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  1. I think he is setting a good example to all members to adhere to social distancing during this pandemic. I also read into this the importance he places on friendships. I agree with this. IMO we are social animals and we derive joy and purpose by being with and helping others. As an aside, could this Instagram post by Holland be considered a hologram?
  2. This inability to fully use the Eighteenth Century Collections Online (ECCO) database seems like a major issue. And as such there should have been a delay in the publishing of this research until they worked this out. If there would have been peer review of this research, I believe this would have been identified and called out.
  3. I think the optimal word in this whole rant is rationalize. COVID is real, and the church has responded appropriately. COVID will pass, and members lives that were saved by not meeting in large groups will continue on.
  4. Can I apply for the ward greater position? I have an engaging smile and a warm demeanor, and I am very well acquainted with the ward foyer, as I spend most of Sunday school there.
  5. Also, his watching T.V. for most of the day doesn't seem like work, or even the best use of time for a president IMO.
  6. How is that swamp draining going? How many of Trump's close associates and campaign advisors advisors are now convicted felons? He brought a swamp with him. It follows him. The day that Trump can give a public address without the fact checker count spinning out of control is the day I believe that he has made any attempt to drain the swamp.
  7. The LDS church has done no better than most Christian churches. In the past, our church excused and promoted slavery, It does no good to point fingers. All of us as a nation need to work together to stamp out injustice and racism once and for all.
  8. Perhaps it is God who is guiding Pope Francis.
  9. During the debate, Trumps family and many of his supporters refused to were masks. Even when an official reminded them of the mask rule for the venue. Ivanka ignored the reminder as did others. It shows a privileged disregard for rules. This is not the kind of example that should be set for our nation.
  10. I think the count is up to 14 now. This was an event that was hosted by the President. I wish there would be more attention paid to science and the medical professional from this administration.
  11. We bottle our own meet. Once bottled, it will last quite a while.
  12. All of these people who have tested positive were at the Rose Garden meeting. No masks, no social distancing.
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