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  1. Ha! No, that is Hawaiian sign language for "Hang loose"! I thought it was Vulcan for live long and fail at it.
  2. First time or not, I'd be wiling to bet that there is enough combined knowledge of internet antics in that Stake Presidency and High Council to make their own decisions on this. With a case such as this, I would have done the same thing.
  3. And this woman is a mental health professional? This looks more like a mental illness to me.
  4. But more significantly, Dehlin's income is directly tied to the number of followers he gains (unlike President Nelson). The more followers Dehlin gets, the greater his income. So how do you attract more followers?
  5. Yeah, I forget they're called Smith's in Utah (they are Fry's in Arizona), but it's the same company. But keep trying those. As I said, I would try them one time, and come back a little later and they'd have slots open all of a sudden. Those sites are a lot easier to get an appointment on than the government ones (from my family experiences).
  6. Try Walgreens or Kroger/Fry's. And try those sites every night after midnight (if you stay up that late), because they won't have them available one minute, but then after a short time they will have some available. This is the Walgreens site: https://www.walgreens.com/topic/promotion/covid-vaccine.jsp And this is the Kroger site: https://www.kroger.com/rx/guest/get-vaccinated The thing I hated about the Walgreens site is they make you create an account first. But I was able to set an appointment there first.
  7. A church "court" is to protect the integrity of Israel or the church, so it's very much like a court of law. In Matthew 18:7-9, Jesus said the following: Why would Jesus be telling us it is better to pluck out an eye and cast it away from us, rather than having two eyes and be cast into hell? For each of us individually, this could mean that we should cut off the sins that hold us back so that we can progress in the gospel. But the Joseph Smith translation adds the following as verse 9: "And a man's hand is his friend, and his foot, also; and a man's eye, are they of his own
  8. I agree completely. Google Advanced search is better, but it's really hard to identify search phrases that fit a Christ themed topic (unless you have something very specific in mind). Since all of the talks close in the name of Jesus Christ, you can't simply search for those exact words. This search in Google, for example, returns "About 107,000 results": "Jesus Christ" site:https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/ Edit: After browsing the search results in Google, I do find that the first several Google search pages of talks are Christ themed talks.
  9. In the mid 2000's (not long before the "Great Recession"), I was sitting in a Gospel Doctrine class where we were discussing tithes and offerings. A former stake president and soon to be patriarch was in that class, and he made a comment that I will never forget: He testified of the blessings that come from giving a generous fast offering. Tithing is a fixed 10%. But what we give in fast offerings is an amount we can choose, and if we give generously it can make a big difference in the lives of those who are in need. I'm thankful that I was in that class at that time and heard that s
  10. "O be wise; what can I say more?" (Jacob 6:12)
  11. I don't have any handbook knowledge on what I'm about to say here, but it seems reasonable to me that if a ward and a stake have had an association with an individual that they believe should be considered in apostasy or they have done other things that would be grounds for excommunication, and that person moves to another ward or stake where there is no knowledge of the person's teachings or behavior, that it would be prudent for them to retain the person's records and act on the evidence they have. Otherwise, a person would just need to move somewhere else anytime they are "caught".
  12. I don't think the label of "Christian" is as important as the stigma that comes from being called "non-Christian". To be labeled non-Christian suggests that the people don't believe in Jesus Christ or salvation through him. When others call us non-Christian, it is misleading and damaging (and perhaps intentionally so in many cases). That's really what the Church is pushing back against. We want to make sure our real beliefs in Jesus Christ are known and that we are not simply dismissed based on misinformation, lies, and bad labels.
  13. I just spoke with one of the people I was talking about earlier in this thread (specifically to ask them if their opinion on the COVID vaccines has changed), and that person is now more than ever convinced that the vaccines have something to do with the mark of the beast. I also came across this February 16, 2021 Washington Post article: On social media, vaccine misinformation mixes with extreme faith: Even with renewed efforts by tech companies, religious-themed misinformation is among the hardest to police Quoting the first four paragraphs of the article: And from a littl
  14. I don't know if the people I've talked to have gotten their opinions on the vaccines from their local congregations or by participating in social media (etc.) on the internet. I suspect it is the latter. The one person that I know that is for sure Pentecostal and does not live in the United States is in the UK. I only pointed that out because it doesn't seem to be directly related to United States political issues. There is something broader going on there. I have noticed that some religious leaders are showing an example by getting vaccinated, and I see that as a good thing.
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