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  1. Ranking like the chart does, ignores the margin of error. Depending on how many were surveyed , the margin could be 3-4% which means the top 5 could be shuffled in any order.
  2. True enough, but some of that comes with being 20 years old. On a side note, on my mission I got a letter from home once every couple of weeks. Now missionaries talk directly for an hour every week. Does that contact help or hinder anxiety ??
  3. Getting visas to certain countries in a timely manner has always been a problem. This was true 50 years ago and is still true. Couple that with changing political winds in some places and we see mission callings be tentative at times. I would like to think that the Lord has at least 69,000 guardian angels on call just for missionaries. Where I served there were constant gun battles in the streets and we never gave it a moments thought.
  4. If it focuses on his role as a prophet , it must address polygamy.
  5. Unless you are only considering the LDS perspective, your vertical line does not hold as there are cultures and religions where polygamy is fine .
  6. Perhaps there has been too literal interpretation of 1 Cor 11:27-32. Here is a site where several people comment on it .The perspective seems to align more with posts here. historical interpretation - What does Paul mean by "unworthy manner" in 1 Corinthians 11:27-32? - Biblical Hermeneutics Stack Exchange
  7. Certainly not. Consider Paul's experience on the road to Damascus. Paul relates differing versions of it. Some saw a light others didn't. Some heard a sound others didn't. My point was that my assumption was there was a physical component to Moroni's visit. Perhaps there was and his siblings were fast asleep. Then again it may have been purely a vision for Joseph alone. It had not occurred to me that others were even in the room at the time. That's how stunned/unthinking I was all these years. Imagine what else I have been missing.
  8. We are coming up on the 200th anniversary of Moroni's first visit to Joseph. While reading Joseph's narration of the event it suddenly raised questions as to what the experience was like. At the time I believe Joseph and his family were still in the log house on the farm. Correct me if i am wrong but that would mean Joseph did not have his own room. Moroni's appearances seemed to take the whole night so unless Joseph's brothers were very sound sleepers , they likely would have noticed the light and the conversations. This leads me to conclude the appearance was pure vision ( like a VR ). It is even noted as such in the story. I had not considered it that way before. Assumptions are powerful.
  9. Is there something in the water/snow that produces these nutbars ?
  10. Finished it. It is a booklet of 83 pages containing 29 " stories " . A few of them made me smile . Most didn't, but still they were well written.
  11. I hesitate to say it but the honor code is an attempt to straighten deck chairs on a ship that is rockin' and rollin' . The stories that come out of BYU are wild. There was hanky panky all over when I attended 50 years ago, particularly in the athletic dorms and nowadays it is the same if not worse Any tine 25,000+ young folks are brought together , stuff is bound to go on. We teach them the principles and they govern themselves. Free agency is a powerful principle.
  12. So, an unmarried hetero couple found walking hand in hand across campus could be reported to the Honor code folks , right ? Is any thought given to cultural differences where 2 men or 2 women holding hands is quite the norm in some countries , ie. Latin America. ?
  13. Youtube has several videos of interviews with Catholic priests who are trained as exorcists. Very interesting to hear about their experiences and how they distinguish between demon possession and mental illness.
  14. Could this be why the Canadian gov't will regulate news feeds posted on Facebook ? Canadians will no longer have access to news content on Facebook and Instagram, Meta says | CBC News
  15. I studied Church history over 60 years ago in Seminary. There I learned about polygamy, money digging , seer stones, that so-called lazy prophet clearing acres of forest by hand, etc. If the Church was hiding the history, they did a poor job back then. Oh , and the Nephite U&T with the breastplate would have been way too big to fit in a hat. Their overlarge size was apparently one of the reasons Joseph stopped using them.
  16. re : gambling. Despite not encouraging gambling , the Church has little to say about members working in casinos in Vegas.
  17. I ordered it and it should be here in a week. After reading it I will review it here if anyone cares. After ' Josephus ' I needed something to cleanse the palate.
  18. I think we have all met people who are " trying ".😁
  19. Gaslighting is now just a different word for lying.
  20. A beard happens when a mustache meets the sideburns.
  21. Posts like these may require a new forum... or maybe just rename the " in the news " forum to "in the new age " 😉
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