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No actual video, came across this group went I was looking for a softer version of Enter Sandman (that has a video), which they do fantastically as well imo.  Group of sisters, I like the little niche they’ve got going:

SHEL:  When the dragon came down


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I like this thread.

For anyone who likes the band Chicago from back in the days when Terry Kath was still alive, you might enjoy what has become my favorite Youtube group lately, Leonid & Friends, on the Leonid Vorobyev channel.  Yes, he's Russian, and so is everyone in the group except for one of the lead singers, Serge Tiagnyriadno, who is from Kiev, Ukraine (he sings the Peter Cetera parts).  They reproduce the music and style of Chicago with precision, and it's fun to watch some of my all time favorite songs played in a video, from people that love the music and who are obviously having a lot of fun doing it and in a language that isn't their native tongue.  Igor, the drummer, is phenomenal, and Sergey reproduces Terry Kath's style on the lead guitar flawlessly.  Most of the songs they do are from Chicago, but they also do two from Earth Wind and Fire (September and Got to Get You Into My Life), and one from Blood, Sweat, and Tears (Spinning Wheel).  All very excellent.  They are a lot of fun to watch and listen to.

Here are two samples:



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I've always liked Rush, and their stage shows were always really good -- although Geddy Lee's voice had suffered quite a lot in their last few years.  Neil Peart's drumming just got better and better! One of the best, if not THE best drummer in the world!

This is a great rendition of Limelight.  After a little bit of Also Sprach Zarathustra...  Sorry, can't embed it, YouTube doesn't permit, apparently.



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Here's an interesting one. Two Jewish guys (probably Hasidim) in Jerusalem playing Pink Floyd's "Wish you were here". The video ends before the song does, but I thought this was very high-class busking!



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A young female guitarist from Sweden, Gabriella Quevedo.  Surname doesn't sound Swedish, but that's because her father's from South America. Lovely fingerstyle picking.


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