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  1. Yeah, I have a group on FB with a bunch of preggo ladies from when I was preggo and it was rife with misinformation. It was astounding, even though I know there were a disproportionate number who were vax-skeptical on a good day, it was still crazy to me. One lady said she’d gotten sick with severe covid, was hospitalized, got pneumonia and was STILL more leery about the vaccine.
  2. Got my first one last week and need to schedule for the booster. So obviously I'm for it! (in UT at least, mental health therapists were considered essential and allowed to sign up after certain medical staff in the first wave). For the record, there's been no side-effects. My arm definitely hurt the day after (like someone punched me) and I felt a little like when you're just starting a cold. No regrets. I definitely believe it's a miracle and a blessing. Edit: for the record, I got the moderna vaccine With luv, BD
  3. Enabled...as in permitted or allowed. Any way you put it, the 3/5 compromise was a compromise on human dignity and a large population in the colonies that had effectively no legal voice or say in the formation of the nation and what their lives would entail. Most born at that time would never taste freedom. Hoping something would just die out isn’t actively persuing a goal. And this post is a great example of what I mean by soft-pedaling the issues and contradiction/ struggles in US history in insisting on American exceptionalism and moreso the mythos around our country as opposed to the full
  4. Well, from what I’ve read from this thread and gathered elsewhere, i read these verses very differently from you. For one, I read these more about principle than fully about one single document. The principle behind it is “constitutional” which is describing a type of governing style that’s people led and promotes the rights of all. At this point in history, even the US constitution would have been at best aspirational to these verses. It epically failed at protecting all flesh and enabled both physical slavery for almost another century and then did little to curb suppression and bondage thro
  5. He could be....he seems to stumble a lot over his words a bit and seems a little unaware that he’s going too long with the BoM explanations. He doesn’t seem to gage social cues well.
  6. That’s very common for people who do something really bad. They’re usually fairly normal, but a set of cultural and personal circumstances and beliefs often lead them down a terrible path. It’s why I think a lot of people often struggle to come to terms that this person they knew and liked did something horribly wrong....including at times the person themselves. with luv, bd
  7. That would have been so interesting! I kinda see your point and @carbon dioxide as having a similar theme to it. And there's value in stepping back in evaluating whether we're getting stuck in what's just temporary and circumstantial. I'm also concerned though that we can step too far back and disengage to a point that we become apathetic to what's happening around us in our societies. When we disengage too much, it often leaves a vacuum that gives disproportionate voice to the most impassioned (and therefore often some of the more extreme ends). And that can be its own problem. I'll be
  8. Hi Mike, Thanks for adding your thoughts. I'm trying to respond without diving too much into the political aspect because of board rules...but I appreciate a sincere answer too. For the record, since I don't think we've ever interacted, I'm a very liberal sort of gal. I did try to be more even-handed with my critiques of Trump at the beginning of his presidency. It lasted about 6-ish months. I couldn't do it. What he was doing was beyond just policy disagreements in effect for me and many that I knew and loved. BUT I didn't want to fall into the trap of assuming the worst of those who co
  9. It's okay. It's easier said than done. I Know part of this, particularly when we go outside of just the local church community needs to include discussions on politics, larger social dynamics, etc. But I think starting local, within our communities of direct influence (wards, friends, and family), is probably a good place to start since when people start to go down that rabbit hole it's those closest to them that will have the best chance of pulling them back out....and though it's a small slither of the overall problems with extremism, I still think it's an important start. And trust me
  10. Again, please mind the political stuff as much as possible. I seriously don’t want this to become political. I find it problematic to write off people we disagree with. Frankly to me that goes strongly against what Oaks mentioned. Labeling people with pejorative descriptions such as “derangement” also doesn’t do much but maintain our sense of self-righteous divisions. And I say that knowing that I’ve had that tendency as well. It is far easier to write off people as stupid, insane, backwards, etc than it is to engage and work to understand their views and where they’re coming from.
  11. I had an aha moment a little while back that change my position with the end of times. I realized that most of the verses that focus on it also focus on our part in continuing to create a zion society...insomuch that what binds Satan is our attitudes and focus have turned toward a peaceful society emblematic of how God would want us to treat others. I do think there’s this focus on either storage supplies that goes wayyyyy over board where people just jump right into doomsday prepping as well as a fatalistic attitude towards events and problems around us as “signs of the times” and there’s
  12. I want to make this clear: I do not want this to be super political. I don’t want to talk about political figure heads unless it is in direct reference to something they’ve said about religion and specifically the LDS faith. One of my weirder coping mechanisms when something goes wrong is to deep dive into the reasoning for what happened. I’m a therapist so I blame that. Since the attacks I’ve been digging and digging for reasoning, profiles of people, etc. there’s several “camps” that the people fall into....namely extreme nationalism (white/Christian/American exceptionalism bein
  13. I largely agree...but i can’t say I lean Republican so this may seem disingenuous...but I’m also deeply concerned about what’s happening with the party and those who are more religiously conservative than I. Particularly since I live in an area where both are the dominant views of the community. I want a robust and healthy democracy and I want us to be able to share our views in healthy and productive ways. To me, this strain shown on the capitol, though, puts that at risk. And without accountability to what led to this and actively working to reduce the tendencies that lead to radicalism in o
  14. That is fair. As I mentioned, I found the info interesting that’s been given and it points to him being more than a bit of a lone figure with some wonky ideas. But that’s about as far as that can go. I also agree a bit with pogi on the discrepancy between BLM and some of the issue that led up to the domestic terrorism here. And this maybe more my frustrations with how conversations with them have gone. Often here (and other places) BLM was strongly critiqued from those not invested or really effected by the problems, with only some recognition about the cause and concern. Whenever a small
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