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  1. Hence why I'd be reluctant to buy it. People lie all the time, if you're middle class and are religions or have religious family it is socially expedient to tow the party line. Religion here stateside is very political and backstabby, also easy to lie about affiliation unless the likes of pew research start asking for things like baptismal certs when they ask the are you a Christian question. To be fair, if I was from an LDS family i'd say the same thing too, next to the Catholic Church you guys are one of the few left in the states that does much for their own at all, hence why I thin
  2. Love to see the breakdown on this, how many were middle to upper middle class. I've heard the opposite from cop friends and family. This kinda reeks of privilege to me.
  3. poptart


    I'm at the point where I'm just not as angry as I used to be, it's too much effort, stressful and puts no money in my pockets. I find myself detaching from things that just irritated me as well as a lot of things outside of my personal world. Anyone know much about detachment? The numbing feeling is quite freeing actually.
  4. What saved me was mom, to this day her nieces and nephews are stable and med free, granted they've never lived here. The relatives from the mainland? Different story. Seems like the lot of em always have some problem that ends with meds of some sort. And of course, the parents are too busy with whatever, society and schools have to come together to do their job. Anyone dares to mention it and the first thing you hear is Don't judge me!! Yet petty racism against others is still excused.
  5. Here's one, how do the more fortunate ones weather this? When society really starts getting bad i'd think it makes the better off not only spend more to shield their children from this, it makes it difficult all around. What other methods do they have save trying to find a safer place to live and shoving meds down their kids throats? Don't take that the wrong way, I knew lots of bad parents growing up and save neglect and sometimes abuse that was how they parented, with drugs. BTW appreciate what you said about the natives, most people don't care about them at all. Irritates me, thin
  6. Glad I don't have nor want children, considering how people are getting now would be a lousy time to grow up in. I know some people who are soon to be parents who's smugness has really gone down, they're irritated at the prospect of having to move to the midwest and leave places like CO behind them as the cost of living skyrockets along with crime. What i'm waiting for is for the locals in other states to do like i've seen in WA, absolutely nothing when someone's home gets robbed. Why risk your neck for someone who's different than you politically and socially? They don't have your interes
  7. Was reading this and had to wonder, if things really get out of control and the USA starts seeing the same suicide rates that Eastern Europe has, what do you think, if any would be the governmental/societal response? Would they just let them pass away like homeless drug addicts? https://www.businessinsider.com/millennials-mental-health-burnout-lonely-depressed-money-stress#deaths-of-despair-are-also-on-the-rise-3
  8. They're my favorite. In Denver they contributed quite a bit to Catholic Charities and the Denver rescue mission.
  9. Anyone do anything with this? Stumbled upon it and did a search in my area, Catholic Charities volunteer oportunities came up so it has my seal of approval.
  10. Now that's fair. Especially nowadays it's sad how many times peoples own parents ruin their childrens lives and leave them broken, mentally ill people. We're seeing the effects of that now, as a society we can't sweep the poor under the rug anymore, them and the angry. Not saying what they do is right but when you consider how many states have few mental health services save those in a prison psyche ward plus little to no help for so many, well there it is. Irritates me how some middle class, privileged suburbanite with his entitled kids thinks that his version of deity likes him more yet
  11. I have as have plenty of the poor, misfortunate who've been stepped on by religious and non religious alike. Jesus of Suburbia was coined by the band Green Day, it stuck. Remember growing up seeing churches just pop up in suburbs were my well off friends lived, all about selfish entitlements, racism and the prosperity gospel. Can argue back and forth all you like but there it is, big suprise why so many people are acting out now that they have the chance. Karma is a thing or as you would probably say, reap what you sow. There's the cherry picking, was waiting for it. Jesus is my fri
  12. How do mental issues, life condition and the affects of all that come into play? Is LDS Jesus fair about that or is he like the Jesus of Suburbia, judgemental and cruel?
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