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  1. Some of the scions of that are alive and well, some hang out on this board and have hands in many pots. Anyway, know much about what happened after Martin Luther i.e the 30 years war? People in the USA forget a lot of people fled here because of that. My understanding of Germany is the church doesn't care if someone has a civil ceremony, they draw the line at a sacramental marriage. While I have a Catholic baptism cert I didn't grow up catholic so I miss some of the finer political points. I can't help but wonder if this is one of those things Catholics here screech more about than need b
  2. KOC was an answer to many things, among them a response to the papal ban on Catholics joining freemasonry. The bloody night brawls I have no idea about, who knows that may have had some truth to it. Alcoholism was a huge problem and America didn't exactly receive a lot of Europe's best. The Freemasons were no better, like everything as time goes on people choose to omit details. Laurel & Hardy had a great episode that was a spoof on the Shriners. They may be well known for their hospital and circus but from their inception they were very much a bunch of well off, privileged WASPs who
  3. The growth and the why behind it. Used to be long ago fraternity wise knights of Columbus was made fun of for being a Masonic clone of sorts. Know they're not but the chapeau and uniform was supposedly a rip off of one of the Masonic bodies. Anyway, yeah they ditched the secret stuff and changed uniforms so more people who lacked funds could participate, masons are having issues with getting and keeping people. It's just rare for me to see a prestigious org be that practical vs. Having leadership that doesn't care about their org dying, so long as they have theirs.
  4. You do a great service for the LDS church, if they had more diplomatic people they'd be a lot more popular outside of the mountain west.
  5. Considering the headache a lot of American Catholics are with Rome, we'll see. I could care less but then again, I'm a heretical representation of Mother Church. Kinda interesting, it's not Saxony giving the church a hard time. Let's see who gets that one.....
  6. We will see. An observation i've made when i've heard stories about 1970 and it's stagflation, families and communities were still intact. Look at millenials, the dysfunction a lot of us had to grow up with sure did a number. Thing is, with us no one left us anything, not even scraps so big surprise we're acting the way we are. I have a feeling we'll start seeing crazy soon enough.
  7. When you have the money you can more or less do whatever you want. Golden rule... I'll wander (or did pre covid) into an FSSP place south of me then leave after mass. I can't stand the politics, can only imagine what it's like now. Sucks things have to be that way but that's just how it is now. I've had to make some tough choices like a lot of people are now, we're in for a rough ride.
  8. Hope someone livestreams that fight. You never mess with the Swiss, they have everyone's money lol.
  9. Reason why I follow this stuff, it's mostly families moving here. It's competition for scarce resources and coping with a society that's not as secure as it once was. That and a lot of cities have a ton of single people who do not care for the issues families have. As a society we haven't really gotten along since the 60s I think, it's just been cleverly hidden and forgotten every decade or so. With the internet and bad times we have, well here we are. Going to be interesting to see how all this plays out, as someone who's likely seen a lot of the same stuff I have I predict the privi
  10. Top 12 Quotes by Machiavelli for Leaders - YouTube
  11. It seems like a lot of that stuff usually comes from the states, disgusting. Are you sspx? I'm eying a Dominican parish close by personally. Kinda debating just going to confession and calling it good, seems like everything else in this country is just going down the drain.
  12. Church Militant is far right, not a fan. To be fair, I could see how some could possibly take offense to this if all the health missionaries do is take care of their own. Then again, outside of DI I really have no idea about the inner workings of the LDS churches charities, just that they do a lot and often work through other orgs like Catholic Charities, The Salvation Army etc. I'd have no qualms at all seeing you guys with Catholic medical people doing things like vaccination clinics, etc. Then again, I'm all for people getting along. I've seen elders in food banks handing stuff out, su
  13. That is something I would do given the chance. How safe is it? I'd be afraid of the top giving out and me falling through. Think they do still sell them. Think what it is, i'm used to seeing crazy stuff in WA and now here in CO. There are homeless camps right by schools now, they do harass people. Most of the people are mentally ill and addicted to something. What irritates people is it's the midwest and southern states that keep busing them out here. It's getting to the point where you can't escape it unless you can live rural. For your average family, that's not exactly
  14. http://freemasonsfordummies.blogspot.com/2020/02/knights-of-columbus-ditch-degrees-and.html?m=1 Wow...
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