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  1. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2022/11/25/after-nearly-60-years-salt-lake/ Apparently the Tanners outfit is shutting down. Thoughts?
  2. It definitely is much more noticeable and talked about. I personally think it is happening at a higher rate than before. However I also temper that with looking at church growth. A blog I follow is ldschurchgrowth.blogspot.com which gives really good updates regarding where the church is growing and shrinking. There are still stakes being created here in Utah, as well as shrinkage happening in California, so it's a mixed bag regarding what's going on and how you want to look at it. As an active member, I see reasons to be concerned, but also reasons to not panic. There's a lot of talk about people leaving, but I think that what's overlooked is that many people decide to stay and believe. They just aren't as loud about it as those who leave
  3. There is a movie that came out this past week called Remembering Heaven. It was put together by Sarah Hinze who researches pre birth experiences. My wife and I watched it yesterday and it was very enjoyable. It mixed the philosophy behind it with the history of how it became a heresy with people's personal experiences. Along with those experiencing it, Dr. Teryl Givens and Dr. Dan Peterson were interviewed. Check it out!
  4. This is interesting news. I dare say even hopeful news.
  5. I definitely think we're seeing some major societal changes in regards to how people see spiritual truth claims, which is why we're hearing a lot more about people leaving the church. Like you said though, there are certain things that the church provides that aren't easily replicated (what those are depends on the person's interpretation). I will also be interested to see how things evolve over the years
  6. This is why it always has interests me that in general, Catholics and Latter Day Saints seem to often get along in religious discussions. I've seen it not just here but in other venues as well. It's ironic because like you said, our faith claims are directly opposed to each other
  7. I think unfortunately we've inherited a bit too much from the early American protestant culture that we came out from, and this is one of those things
  8. I think this is a good topic to explore, that being the things we can learn from people who found answers to their questions, and not only the answers but the journey to the answers have been a source of comfort and inspiration to me
  9. Hey while I'm thinking about it, something that I've wondered is how demographics might be a factor in a resurgence in religion in the future. It seems that people who are atheistic and secular have few if any children, whereas conservative religious types have families. I know that Rod Dreher recently noted this on his blog. And of course, LDS are known for large families. This is one possible outcome in regards to what things will look like in the years to come
  10. Out of curiosity which other denomination is still growing?
  11. I agree Calm, as has been mentioned, there is still growth just not as much as in previous years. Last I checked growth does not equal decline. We'll see where the years lead.
  12. I live in small town Utah and we had our town well start to malfunction this last fall. We didn't get any water for a night. I remember how stressed I was and couldn't sleep, so I started reviewing hymns, scriptures etc. throughout the night. Luckily the main issues were fixed, though some fine tuning still needs to be done. Because I have OCD I still have a powerful nagging fear of suddenly not having any running water, but I have noticed in my worries my prayer life has been much more focused and frequent, as I think more about spiritual things each night. I now pray both on my morning walks and drive to work. I have noticed in alot of ways even though my worries haven't totally gone, I find myself less stressed about many things. I think thinking more about the Savior each night is something that has affected me for the better.
  13. I think these are good questions. I know that if you were to look at the experiences of the early church you would see numerous instances of the charismatic gifts of the spirit, and they would be talked about frequently. As others have mentioned, although these are still reported, they aren't discussed. There was an apostle named Elder Boyd K. Packer who gave a talk about keeping spiritual experiences sacred and close to the heart, and discouraged frequent telling of these stories. I don't know if this was a major reason that we don't freely share spiritual experiences like we used to but it could be. To be sure, you don't have to look very far to find stories of people who still feel that God is in their life. I was reading a story yesterday in the new issue of the Liahona of a woman in Brazil who talked about hearing an audible voice tell her to help someone who she later found out was praying for help. As far as attitudes towards modern Pentecostalism and the LDS church, I'd say it's mostly negative, not necessarily on our end, but Pentecostals are associated with the larger umbrella of Evangelicalism, which has historically been extremely hostile to the LDS faith. Anecdotally I think LDS either aren't aware of them, or if they are they feel that the Pentecostal churches they attended were silly at best or creepy at worst. So I don't think there's much goodwill on either side. I know that their legitimacy took a big hit when some of their prominent leaders prophesied of Trump's victory in 2020, and when this failed they continued to prophesy he would be reinstated within the year.
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