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  1. Yes, yes, yes. I didn't go that far in my post because I sure hope and pray that I don't have to deal with that situation for any of the people that I listed in my response.
  2. Sicker than the actual disease? I guess it depends on who you know and what happened to them, and how you want it all to play out with those around you. I received the Moderna vaccine back in early April and early May. With the first dose I had no side effects at all other than a sore arm. With the second dose I had a light fever and chills for 24 hours, and that's all. No big deal. Compare that to my sister who never got vaccinated (she was in denial about the whole thing) and she contracted the Delta variant and started showing symptoms a week ago Thursday, and she has had a 101 to 103 degree temperature all week (at least five days now), and she's still not done with it. She has also infected her husband (who is not doing well), several of her adult children and their families including her 12 year old granddaughter, and our 85 year old parents. All of those cases can be traced back to my sister who wasn't concerned about any of this kind of thing. None of them are out of the woods yet, and who knows how long some of the symptoms will linger or how it will play out with them. Of course there's no guarantee that the vaccine is going to keep you from getting it, but in my mom's case (who was the only one other than myself listed above that was vaccinated), her symptoms are nothing compared to the others. She is aware that she has COVID (she got tested), but she doesn't have a fever, she only has some congestion like a cold (but that could be allergies). So it depends on which path you want to take, and what risks you want to take with those around you. You may also want to consider how other family members might view your actions if you are the one responsible for infecting family and friends that may be at high risk. It's all up to you.
  3. I had an inkling of an understanding of the meaning, but I looked it up in the 1828 Websters Dictionary anyway before I made my post, and I got a chuckle out of how it phrased its usage: In other words, very few people use the word unless they are trying to do fancy poetry.
  4. And here I came to this thread thinking that the question was going to be about the word "hie". How often do we use that word these days?
  5. What I'm saying is that if an angel of God can quote a potentially incorrect translation of Hebrew scripture to the apostle John in the book of Revelation, simply because the Septuagint was the familiar and accepted translation in John's day, then the same could be true of God (or servants of God), providing a translation of the Nephite text to Joseph Smith using a translation that was familiar in his day. And in this example it simply wasn't important enough to change it. Above you say that Nephi was copying English words, but Nephi isn't the one who supplied the English translation. I think you may have meant something else, so I won't dwell on that part.
  6. I think there is moderate evidence with the whole EModE theory, that this didn't just come from Joseph's mind and culture at all. And I am of the opinion that in some situations, God just doesn't care about incorrect portions of the translation that don't matter to the big picture. As evidence of this idea, there are many differences between the quotations of Old Testament verses by the writers of the New Testament (either due to translation issues or other textual variations), some of which are found in the book of Revelation (which is the closest we could come to a direct revelation in the New Testament). Some of the variations appear to be quotations from the Greek Septuagint translation, and even though there is evidence that the Septuagint was translated from a Hebrew source text that varies from the currently held Massoretic text, the identity of the original text and the correctness of the translation is often debated among scholars. (As an example, see Revelation 2:27 as a quotation of the Septuagint version of Psalm 2:9 - does he "rule them with a rod of iron", or "break them with a rod of iron" and "dash them in pieces"? See KJV Rev 2:27, KJV Psalm 2:9, and LXX Psalm 2:9). The bottom line for me is, did these differences in translation impact the faith of the New Testament saints? Did they significantly alter the message of the gospel? It might have done so with some people, but certainly not for others. Neither Jesus nor the apostles seemed to be overly concerned with textual variations and translation issues.
  7. Since their goal seems to be for “educating” the public on the First Amendment rights, why not just go out and welcome them and use their video to publicize the message of the Book of Mormon, or something like that? Maybe even bring the missionaries along. Don't give them any of the reactions they are looking for, but embrace the opportunity and turn it around to be about everyone's First Amendment rights. And it probably wouldn't hurt to have someone else take a video of that happening, just in case they do something showing they are breaking the law.
  8. I quoted that section of the talk completely in my post. He said: The key word that you missed: Relative. In a world wide church, the number of visitors that can ever attend the pageant is a "relative" handful.
  9. I think you are possibly misconstruing Alma 32:28 to be about "good feelings", when the verse indicates that the true fruit of the seed is that it begins to enlarge the soul and enlighten the mind and understanding. There is a metaphor there of the "swelling motions" of the growth of a seed and it being "delicious" to us. We don't literally eat seeds that taste good and have them grow within us, but this is a comparison, where the word will bear the fruit of enlightenment, understanding, and growth rather than having the restrictions that may come with being circumscribed by false teachings.
  10. With your approach you would need to hold God accountable for everything bad that people do while on the earth (or he is condoning their sinful behavior), because he allowed people to make their own choices while dwelling in his establishment. The earth is his. We are his guests. Ultimately God judges us for what we do here, but that comes later.
  11. I just noticed this news story in Arizona last night, and it's really sad: "A Boy Scout council that serves most of Arizona plans to sell its main summer camp near Payson and part of a Phoenix facility to help the national organization settle claims by thousands of victims of child sex abuse. " They are obviously choosing to sell the properties that will bring in the most money. The Heard Scout Pueblo property is at the base of South Mountain in Phoenix, and Camp Geronimo is the closest camp in the pines to Phoenix. They are only keeping Camp Raymond, which is a longer drive from Phoenix and not as developed as Geronimo. In 2019, the last year we were associated with the Scouting program, we went to Camp Geronimo. We had scheduled to go to Camp Raymond, but they closed that camp and consolidated everyone at Geronimo to save money. Geronimo has always been the favorite for most of the troops because of its location. And the Heard Scout Pueblo site was popular for weekend scouting events during the six non-summer months in Phoenix. I always took part of the Heard Scout Pueblo site home with me whenever we went there (it was the dust in my sinuses, unfortunately), so it has literally become a part of me. It's really sad to see these places go.
  12. I've had trouble making posts on the board recently, and I'm trying to figure out the cause. When I hit "Submit Reply" on the post, the button changes shades from blue to very light blue as if it is in the process of saving, but nothing happens. I can even go into my post and edit it while the "Submit Reply" button is greyed out. I thought it was my computer, so I have been using a different laptop to make the last few posts that I made, but today I had the same problem on this other laptop for the first time. I tried clearing my Chrome browser cache, and that worked a couple of times. I also tried posting using the Firefox browser, and that worked only one time, and now I have the same problem on Firefox. I turned on synchronization on Chrome not long ago, because of the two laptops that I'm using, and I'm wondering if that has something to do with the problem. Has anyone else had this problem? It's pretty frustrating.
  13. I'm saying that in the context of the doctrines as I have explained them, President Kimball is speculating that some may be given stewardships over kingdoms ("worlds") that either Heavenly Father creates, or they create. This is obviously not the same thing as you saying: "they get their own planet", as if it's a possession. Others have already pointed out that the word world isn't limited to mean only "planet" as you are thinking, and from a scriptural point of view it means much more than that. Just look at the 1828 Webster Dictionary definition of the word (and I'm only showing the first four definitions on the list): I chose the 1828 Webster Dictionary simply because it corresponds more closely with the language of our scriptures.
  14. Last Friday night, the church broadcast a devotional in commemoration of the Hill Cumorah Pageant, which was discontinued after the 2019 performance. I'm posting this here, because apparently the devotional video will expire in two weeks, and some of you may not realize that and will miss out on watching the devotional. This is what it says on the Church Newsroom site: Hill Cumorah Pageant Commemorative Devotional and Hill Cumorah Pageant Broadcast: Here is a direct link to the devotional broadcast: Hill Cumorah Pageant Commemorative Devotional: Elder Christofferson. Most of the devotional is a history of the Pageant, and some of those who presided over or directed the Pageant spoke. But I especially appreciated Elder Christofferson's comments about his participation in the Pageant, and most importantly, what he said about the reason the church has decided to discontinue it. This is from approximately the one hour and two minute mark of the video: Check it out, if you are interested, while you still have a chance. There are less than two weeks left.
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