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Covid II: Medical Info and Implications

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14 hours ago, Kenngo1969 said:

Jiminy Christmas!  Let's all just get hermetically sealed! :rolleyes:<_<  (I'm not critiquing your caution, Cal.  I think that's wise.  I'm simply expressing general frustration about the fact that it seems that no one can tell us what the "endgame" of this whole sorry episode is ...)  "Yay, infections are down!  Darn!  They spiked again!  Yay!  They're trending down again!  Darn, they're increasing again! ..."  And on and on.  "Wear a mask!"  "No, not that kind of mask!"  "Wear two!"  "Wear three!"  "Don't resume anything resembling normal life, even after you've been vaccinated fully! ..."  And on and on, and around and around we go, and where we stop, nobody knows!!!!

And no, @pogi, I'm not suggesting that the virus isn't serious, that people should take it seriously, that people shouldn't take every reasonable, sensible precaution, that they shouldn't wear masks, that they shouldn't distance socially when and where at all possible, that they shouldn't be vaccinated, that the virus is nothing more than a vast government conspiracy, and so on and so forth, ad infinitum, ad nauseam.  Yes, I know it has made countless people seriously ill, has made countless more people at least slightly ill, may have curious, strange, highly-impactful sequelae for decades, et cetera, et cetera, et cetera ... :rolleyes:<_<

[Sigh!]  Okay.  I got it out of my system.  I think.  Maybe.  For at least a few minutes.  We now return you to your regularly-scheduled programming on the 24/7 ACATT (All-COVID-All-The-Time) Network!

Here is some excellent news that might cheer you up:


Pfizer is highly effective for “at least” 6 months (and counting), and is “fully” effective against the more worrisome South Africa variant.

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12 minutes ago, The Nehor said:

I don't have a problem with what they've done.  It makes medical sense. 

I do think that we can get away with 'stripping issues of all racial commentary' when it's against (for lack of a better term) whites than would never fly if it were a against BIPOC, even if it made equal sense.  That's probably a double standard that some find annoying but it comes from a "once bitten twice shy" perspective that our country has earned over the decades.

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Did anyone get emotional when they received their vaccine? I didn't at first, until I read of others that were emotional about it coming about and that we are so fortunate that it was made available in such record speed, then I starting getting very emotional and grateful and then having hope for the virus to dissipate. 

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Posted (edited)

Keep the masks on for the kids now:


But only about 18.5% of Americans are fully vaccinated, CDC data shows, and Covid-19 cases in the country have recently seen concerning increases.

"I do think we still have a few more rough weeks ahead," Dr. Celine Gounder, an infectious diseases specialist and epidemiologist, told CNN on Sunday. "What we know from the past year of the pandemic is that we tend to trend about three to four weeks behind Europe in terms of our pandemic patterns."

The highly contagious B.1.1.7 variant has fueled an alarming rise in Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations in parts of Europe. And experts worry the US could be next if Americans don't double down on safety measures until more people are vaccinated.

What's worse, experts say, is that the variant is changing the pandemic's playbook and could spell trouble for younger groups that haven't yet been vaccinated.



"We have to think about the B.1.1.7 variant as almost a brand new virus," said Dr. Peter Hotez, dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine. "It's acting differently from anything we've seen before, in terms of transmissibility, in terms of affecting young people, so we have to take this very seriously."



She also said that a number of the clusters identified among young people are connected to participation in youth sports and extracurricular activities. The CDC guidelines suggest those activities should be limited.

"I understand that people are tired and that they are ready for this pandemic to be over, as am I," Walensky said. "Please, continue to hang in there, and to continue to do things that we know prevent the spread of the virus."

The difference between previous surges and another possible surge now is "the people most affected now are the younger individuals," emergency physician Dr. Leana Wen told CNN on Sunday.


Hotez estimated Sunday that Americans need to hold on for "another four to six weeks, and then we'll be on the other side of it."

"All the vaccines seem to work just as well against this UK-B.1.1.7 variant ... so that is really good news," he said. "I have a lot of confidence that we're going to be in a really good place by the summer."

"But if you're not vaccinated, you have to behave as though you're highly vulnerable to this virus. This is not a time to get sick," Hotez added. 



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1 hour ago, strappinglad said:

And then we get this disturbing info about some masks used by children. Oy Vey !



That was a weird one I read over the weekend. Fortunately the threat is probably very low.


It is more that it is related in some ways to stuff that is known to be harmful though it lacks a lot of the harming elements. It is also not clear based on construction how likely it is to get into the lungs. Probably good to not use to err on side of safety but if you did use them in the short-term the odds of any negative health effects are very low.

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5 minutes ago, strappinglad said:

The alarm was raised when users complained that it felt like breathing in ' cat hair '. Probably not good ! 

Yeah, it sounds like it was unpleasant but it is believed that the human lung can dispose of it if it does get in the lung unlike some of the carbon nanotube stuff in other products. “Believes” is not as good as knowing but still good odds it will not cause a lot of problems in the short or long term.

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10 minutes ago, The Nehor said:

Believes” is not as good as knowing but still good odds it will not cause a lot of problems in the short or long term.

Remind me how long it took before it was found that working around asbestos might be a problem . Long term studies on graphene are not available yet. 

My biggest concern is that the gov't approved and mandated the use of these masks. OOPS !

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1 hour ago, strappinglad said:

Remind me how long it took before it was found that working around asbestos might be a problem . Long term studies on graphene are not available yet. 

My biggest concern is that the gov't approved and mandated the use of these masks. OOPS !

Then they stopped doing that and told everyone not to use it. This probably means this is in the top 25% of responses to a possible danger to the public. Considering asbestos and lead paint and everything else I think there are probably better things to worry about.

Also the masks were sourced from China. I really that is a fundamental reality for a lot of manufacturing but I am not going to act surprised at potential quality issues.

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On 3/31/2021 at 6:38 PM, bsjkki said:

As explained in the article, the vaccines are not 100% effective against cases. People will still get infected and test positive. This has been known all along. So it would be expected for some people who have been fully vaccinated to test positive. And certainly, even vaccinated people need to exercise caution around high-risk people who haven't been vaccinated.

So they're not "breakthrough" cases as if the virus has become powerful enough to somehow force its way past the vaccines. It's simply confirming what we knew all along.

I would even expect a few vaccinated people to end up in the hospital or die. With billions of people, it's bound to happen eventually.


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1 hour ago, cinepro said:

So they're not "breakthrough"

You can quibble with the state departments of health who are using the term if you don't like it. Yes, they  are to be expected and yes, fully vaccinated people have already died.

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