God. Absent that confirmation, it remains as it appears. The evidence of the book's apparent genesis and the content of the book itself provide an impetus to seek confirmation. That's why EModE is potentially important. Because some intellectually-orien
  13. This wasn't directed at me, but it's an interesting question. Of course, God doesn't speak in EModE, but assuming for the sake of argument that the text of the Book of Mormon was given by God to Joseph Smith via dictation (which seems to me to be the case), what form of English do you think God should have used? And why?
  14. Clarke's Third Law: "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic." To which famous skeptic Michael Shermer once said: "Any sufficiently advanced extraterrestrial intelligence is indistinguishable from God." God commanded, and was obeyed. God is the ultimate extraterrestrial intelligence.
  15. From John Denver's song, "Grandma's Feather Bed": "Well, I love my ma and I love my pa, I love granny and grandpa tooI've been fishin' with my uncles, I wrestled my cousinI even kissed Aunt Lou, ew!"
  16. I think we hear things about the SC every General Conference, without it being mentioned directly. You weren't hallucinating.
  17. You have some smart kids there. I learned that preparation for tests made me learn, and that the tests were the validation of that learning. I've almost always enjoyed tests - at least the ones I was prepared for!
  18. I think are more than just a few LDS who definitely needed that message. In some aspects, I, too, need it.
  19. No kidding! That was well done.
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