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  1. The local ward and stake where I live has not resumed church services yet. Your questions were proper. It sounds like some of your ward members are stressed (start of school, job uncertainty, etc.). I would just ignore comments. You did right (IMO) by not responding. They need feedback, but that should be something your Bishop should do.
  2. I have not read any of his recent work. I did not ask fallaciously, nor was I judging his efforts. I just wanted to get an idea of how wide an audience has been reached with his Early Modern English research.
  3. When you can't counter the argument, then go for the ad hominem. Real classy.
  4. Welcome to the discussion board JasonMonrow. Your post deserves a rep point.
  5. Has Skousen's work been peer reviewed by any non-mormon scholars? sincere question I don't know.
  6. As Calm has said, nothing will happen. I seriously doubt that Gee and Muhlestein would be part of an open public debate. That is too bad, because if handled right, this could be an enlightening event.
  7. Not all online programs are the same. I teach at a state university, and their term for online is a self paced asynchronous course that is distance delivered. They also have a "live streaming" course option. Which is distance delivered like the online option, but replaces the on-campus classroom with interactive virtual classes delivered with Zoom or MS Teams. I prefer the live streaming option. As a professor, I spend as much or more time and effort as I do with on-campus courses. The reason is that student's work still has to be graded and feedback given, and lectures and activities sti
  8. I seems who ever did this must be very upset to risk detection by firing a weapon in town like that. Not to mention risking hurting/killing someone. As you stated, this is not good.
  9. I don't think many people believe that humans have been on the earth for only 6000 years.
  10. We all know who coined the term "china virus", and it was not done to keep the record straight.
  11. He felt he had to wait until he retired to speak freely. There is little or no academic freedom at BYU. Just check the Association of University Professors censure list. BYU has been on it for academic freedom violations for over twenty years. https://www.aaup.org/our-programs/academic-freedom/censure-list
  12. One thing for sure is that it is best to stay in your vehicle if at all possible.
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