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  1. Ok, so you don't actually see any pressing need. Instead, are you just throwing out random ideas without any evidence or reason to believe such things in order to justify/explain why there are far more resources listed for women? You also said, Maybe if you could throw out 1 or 2 more speculative ideas that make women look like needy and annoying "squeaky-wheels" that require far more resources and attention than men to appease them, that might help your cause more.
  2. Why do you see a more pressing need for these resources? What are you suggesting about women...and men (we've got is all figured out and don't really need and resources, and are just an after thought to make it less awkward)?
  3. I would also choose Pfizer for my children. 2 doses are still recommended because immunity will wane much more rapidly with only 1 dose and it will have reduced efficacy. According to the Canadian study discussed in this video (what was up with the cat?), case rates for myocarditis in the highest risk age group (18-24 years old) who received 2 doses of Pfizer are 37.4/million. Case rates for Moderna are 263/million. Compare that to myocarditis rates from natural infection of 450/million: https://www.newscientist.com/article/mg25133462-800-myocarditis-is-more-common-after-covid-19-infection-than-vaccination/#:~:text=Researchers analysed the records of,450 cases per million infections. While myocarditis can be serious, it is self-limiting - meaning there are no known long-term complications from vaccination. Zero deaths reported. A good risk vs benefit analysis comparing myocarditis to other risk factors from natural infection: https://www.cdc.gov/vaccines/acip/meetings/downloads/slides-2021-06/05-COVID-Wallace-508.pdf
  4. Many, many studies have been posted on these forums showing the efficacy of different types of masks (including different fabrics) and also showing the efficacy of mask mandates. They don't stop aerosols super good, but dropplets are the primary mode of transmission, and they do stop them at varying degrees of efficacy. Even with aerosols though, they do help a little, especially in reducing the distance that they travel. The incubation period for Covid is between 2 and 14 days. Another reason that they likely make you mask anyway on the plane is because false negative tests are not terribly uncommon.
  5. Not sure where to post this, but here is an interesting poll in Utah: https://www.ksl.com/article/50243473/poll-results-should-politicians-or-public-health-officials-make-the-call-on-mask-mandates Almost a perfect split right down the middle. But when asked a different question, we see something very interesting: My question is, why the inconsistency with those who approve of the law? Clearly the vast majority in Utah think that health departments should control whether or not to enact a mask mandate while only a tiny fraction think that the Utah Legislature should. Why the inconsistency? Are people just deferring to their political loyalty in support of the law with the first question?
  6. Just to clarify, is this directed at my comment, or the downplaying of the virus/resistance to vaccines?
  7. He was setting up a hypothetical scenario. The logic is in the if-then scenario. If God is absolutely good/right, then His morality trumps all. It is a self-evident truth. I agree that there needs to be some level of understanding. It is our labor to prove the if for ourselves by planting the seed. It is not an understanding that can be transmitted through words in an internet forum.
  8. Some important notes from the article: And:
  9. If we are accepting with this analogy that God really does exist and that He truly is "good" - then God's morality trumps yours. He decides what is satisfactory and what is good. Obedience to him puts you in-line with a higher morality, one which lead God to intervene and save Abraham's son.
  10. Wow. That wasn't even close. Looks like it will more likely be annual boosters instead of semiannual (maybe longer?). That is good news.
  11. I don't think there was any moral accountability on their part for partaking of the fruit, but there was the natural consequence of a violated law that followed. For that reason, modern prophets (and scripture) are careful to distinguish their actions as a "transgression" rather than "sin", the latter implying moral accountability, the former is simply a violation of law - based in ignorance, or not. I think the original moral fall (sin) was in the hiding from the Lord's voice after they had their eyes opened. As you know, any violation of law before the age of accountability is a transgression, not a sin. There is no moral accountability and need no baptism or remission of sin for exaltation. It's the same principle.
  12. Sexual topics with your parents present are still uncomfortable - sometimes more so. I am not against the idea of having parents there unless the child request to see the bishop alone. I just think it is important to acknowledge that while it is really important to try and make them as comfortable as possible, I can se why it would be appropriate to assess the understanding of youth on certain topics. Even with some adults, there is some apparent confusion as to what is or is not permissible outside of marriage, including necking, petting, oral sex, etc. Some young adults from BYU have even been known to get married in a Vegas drive-through for a wild weekend then divorce afterward. They thought this was a permissible loophole to premarital sex.
  13. Perhaps it would be helpful to distinguish general agency (the ability to act as an independent agent) from moral agency (the ability to discern and choose between good from evil). Adam and Eve clearly had general agency and were agents unto themselves and faced with opposition in the garden of Eden. But they lacked moral agency - which leads to more wise use of general agency. I think that is what the manual was getting at: I think it is worded poorly though. They experienced opposition before the fall. It was the fruit which caused them to experience good and evil and use their agency wisely due to their newly acquired moral agency.
  14. Good catch. I assumed it was for 12+ but in looking at the data closer it looks like the percentages are higher for those 12+ and eligible for the vaccine: 63.2% of those 12+ are fully vaccinated in Utah. That means 36.8% are not fully vaccinated. Another 8.7% are partially vaccinated. It is really a testament to how nasty the Delta variant is when only 36.8% of the population is causing such problems for hospitals.
  15. I am looking at the most reliable source of data. It looks like the percentage of "fully vaccinated in Utah is now at 51%. 58.1% are partially vaccinated. That means that 41.9% of the population have not received a single vaccine and 7.1% are partially vaccinated. https://coronavirus-dashboard.utah.gov/vaccines.html I guarantee that number is exceptionally low. If someone is not vaccinated who wants to be vaccinated, it is not as likely that it is not available to them, it is that they have not made it a priority. It is clear to see that those who REALLY want it (the high risk population - older and sicker) make themselves available to it in proportions much higher than the rest of the population, despite the extra burden of being older and sicker. It is also very clear that there is a political divide. As of July 23, 75% of democrats are vaccinated while only 41% of republicans are. That can't be explained away by vaccine availability issues. https://www.usnews.com/news/the-report/articles/2021-07-23/coronavirus-vaccines-highlight-a-deadly-political-divide BY FAR the largest population who says that they are "definitely not going to be vaccinated" are white and republican according to polls. This bears true when you compare red and blue state vaccination rates and even county vaccination data. High republican counties are always less vaccinated than democratic counties, despite ease of access in Utah County, for example. https://www.voanews.com/a/covid-19-pandemic_unvaccinated-americans-whiter-more-republican-vaccinated/6207698.html https://data.news-leader.com/covid-19-vaccine-tracker/utah/49/ I didn't say it. They would argue that they are not stupid, they are "lions not sheep" - that's what I see on social media anyway. The vaccine is readily available in every county for anyone who wants it. You would have to be completely disabled and without assistance or have no transportation for the vaccine to not be available. Even then, county health departments and home-health agencies have been bringing the vaccine to the homes of the disadvantaged. There is literally no excuse, or at least not one to justify 41.9% of the population not being vaccinated. The vast majority of people not getting vaccinated are young, white, and republican. Inability to get vaccinated is not really a significant issue for this population. One USU study made this observation: I suspect that this downplay of the virus and perception that it is not a serious threat plays a significant role in lower republican vaccination rates. It also plays a significant role in resistance against vaccine mandates. Unfortunately it also plays a significant role in lower vaccine rates in that population and thus higher hospitalizations/deaths. Not taking the virus seriously coupled with a strong distrust in government is much more likely to explain low vaccination rates in Utah than availability of vaccine.
  16. I have always thought of it that way too. But then I get confused with the claim that this is the "fullness of times". So, which is truly the meridian, in that sense?
  17. About 49% of Utahn's are fully vaccinated. Yet the vast majority of all positive cases, hospitalizations, and deaths related to covid are not vaccinated. In other words, 51% of the population is creating 90+% of the problem. Do I think forcible vaccination is going to help? How could it not?
  18. I don't read these comments as setting up any all-or-nothing/black-and-white standards of absolutism in this principle. It is clear that there is a spectrum of ability and development in this gift. If anything, these comments seem to corroborate smacs comments. Charity is also a gift, as is faith, but no gift of the spirit is ever black and white that I can think of. It is something we always strive to develop and mature in. I don't see discernment as any different.
  19. Does it need to be "destroyed" before we intervene? I can't speak for England, but the feared overload is happening across America. It certainly is in Utah with ICU's beyond functional capacity and elective surgeries being halted. I just read that Idaho is now implementing crisis care standards in the largest hospital system, and it has already implemented that standard of care in Northern parts of the state weeks ago. This means rationing of care - as in people who need critical care are not going to get it. The situation is so bad that they are not only asking people to wear masks and get vaccinated, but now they are asking people to stop riding their bikes - anything to keep people away from the hospital. Yes, the problem is real. Yes, it deserves to be addressed and the government has an obligation to protect the public. This is out of control and is at a "crisis" level of care. I agree that they should go hand in hand. At what point is it not "overreach" but reasonable intervention? Is mandating seatbelt "overreach"? Is prohibiting smoking in public areas "overreach"? Is mandating vaccines in schools "overreach"? Was mandating the smallpox vaccine "overarch"? We are in a crisis in a pandemic. How much worse does it need to get?
  20. I was mostly responding to this: You made it seem as if our values are simply different and that the liberal response to the pandemic is perhaps disproportionally giving weight to one set of values at the expense of all other values. You make it sound like the conservative approach, on the other hand, is much more "equitable" in all the values. I simply don't see this as true. I see liberals as being equitable among the values listed in their response to the pandemic - and if you think conservatives are also equitable among those values, than perhaps we are not as far apart after all. If I misread you, maybe you can explain what you meant by that statement.
  21. I never thought that you were antivax. I am just seeking understanding on your line of thinking in regards to mandates. I am generally opposed to vaccine mandates (without the ability for waivers) in most cases, believe it or not. I am a strong advocate for informed consent. I think some of the vaccines being mandated for school are pretty ridiculous - others make a lot of sense. In relation to a world-wide pandemic that is destroying our healthcare system on a national-scale, I think the government has every right and responsibility to mandate it. It is not without precedence. This is a national emergency. I am a lover of liberty, but not absolute liberty. I am generally opposed to compulsion. But I think there are situations where we can all agree that government compulsion is justified to protect the public. This is one of those situations. There is a subtle play by many to down-play the virus in an effort to make any government mandates/shut-downs seem overly excessive and unjustifiable. I don't think these people are giving a fair assessment of the virus and are thus not giving a fair assessment of the mandates. I guarantee that at some level of threat, we would all (or the vast majority) support mandates. I think it is a matter of how we assess the threat more than it is a matter of liberty/compulsion.
  22. I think this borders on victim blaming though. Isn't it more the responsibility of the guy to reveal his secrets before entering sacred vows? It's not always easy to tell. Some straight men are more effeminate while some gay men are extremely masculine. I don't celebrate these divorces. I think they are tragic - especially for the kids. I don't celebrate these marriages happening in the first place either. I think they are too dangerous and should not be encouraged. Why is he being celebrated for uprooting the life of his wife and kids so he can find sexual fulfillment? Shouldn't he be challenged for not being open and honest in the first place, and for braking his sacred vows for sex?
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