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  1. Do they have stakes and bishops?
  2. Can you name a single other branch of Christianity with our temple covenants? Or that are building g temples at all? The redemption of the dead? Eternal marriage? Pre earth life?
  3. I disagree. All I’m hearing in conference and talks outside is how we are a peculiar people. They are reemphasizing it
  4. The sifting is happening in all society. But the Lord said He would clean His house first. We should be praying to survive that cleansing
  5. See I don’t see this. I don’t see why we should conclude that the leaders are trying to mainstream the Church when they get up every conference and specifically remind us that we aren’t going to be the mainstream. The prophecies make it clear. We are a covenant people. I do think they want to make it as clear as possible who we are and what we represent to prevent our enemies from claiming otherwise. if people are going to reject us, let them do it for what we actually believe and who we actually are and not what others claim about us i think anyone thinking mainstreaming is the goal isn’t listening
  6. First, she is begging the question. She thinks the changes are happening to mainstream the Church so she is concluding the are. Second, she seems really hung up on this. And she really doesn’t get it. It’s been obvious that the name realignment has been positive. And not to mainstream the Church. I really hope someday it clicks and she starts embracing the Church. But Jesus said the way to know whether something is from the Father or not is to do it. She isn’t willing to follow the prophet on the name of the Church yet
  7. And yet it can be solved by taking it to the Lord. the Church had to fall away. It’s called the body of Christ because it is a type of Christ. If the Body of Christ wasn’t broken and killed it couldn’t be restored. and according to Peter all the prophets looked forward to the restoration. it’s a little strange that the Lord set up the center stake in Independence knowing the Saints would be driving out a few years later. But it seems like a pattern He has
  8. We’ve literally been mentioning Jesus since before the Church was organized so you are making no sense. Jesus is the center of everything we do. Baptism. Sacrament. Temple. Everything.
  9. The Gates of hell won’t prevail against the Church. the gates of hell keep people in or out of hell. the gates won’t keep the Church in hell because the resurrection of Jesus Christ has ensured that hell will deliver up its dead (Rev 20:13) the gates won’t keep the Church out of hell either. Because of the sealing power we can preach the gospel to the dead (1 Peter 4:6) The Lord, in His infinite grace has given the Church the power to redeem the dead. hell can’t stop us
  10. With the foundations of the Church dead, how can the rest of the building stand?
  11. What is going to stop the cartels from killing the attorneys and plaintiffs and taking their money back?
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