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  1. I'm on there as are a lot of my relatives. Already gave a buddy permission to have him or his kids dunk me after I'm dead if they want. Figure it'll be cool to hang out with Vlad Tepes. Best lawn and garden decorator ever.
  2. That's smooth, checking this one out in more detail later. Thanks!
  3. >Divinely inspired. I don't think the Founding Fathers were the devout Christians some people think they were, many were Deists. Jefferson sure did write a cool bible lol. Anyway, I stand with the LDS faithful on this, we need to defend our Constitution. I also like to credit pic related for having a huge influence on it's creation.
  4. Was dunked Lutheran as an infant and Catholic later on. I opted to be loyal to the former due to politics and what not, long unplesant story. I had catechism and other things. Needless to say, I've been exposed to a fair amount of religious politics, just how it is. Long story short, had a bad childhood and well, a lot of evangelicals I was exposed to as a child were very, very racist. You try growing up hearing people call your mom all kinds of racist things while having a violent alcoholic father who spent most of his life trying to ruin you, it causes damage. Also, the politics I see them and now the Catholic church getting into makes me want to throw up. That and well, treatment as an adult is why I tend to be very leery, distrusting and well, at times harsh. I have not had your experiences. The time you spend with LDS wards is impressive, the Mennonite part now convinces me. My apologies, I'll take your word for it. I have nothing but respect for Mennonites. Now you do make a lot more sense, someone like you would be that curious about things.
  5. From what i've seen of them, I'd disagree. Also, to my knowledge you guys don't have the same baptism, catechism/confirmation, etc say trinitarians have. From the LDS end you don't have the same things like WOW, the callings and what not. Biggest thing of all, the political games and the at times horrible racism i've seen from Evangelicals makes me absolutely sick. I've usually associated that with WASP-ish privilege which I'm also seeing with the horrible lash out from red country. Keep in mind at the end of the day i'm a cultural Christian, view Christianity in the USA in general as a business/arm of the establishment (Esp the red/conservative end) as well as a polarizing element. I know people love to run off at the mouth about "blessed are those who are persecuted for my sake" until riots happen and the likes of antifa pay them and theirs a visit then once more the privilege card gets played. Also, I do tend to act and vote much more along a leftist line so added in with our differences my guess is we live in very different worlds. Also because of poltiics I do tend to judge certain Christian groups here much harsher than I would say a Korean Church or ones overseas. Until I am given a good reason, that's how my default judgements tend to be, after how my life has been and how i've been treated that's just how I do things.
  6. I doubt the USA was as Christian as people think, more like depending on where you lived it made financial/career sense to say you are Christian. Look at Kanye, I don't believe for a second that man is Christian, then again he does have issues.... I still like him lol Anyway, think you guys are finally seeing what the rest of American Christiandom has for a while. Take a look at evangelicals, big reason for popularity? Easy entry and exit. Now that the politics are ugly? People are bailing, fast. I sure hope you guys don't pool the foolish Political moves other Christians have. People mock the likes if me for being out bred, what they fail to realise, we tend to vote with the more liberal, non Christian groups who are out breeding all of you, Islam included. I love the African proverb, the teenager who isnt initiated into the village will as an adult warm himself as the village burns. I said this would happen here years ago, no one listened. I told you..... Teehee
  7. The SR stuff is really neat, if/when you get in I think you'll like what you see. Don't we all. It's interesting hearing it from a member who's roots go back to the pioneers. I get brownie points since I love what the church does, needless to say my father didn't (he really wasn't a nice guy.....). It's interesting, no one really ever leaves the church it seems, her kids are all still active and while her deceased husband wasn't a member the church treated them with nothing but kindness. Isn't that Masonic Temple SR? Thought it was, pretty sure I saw some SR symbols outside. I know some people who are about to demit out because of it, for what they charge it's nothing but backstabby politics. Really bad idea, you can do a google and find out just what's happening, it's like they don't care that their numbers are not only dwindling but also milleinals are so turned off by that. Backstabby politics ends up making bitter enemies as well as creating consequences that can last for decades. I'm starting to think it will, considering how many people are starting to just hate the YR and how priories in other countries are now threatening to do to the grand encampment what they've done to other templar orgs here. Hoping you or someone on your side of things can fix this or at least get the ball rolling. Maybe do something where the apron can be the main thing or do like the rest of the priories, cap and mantle. I know some places allow it but again, politics. That and do something about how they're trying to push for that affirmation of Christianity, I already have an idea how that may go and it makes me sick. Good old Trinitarian favoritism, that already cost them dearly and far as I can tell the new people are trying it yet again. This has to stop. BTW, since you have an LDS library, have anything on the natives having alcohol? Far as I can tell, they never did. They had psychadelics but not alcohol till Europeans showed up.
  8. While I have no recommendations I do have a request, whatever scholarly work comes out of your readings/research I'd love to see it if and when you do it. I really appreciate the masonic insight you gave me into Joseph Smith and the LDS church, really I learned a lot from you and the threads you've started. I've had conversations with SR friends who've done the master craftsmans course (part one I think? Maybe a bit of 2?) and even they learned something. Was really interesting to learn just how much Smith had on the craft, how he tried to keep it going down the drain and well, how the rest of blue lodge masonry in the USA went the route it did. Went through Utah over to summer to visit some of moms old BYUH family, was kinda funny to hear them go on about some of the finer points of LDS history and the conspiracy theories they had of the craft. I had to stop from chucking when we drove by the SR consistory downtown. That building is gorgeous, you guys have it made. Anyway, I'm staying tuned and wishing you the best of luck. BTW, not to derail, seen the latest with YR?
  9. That's what I'm leaning towards. People are people but geez, BSA aside it seems like you guys have beep propping up everyone else's things for a while now and catching all the heat for their screw ups. Also, you're a hospice nurse, you get +5 rep points lol. Yep, very, very generous. Those kids who were harmed have a long, nasty road ahead of them, happy the church could help. Know they helped me when I needed it.
  10. That's sad but considering human nature I'm not surprised. Thanks.
  11. Wasn't so much blaming here, was just asking if there weren't subtle hints. I agree, they are absolutely horrible and as someone who had an awful childhood yeah, I can't stand how these people ruin their children for their own selfish desires which should have been checked at the door when they chose to get married. After the violent, abusive childhood I had as a child I can say I'd never pull something like this. A child deserves two parents, not this shameful substitute. I don't go into my own personal life in too much detail here but i'll say this, big reason why I've considered a match making agency in the future is just that, if kids happen I want them to have something stable and someone from a two parent household with a good extended family. Seeing this stuff happen makes me sick. I don't have social media, makes me glad I opted out a while ago. Seems like whenever I poke my head outside of my own world things keep getting worse here. Kind of related, see what China has been doing in regards to societal ills?
  12. My understanding is while the LDS church was the biggest supporter of the boyscouts, those who were doing the bad things may not have been Latter Day Saints. I would think it would have been less with you guys, from my experience LDS parents are more involved with their kids lives. When I was in the scouts, depending on the troop it would be a glorified babysitter, perfect place for a sexual predator. Did LDS troops have the same problems to the same degree? Reason I ask, it's awesome the LDS church is stepping up to help the victims out but it does sounds like they are being left holding the bag and being tossed under the bus. Someone mind educating me on this a bit?
  13. This is why I was asking about orientation in the thread I started. That's also why I was a bit surprised when Robert told me how gay men would still marry women and blend in, that can't end well. Even those who are bi would have some issues, many times they end up gravitating towards one end of the spectrum or the other. A lot of women don't want a bi male because of the reputation and pre judgements. Also, if you've been with one gender long enough, some men do eventually take the jump and date men almost exclusively. I get it, the LDS faith like many others as rules regarding orientation but hey, sexuality is what it is. That's another thing, how can the spouse not know? When you live with someone long enough you start noticing things. It's a bit more obvious for me, orientation aside I never really had a dad and the male role model that went with it so yep, a lot of my personal tastes don't exactly scream masculine. I would think if someone is dating someone of the opposite gender from an LDS dating pool they'd ask questions, wouldn't they?
  14. I never thought of that, man I really feel dumb now. Huh, could go to DI and make it a couple shopping day if it ever came up. Thanks, you have some good ideas. Might have to order the Sailor Moon and/or Madoka aprons off Amazon.
  15. Hang in there. Never got to say, thanks for always being kind to people here, never forgot how kind you were to me years ago when I first showed up here. Board is lucky to have you.
  16. Ops, phone post. Have had to redo them before, poor editing on my part. Same, been to Rome, a sight to behold. Sure, priesthoods survive outrages but hey, he got the job done. He made Rome and the Catholic world pay attention. Also, thanks to him we ended up with Prussia, no complaints there. I absolutely say his outrage was just. One complain I have, a lot of powers did take advantage of his work to just take church property. Still, people were mad and the corruption was going unanswered so hey, there it is. When you do things like a lot of corrupt church officials and nobles were doing, sooner or later people get sick of it. Ohh boy consistent Lutherans? Gee... Will say this, their scholarship and family values is fantastic, Catholics and others really could learn from them. If I had my way I'd have the family a proclamation to the world posted everywhere. I blame the ruining of the American family for most of the USA's societal ills. Far as I can tell, it's very much been the Latter Day Saints who have gone to the extent they have to make a point of it. Anymore I think among Christian orgs, they may well be it anymore.
  17. Politics. Read up on Luther's time in Rome, how indulgences were marketed and the brothels he came across. Believe he wrote about it to his followers and a few Lords, guessing one was the electorate of Saxony. Something about say Lutherans, at the end of the day we are realists. At that time the Catholic Church was doing some pretty corrupt things, took the council of Trent and a bloody religious war to make Rome pay attention. People here tend to suck at remembering these things, that and anymore church education really sucks, it's all about keeping the money flowing and everyone happy. That being said, there it is. Big reason why sola scriptura was so popular, was a sure fire way to have an absolute without having to rely on clergy who may or may not have the best interests of the faithful in mind. Don't get me wrong, obviously there were problems with this but that's a big reason why it was so popular. When I do come across what's left of the old school Lutherans that realism is still there as well as a bit of distrust of Rome. Once again, politics.
  18. Ok, that's fair. This is the USA, anymore religion esp with Catholics and Protestants is quite political and ugly. I am a cultural Christian at best but when it comes to reality and my own loyalties I absolutely draw the line and judge harshly, end of discussion. That being said, so long as that ecumenical olive branch is extended I have no issues. Also not everyone likes Calvin, many a Lutheran are not fans. Only way I kind of swallowed it, when rationalism and what not was taking over when. Prussia really started to throw their weight around with the state church. I view Christianity also as a cultural institution, big fan of how the ekd as well as the Nordic churches operate. Again, draw the line there. You have your sociopolitical aliegences you don't budge on, as do I. This is why I'm hoping Pope Francis can mend wounds. I get it, amongst the more privileged trads he's not liked. thing is, when people go off about cherry picked dogma that fits their personal narrative, that's how you end up alienating people and eventually making bitter enemies as we're seeing now in the USA.
  19. Thats cool, sounds like your ward supports them. I always had that fear with more conservative orgs here I'd be ostracized. I've heard that, never really looked into it though. Ohh boy that must have been miserable. Think one thing for me that made things easy, since most of the women I dated were either not from the mainland or weren't culturally Caucasian American they seemed to just figure the somewhat effeminate tastes came with whatever weird stuff you see here. I'd never last in a relationship ship with someone will grew up in an LDS background in say Utah/Idaho, I'd slip out so quick when I'd fight over the hello kitty Fuschia apron lol.
  20. >Protestants should recognize the gravity. We owe you nothing. Likes of us broke off because so many Germans and others were sick and tired of the corruption. Luther tried to be nice but the powers that be didn't care. It took a 30 years war and about 10 million dead to somewhat fix things. You're a conservative trad, we are different belief and politics wise, I'm all for extending an olive branch but bending the knee to someone as privileged, lol no. I'd say take a good look in the mirror and fix your own problems but people on your side here really aren't about that, from what I've seen anyway. It's ironic, if the likes of sspx go the Sedevacantist route you'll be even more isolated than you are now. Doubt you'll even acknowledge any of this, not like it matters we're likely bitter enemies at the polls anyway. Keep up with the petty Protestant vs Catholic infighting, I'll happy stand with my side. Will say, your Pope, like it not not sure doesn't mind making friends with us. I do find it ironic how most trad Catholics in the USA like to "feel" Via the entitlement and whatever cherry picked dogma they find they are right. Hmm, sounds kinda like a Protestant move.
  21. I've seen this mentioned here, think Robert said it once or so. How common is marriage in your 30s and beyond? A while ago think it was him or someone else who mentioned they saw a couple in their 50s get married, for the first time. (I think) That being said, how often are marriages like that mixed? I've heard many times wards have more women than men so finding a guy who's stable to be around can be hard. Also, what's the deal with some LDS couples having a gay husband? Seen that posted and I can't wrap my head around it. Gay? Uh if they managed to be hetero married and have kids they're most likely bi but gay? Have a real hard time believing that. Then again, who am I to judge hence why im asking here. Thanks!
  22. This is going to sound awful but oh well.... Wondering how many people have thought of just starting some non denominational org and just handing out religious exemptions for a "donation". They did sell indulgences at one time, likes of tbn had " Love gifts". Just a thought. Teehee
  23. Arianism - Simple English Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Goes back to the beginning, it's not something that I think a lot of privileged suburbanites who never had to deal with this sort of thing concern themselves with, then again it's really just the USA where even those on the Catholic end of things feel like they can ignore the Pope and run their mouths off while acting as uncharitable as they do. High church Protestants are the same, it's pitiful what they've done to their Liturgy all in the name of getting middle/upper middle class WASP types in their pews while they shun the more liberal synods/denominations who actually do still try to help the poor and marginalized. BTW, those of us who are more so on the left? That spouse and family thing does reek of privilege which is why so many of us who never had that tend not to take you nor a lot of Christiandom here stateside seriously and do tend to vote against religious conservatives whenever possible. If you want to go against something so traditional, I'd say do so from a background like Christ, the Apostles and many of the Saints did, as one of the people vs from a position of privilege. At the very least it makes us think you're sincere vs. how we see religious politics nowadays, an ugly battle at the polls. Know a lot of you guys may not know nor really understand the ugly political infighting going on with the rest of Christiandom here but if you want to adopt the Christian brand and bash something like the trinity while mentioning Catholics, well, be prepared to be called out depending on where you say such things. It's rather sickening watching how ugly the religious politics are getting.
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