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  1. I'm looking to build an a frame in a few years when I move, there are kits and plans out there you can look at. Not sure what your needs are family size wise but it's an option, if you like a frames and plan on having land/space to build it on.
  2. Supposedly the theology was quite deep. Akhenaten saw the other gods as being reflections of Aten, the supreme solar disk. He was an impersonal god who was the creator of all, the whole of creation rose with him in the morning. From what i've read of the solar cult, it almost reminds me of something Taoism combined with the Vedas. Here's the real interesting thing, there's a huge similarity between him and Moses. Not sure just how much evidence there is for the parting of the Red Sea, would think something like that would have been written down. Akhenaten however did live, create his own
  3. Finally someone gets it. I'd think more people would have that in the back of their heads, especially considering how apathetic most single people can be towards the plight of families nowadays. There's a ton more people like me out there vs. the privileged few out there who had theirs growing up and now have to raise kids in this world. I'd think knowing just how many people like me are laughing at all this behind the safety of a pc monitor while a lot of the bad stuff is happening would make them think twice about just how dangerous things are nowadays. Guess not...
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    That detachment is different. Buddhist detachment is seeing things for what they are, accepting we live in Samsara and in the end, many of the things we see around us are illusionary and transitory. I think many in the contemporary USA would dislike that as live and let live as an idea is gone and everyone expects everyone else to contribute while they do nothing in return. Detachment makes it harder to be exploited, society kinda hates that.
  5. I don't know, makes more sense to me for all of us to have differing opinions yet some kind of common ground via things like ecumenicalism. People are people, we'll always find something to disagree about. Americans were shielded from a lot of the religious wars Europe had, looks like our time with that is about to end. Consequences of ignoring that (I think) is you end up with people like Martin Luther coming about then powers that be trying to take everything he said out of context. Really, all he did was want to reform the church and when that didn't work out, well here we are. Took a
  6. My preference would be, hands down the generational family. That's how it still is in a lot of the world, I still have family outside of the mainland that's kind of like that and despite what many may think, it works. Here's my opinion on how families here are, I agree with you on your critiques. However, I do see it as a two way street. Long ago people chose to move away from their families for work opportunities, I often wonder how many of them had to do that. I had family on the other half that did, while they did end up quite well off in the end their family went down the drain a
  7. Disclaimer I toss out on that is I draw the line with child abuse and the disfunctional parenting we see nowadays, that part makes me wish this country had laws like other countries do when it comes to child welfare. Even if the child is a loud annoying thing no child deserves to be harmed by a predator. The fact that society turns a blind eye to a lot of the sex tourism that happens in US society makes me sick beyond belief. Of course when those kids grow up due to the lack of funding for therapy in many places the cycle repeats itself. Plenty of conservative suburbanite types are all for
  8. Children do mean things and need discipline, from what i've seen a lot of parents here stateside expect society to do their job. I'm all for institutions but I'm not going to agree that some entitled brat from the suburbs is innocent, no way. I know better than to open my mouth IRL, it takes a village for me, rugged individualism is a thing so I figure let the entitled idiots destroy each other while I stand back and smile as it all burns. No compassion for the entitled, it's that simple and I don't budge.
  9. Ops, my mistake. Was thinking of the one I went to, entitled suburbanites who thought they were better than those different from them and up until we've had the chaos we had would always be able to get away with it, watching them cringe and in some cases flee is quite entertaining. I'm not going to bother with that, telling you now we'll argue and I don't feel like creating a flame war, that's that. I partially agree with the adults part for this reason, it's easier to raise a strong child then fix a broken adult, think this culture is about to learn that one the hard way. Tot
  10. I'm used to suburbs here, the newer ones are like a lot of the ones in CA, wall to wall house, it's sad. He's fortunate, lot of the people I knew had to commute for far longer than that pre covid. I hear now some companies are looking to cut wages since people are working from home now, can't win.
  11. Been there, know the feel. Doesn't help that a lot of food banks have little to nothing decent, people suck. That's one of my biggest gripes about wards, the loud chapels and the annoying bratty children. I'll admit it, I have little patience for children here but geez it got on my nerves so fast. As far as Christian orgs go, I could go to a traditional Catholic parish, even some more old school Lutheran and probably Episcopal churches and see discipline and order (esp. the former), not with the LDS church. My mom would have let me have it if I had done a fraction of the things those
  12. How successful has it been? I don't think it's just serve, some LDS charity here has done a ton of work with Catholic Charities and others, enough that it made the news. Ah, suburban sprawl, let me guess rows upon rows of houses with hardly any trees? I imagine people driving for an hour plus to get to work from a place like that, no thank you.
  13. https://www.latimes.com/science/story/2020-08-18/intimate-partner-violence-spiked-80-after-pandemic-lockdown-began Times like this make me glad my father's dead, that man was a violent fiend. Sometimes someone dying is the best thing that can happen between you. At least mom can spend the rest of her days in peace.
  14. I'd still be curious about what existing support networks they have, wealth etc. Also, to be fair I have been exposed to a lot more disfunction so I do have a bias. (At least I admit it.) Guess we'll see in a year or so where all this leads.
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    This about sums it up actually, grudges are too much effort. I got the idea while listening to the cure actually, it's how I think Robert Smith problem solved. Disintegration really is one of the best albums ever....
  16. Hence why I'd be reluctant to buy it. People lie all the time, if you're middle class and are religions or have religious family it is socially expedient to tow the party line. Religion here stateside is very political and backstabby, also easy to lie about affiliation unless the likes of pew research start asking for things like baptismal certs when they ask the are you a Christian question. To be fair, if I was from an LDS family i'd say the same thing too, next to the Catholic Church you guys are one of the few left in the states that does much for their own at all, hence why I thin
  17. Love to see the breakdown on this, how many were middle to upper middle class. I've heard the opposite from cop friends and family. This kinda reeks of privilege to me.
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    I'm at the point where I'm just not as angry as I used to be, it's too much effort, stressful and puts no money in my pockets. I find myself detaching from things that just irritated me as well as a lot of things outside of my personal world. Anyone know much about detachment? The numbing feeling is quite freeing actually.
  19. What saved me was mom, to this day her nieces and nephews are stable and med free, granted they've never lived here. The relatives from the mainland? Different story. Seems like the lot of em always have some problem that ends with meds of some sort. And of course, the parents are too busy with whatever, society and schools have to come together to do their job. Anyone dares to mention it and the first thing you hear is Don't judge me!! Yet petty racism against others is still excused.
  20. Here's one, how do the more fortunate ones weather this? When society really starts getting bad i'd think it makes the better off not only spend more to shield their children from this, it makes it difficult all around. What other methods do they have save trying to find a safer place to live and shoving meds down their kids throats? Don't take that the wrong way, I knew lots of bad parents growing up and save neglect and sometimes abuse that was how they parented, with drugs. BTW appreciate what you said about the natives, most people don't care about them at all. Irritates me, thin
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