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  1. I'm stepping away for a while, with things how they are I don't need to be around a lot of politics. Actually, no not at all TBH you're one of the people here who made me ask, why do I post what I do? I discovered something, the cross isn't some ornament, it really does mean something. Not Gods fault I had the bad family I did nor had to go through the poor treatment I did. You can read the bible and all God does is show mercy, it's the people who keep causing problems and breaking his laws while he hands them everything. Fact that God didn't destroy the world after the elites of his day had his Son crucified should tell anyone just how much he does care. Christs Mom could have cried out anytime and I'm sure Christ would have done something, if Mary could make him turn water into wine before it was time for his ministry I'm sure he would have listened to Her then. It's another gripe I have of Christianity, especially here, people do not appreciate what Mary nor what women sacrifice to make His church work. That and God never forgets, in the end He always has and always will have the last word. He will not be mocked. The short time I've seen you post really did impress me, you are an asset to the Orthodox church. Seeing what I have from the church over there gave me hope. The church is alive, my hope is as things in the USA and the West in general get worse the church steps up and fixes things, again. If that happens, I hope it sticks this time, the church made the world a much better place and still does. See you around, God bless and take care.
  2. I have the perfect retort to that too, your end may have more children, but you depend on society for teachers, medical people etc. Most teachers I know are as far left leaning as I am, nurses are a mixed bag. One thing we all have in common besides socio-pollical loyalties, background. Right now the likes of us are fleeing the Midwest and south, cost of living and politics, the whole anti-lgbt thing isn't helping. Also for the time being we outnumber and outvote you, your side is in the minority. You have to have resources to raise kids, right now the prospect of teaching/working in some suburb with a bunch of entitled helicopter parents is quite unappealing. We can always vote to let in more people from parts of the world where they will likely vote as we do. The likes of us will continue to move to more liberal suburbs and once there are enough of us we change the politics and as in the past have our way. Take a good look at the rage people in Texas and other states have at us, that is one way we get our way and as the culture wars intensify we'll likely see more of this. You are right about religion, here's the thing the converts are coming from parts of the world a lot of people in places in the USA, especially the Midwest and South are very, very racist against. I'd have no problems at all having a bunch of refugees from the third world here, I'd imagine some of the more privileged people in this country however would. People love to run off at the mouth about muh religious birth rates till theirs is threatened, I hear from people in the Midwest how racist people are getting towards Christians from the middle east, they just assume they're Muslim and out to get them. I'd say it's sad but after how their kind treated my mom and myself, I'm not surprised at all, it's just how they are as a people, for the most part entitled and rotten. Also, you have the likes of China out there who I think will continue to rise in power and have more and more sway over the united states, they are your biggest threat right now. Another thing, those of us who have been harmed by people here held a huge grudge over it, we will act and vote accordingly. Another challenge, drugs. The cartels are everywhere, the likes of Pat Buchannan tried to warn people a long time ago, no one listened. You see fentanyl just ravaging your nice white suburbs with the expected we gotta come together! Response from the same people who didn't care at all when the same nightmare was harming the poor suburbs, ye olde i've got mine has consequences as their side is finding out. Add in what a scare resource education and healthcare is becoming in places and well, lol cool keep having kids while throwing it in our faces, at this rate a lot of them will be varying degress of miserable drug addict, same type of stuff I had to spend a lot of my life around due to bad family and lack of privilege. Here's something that I'd imagine a lot of young suburbanite families are talking about, if they're smart.... Fentanyl Overdose Involving West Point Cadets in Florida Leads to Arrest (webmd.com) I was trying not to push that angle but the minute I hear something along these lines I respond accordingly, it's instinct. Again, you may have the numbers but when the gatekeepers of the resources you need to raise capable children are in the hands of those on the other side? Especially when they are a culture apart (and one a lot of those on your end would love to see hanging from trees) well, lol cool game on, I love free entertainment. P.S Just so you know, that was edited, wasn't just from the hip. Don't really know you, just saying a lot of us from a service background that I know do tend to come from poor, diverse backgrounds. Even some older cops I know are so sick of it, with us it's always that same attitude from that segment of the US population that's always pulled it, we're sick of it. I don't doubt for a second your side will endure, thing is the hate thats out there now will leave the world a very, very messy place. I have no qualms with a more Christian world if it was actually Christian, what the USA has is a greedy capitalistic themed civil religion with Mammon wrapped in the cross. One thing that civilization takes to survive is civility followed by trust, right now that's gone. Think one of the many things that triggers me so much about the muh keeeidz line conservative Christians in the USA like to push, the world they're going to get is going to be a very messed up one. Their side loves to run off at the mouth till consequences happen to them and theirs like we're seeing now.
  3. While I am not an absolute believer in institutions I put far more faith in them than I do people, more often then not they not only are more reliable they also last longer. It's unfortunate when enough people and/or those in power contaminate the message and chase people away and in some cases let in the wolves. I am a baptized Lutheran first, I am not only the last in my line I had to fight for it as it was a huge part of our identity, it goes to the grave with me, period. That being said, our establishments presence here in the USA has been well, less than desirable. Since the beginning we've had problems, to this day it's vicious politics back and forth, is what it is. I'm a big fan of Ardnt's take, you need both doctrine (I.E church) and holiness, for mortals one cannot exist without the other. The bible is a Church document, without it there would be no bible, at least as we've known it up till the past few centuries. I am impressed and happy to see there are still people like you in this country, I remember growing up hearing about the missionaries the USA used to send abroad, I'm assuming you know right now Christian orgs of all stripes are growing in leaps and bounds in Africa, Asia and other non western countries while here it's declining quite quickly. That is one reason why I am a bit surprised Catholics aren't stepping up. Protestants have problems, in the case of Lutherans the fallout from Seminex is quite evident, all the Wisconsin and Missouri synod do is bash the ELCA while playing plolitics then wonder why they can't keep anyone nor attract those who've left due to politics and other personal reasons. I agree, I am no different in that regard, I left for personal reasons. Problem with a lot of people in this country, when it comes down to it they don't care who they step on then become indignant when it comes back to bite them and theirs, we are seeing this play out now. I'm reminded of when the elite of Christs day had him crucified and the new covenant he made with the Gentiles. Ever since then every Christian group under the sun has been quick to not only grab that title of "Elect" but start vicious fights over it, in some cases religious wars. Nothing has changed. This is why I hold fast to why if those who stand to lose the most don't act, they are going to have a country of very harsh, Christian hating people, a people that outnumber them, are ignorant of them and just plain hate them and want them gone. Most can't afford to white flight it to some nice suburb, even those who can are struggling especially if they have children/grandchildren, good chunk of the posts here are proof of that. I hoped that people would have put their differences aside and come together, they chose not to and here we are. Something I think a lot of folks are going to see soon, you can't pull a "We gotta come together!" When your side isn't doing so hot and people just hate you for things your side did/didn't do. Now really is the time to be reaching out to the likes of the nones, so many are poor, hurt and very, very angry. Since you've been in the mission field, I'm quite sure you know how that tends to progress, as you said tribalism can have many negative impacts. It's sad seeing the state of Christiandom here, what's even sadder is a good chunk of American adherants hold to the false idea that not my suburb, not my problem. They forget, Christ really was the biggest proponent of it takes a village with Him at the center, you have nothing without him, that includes the least of these and everyone else around you. I've posted this here multiple times, @ 14:30 he really gets to the point I care about, consequences. “Weep not for Me, but for your children.” Lk. 23: 28
  4. My definition would be those who don't really believe in much of anything. They may have grown up in a religious household, a marginally religious household or one with no religious tradition at all. Many things and affect people growing up, a few friends I know were kinda shunned by their religious communities when their parents divorced, and they lost their middle class status so as adults they very much identify as nones. They have respect for the church but want nothing to do with it. I know for me when we came down here from Alaska in addition to being poor since we didn't fit the mold here in the lower 48s we weren't exactly liked, mom being a POC made it especially hard. You've served in missions in Mexico haven't you? Not sure if you've worked with Native and/or Asian populations, they're not always liked by people. A good LDS friend has an Asian spouse, they ended up going to the Asian ward because he was tired of how his wife was treated. Add in with how the USA is quickly becoming a very, very diverse country and well, a lot of people aren't happy with the "traditional American" take on the Christian religion and are walking away. That's the best I can come up with right now. Here's something a bit more concrete and well thought out. A closer look at America’s rapidly growing religious ‘nones’ | Pew Research Center
  5. You might find this interesting. Pope Francis to Consecrate Ukraine and Russia to Immaculate Heart of Mary| National Catholic Register (ncregister.com) Hoping this ends soon and the church comes out stronger. That and we all start getting along, even if it's just being respectful towards each other. Know I've been guilty of running my mouth off and pointing the finger, really trying to back off from that. I was wrong.
  6. Since we have Catholic scholars here thought I'd ask, do you guys evangelize anymore? With so many either growing up or becoming nones, do you even care? Mainlines are tanking and well, a lot of us really do feel out of place, unwanted and in some cases hated. I'd think a growing secular people would be of concern especially with how things are nowadays. Your replies are appreciated, thank you. Hope your lent is going well.
  7. Nice to know I'm not the only one who's been watching Putin make friends with the Russian Patriarch. Will say, some of the churches they've built look amazing. All of this is making me think about what some Ukrainian nurses i've met have said, it's all for show. Russia is so poor and corrupt, Putin answers to mob bosses/oligarchs, at least that's what they said. You don't become a high level KGB officer by singing too loud in church..... You and me both, that right there really made me think twice about the Christian religion, this is the stuff I used to hear stories about as a kid. That's the church militant, that is Christs church.
  8. Anyone know anything about it? Thought a few people here were affiliated with them. Thanks!
  9. This is how Christianity should be, thanks for sharing. I have no idea how Christianity will fare here, as a people Americans in general turned their backs on the church around the same time they did their families, who knows what the future will hold. That being said, I've been paying attention, seeing how Christiandom proper has handled this as well as covid has helped me have some faith, there is some good left in the western world. I bet the Order of St. John has done quite a bit, at least I'd hope. Them, the other branches of the Order of Malta and the Order of St. Lazarus are amongst my favorite Christian orders, they do so much good. It's that kind of Christian charity that inspires men to do good, I think anyway.
  10. Let me rephrase that, I misunderstood you. No, I'm not dieting, I do intermittent fasting anyway, I'm quite health focused so it just complements everything. I'm not in high school anymore, I like being able to run, backpack and enjoy good health. Outside of say special occasions, Holy days (Easter, Christmas etc.) I don't drink anymore. What I am doing, trying my best to not be so indignant at those who normally offend me. People are what they are, they will never change. I really started to appreciate Christianity last year, real Christianity. The world is a broken place as are we. Even if you're privileged there's always something not quite right. One of the nice things you can do, let God handle what you can't and tbh, I am an emotional mess due to the horrible things i;ve had to deal with in life. Advice I heard from a Franciscan here who was a military chaplain, think about Christ and do more outdoorsy things, he's an avid fisherman and outdoors enthusiast. Really, I have no room to complain there, someone who was a military chaplain and a Franciscan priest has seen waaaaaaaaay more than I likely ever will yet here he is, doing Gods work. I believe the sincere do the best they can, as I am now. Really I should be in therapy but life just isn't making it possible right now. Anyway that's where I'm at with lent right now. I agree, we should pray in silent and fast in quiet. I had a hand in derailing your thread, my bad. Let's try to fix that. I'll ask again, is the UK doing anything to help the refugees? What is the Church of England doing? What are the Orthodox doing? I really hope that there is a sizeable response from those bodies, the world needs to see the Church taking care of their own more than ever. As horrible as this is, this is a great opportunity to show the world what Christ's church is about.
  11. Isn't so much perfection I'm looking for, it's disgust with those who God did bless with good fortune doing as the pharisees did when Christ was crucified. You are so right though, it is true for every religion and creed. What do you mean by believe in what lent is about? One shortcoming of American Christians is not taking some things seriously when we should, I'm absolutely guilty of this. You are right, I do sometimes like to play politics with religion, a habit I've slowly started to see as wrong. You said it a while ago, playing the game. Starting to see how i've gone too far with it. Agreeing with you again, we are all clay.
  12. Whelp, then I guess I'm going the diet route, it's better than nothing. To be fair, that's where a lot of people are right now, tough times. I believe that's how it was with the early church, the conversion process was never really complete until children who grew up in the church was a thing. I'd imagine the likes of Rollo still had some viking outbursts from time to time. Took three generations of Christian culture for someone like his grandson William to even be possible. Same thing with Christian civilization, it took generations of loving kindness and patience for high Christian culture to take effect. I meant what I said, I am very happy with the Christian response to all this, that's how the church should function. It's things like that which make me want to look into it more, that kind of goodness is so rare anymore.
  13. Wrong, they did. Your privilege ridden reply is proof of that. I was referring more so to US trinitarian politics, we're seeing more splits due to politics, the reformed church finalized their split this year, mostly over LGBTQ rights. It is absolutely disgusting seeing what some of these people are saying towards fellow trinitarians, it makes me sick seeing people wrap themselves in the cross while turning a blind eye to this, all over their own personal greed and politics. Way to turn the Lords House into a den of thieves. I'm Assuming your LDS, do you even follow things on our end? Have any idea what we've had to put up with for years? Just how ugly things have been? We're now seeing the same nonsesnse we saw in the 60s and 70s when Seminex and the Episcopal split happened, we're seeing the same thing happen, again. Considering how fortunate a lot of these people are it's vile seeing such a privileged class of people act this way. I wasn't even going to go where you did with the politics the mods are nice enough to not allow because of replies like yours. When war starts, compassion goes away fast. BTW, that didn't come out right, sorry. I absolutely feel for the Christians there, this is awful. Hoping for Christian unity to make a comeback, not holding my breath. I decided to try lent this year and so far I am failing. Trying times indeed. How is the UK handling this? Is the Church of England doing anything? What makes me wonder, if either side is considering consequences in all this. People forget what happened to folks like the nazis after they lost the war, not all of them could flee abroad. A lot of innocent Germans were genocided later, Prussia was all but wiped out (I believe.) I'm not justifying what they did, just saying when one side does something quite awful, if they lose the consequences are usually as bad if not worse than what they did during the period of conflict. Look at the civil war here, the slave owners felt little loss over the confederacy losing, a lot of the freed slaves stayed on for slave tier wages because they had no where else to go. It was the common poor Southerner who lost out, especially during reconstruction and the carpetbaggers moving in to exploit. I feel for all parties involved, especially when I see how Russia has supposedly switched to the Yuan due to sanctions. Whenever I look around I see people on all sides doing very foolish things, their children and grandchildren are going to be the ones who suffer the most for it, as always. People are fools if they think their "side" won't turn on them the moment they can. Peruvian friends dad had a great expression, when hunger knocks at the door love/civility flies out the window.
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