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  1. The amount of protest against racism that is acceptable to racists is zero. Phaedrus
  2. This is the digital equivalent of having the wind blow your Klan mask off. This guy is literally tweeting the 14 words wrapped in a LDS wrapper. Phaedrus
  3. Got my second shot today. Took some selfies because I expect this time in my life will be important to my later self. Stay safe everyone, Phaedrus
  4. I was out to dinner in Utah County the other day and overheard two friends talking. Both were apparently mothers in their 30's I would guess and the conversation was about how they never realized how much time every week they were giving to the church. Between her and her husbands obligations, the kids activity nights, meetings, lesson prep, church. One woman said she has loved the 3-4 nights a week she got back with her family and she has no intention to give it away again. I was surprised they were both making confessions how much they have enjoyed time with the family and the mental and emotional relief they felt. I can see there being quite a few other with similar feelings. Phaedrus
  5. I don't come here often but it's funny how many names I recognize from there boards for 15 plus years of participating. I feel like I know so many of you through your online persona. Please be safe this holiday season, be kind to yourself and others, and do enjoy the season in your own positive way. Happy Holidays, Phaedrus
  6. The video interview with Shawn was both interesting and friendly. It strikes me because Mormons have always been separate from the broader ecumenical Christian community and we don't tend to see these types of positive interactions. Phaedrus
  7. You seem to be missing a basic understanding how of Twitter works. In the example above Kwaku tweeted first and then Robert Quote Tweeted(a type of reply) with the N word. Phaedrus
  8. In reading through the comments it seems some objected to content, others to style, and others to the personalities involved. Do you think that is a resistance to change? Do discussions of spiritual matters outside of the reverent style of conference speakers make people uncomfortable? Phaedrus
  9. I'm not here too often these days and I missed the conversation inside the previous post. When I saw the videos originally I thought of this place because many many years ago this was the FairBoard and I think there are still many people connected to the organization who participate here. Phaedrus
  10. YouTube recommended some new Fair Mormon videos to me over the weekend and they seem to be a new TikTok/meme driven style of apologetics. The first batch of 10 videos posted in the past few days feature Kwaku El, famous from his COVID spreading parties. The videos are a parody newscast suggestively named This Is The Show where they are tackling the claims of the CES Letter by making fun of it. Is this the new style of apologetics we can expect from FAIR? Phaedrus
  11. I also just realized he said "to my Mormon friends" rather than "to my Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saint friends". Does anyone think that we're ever going to stop calling ourselves Mormon or others will stop using that term? Phaedrus
  12. My LDS relatives who are Republican Trump supporters were offended by this, my Jack Mormon friends found offense, and my liberal exmormon friends still managed to be offended. That's a pretty shaky wagon to hitch your political future to. Phaedrus
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