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  1. Of course there would need to be a revelation, but it’s never going to happen
  2. So let’s change that. We had two convert baptisms last weekend. If there are people testifying to the wrong things, get up and testify of Jesus Christ. The restoration. The scriptures etc
  3. So let’s listen to Elder Bednar and heed them not
  4. So how does that work for those of us who are anti social?
  5. I agree. Just like Elder Renlunds correction on HM during the women’s session. It shouldn’t have had to be said but I wasn’t surprised when it came. just have to wonder how many times do they have to repeat themselves before we believe them
  6. So what can we do to change this growth and make it more positive?
  7. I’m astounded at some of these responses. God didn’t give us a command we cannot keep. We will do it if we trust Him. What we need is momentum or forward thrust. If every member shared the gospel with one person every month for the next year, we could potentially reach between 204,000,000 and every person on earth within a year.
  8. It’s mine as well, but will the enemies of the Church let that happen? And how can we heed them not if they do decide to fight?
  9. I think it’s a little messed up that any members need to have it reemphasized. how much do we need to teach the same doctrine before we actually accept it and learn it? Imagine what we could do if we were all unified on the restored doctrine
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