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  1. I totally agree. When I was less active, my parents made it their business to get in my business and tell me what I needed to do to get active and a stronger testimony. I know they came from a place of concern and love, but they didn't respect my boundaries and it didn't end well.
  2. These reactions were quite shocking to me also. It's like looking the facts in the face and then saying no, I don't care. Even after the prophet has spoken, there are still members who dug their heals in. Maybe they are the real unruly children and lazy learners.
  3. The author adds a valid perspective to all of this:
  4. I don't remember it that way. What I remember is a lot of support for the term. Including GBH giving a talk about Mormon being "more good". The TSM's multi million and multi year I am a Mormon campaign.
  5. https://www.sltrib.com/news/2021/09/29/will-bagley-utah/
  6. That pic, which shows the south eastern entrance to the BYU campus is now called pride corner. Pride corner is now showing up on google maps.
  7. I appreciate your opinion, but being a Mormon and publishing in a peer reviewed journal is one thing. Publishing BoA apologists research in a peer reviewed journal is quite another thing. I was speaking to the former. But I think you knew that.
  8. As far as I have been able to tell very little, if any BoA apologists research has been through real peer review and been published in refereed journals. This includes Skousen's work.
  9. To me the real problem here is transparency. If the church was up front with its members, this probably wouldn't even be a problem. But, its hasn't been up front. The Church is not transparent. So when a whistle blower comes out with information on 100 billion dollar stock portfolio which among other things bought a mall and bailed out Beneficial Life, some members saw this as less than full honesty. To many the church comes across as a secretive multi-billion dollar real estate corporation. Hinkley said no tithing money was used to buy the mall. My mother believed this. She defended the decision. Then when the whistle blower info came out, she was devastated. Her 87 year old TBM brain did not make a distinction between original tithing donations and interest from tithing. If such a difference really exists or not, we really don't know. Who's to say that how much of that 100 billion stock portfolio is tithing money or hot.
  10. Masks do work. It is a medical fact. You have scientist and medical doctors telling you this. And now you even have the prophet telling you this. But you know better?
  11. Bushman also pays more attention to his citations.
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