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  1. Just tossing this out there, if you want to see how controversial things like this have affected religious bodies, read up on the politics of the episcopal Church during the 60s then the Lutheran Church in the USA, especially the seminex controversy, it was huge. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Seminex I see religion here stateside through a much more political lenses so I don't have the hang ups many others do. Can argue back and forth about the sanctity of religion all you like, this has been their history and I believe in judging most religious bodies here stateside by the action
  2. If it makes you feel any better, so do a lot of people nowadays with the doxing going on. It amazes me, people know how bad things are getting and are still oblivious to it, not using your real name is plain common sense I think. You were taught as a kid don't talk to strangers right? When you're online everyone, even "friends" on facebook/social media really are strangers. Think about it, longer you're apart from old friends and neighbors, more things change that you don't know about, all you see is the carefully constructed illusion they post about, none of the bad. Anyone who rips on s
  3. I've heard the same from members, DI does a lot. I like how people donate worthwhile things (Most of the time....), night and day difference compared to say, good will. Pretty much, they still build a ton of hospitals, the Franciscans are buying up stuff in the midwest left and right, at least that's what friends told me.
  4. That makes my blood boil, LDS pioneers literally made a desert habitable and people move in and ruin it for their grand/great grand children. I have a feeling we're going to see that in a lot of the country, anyplace that has decent schools is fair game. The I got mine attitude is going to make everyone really, really mean I think. Will be interesting to see what the powers that be will do, if anything. I lived in an RV for a bit as a kid, it has problems. Here's the thing, if the RV breaks down there goes your home. There are stages of homelessness, once your car breaks down/can't
  5. Other thing with a trade, freedom of movement, that's why I did what I did with nursing. Competition for good white collar jobs is getting even worse, that and the long term outlook isn't good even if you can travel in this country. No idea how all this will play out in the next decade, far as I can tell the USA never really recovered from the last recession, they just tried to sweep it all under the rug and hope all the people who lost theirs would just go away, considering how things are I'd say it's a fair statement that not only did they not just go away, they are very, very angry out ou
  6. Ops, my mistake thought you were. I am mostly secular but tend to look at the mainline, esp. Catholic power structures as my reference for Christian authority, know not everyone does. As I said though, i'm a cultural Christian at best. I am very much about the authority of religious orders both lay and clergy. Big reason why I like the LDS structure here stateside, outside of the Catholic church the other bodies have done a fine job of destroying themselves, watching it from the outside is like watching a structure fire. I have a few LDS relatives as well a a parent who went to BYUH,
  7. Perspective is everything, look at it this way you have a good husband, guessing a good community in and out of church plus Utah as a state is gorgeous. One reason why I love hearing about high LDS numbers and conversion rates in places like Utah, it scares the druggies out and encourages wholesome things like outdoor friendly lifestyles. Plus the alcohol free Luaus are awesome. Sucks being tied to one place but when you look at the family disfunction you see everywhere around you, I'd say you're fortunate. Going to assume your son is doing well and living a clean life (I hope....) look ho
  8. No issues with being an early bird, I tend to get to bed pretty early. It's not a happy story, I kinda got shafted by bad family and that affected my career among other things, anymore it seems like unless you got into a good industry early on you're kinda screwed. I'm finding out just what kind of liabilities people in the medical profession have. I'm in an LPN program now, plan on making that be it. Game plan is to try to get into admin while picking up shifts, i've worked as a CNA/med tech for a while, now that i'm finding out just how much work is involved to get an RN plus how d
  9. I'm a cultural Christian at best, going to guess you and I would probably not agree on things. Also, people in other cultures have lived with different ethical systems that could easily pass for Christ like, Buddhism is a great example. Read up on king Ashoka sometime, amazing guy. I do disagree with people living solely by guidelines set out by Christ or any diety/demi god, also I do think you can use priesthood authority quite easily. When St. Benedict helped get the monastic system going Europe was in a very chaotic state, it's difficult for a privileged American of the WASP persu
  10. I heard something similar from a friend, thanks for confirming. For me one of the appeals is networking overseas as well as the possibility of living/networking in E.Asia. How easy is it to get into the ESL market in China nowadays? Those were one of the companies I looked into, was curious how that worked. Have a bachelors, good there.
  11. Check out St. Augustines works, also the Benedict option, you might like it. Not quite the same angle you're going at but anytime Christian clergy popped up and worked with lay people, they tended to live far better than those in other cities. Better food, learning, farming etc. Take away the privilege a lot of people in the USA have and all of a sudden drinking water, food and stable communities are a miracle. Think the most cringe thing I ever saw was people making Seahawks Rosaries, geee way to go you have a nice privileged, upper class WASP existence and you think God should let
  12. Ops, my bad that's a typo on my end. TEFL cert. TEFL Certification | Accredited TEFL Courses | TEFL Org I'm considering picking this cert up and branching out into teaching English as another income stream, already have a bachelors. How hard is it to get into the industry in China?
  13. Curious if anyone here has or knows anyone who's done this. What do you need to break into the industry? Will a TELF cert and a bachelors do it? Thanks!
  14. Something I don't talk about much, when my father died one bishop I knew asked if we needed anything, I declined. My father was a violent alcoholic, I just wanted things over especially after the hell he put us through. I think outside the LDS church and a few people I knew from Catholic parishes no one really ever lifted a finger. It really does blow my mind there are still people out there that kind.
  15. That's kind of what I noticed last year, the saints I knew kept in touch, the rest kinda ghosted each other. What Tacenda said, I'm confused here. I totally believe in universal brotherhood of all people. Geez, let me guess, you're probably one of the only people who really cares about those two. Seems like it's always the entitled ones who get decent people like you in their lives, i've known people who ended up homeless drug addicts, no one cared.
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