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  1. How I do it is not necessarily the way others should - With just the four you listed, religion and spiritual flipflop for first. I’d rather that spiritual was first always but I am admittedly indoctrinated and can’t always see clearly what is man and what is God. Next comes philosophical. I categorize this with opinion and preference. Politics is a category I avoid as much as possible. My interest is zero. I can live a moral decent life and never think about politics. I can take any social issue and apply it to my life as I see fit and not make it political. I might be wrong about that but so far it’s working for me.
  2. I think this is ridiculous. The Mormons leave? Who are you talking about?
  3. Nobody in his ward has spoken to him since his speech? I mean, I haven’t spoken to anybody in my ward in about two weeks. Is that so weird? Also, he made a clean break. It’s hard to know what sort of connection anybody wants when they’ve made a clean break from an organization that you have been a part of together. There’s a lot of criticism that I don’t think is necessary under the circumstances. Of course relationships aren’t always super deep at church. The only common you share up in times with your ward. Member is the fact that you are a ward member. If you’re no longer award member then we have nothing in common. It’s not that serious. If you and I are in a sewing club, and you stand up and you say I’m done with the sewing club, and you walk out, I’m gonna keep sewing. Not much more to it than that. I had a “friend” that left the church. We certainly didn’t have a deep relationship. It was a typical church occasional indirection friendship. But I did send her a private message, letting her know that I was aware that she had made some big changes in her life which included divorce and moving the church, and I told her that I supported her and loved her . She never responded. I didn’t expect her to. I mean, what do people want?
  4. Did you ever feel pressure to initiate such conversations or were you just a perfect child- as if anyone is. hard to believe anyone raised in the 70s or 80s wasn’t heavily shamed for all things sexual- or the flip side of the same coin, getting zero discussion from parents about sexuality, influenced by purity culture and fear. Im so so glad the church has changed its approach in the last 10 years or so.
  5. What seems like blind hero worship of TB seems equally outrageous to me. My question wasn’t literal but it wasn’t nice either I’m sorry. I react harshly to statements that deny victims of people like Epstein or Thomas (or Cosby or Weinstein etc) - i have my own history and I know how evil humans can be.
  6. Do you believe sexual assault only happens to those who are rescued by Tim Ballard?
  7. If in any way you’re trying to avoid him being resentful later in life- THERE IS NO ESCAPING IT 😂😭
  8. Slow clap, nailed it, amen.
  9. I don’t understand why this is the hill you seem to want to die on? You’re trying to point out the inconsistencies and the hypocrisy in the people or in the prophet? Or both? i think if it were a simple quick cost efficient change, it would be made. Most of us don’t care too much either way but we’re trying our best to do our part and also to demonstrate good effort. im sure there are other issues where you could easily ID inconsistency and hypocrisy that might carry more impact, like our focus on health in Wow but our leniency with sugar, or our focus on the family vs The excessive time away from family to serve the church? Or the directive to never discuss heavenly mother but yet she’s mentioned in that approved hymn? news flash- we are flawed. The list goes on and on.
  10. Friendly reminder, if you want to delete images or posts from your feed, you can simply go into your account and select “ignore users” and you can type in any name, like for example “Meandhim” to avoid coming across undesirable, unattractive, or otherwise awkward images you’d prefer not to keep running in to. This is a PSA
  11. I’d like to propose we ignore this moving forward. We decide what happens here, and he keeps manipulating. back to baptism at 8…?
  12. I understand what you are saying in your OP but isn’t anything that we introduce to our kids really our idea of what is best? We can’t avoid all threat of “indoctrination” or kids would have to drive themselves. I introduced religion, music, sports, social interaction, foods , culture, education etc etc to my kids and at 18 and beyond their path is their choice. ❤️
  13. I don’t trust you have posted even in this thread in good faith.
  14. Hmmm. Interesting reaction for a newcomer.
  15. Im not in utah or idaho and this was the talk of the table on a cruise I was on. All mormon actives, sure. But it's a small world in the church and people knew people who had seen hildebrandt for therapy and the word on the street was that if you went to her for therapy you'd end up divorced - so some husbands refused to go to her and they ended up divorced anyway because Hilde convinced the wives sight unseen that the husbands were no good. As a therapist this interests me, for what its worth.
  16. I appreciate the thoughts here - I started typing but it kept going too long so Ill just say thank you
  17. I "think" that the term "spiritual" means something different to many LDS people than it means to the world at large. Opinion only, based on personal experience - I grew up hearing the word spiritual and attributing it to LDS specific practices. Now, I hear the word spiritual to mean an awareness or interest in a bigger picture. It might include religion but is not limited to religion. My son is deeply spiritual. He is super introspective, always looking for deeper meaning in life - very involved in individual therapy, examining his purpose in existence and the meaning and avenues of interpersonal connection. He is an artist, and he is all about earth stuff. He's surrounded by hippies and though he doesn't think he is one, he's kind of one - he lives in hawaii, which I would describe as a DEEPLY spiritual place aside from all the tourism. (Many people who live there are earthy sorts, protective of animal and sea life, and recognize a spiritual connection with nature. In my opinion this falls into the category of spirituality, but certainly not the LDS definition of spirituality.) yet my son is not at all religious any more. He's not sure God exists, but remains "open to anything". Exept mormonism lol - I absolutely believe people can be deeply spiritual and not religious or even believe in Christian God. I find it odd that this would be in question.
  18. Will someone describe what talking about a trauma actually does for a person? I’m too close to it, but asking for a friend. Seems like a dumb question from a therapist I know.
  19. I would assume that since 2 deep is not a requirement for bishop and SP it’s not a requirement for Patriarch either. just optional.
  20. What do you mean here? thank you for your thoughts.
  21. Many have chosen to travel to Portland over marrying in Seattle for the same reason.
  22. This is the hard stuff, right, when the blessings don’t come. It can feel at least like one is forgotten, or at worst that the church is manipulating one to be good. I understand the pain of unfulfilled promises, with the backup that the promises will be fulfilled later. Where is the personal element in that promise? Everyone has that promise.
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