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  1. I hear there are restructuring and layoffs. Any details?
  2. Family proclamation is canonized. i expect many talks on it since it’s 25th anniversary
  3. I think smac’s initial assessment about it being unfortunate that they didn’t elaborate the huge differences were. It’s impossible to address the problem when they don’t actually explain it
  4. I suspect my stake will be slow going back. im looking forward to it though
  5. There aren’t any seats in the pews at all right now
  6. Swords are more effective than sceptres;)
  7. Or they pretend that disagreeing with them is somehow rude
  8. You clearly haven’t had many interactions online;)
  9. The decisions are being made in the homes of the Saints
  10. I’m not sure faithful members ever did
  11. I run into her on twitter from time to time. She just doesn’t say anything worth commenting on most of the time
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