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  1. I just saw on channel 5 that over the past year housing in Utah has risen over 15%.
  2. Americans killed in war has dropped dramatically since Viet Nam. https://www.statista.com/statistics/1009819/total-us-military-fatalities-in-american-wars-1775-present/
  3. The next logical step is inclusion in the Priesthood. IMO that is the only option if the church wants to survive.
  4. Agreed. I believe the folks on exmormon reddit and other forums are in a transitioning phase. And yes, anger is part of that phase, and many of the posts reflect this. But, my experience and observations confirm what John has said. Most people move through the transition and move on.
  5. It is very sad to see the damage this one man did. Not only to property, but the disruption of the members of the ward(s) whose meeting house he burned down.
  6. Technically this is dealing a specific religious teaching. That of the Christian religion. There are many hundreds of other religions with their beliefs of how mankind and the earth were created. IMO a state employee (teacher) who singles out one religion and promotes its beliefs in the classroom is very close to endorsing a preferred religion. This could be seen as a state religion.
  7. This is why people are reluctant to discuss their experiences on this board.
  8. This quote from Elder Oaks talk really resonated with me. In light of what happened on Jan. 6th and the events that led up to that event, this talk is very timely.
  9. Additionally most national emergencies/disasters that we have seen in the U.S. (fires, floods, mud slides, earthquakes, large storms, etc.) have not been kind to large stored food supplies. Stores of food don't survive well in hurricanes like Sandy and Katrina, or the fires, mud slides and earthquakes of California. Or the tornados we have seen in Texas and Tennessee of late. Even in economic hard times I would rather have the money I would have spent on a large food supply in the bank so that I could pay my rent/mortgage. Otherwise I might be pushing a wagon loaded with my food storag
  10. They use to give the numbers over the pulpit during conference. I have not seen this happen the last several years.
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