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  1. With social media , Big Brother has millions of spies working for free , looking back decades.
  2. I wonder who will get the blame . A member of the Walmart community went postal and killed 6 members of the community in the break room and then shot himself.
  3. Has anyone besides me been told that we LDS worship a " different Jesus " than other Christians ?
  4. With all this talk about violent rhetoric , I recall the words of that universal Christian hymn, " Onward Christian Soldiers " which some here must think has inspired many mass shootings. 😈
  5. I would hope there was insurance to lessen the blow.
  6. The parents would not cooperate. They now bare some of the responsibility for the destruction.
  7. Seems like I should warm up my tamborine !
  8. Could these reports just be " faithless promoting rumors ? " 🙂
  9. Just happened to me on a different thread. Calm, can you pass this on to mods if you think it needed ?
  10. It seems to me that world history is full of civilizations that were built on top of previous civilizations , often several times in a millenium. If the Jaredites were around for a thousand years before being destroyed they would have had time to build many large structures which the Nephite could have taken over or built upon. I note that IIRC there is an area in Mexico where Catholic churches were built on the foundations of previous native temples. I look at the large stone heads found in Mexico and i don't see much resemblance to the native populations. They appear more Asian or African to me. All kinds of peoples have had the ability to traverse oceans in the distant past. Lidar has revealed vast areas in the Amazon and elsewhere that were populated by people numbering upwards of 100s of thousands, and yet they are all gone. Kaminaljuyu is surrounded by Guatemala City and unless one is specifically looking for it, would pass by on the city bus daily. There are hundreds of " mounds" in Guatemala that have never been touch by archeologists so I reserve judgment about what is actually known about much of Mesoamerica. Sorry, I am rambling , but if Moroni deposited the plates in NY, I doubt he walked across the Bering strait to get there . I vote the geography is somewhere north of Panama and south of Canada.
  11. He does now and has let go at least 3 top execs, albeit with very large severence deals.
  12. I had a conversation with my Stake president years ago in which he said that from time to time there would be a meeting of Stake Presidents with Church agents from the USA. At this meeting they had to vote to release funds that would go to the US or elsewhere because the Stake Presidents were like corporate board members for the Canadian church. Don't know if this is still true . What I do know is that 1 billion dollars in the hands of the government will disappear down a rabbit hole to useless projects in the blink of an eye.
  13. Well, if we want to be able to convert some Africans and some Muslims, we should embrace it. 😀
  14. A person who has never been addicted to anything , likely has a hard time truly having empathy for an addict and also is not likely to be trusted by an addict as a therapist because , " they don't know what it is like " . It is very possible to be sympathetic to another person's situation in life , however.
  15. An example of how to get things correct and wrong at the same time. 🙃
  16. I once flipped a cap towards a bus that was passing by. It flew into an open bus window. I was thrilled and scared at the same time. Nothing came of it , thank heavens!
  17. He probably could have gotten by if he had just said , " ibid " after each statement . 😄
  18. There is that tendency of youth to say , ( well, so-an-so is wearing/doing it so why can't I ? There is no specific rule against ! ) I suppose the new stuff is more in line with " we teach them correct principles, and they govern themselves " We humans are so good at self control. Look how well we adhere to the speed regs. ( take note I-15 users ! )
  19. I wonder if Pres. Nelson's remarks on abuse ( see Ken's blog posts ) will signal a change in the way the Church deals with abuse confessed to the Bishop?
  20. Trying to follow this thread as the posts bounce back and forth between two very different topics.
  21. Critics might say that money could have been better used to help the poor . 😒
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