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  1. I see the big snows in the Sierra. Hope they don't melt too fast.
  2. It was a joke! I'd explain it but... whatever.
  3. FYI , the record for the number of children from 1 woman is 69 from , I believe, 27 pregnancies. One should also note that slavery was a well accepted societal practice in biblical times, so much so that rules were given, by prophets . to regulate it. Also, in our much more enlightened times , there are about 30 million slaves in the world. More than in ancient times. But polygamy is the evil Satanic practice.
  4. Prayers for sure, sir.
  5. I think I have posed this question before, but had there been little secular opposition to polygamy, would the Church still be practicing it? If not, when might it have quietly ended it?
  6. Maybe it's like this. One can try but it is really gonna hurt!
  7. So , a resurrected body CAN eat but MUST it? I see no reason for the sacrament pre-mortality or , for that matter, post the final resurrection. NDEs that I have read often say they see relatives as they were in life but most say they don't see themselves with bodies. I wonder why that is.
  8. He ran his business from a building on his home property. They came by on another matter.
  9. The IRS can find problems whether they exist or not. My neighbor, who has a large family ,was questioned about his garden because he must be selling off his produce for cash income.
  10. If Adam wasn't before, I suspect he is now. Mind you, is there a " before " in Celestial Times .?
  11. Trade ya rod , . Just had a week of -25 C
  12. Bed bugs are there to make your bed................uninhabitable . 😁
  13. What about Abinadi's prophecy about King Noah dying in the same way Abinadi does? " Eye for an eye " law. Ya, probably aa stretch.
  14. True or false ? 1. We (LDS) believe that there is an actual material spirit world. 2. We recognize that there can be communication between that world and ours through dreams , visions, NDEs and personal visits. 3. It is easier to fool people than to convince them that they have been fooled - MT
  15. Humans are more than capable of producing horrid evil acts in this world without help from table lifters and cabinet door openers.
  16. Gee, maybe if they stopped growing alfalfa and switched to ... ummm. almond tree orchards and produced almond milk, that would be a win-win no ? Alfalfa is a nitrogen fixing plant.
  17. Always remember the rule that anytime the Brethren say something one agrees with , then it is true and revelatory , and when they say something one disagrees with then it is, by definition, false doctrine and should be rejected. 😇
  18. To misquote 1 Tim 3:1 " He who desires the office of Bishop... has a screw loose "
  19. Hey, I have already been told to quicken my pace and lengthen my stride. what else must I do, leap buildings ?
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