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  1. Are there any lifestyle examples of fundamental badness?
  2. Because that would be the end of the movie!
  3. I hear you- I think the issue being discussed here is the definition of what “fundamentally bad” is, (does it include Consideration for history, culture, anecdotal evidence of success etc) - …and one application of that might be whether or not somebody reports something. That’s my understanding anyway ?
  4. Cultures are protected through deep beliefs of what is right and what is wrong. At work I interact with people who operate very differently than do I do to their cultures. Sometimes cultures are defined and accepted. Sometimes they are not. I work with a Samoan family that break all sorts of laws regarding how many people live in the home, and what levels of privacy are afforded to the children. They also tend to be more violent and explained to me that this is part of their culture. I am required to report, so we have an understanding between us that they will not tell me about anything that they are not comfortable with me reporting. Some people might not be happy with that arrangement. But we were taught in school and we cannot treat people unless we respect their cultures. Sometimes this is hard for me. I disagree strongly with the idea that anybody the age of 14 can possibly of sound mind, agreed to commit their entire life to somebody, and to begin a sexual relationship. I also acknowledge that there are many people if not, thousands who have successfully made it work. but I do understand the need to make way for culture. Even as I write this, though, I’m thinking of certain cultures that to me look really damaging. I suppose there are plenty of people who look at my life and the culture of my religion, and how damaging they “know” it is. Maybe this is just one of those categories (add to the list of many) where I admit, I know nothing.
  5. Well, we are all on a Mormon site right now, so… I don’t believe that most people believe that using the term Mormon is equal to devil worship. I don’t even think the prophet thinks that. the type of black-and-white that says that we have to wipe out everything and that looks for examples to do so is the same type of black-and-white thinking that makes religion intolerable. It is a skill to shift from black-and-white nuanced thinking. It can change a person’s life for the better IMO.
  6. I might state that a girl marrying at 14 is fundamentally bad regardless of culture because 14 is too young to make such decisions. My culture bends my views for sure, since, in my culture, it doesn’t matter who you are or what culture you are from, 14 is considered underage to consent, sexually or otherwise. I don’t know if people were built differently historically making 14 legitimate age to consent.
  7. It seems like it’s been such a long time since I have heard any talk of patriarchal blessings at church. Do you look at/use yours? It’s been a long time since I looked at mine. Mine refers to the idea that self esteem is not a quality of the Celestial Kingdom- I’ve always wondered about that. Wonder if it’s a type-o. I used mine all the time as a young adult. I think I saw it more as a literal directive and future reader.
  8. If God himself told me that he wanted any girl to marry in today’s culture, anywhere in the world, under the age of 17, I’m afraid it would impact our relationship.
  9. Admittedly my cynical personality invites me to assume such people are using Jesus to promote their talents for personal gain. Be it money fame or pride- I’m sure that’s not always the case but I suspect (opinion only) this is the case too often. I’m fairly vocal about my distain for Deseret Book and other “industries” that claim to want to bring folks to Christ through merchandise. Jesus movies and music are no exception for me.
  10. It’s strange IMO that you seem to support someone who is badmouthing the church. Church owes him nothing. Nor do we. He chose a project known by all to require millions. He took a massive risk. It didn’t work. The product wasn’t good enough. I feel sorry for him but also think he went about it very poorly in his video. If someone is going to badmouth a massive org they’d better have a solid case. He seems foolish to me.
  11. I’m going to have to work to get beyond the dramatic musical presentation, and the hosts embarrassing attempt at a Hispanic accent. I’m not sure what our takeaway is supposed to be from this video- someone says they are good people so they are?
  12. No, clearly what is truth is truth. I don’t think we have always operated from complete understanding of what that truth is. I think that would be an unrealistic expectation. In fact, I think we would be very surprised to find out how unrecognizable certain truths are in comparison to what we traditionally think, and do. Doesn’t it make sense that we would be limited?
  13. Right now my opinion is that God and Satan influence me as much and in the same exact way that my earth parents influence me. Zero. The opposite, in fact.
  14. I have carefully read all of the responses and I appreciate the feedback. A lot of it has given me good food for thought. I think I will always be annoyed anytime somebody claims that the “adversary” had any role when discussing their own poor decisions. (Accountability is a very important virtue to me personally, even though I am imperfect at it myself.) This thread has me thinking more about what I do believe. I started the thread with a post talking about what I don’t believe. I believe it will take some time, and some study and reflection and prayer, to come to a more clear personal testimony regarding the role of the Holy Spirit, God, and Satan in my life on the daily. Symbolism versus the literal is a constant question for me in the context of my religion. I guess it’s just another thing to add to the list of personal pursuits for understanding.
  15. Yes. I’m referring to the fact that at least alcoholic behavior is proven to be a legitimately concrete reality. It still sounds bad to blame behavior on alcohol…. That said, we have alcohol laws for a reason.
  16. I understand why my statement confuses you. I was paraphrasing. Here is the exact excerpt: ‘The adversary I’m sure worked on me,” he said, using a Mormon term for Satan. “And that’s when it was going through my mind when I climbed in bed with Chelsea and was really aroused … with the intent of spooning and snuggling you but I didn’t.”’ IMO this statement blames the devil for his actions. It waters down his opportunity to take total accountability for torturing his child. This is disgusting to me and such statements have always bothered me.
  17. In the recent abuse thread that Calm posted, the perpetrator claimed that “The adversary” had a hand in his sexual behaviors. I have had a negative reaction to this type of claim for decades. IMO this claim precludes personal responsibility and makes the perp a victim. Doesnt matter if its sexual abuse or a benign bad thought- claiming its the adversaries influence is a major turn off to me. I don’t know that I truly believe in the traditional narrative of the devil . If the whole narrative is true, then I’m disgusted with the whole thing. That would mean that we CAN blame the devil for our choices. I despise that idea, and reject it big time as I read the article posted by Calm. Is there a way to think of this differently? I will read responses with an open attitude.
  18. Gossip: My best friend had ward members who flocked to Hildebrandt for therapy, and my friend’s assessment was that there were questionable practices there. The reputation was that H recommended divorce all too often.
  19. Anyone who suggests BB is not a critical thinker is not thinking. IMO.
  20. Off-topic. I wonder if BRMC is at all curious at the fact that no one here uses the downvote even nearly as much as do they, even though it’s is obvious that the culture of this board is to disagree.
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