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  1. I also just realized he said "to my Mormon friends" rather than "to my Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint friends". Does anyone think that we're ever going to stop calling ourselves Mormon or others will stop using that term? Phaedrus
  2. My LDS relatives who are Republican Trump supporters were offended by this, my Jack Mormon friends found offense, and my liberal exmormon friends still managed to be offended. That's a pretty shaky wagon to hitch your political future to. Phaedrus
  3. I really have a hard time taking these arguments serious anymore. Book of Abraham apologetics is on par with flat earthers and other non-sense pseudoscience. I've had private conversations with many of the apologists brought up here in defense of the book and they will privately admit, with varying degrees of specificity, that it's fake. I can only imagine the amount of cringe they feel reading discussions like these. Go back and read the defenses of the BoA that they are writing and you'll see that they often use unspecific language that gives the mental escape clauses to keep them from out
  4. I believe Romney when he says he voted his conscience. I don't agree with him on everything but having him as my Governor in Massachusetts and now as my Senator in Utah he has always given me the impression of having a good ethical compass. I sincerely believe history will be kind to him as a voice of reason. Phaedrus
  5. Utah was settled by Mormons illegally immigrating into Mexico while fleeing the US legal system in order to practice polygamy. There is some historical precedent in the First Presidency's statement. Or maybe they understand as Christians there is a higher law do be decent and moral to our fellow human beings. Phaedrus
  6. There is nothing about this that should be in anyway illegal. Family members will see each other naked, it happens. This is no more sexual than a breastfeeding mother. Phaedrus
  7. I've noticed that Benjamin Park is currently at BYU as a visiting fellow at the Maxwell Institute . I have also noticed that he has quite a handsome beard. Is the Maxwell Institute exempt from the dress and grooming standards of the Honor Code? Just curious. Phaedrus
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