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  1. Slow clap. postscript to say, if the issue at hand is the “ worthiness” to take the sacrament, I wouldn’t be surprised. Our church is very comfortable operating from a place of punishment and reward. when I get to heaven, I will ask God, why would the sacrament be withheld from the people who just may need it the most? Though I will be challenged on this, I’m comfortable believing God will say “that was never my rule.” it wasn’t that long ago that members deemed as unworthy were announced from the pulpit and excommunicated in front of everybody. I know there are some here who believe that changes at church are an evidence of softness, weakness and apostasy. I call the changes that have occurred and will continue to occur( though woefully late IMO, ) emotional maturity. Much like the changes of society has made to make way for people other than those traditionally in charge, the majority, the fittest, etc…. The changes we will see will be to some a tragedy, to those like me, a eucatastrophe. I look forward to every minor and major changes that give more people a path back.
  2. One of my favorites. I’m not a fan of her but I find this song so moving.
  3. Sure. I didn’t mean the comparison to be a literal equation. I went to a University and all my best learning occurred outside the testing center. Peace out then! JK. But kind of. Is there any doctrine in the indicates that God sits in his chair and decides “G today Amy needs to learn patience so I’m gonna make it impossible for her to get her contacts in her eyeball in time to get to work” - I personally never believe these type of stories that I hear over and over “ what did God want me to learn from this?” I reject that, instead, I replace it in my head with “what do I have an opportunity to learn from this?” I believe God is pleased when I think this way. And it feels correct to me to be motivated to please God.
  4. I absolutely do not believe that God gives us tests. I believe the whole thing is one giant university, and I believe we bring in our own fate, but in no way do I examine life’s events as tests, punishments or rewards from God.
  5. This is what occurs when you block someone. Perhaps that’s what occurred?
  6. I’ll speak on it but not to you. You’re imbalanced in your presentation and it won’t be a good faith conversation.
  7. For sure! Fortunately it doesn’t work that way.
  8. ^^ sorry, editing issues. this is off topic a bit, but I suspect that this attitude is more alienating than the church itself. I get where it comes from but I wish we could change this in our culture. No doubt you want what is best for them. If what is best for them (as they understand it , which we all have a relationship with what we believe is best for ourselves) is not aligning with what you think is best for them, then that creates a sad division.
  9. It’s pretty hard for me to get riled up about gender issues that are more theoretical as they relate to me personally vs gender issues that affect me daily. I’m on a flight right now and one hour ago I was sitting next to a man who it turns out is druuuuunk. He grabbed my leg about 30 min into the flight- I asked him what was up and he just stared at me. I sat motionless for 10 min and then decided I could get up and move seats. I was nervous that I WOULD OFFEND HIM and something bad would happen. Took me 10 to shake that off and move ten rows back. (Attendant shared that she confirms he’s wasted and will not be allowed on his connecting flight. Gave me a chance to press charges even.) As a woman, I never feel actually safe in the world. There’s too much that happens on the daily that keeps me guarded. I don’t know a life that my husband gets to live regarding independence power and a sense of safety. But my lack of safety is due ONLY to men. Thank goodness for the good ones… You wanna talk about that? Ok. But the transgender people I know are all pretty cool honestly. Except one, and it had nothing to do with voyeurism. FWIW.
  10. There are two categories of people you are describing in locker rooms. One is a legitimate transgender woman. We women are not afraid of this. The other category is a man who has ill intent. We are afraid of these men whether they are dressed in a sports bra, or whether they are wearing a suit and tie. It is the men that concern us. Not the transgender women. Men have been scaring us for a very long time. Unfortunately, because of this, it’s hard to know who we can trust. Rather than being angry at transgender women, it would be a good idea to be angry with men first. I’m talking about the men who ruined it for everybody by being aggressive, sexually abusive, entitled, demanding, sexist, etc.
  11. I believe this wholeheartedly. If we knew more about Diamond (I tried to ask once) or if diamond knew more about us there would be a much different dialogue, I’m sure.
  12. I wish I had the discipline. I absolutely don’t. I successfully stopped Facebook for a year but I’m back on it. I have successfully stopped Reddit- If I had more discipline I think I could produce more creativity and maybe vacuum my car, and sit in this Dennys peacefully by myself and think about ways to rule the world.
  13. I am still curious about my question to you, thanks
  14. I believe the correct term for how the leadership refers to other church’s legitimacy is “partial” - “partial truth” has different connotation than does “half truth”. “ Half truth” suggests an intentional lie. The church does not accuse other churches of this.
  15. I don’t follow the intent of your comment. Do you believe the article is misleading or the church’s behavior as described by the article is misleading? I was suspicious of the title. GAs never ever apologize for church action (or inaction).
  16. How about old women? We had a trans woman in relief society with us for a few years. I stopped sitting by her because she took too much leg room.
  17. I’m not offended by any of it but I wouldn’t golf or ski with him because drama.
  18. 1. I don’t want anybody knocking on my door to try to sell me anything OR To offer me a “better” way of life. I would never go on a door knocking mission. I do not consider my home sacred space; however, the past 10 years, unsolicited visitors have become so rare that it’s alarming. Where I live, you risk a shotgun in your face. Dior knockers unannounced better just be a friend, family, member, or somebody who needs help. Not someone with an agenda. 2. Emily I’m sure was talking lightly on the unsavory topic of polygamy.
  19. Best for the dishes for the person doing it? Interested-
  20. I have no issues being around drinking people. I dislike tremendously being around drunk people.
  21. I walk away from political conversations, boldly change the subject, or directly state “i don’t talk politics”. And I never ever listen to or watch programs online or on tv or radio with political agendas.
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