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  1. Given today's environment , I was thinking , Equal Opportunity Mormon .😁
  2. I am under no such delusion. How they are treated in the Middle East is awful. My point is they don't mock Islam because they are afraid of serious consequences both for themselves and their community in those countries.
  3. SPI does this because they can with little fear of consequence. They would not dare mock Mohammed in Mecca or kill a sacred cow in Mumbai. What is the societal view of LGBT folks in the Middle East again? Oh ya ,perfect tolerance .
  4. Maybe the Mayans were right when they say that we are living in the Fourth Creation of the world which started around 3114 BCE.
  5. One hopes they do a cross-sectional dig through the highway to see how it was built and whether it was made only for foot traffic or much greater loads.
  6. One of the first lessons in class discipline I received was to not punish a whole class for the errors of a few. Seems like God missed that memo. Consider the story in the OT where David ,against direct command, decided the count the people of Israel. God had David choose one of 3 possible punishments , all involved punishing the innocent and not David directly. Maybe God doe not consider His children as neighbors.
  7. Perhaps it would have been clearer to say that the 23 agencies that the church gave money to were the ones that helped 1.8 million people, if that is the way it was meant.
  8. For those who would like a visual representation of what a trillion dollars looks like, here is one along with a bit about the pros and cons of debt. U.S. Debt: Visualizing the $31.4 Trillion Owed in 2023 (visualcapitalist.com)
  9. And I heard that JS was the first to make LSD but was dyslexic and wrote LDS instead .
  10. I heard an atheist ask a Christian if he believed in the gods of the Romans or the Aztecs or the Hindus. The Christian said no, of course not. The atheist then said , " well I just don't believe in one more god than you . " Hmmm.
  11. If only the OP quote had been attributed to Amber Heard, all would have been fine and the sentiment would still have held .
  12. I am sure I am not the only person who has noticed that both Mormons and Scientologists often use the same prepositions in their communication. It is uncanny how common this is. 🥴
  13. I don't think we chose this plan in total ignorance. I believe we had access to at least general info as to how rough this place could , otherwise Satan's plan might have a lesser ability to convince, As it was it drew a third( you can argue semantics here ) who likely feared the problems.
  14. Japan and Italy are discovering what happens when a nation does not have replacement levels of population growth. China is facing the results of its " one child policy " .
  15. In case you were wondering , the above was part of an old joke which ends " when you need an excuse , any excuse will do "
  16. I suppose they could have said " No cheering because we are having fried chicken for supper " 😁
  17. BYU grad has about 5000+ students walking . Imagine how long the ceremony would take with all the madding crowd cheering each one. " low , there is matter unorganized "
  18. Defining reverence should take into account the audience one is speaking to. For 6 year olds it will focus on not running in the halls and not making a racket in the chapel. For mature adults it may focus on not thinking about the football game while partaking of the sacrament. Controlling one's thoughts is generally more difficult than controlling one's feet.
  19. I'm way out of the loop. My experiences with BC groups was in the late 70's early 80's so I don't know what has happened to them since. They just don't show up on the radar here anyway.
  20. Duncan is correct in that most polygamous families moved into BC around the Creston area. Rumor has it that they would ship daughters to those groups in the southwestern US for marriage. It was a bit of a scandal. When I was a child there was only one polygamous family from the Cardston area, the Blackmores ( IIRC ).
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