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  1. When I see a group of Hell's Angels riding down the street, I can see how "skins of blackness " can be both literal and metaphorical. Mind you some of them are actually just big soft teddy bears ,right?
  2. One would hope that the Church is heavily invested in toilet paper manufacturing. 🤑
  3. How many beavers had to die to get all this Castor oil ?🥴 ( yes , I know it is made from a bean ) It raises red flags to me when a substance is said to help a dozen different ailments. Many years ago there was an oil made from snakes IIRC...
  4. I must remind myself that even seeing an angel does not preclude having one's testimony severely challenged .
  5. There are backup generators for this. They can run on gasoline, natural gas or diesel. I had a chuckle when I watched video of a guy in a Tesla on the side of the road who stopped another car to see if they had any gasoline. Seems he had a small generator in his trunk which powered his batteries. Redneck hybrid LOL.
  6. What if... one of the couple had an extramarital affair , could he be disciplined for adultery ?
  7. Yes this. Back in the ' olden days ' I went to a Catholic mass and aside from a lovely service , there was the added positive of being able to skip leg day at the gym in the following session. 👿
  8. Eternal reality and mortal reality can be different. We know of all kinds of oddities born into mortality. There are people with two heads, some with three or four legs. some without arms or legs. All these are externally visible, but it seems reasonable that there are anomalous features in the brain/mind/DNA . My question is, are all these also found in the eternal spirit ?
  9. I watched a youtube short on this, be aware that triggering is likely: congressional hearing on transwomen in prisons - Search Videos (bing.com)
  10. There are those who misread/misapply doctrine and then there are those who not only dive into the deep end but dig a hole in the bottom of the pool.
  11. The scriptures are very clear as to how to be saved. ( that was sarcasm for the impaired )
  12. If only the Church had some sort of program that might address the situation...👿
  13. Would we say that , at least prior to 1830 , Joseph was spiritual but not religious ?
  14. IIRC there has been a significant increase in the number of people who, on a census form, check 'not affiliated ' when asked about religion. I assume that this group of spiritual but not religious would be there.
  15. For those " of little faith " , always cut a couple of spare keys just in case.
  16. If you have ever dealt with a four year old's question why? you will be aware that any answer is always followed by another WHY? question and then another. 😜
  17. FYI , with a new temple being built in Lethbridge, when done , there will be a massive reno to Cardston. Hopefully only the interior will change and not the outside, which is unique. I also hope they do not lose all of the lighting and furniture touches which were influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright.
  18. BEDMAS I don't think one should be changing the traditional order willy nilly, but I also think it is not like the baptismal prayer where it is set by ancient scripture.
  19. In my youth there was a gentleman in town that was said to have the gift of healing. Also in a neighboring town a man also had this gift and , in conversation , said he had to be very sure that the healing was God's will because if he pronounced a healing , it would always happen. I have not heard of such a person for the last 60 years. Maybe that is because of medical advancements now .
  20. I realize that some/all of the gifts of the Spirit are sacred events , and it may be that I have not been paying attention, but there does not seem to be an emphasis on obtaining these gifts for oneself. There are also signs that follow those that believe but we avoid them because other groups have strongly adopted them. in the early days of the church there was a bit of chaos with visions and prophecies galore so I see the tendency to be more circumspect. That said, have we de-emphasized the gifts too much ?
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