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  1. That's interesting, thanks! I'm LGBT so it's a tad bit different for me than many of you (I think). Since there usually aren't children involved most of the LGBT couples I known. What scares me with common law marriage and arrangements where there are children, getting stuck paying child support for children that aren't yours. We're not only the children of divorce, many of us grew up poor, miserable and ignored by society in general. In return, we've turned our backs on the very society that did it to us when we were children. One reason why I think we're seeing such a big p
  2. Is it me or are more men staying single nowadays? I run with a different class of people than I think a lot of you guys do so it's a bit of an artificial bubble. Thought i'd step out of my echo chamber and ask here. Thanks!
  3. I went back to my Buddhist roots, would have gone back to meetings at my old temple had covid not been a thing. That being said, none of us have noticed much, seems like it's you guys getting all the hate and grief. If it was me, I'd ask why that is.
  4. You're a good guy, wish we had more like you who thought this way.
  5. Just my opinion as someone who grew up around alcoholism, one of the worst addictions possible. The US let so much of this get out of hand when they closed down mental institutions and made it to where if you have a felony, good luck getting a job. With Oregon and a lot of the west coast it doesn't help that other states have been busing out their homeless/criminal class for decades. Denver has to deal with that a lot, people send their undesirables, they blow all their money on weed and yep, end up in jail then on the street. Not saying I condone this, I just wonder when I see people
  6. As someone who had a pretty bad childhood, it makes me sick when I think about how people ruin their children and don't care about how things will be for them as adults. Not everyone should breed. This reminds me why I avoid children and most of my IRL friends and circles are child free, the politics and headache that goes with contemporary families here. Glad I opted out, thanks for reminded me why I did. People who put their kids through stuff like this deserve whatever horrible things karma throws at them later on in life.
  7. I'd love to hear from the legal scholars on this one. I cannot understand why any rational adult would do something like this, when I do get into relationships I specifically avoid people with kids for that reason, the risk of he/she going to a judge, claiming their child depends on me and boom i'm on the hook for child support. By the way, would parenting by estoppel come into play? I am not a lawyer but love learning about things like this. Thanks!
  8. If I ever get to meet some of the top leadership or the President/Prophet of the LDS church after hello i'm either high fiving, fistbumping or both after, If he's into that. Seriously, that's why despite my gripes I still shut up about the LDS church and have stood up for them more than once, they help people.
  9. So in other words, it all comes down to unchecked privilege. Funny how religious people here as a people seem to act, my way or the highway, everyone else is wrong but me, despite what leaders of my religion in other countries might say (Pope Francis), when I'm called out it's blessed are the persecuted for my sake till it affects me and my own then it's REEEE! Muh persecution! Jesus is gonna come back real soon and kill all the gays/non Christians! It's the end of the world!!
  10. Exactly, the way many of them are now will be most likely how they will be till they die. If they fail and further ruin what was handed to them they can't deny they had a hand in it. Natural selection applies to all in the end.
  11. Funny you should bring up the 1960's, I talk about that with older friends a lot, especially nowadays. Most of them were vietnam vets, one was a marine who ended up a riot cop in Chicago and Detroit, he has interesting stories. They all more or less say the same thing in this regard, we're in for some very rough times. There's a lot more of us, they outsourced everything and what moral stability we had is well, gone. Oh man you're preaching to the choir my generation sucks. They're arrogant, entitled people who expect the world handed to them on a silver platter. Irritates me how th
  12. Just curious if something like this even shows up on your radar as a community of faith. https://www.pewforum.org/2019/10/17/in-u-s-decline-of-christianity-continues-at-rapid-pace/ I've read among the LDS faithful the decline isn't as bad, mostly because unlike the rest of Chrstiandom here stateside you do tend to have better families and programs to care for your vulnerable. I'll give you that, you actually care for your own, at least more than what i've seen from the rest of the Christian religion here. Here's the thing, those of us who are not or have disaffected due to poo
  13. This is interesting, thanks. I'll share this, not sure how it is now but back when if your parents divorced, most of your old friends would distance themselves from you. I was marginally religious growing up, biggest thing I noticed when I came to the lower 48s as a child was people here were very different, as in backstabby. Not saying people are like that in other states but compared to here, yeah big difference, it's cultural I think. As I got older, I would marvel at other people who's parents were Baptist, etc. Ohh boy one of em blamed his racist parents for everything, was in
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