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  1. You're the kind of men the craft needs right now, nice work. Hoping Utah stays as pristine Masonically as i've heard they are from you and other bretheren. I'll be honest, if I had an elder/Bishop etc. with a ring on his finger knock on my door? He'd instantly get a + 25% credibility bonus, enhanced +3 if it was a mortality ring like this. I'm a sucker for these.
  2. Come on man don't knock the rabbit hole, once you're past that the tea parties are fun. https://youtube.com/watch?v=Tzqs1aRyCkw
  3. I worked downtown a bit last summer, amazing how the worst of the looting was ignored by the media. Lots of high end stores were sacked, the areas that where being gentrified? Lol not anymore. There's a reason why I keep my ears to the ground for this stuff and IRL I keep to myself, makes no sense to be an attractive target.
  4. Fair enough. I don't believe for a second the LDS is true nor any other Christian church for that matter, what I do think is your leadership wisely stood by and learned from watching the rest of Christiandom here tear each other apart and make themselves the laughing stock they are now. Also, that's why I said in general, not all. There are good Christian communities out there, thing is besides being spread out and in many cases semi rural/rural, from what i've seen the good ones tend to be either Orthodox or Traditional Catholic. They tend to be very strict, insular and "tow the line" pe
  5. Could always do what I do, sit back with popcorn and watch the fun. Also when the looters show up point them in the other direction so you can run to safety.
  6. If I was in your shoes I'd also be asking how much you know of things outside the LDS church. How much have they helped you? How stable of a community do you have? One of the problems you really see nowadays, in general Christian communities and fraternities are dysfunctional, they attract the worst and scare off the best. Theres a reason why Jack Mormons are a thing, anymore most other churches really don't care unless you have something they want, just how it is. Look at how 47% of the population claims belief in the Christian God. Religion and human nature did a fine job of making en
  7. Debating having this as my phone alarm.
  8. You know him? Sounds like you watch a lot of the same stuff I do, I'm impressed. See, this is what I consider Christianity, people like trenham who walk the walk. That man could have been like most people here stateside and play the blame game. What does he do? Tells it like it is and argues his point in a fair, respectful manner. If the churches here had any interest in the likes of us, this is a great way to engage us.
  9. Was curious how they function in society, the German order still runs nursing homes and the Catholic Church is one of the biggest employers in the country. Even here, about 20% of the rural hospitals built in the last few decades were built by the Catholic Church. Not so much looking at how often people go to mass, curious about what the Church does in French society nowadays.
  10. Does the Catholic Church over there function like it does in places like Germany? A friend of mine who's first generation has grandparents in church one places in France, from the sounds of it the church is still active in people and societies lives.
  11. I knew people who were that poor growing up, good people. Was saddens me is when people like that lose their homes because transplants drive up the cost of living. The drugs part is scary, believe it was in the SE oxycotin addiction started, now it's Fentanyl. Children in this country in general irritate me, the entitlement is one reason why. Still, in a way you can't be too angry at them, it's the parents. I would not want to be a child growing up in this country nowadays, thanks to social media your whole life can be ruined on your first day of school if someone doesn't like you. Stuff
  12. BE UNSHAKEABLE - Ultimate Stoic Quotes Compilation - YouTube Genghis Khan - Quotes of The Great Emperor - YouTube
  13. He's an Orthodox priest from a church in CA. He's referring to to the churches in Asia Minor that either died off or were exterminated via Islamic conquest. The here is the USA, he also mentions how churches here are folding. The Orthodox have had to deal with things the privileged Christians in this country have not, among them a lot more violence. Something I've always liked about the Orthodox, they tend to say it like it is.
  14. Thought i'd share this, found this quite interesting. I rarely see Christians here agreeing and calling out their own, few times i've ever seen it it's usually been Orthodox or some kind of Catholic. Like how he brought up the Churches in the East which are now gone and how we're slowly seeing it here. He puts the blame where it belongs, on the people. This is how you get people like me to like Christianity, saying it like it is instead of acting like it's everyone else's fault. Think the only thing he says that I disagree with, why you should be a church member. This is the USA, people
  15. I used to eat poi and lau lau as a child, still like the latter, not so much the former. TBH the Polynesian/Asian part of the LDS church is the biggest selling point for me, know some folks may not like to hear that but considering it was your church that actually tried to help me and offers Polynesians the chance at a world class education the mainland sure doesn't, you have my gratitude there. No idea. Ops, my mistake I thought the former is what your referred to yourselves. Um, no I'm not. Thing is the rest of Christiandom in the states is either at each others throats or sl
  16. You guys are winning the religion wars, as an outsider looking in I don't see why you would want to associate with the very people who have caused you and as of late themselves a ton of grief. Also, take a good look at non religious millenials and gen Z, while we understand religion the cultural aspects never really stuck, most of us who are unchurched/dechurched either don't care or are resentful/antagonistic to Christians here stateside. Why not call yourselves Restorationists? Reformists? Something other than an already tainted label. I get where you're coming from but with how things
  17. https://www.them.us/story/russia-outlaws-same-sex-marriage-bans-trans-adoption https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=jjkuti_HmFU&t=71s
  18. Pft whatevs, considering how divided Catholics in the states are and the sorry state mainline Protestants are in I'm not liked by a lot of them, i'm not wealthy and conservative enough. Also I believe in religious liberty and civil rights, something a lot of their numbers are rallying against nowadays. I judge Christian groups here stateside the harshest due to how i've been treated and how they act, I'd expect three times as much from them as I would say, a Buddhist, Muslim or Jew. You also hit the nail on the head as to why, privilege. Unrelated, bring back luaus. Will be a whi
  19. Something a bit more objective, for those of you with children/grandchildren what do you plan to do as this will likely continue? I'll add to this, a lot of the alt-right/neo nazi groups are quite popular among poor whites. The privileged can argue and cherry pick all you like, this is how things are right now. As it is the gov't is playing wack-a-mole with groups like Atomwaffen, they claim to disband yet pop up somewhere else. These guys like to hang out on the deep web. various discords and have become like chameleons. Antifa as well is recruiting these people, a lot of the fires start
  20. We know.... If I watched more network type tv i'd just sit back and watch the fun. Not like I trust networks here in general but hey, the controversy and angry youtube/social media comments will be comedy gold.
  21. So long as you're not Trinitarians and the people who believe in that hold sway, I doubt it, at least in Christiandom here. However, among us who really can't stand the hypocrisy and political games religious people and entities here like to play, I'd say good chance especially with the likes of me. You guys have better families, are better educated and while privileged WASPs are spending their hard earned money so their kids can party at college, your kids serve. Then again the likes of me really aren't a target demographic, if it means anything if I ever had LDS neighbors and their house
  22. Curious, does anyone think privileged Christians in this country think of the long term damage they've caused? The poor they've alienated? The children from poor families they've indirectly shunned? You can go back and forth about whatever study you cherry pick that fits your pov all you like, here we are. Unfortunately people have swapped religion for politics while covering it with a religious mantle.
  23. I look at the institution/estate that Christianity for what it is. I like what an LDS friend of mine had to say, let good to good. Shame politics has to ruin this, what can you do... Christianity is going nowhere, it'll go through some rough times but it's staying put. As it is the Catholic Church is still building/buying out hospitals and running schools. Parish I went to for a bit had one of the most affordable k-8 schools I had ever seen, tuition for the year was like, 2k. That was 4 years ago. Unless people in this country are willing to come together and stop backstabbing ea
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