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  1. I suspect my stake will be slow going back. im looking forward to it though
  2. There aren’t any seats in the pews at all right now
  3. Swords are more effective than sceptres;)
  4. Or they pretend that disagreeing with them is somehow rude
  5. You clearly haven’t had many interactions online;)
  6. The decisions are being made in the homes of the Saints
  7. I’m not sure faithful members ever did
  8. I run into her on twitter from time to time. She just doesn’t say anything worth commenting on most of the time
  9. Because they don’t believe in revelation
  10. I noticed that too. She is superior to most because she changes her mind. Pride just reeks throughout her viewpoints there. also her take on missionary work. The purpose is to challenge people to change their paradigm. but that isn’t the purpose of missionary work. It’s to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. Yes changes will come as people come to Christ but the point is to bring people to Christ. He does the changing
  11. I grew up in the 80s. Faithfully attended with my family. Never knew the song existed till I read the article
  12. And that’s the problem with a lot of those in apostasy. God isn’t a factor
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