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  1. Why are people still speculating on what the money will be used for? Hello!
  2. As to where hell is: Interesting side note is that on one hand, hell is described as "everlasting" and "eternal", but in verse 45 it kind of leaves the door open and hints at an end...
  3. The scriptures give pieces of a picture, and a foundation to build on. The point of the poem is that we are all blind (see through a glass dimly), and though we may understand here a little and there a little, and thus partly in the right, “all were in the wrong”. Such is our plight in mortality. The poem leads us to be humble and less combative, and perhaps even seek to gain a broader perspective by listening to each other.
  4. Well, we can rule out earth after the millennium as prophecy tells us it will become a urim and thumim ...the celestial kingdom. We know that it will be a physically separate location from the 3 kingdoms of glory. We know that both spirits and resurrected beings will exist there, but most of what exists in scripture, I am led to believe, is descriptive of the state of mind, including the descriptor “outer darkness”.
  5. That is very interesting. I agree, that sounds like a very smart and winning strategy to really focus on first dose. I am not as confident or comfortable with the untested interchangeability however - especially between the two different vaccine technologies. It may be a winning gamble however, but there could be unknown risks, or it may have benign effect with no real boost to immunity and waste a LOT of money. Time will tell, I guess.
  6. Were these mistakes, or are they a part of trials to see if the different Covid vaccines are interchangeable?
  7. For me, the question and disconnect is not necessarily one of love and compassion, but more about one of belief. How love and compassion manifests is largely determined by what we believe. If we believe that there is no after-life, for example, then it is unthinkable to not endorse SSM. Endorsement of SSM from that belief/perspective = love and compassion. If we espouse an LDS belief/perspective, on the other hand, then endorsement of SSM does not necessarily = love and compassion. We need to respect that based on our individual fundamental beliefs/disbeliefs, both perspectives can be see
  8. Some would call that "victim blaming". Replace the phrase "showed me a picture like that" with "raped me like that", and you will start to see how unhealthy this line of thinking is.
  9. It is only equivalent if the terms are understood in the same way. Clearly there is some manipulation of the terms 'love and compassion' to mean endorsement. They are not necessarily equivalent. Thus, those who do not endorse ______ are not loving or compassionate but are the enemy of love and compassion - very cunning indeed.
  10. Except that wouldn't be loving and compassionate from an eternal perspective - from a Mormon perspective. I'm not sure this is a fair consideration of our beliefs and doctrines. We believe that the greatest happiness, from an eternal perspective, is found through a life devoted to living the principles and ordinances of the restored gospel. To tell someone that "the pinnacle of eternal joy simply is not for you...walk away" is unthinkable. We know that what the church is asking is an incredible sacrifice in mortality. If we didn't believe that it would lead to a net positive for the eter
  11. The church had no problem growing vineyards and owning wineries in the past - post WoW. And it wasn’t just for the sacrament either.
  12. Which is exactly why we shouldn't be farming cattle. If we are planning for food and water shortages, cattle farming is one of the worst ways to utilize and be stewards of the land the church owns.
  13. Perhaps it was too bright for Joseph to see where the "beam of light" was really coming from.
  14. I wish you well in your new journey! Please know that you don't need to say farewell just because you no longer feel an urge to correct or convert us Mormon folk. There are many who participate on this board who are no longer theistic and are welcome participants. I quite enjoy their company and perspective, and like others, would love to hear yours.
  15. You mean...only "near a dozen" accounts you've used? I have to give it to the I that is you for being so true to your instantly identifiable character, which no pseudonym could ever hide.
  16. Once you get a taste of the cool-aide, it is hard to stop It looks like they have been in business for 60 years. Geez, he doesn't look that old! Maybe he bought it. There certainly could be some history that we are not privy to. https://www.americaautogroup.net/aboutus
  17. How many sock puppets are you up to now, just curious?
  18. How honorary True: The dude was a master deceiver, even fooling himself.
  19. I can see why, from her perspective:
  20. I think you are right, but it sounds like he is suggesting that change in thought/culture is spiritually degenerative - otherwise the Lord would not have had to adjust his policies to the weakness of the people. That kind of thinking makes President Johnson sound like a second class President. Maybe I am wrong. I will let him clarify.
  21. President Johnson is married to Douglass Johnson - owner of a successful car dealership (America Auto Group). I doubt that she was working as an attorney out of necessity to a afford a life "above survival level". It sounds like you are saying that President Johnson is the lesser option and would have never been found worthy to hold her calling if the people were willing to live a higher law and be more righteous. Am I reading you wrong? Is calling President Johnson as Primary President a sign of spiritual digression in the church, or inability/unwillingness to live a higher law?
  22. The new Primary President, Camille N. Johnson, is the first career woman ever called to that position. She worked as an attorney for 30 years. Is a career woman presiding over the Primary organization in our church representative of a larger change in culture and feelings towards working mother's in the church? The following quotes are what seem to me to be good examples of the historical message of the church: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1986/03/working-double-time-the-working-mothers-dilemma?lang=eng Even thought this article was intended to so
  23. How can you say they were "lies"? Perhaps they were teaching what they believed to be the best historical evidence? Accusing the church of lying seems a bit harsh. I can see good arguments to be made. This guy doesn't have me convinced in the least.
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