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  1. Wanted to add to the old thread before it was flamed to death then locked. Here's a nice talk on it.
  2. The USA isn't a culturally Christian country anymore, the people who cheered on the death of lukewarm Christians were fools. You now have a few generations of people who grew up outside religion and now we're seeing the results. I'm not the biggest fan of how religion here is stateside but far as I can tell, outside of decent parenting it was the churches who promoted family values, helping the poor, compassion for the weak and the value of community. Now we have neither in a lot of the USA. I wanna see elder Holland get real with people at conference, if I knew he'd start taking off the kid gloves I'd almost be tempted to show up.
  3. >Nation's established/promised role as protector and defender of the Church's headquarters. Mind expanding on that a bit for me? I'd appreciate it.
  4. I've always found LDS members opinions of the US gov't interesting, on paper they tend to go the Republican route but get to know some of them and well..... Case in point, one of my good friends who is LDS is about as liberal as I am and big surprise, love the direction the LDS church is going in regards to racism, social justice and those who are LGBTQ. The rest of the membership? Interesting to observe from afar. The one side I have where pretty much half of em are Members do like I do, smile, nod and appreciate them for who they are while just keeping our mouths shut, at least the ones I talk to. Granted, the ones I talk to are quite a bit older and only know me through my father/grandparents, I'm the oddity esp. since moms not from the mainland. Needless to say, their kids can be a different matter, covid/vax included. Anymore I find the traditional Christian way of doing things so practical, smile, nod and when need be be a bit vague. Something I've grown to love about Christianity, especially as it is in the USA, it can be so passive aggressive, once you figure that out wow it's so practical. Best part, you can really irritate people while looking as clean as freshly fallen snow. (sarcasm, i'm not serious!) This kind of sums up how I feel about a lot of the whole covid thing, I love Franciscans, between them, Dominicans and Jesuits I can't pic a fav. This guy gives them just enough brownie points from me to almost be #1.
  5. poptart


    Nursing is brutal, can't wait for it to be done. Sorry about your mom, the holidays are rough without family. Ever read Julius Evola?
  6. poptart


    Anyone at the point where they really just don't care as much as the used to? I'm finding things I used to make a big deal about just doesn't concern me like it used to. It's mixed emotions, like, none of it matters, nothing I can nor should do about it, easier to just focus on me and keep shutting the outside world out and live in my own personal bubble.
  7. Sit back and watch the foolishness. This is why I'm not on social media, only way to escape it is not be apart of it. Think if I ever needed another one I'd plaster my page with LGBTQ/BLM everything plus whatever cause is popular. Use whatever propaganda that's circulating as camouflage.
  8. Could always do what I do, sit back and watch the fun. I have a few throwaway facebooks for that purpose, I occasionally watch people I knew make really dumb posts and make their lives an even bigger dumpster fire than it already is. BTW, it isn't just you guys. Fake Black Lives Matter Facebook page run by Australian union official – report | Black Lives Matter movement | The Guardian The biggest Black Lives Matter page on Facebook is fake (cnn.com) Here's what i'm curious about, do people just not know how the internet works anymore? Something i've noticed, ever since social media and smartphones I've seen so many people online who really have no idea how to sift through data nor protect themselves online. Not having your "stranger danger" feelers out to me makes as much sense as walking into a bear pit at the zoo after dousing yourself with meat tenderizer. The internet really isn't a safe place. No! Facebook makes it so easy for me to spy on people, see what they're running their mouths off about and when it comes up toss a few words out and blend in! Don't ruin my favorite means of social engineering!
  9. >Tishrei One of the Scottish Rite orients I belonged to used to celebrate that, interesting times. BTW, something Autumn related, the Moon festival. Here's last years.
  10. Ok, I'll toss this in with one of those "faith" Things LDS faithful follow along with the ban on coffee yet allowing cafinated soda. Totally meaningless to an outsider but when you're from a privileged suburbanite family that believes things like that you keep quiet and tow the party line. Kinda irrigating how some branches/sects of the Christian religion have those things esp when they conflict with modern learning and science. As of late it sure seems like it's the mainland having these issues. Whelp, I am an outsider. Thanks for sharing, it's always interesting to hear these things esp. When you're related to the people in question and you know better.
  11. Mind educating me on this? Does LDS tradition hold that the Polynesians came over from the Americas? I had stories handed down, like you said it's been long known where Polynesians came from, even mom who went to BYUH never heard of us coming from the mainland.
  12. >anti-maskers throwing a fit >In temples. Oh boy! Don't disappoint me, I want my free entertainment.
  13. I'm on there as are a lot of my relatives. Already gave a buddy permission to have him or his kids dunk me after I'm dead if they want. Figure it'll be cool to hang out with Vlad Tepes. Best lawn and garden decorator ever.
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