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  1. I’m confident it could resume with a request. Meanwhile nice to meet you here.
  2. For sure. I think word got out that sometimes callings are more desperation than inspiration which gives latitude to refuse. Plus life is so busy now, and we are learning how time away from family for callings is hard on family the same way a paid job is. I don’t qualify for a leadership calling so I think I’m safe, but I would have served faithfully and well back in the day. I do believe in being a contributor and not a taker though. I need to adjust my present situation to reflect that.
  3. I don’t have a calling because I’m gone a lot but I do try to home run my ministering. When I first started adulting I assumed my life would be like my moms and my grandmothers, always in leadership - but that was never the case for whatever reason. Always a teacher. Best calling anyway imo.
  4. I fell asleep but my husband loves reggae and loved it.
  5. One Love. If you like reggae music it’s worth a watch.
  6. Truly, the bad apples ruin it for the whole lot. It’s too bad, for all of us.
  7. I’m sorry that this is shocking news to some. It’s a reality that I don’t think about consciously every minute of every day but it’s a latent awareness constantly that becomes more clear when the topic arises. Many women know and understand. Some men understand, but will never know. Many men just don’t know or understand- it’s a shocking reality and very sad indeed. Until more seek to understand, reality cannot be altered.
  8. How’s about “in the minds of many women, due to life experience and also warnings from their predecessors, all men pose potential sexual threat. This is not unfounded nor unreasonable. Established trust reduces anxiety significantly but does not guarantee safety.”
  9. If we knew exactly which men those were, that statement could work perfectly!
  10. I was in my 20s when walking in busy Seattle crossing a crosswalk and got groped mid day, someone grabbed my breast hard. There is literally zero I could do other than yell HEY- I was so stunned I didn’t know who I was yelling at.
  11. For me, due to real experiences and actual trauma, life itself has become a daily situation requiring awareness. You will never have to understand this, so I won’t ask you to anymore. Agreed, unfortunately it is reality for me. I actually take offense to this because it’s personal to me, and my life was in danger over the reality. I acknowledge that you take offense to the idea that I see your gender as threatening. I agree. I have a prejudice. I hope your daughter never experiences like I did, and is able to leave her young adulthood, unscathed, and without prejudice. I don’t think I will respond further if you don’t mind. I will be happy to read any final words you may want to share with me on this topic.
  12. That’s wonderful. Agreed. Situational awareness. A man and me alone, he’s a potential danger. I never have those thoughts about women, even though technically a woman could probably take me down. Sounds like you are suggesting that this is as problematic as racism? If so, I accept that judgment. I can’t change it. That would be largely inappropriate, wouldn’t it? Ironically, though it would’ve helped me a couple of times. It’s a balancing act in my head and every single time the voice that says shut up is the voice that wins. The 99 times that the man is safe, this strategy works. The one time that he’s not reinforces that inner battle every other time. What if he’s not behaving suspiciously but just walking behind a woman? What if a man steps into an elevator with a woman alone? What if a man knocks on a door and the woman in the house is alone? What if a woman walks out into a parking lot and a man walks in her direction? What if I need to stop and pump gas at night. When I look around, and I see one other person standing in the parking lot looking in my direction, if it’s a man versus a woman? Do you realize that these types of things happen every single day constantly? Where is the line to be drawn where a woman doesn’t need to or shouldn’t question her safety with a man? I had two run-ins with exhibitionists living in Provo. I was a runner and I ran every day for an hour. Then there was the time that I was walking home at night from a Dancehall, and there was a streaker running down the street towards me. I saw a lot of penis in Provo, but I never broke the law of chastity. Then the event happened that changed my view of the world. Make sure your daughter understands that Provo is not a bubble. I was extremely naïve as a young adult. let me be clear on some thing. I met a lot of men this weekend. None of these men that I met brought to mind the idea that they would be a potential rapist. But if anyone of those men, before I met them, stepped into an elevator alone with me already there alone, I’m coming up with self defense plans in my head pretty quick.
  13. Lots of discussion on the amount of money put towards this campaign this am after their SB ad. Also some discussion about where they get their funds, as well as what they support financially.
  14. This is true. I’m a worse person than I realized- and if I could eliminate the fear I feel 100% of the time when I’m alone and a man I don’t know approaches me I would sign up immediately. it doesn’t take much to squelch the fear in the moment- but it’s real for a time and it’s really unfortunate for us all.
  15. (I’d assume she’s referencing the lack of love in the thread?)
  16. If love is a verb, you loved. If love is a thought, perhaps you did it. If love is a feeling, you have work to do.
  17. Ugh. No. If people just take a break from media, the sun is shining and we’re having sloppy joes for dinner.
  18. I got home late last night and couldn’t enter the code correctly to open the front door. It took me 4 tries…I kept thinking “what if there’s a guy around the corner”- my husband says he never has that experience ( though maybe he was referring to entering the code wrong 😩)
  19. Well anecdotally I do unfortunately see every man who is walking in a sidewalk towards me or behind me as a potential rapist. That’s because a thing happened this one time- in Provo. So everyone is a potential threat if they are male. Unfortunately. So many women have so many stories that it’s just a fact, we end up sounding sexist but in reality we are traumatized.
  20. The lurking is often in the one who judges. Look up reaction formation as a common defense mechanism. sometimes we get very angry with other people when they do things we do not allow ourselves to do. (even if we do them anyway, but we just judge ourselves, harshly for doing)
  21. Well she’s so influential right now. JFF is hot ticket stuff. I’ll return and listen after work.
  22. It all boils down to what it means to be unworthy. My experiences have me distrusting men in powers’ opinions and overreach-, I’m grateful that the sacrament is withheld less often than it was 10 years ago, but I’d really could have used the more generous approach in my own family then.
  23. Nobody is righteous “enough”, and no one can say but the individual if at the time of sacrament the individual has an attitude of a desire to do better and a repentant attitude. If somebody’s going to sit down with the Bishop and confess their sins, I don’t understand the need to withhold the sacrament . That’s more than I’ve ever done, and I take sacrament every week.
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