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  1. That's why I mentioned secular, non Christian societies. They have their faults but their families are far better than most here, I think. I'll admit it, I am highly biased in that regard due to circumstances and past treatment. That being said, it's far easier to enact things when your society is homogenous and has the discipline centuries of Buddhism and Confucianism made possible. While I'm not exactly a fan, something that's not talked about here in the media much, the aggressive anti poverty spending of China. https://www.bbc.com/news/world-asia-china-56194622 I don't believe for a second it's fixed everything but compared to what they're doing here it's a far better step in the right direction. I'm very much with Pope Francis, I do believe the gov't can eliminate poverty, not completely but they can do more. Also I do realize we're likely on different ends of the privilege and political spectrum and likely vote and believe very differently. I'm with him on some of the statements he's made on conservative Christians here stateside, assuming you're not but there it is. Everyone loves St. Francis, he lived his faith while most around him didn't. I'm more of a St. Hubert fan, the happy woodland critters were included. To be fair, it's not just the gov't its human nature, without strict rule of law they return to their more base natures, that of a vicious exploiter. Humans are apex predators, we evolved for millions of years to be at the top. While we can get along and do great things for most of our history as a species it's been constant warfare, murder end exploitation. I disagree, knew more than a few Christians who were more than happy with what gov't programs we have and wish they could do more. Again, I do believe we're on different ends of the privilege and political spectrum, I don't expect us to agree on that.
  2. Lol BTW, any idea how the Assistant attorney general was dox'd? I have to wonder just how careless people like this are. I no longer have any social media in my name nor do I cause these kinds of problems. I have to wonder, was it someone he made mad or a "friend" who wanted to get ahead at his expense.
  3. That stuff I kind of expect. Besides needing a nice change of things there's another more practical reason, fall out from covid and the lawsuits. Nurses here are treated pretty bad, many are going the traveling route after having hospital admins chew them up and spit them out. Also costs of housing etc. Some of the lawsuits I see popping up scare me, last year a lot of places asked me and many others to Do illegal stuff, we were let go in the process. Needless to say a lot of people turned facilities into the state, the complaints piled up and now a lot of people are reaping the whirlwind. Not naive enough to think I can flee that, I'm just sick of the legal mess and corporate medicine.
  4. In secular non Christian societies it would depend. From my own experience in E.Asian countries the family and the gov't. In Christian countries, combination of the gov't, family and Church. Jesus Christ did command people to care for the poor, thing is in countries like the USA privilege and entitlement convolutes that message hence the bitter infighting we're seeing now.
  5. Was thinking more this, I'm partial to the one you posted TBH. The Japanese Buddhas are so austere looking, geez if I'm going for an Asian garden I want someplace where I can enjoy myself. Bonus points for the blingy gold color and coins.
  6. Don't forget roads and cars, also jets. Last Fluent German speaker we had here died a few years ago, worked at Los Alamos labs, he knew a lot of people. I'm still mad at their museum, they had a model of Little Boy with a sign next to it that said "Please do not ride little boy". Mom scowled at 18 year old me as did the security guard before he said no with a smirk. I'd have paid for a photo and a chance to ride that thing. Just for giggles. I imagine Hitler was not a fan of Goring.
  7. Scroll down a bit, yeah I'd believe the last 8 years of his life but during dinner parties the wine/booze flowed, supposedly. Not saying he partook but I somehow doubt he didn't just drink water. Towards the end? Yeah. Absolutely not, just saying he was on stuff. Also hey lay off the hippies, the old school ones (legit ones) were cool. Had one for a teacher, dude was all about sustainable living, teaching kids to be decent people and actually being nice. Not the good hippies fault a lot of their peers sold out. Also I'm a bit of a tree hugger, not cool man lol. Anyway, was referring to this. The Amphetamines That Kept German Troops Going | Smithsonian Magazine Weimar culture - Wikipedia Since you're on the other side of the pond if i'm missing something correction and education is always appreciated. All I have are hand me down stories and what i've read, there's even a book out. High Hitler: how Nazi drug abuse steered the course of history | History books | The Guardian Here's why I took some interest in it, I grew up hearing the UK and other parts of Europe had heroin problems for a while. The USA is having huge issues with it, in my profession I see it a lot, it's sad. I've talked to people from the UK who told me horror stories of how bad it used to be, anything I hear when it comes to treatment is always interesting. I've considered picking up work in the UK if I can get in, I've heard the UK will even take American LPNs. With how things are going here i've about had it, I want a change of pace and to travel a bit. Let the idiots go for each others throats for a while, I want out.
  8. I always find it interesting when people talk about how Hitler was a vegetarian, didn't drink etc. Not only was all that propaganda, he was a total druggie as was a lot of Germany at the time. Some people will praise anyone so long as that persons life and ideas fit their own self narrative.
  9. I wonder how he got caught. Considering how native heavy Alaska is I'm surprised. I do hear from childhood friends politics have changed up there a bit, the Alaska militia started to have an "atomwaffen" flaver to it. You're alright Smac. >Online anonymity is getting harder and harder to maintain. Depends. My trail goes somewhat cold around 2018, I deactivated my social media and with the job change just ghosted. Depending on who you are I find it's quite easy to be difficult to pin down. Then again, I have my own tricks in addition to living a fairly quiet life. Think one of my part time callings is treehugger, not exactly a scary thing. Also woodland critter friend.
  10. If your mother in law grew up in Hawaii then yeah you might have an idea where I'm coming from. Not sure how many jinja they have total, they have a few. The sect of Buddhism I belong to has a temple on almost every island I think. Mom isn't a member but did go to byuh. Everything is different there even the Mormons, in a good way. I take my shoes off at the door too, makes me sick when I see how unhygienic some people are. Different people different culture.
  11. Ops, I'm a space cadet today, that was for @thetanakas. Yay phone posting. My bad. That being said, it's interesting, if you grew up in the West Coast at all it seems like there's always some Asian cultural influence of some sort. Just an observation.
  12. Outside of Japan, that and I may have totally messed the title up. Considering i used to visit this place a few times a year I should. Know better, shame on me. When I say one of the few maybe only, I mean hakujin (Caucasian) his wife is Japanese though. https://www.worldreligionnews.com/religion-news/first-non-japanese-shinto-priest-rev-koichi-barrish-discusses-his-faith http://www.tsubakishrine.org/ Believe it's the sisters shrine for tsubaki jinja in Japan. When I'd go it was usually for new years and whenever I could make it in the summer. I still buy omamori from them. Edit: think the title is kannushi or shinshoku, depending on his rank/grade and responsibility. Japan has rank grades for almost everything due to the Confucian and samurai influence.
  13. Are you Japanese? I have to ask, one really doesnt convert to Shinto per say, it's more of a philosophy/life style than a religion like Christianity is. I'm not Japanese, have some ancestry and exposure growing up. From my experience those who marry Japanese/japanese Americans, do a lot of Japanese martial arts, etc will associate to a degree mostly because it's so pervasive, just like Taoism for the Chinese. That and if you live in the west coast esp. Hawaii they're far more active than say, the Midwest. A lot of Japanese homes, dojo etc usually have a kamidana. Ever hear of Marie kondo? Very shinto in her lifestyle. I've met one of the few (maybe only?) Guji in the US, maybe the world. He runs tsubaki jinja in Washington State, cool guy he has Aikido camps from time to time as well as Matsuri through the year. Even I have a kamidana but am I Shinto? Uhh, not really. Not trying to give you a hard time but a thread like this, I had to ask.
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