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  1. The Handbook is good and covers the majority of situations. However , it CAN be adjusted or even over-ruled by a person with the authority and keys. It probably won't be, but it can be .
  2. From what I have seen, you are at least as much a " member " as many " members " I know. As for the questions, I would answer YES to all except those that would require a Bishops, SPs or GAs authority first ,which seems to have been done.
  3. All covenants are temporary, unless and until sealed by the Holy Spirit of Promise.
  4. Unless you have personal direct knowledge , no.
  5. This is a dumb poll. Poorly constructed . I did notice how many sects besides LDS are not considered ' Christian ' .
  6. Whatever her intent, I think we can agree ( wishful thinking ) , that she accomplished the goal of raising Cain about the law and abortion. She could have just stood there for a month and little would have happened. LEOs opened that can of worms. IIRC , most protests I have seen are illegal somehow, either blocking a public road or protesting without a permit. This particular " protest " was the most peaceful one since George Floyd . 👿
  7. Did I miss the part where the police asked her several times, politely , to move along ,like has been done many times to ordinance breakers ?
  8. Without a spirit, the body is just a meat suit. I think that until the fetus can be animated by its own spirit, it likely is animated by the mother's spirit. The scriptures are not consistent about killing humans are they ?
  9. If Lehi's family just melted into the existing peoples, what was it about them that ,over centuries , kept them in the political and military positions of power ?
  10. In Spanish the biblical language uses the " tu " form, hence it is also used in prayer. In case you want a primer : All About You: 5 Ways to Say “You” in Spanish and How to Use Each Correctly | FluentU Spanish I did notice ' vosotros ' used also.
  11. Any of you from the South ever heard a "ya'all " slipped in to a prayer ? 😁
  12. Take a guess at how many countries in the church can fully cover their own fast offering expenses .
  13. For those of you that can relate, here I will be experiencing - 30 to -40 for most of next week !!! It is supposed to warm up by Christmas though. Yippy .
  14. Utah being one of the first states to give women the vote, GAs stop growing beards. 😁
  15. Out of curiousity, Do all the wards now have people go up to the pulpit to bare their testimonies ? Years ago ,we had the deacons carry microphones around to those wishing to bare testimony who stood where they were.
  16. Written by a team of lawyers with a view to " infinity and beyond " !
  17. When I use the phrase," I could care less, " I usually follow it with , " but not much less " As far as the priesthood ban , it is quite possible that the majority of members were not ready to accept blacks in the congregation with full privileges . Mind you , there were multi-millions of Asians who could not enjoy the priesthood simply because of being in the wrong place at that time. Perhaps it was an example of the philosophies of men mingled with scripture. Personally, when i heard of the change in 1978, I was happy but not surprised as we were told it would happen someday.
  18. The article does say that they assume that the reason they were let go had to do with their expressed attitude toward LGBT issues.
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