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  1. I know this is tangential, But I'm having fun talking about this. Freud does have ideas that have evolved and formed bases to several schools of thought. But I think there's a difference to say some of his theories and practice helped to form modern psychological practices and saying Freud and his OG theory are still important today in the way the first comment inferred. I could easily cut out all of the information I have about freud and freudian school of thought and it personally wouldn't make much of a difference to my current practice. It's the difference to me saying Neanderthals played
  2. That's nice. I'm a therapist. Trust me, he's obsolete beyond popular references.
  3. I was using the definition of “to make punishable as a crime.” So if it’s helpful you can just read my post as having restrictions to when an abortion can be performed, NOT as being punishable as a crime (which again in our legal system are 2 different things that can but don’t have to overlap). with luv, bd
  4. No, criminalization and something being illegal are two different things. You can decriminalize something without making it legal. With abortion the more common language is “restrictions” but the effect is the same. So for example many states have upper limits for when an abortion can be performed. To do otherwise in that state would be illegal but it doesn’t mean there’s a criminal code for prosecution. In that state I assume the biggest potential effect is for the medical provider losing/suspending their license. But that would be with the board not the state government to decide. In a state
  5. Sorry if I missed something. I should note I've never been for criminalizing abortion just more regulating when and under what parameters it is considered legal. Criminalizing it can have serious inadvertent complications that harm women who miscarry especially. With luv, BD
  6. I know I mentioned prior that I’m not pro-choice or Life. But because I was talking to someone largely pro-life in contrast I looked pretty dang pro-choice . So I assume this may seem the opposite here when I’m discussing this with you. But just as a reminder part of me agree with you. I felt in my gut on a relatively “normal” pregnancy minus the last week that as much as possible, even if I think this journey is worth it, I couldn’t force every woman to choose this and insist they go through the same thing. But I think there are limits based on the viability of autonomous life outside the wo
  7. Yeah, and I’m disagreeing with that part. And that’s what I was pointing out on evolutionary traits, let alone spiritually. with luv, BD
  8. This isn’t accurate. It’s a common trope and makes sense on the surface....until you really think about it. Intercourse in general from only a reproductive stance formed to share genetic material to create genetically diverse offspring. It is one form of reproduction. Some species adhere to using it primarIly for that. But several use it for a variety reasons: fun, bonding, conflict resolution, etc. For some species the reproductive function has become secondary for these social functions. That includes us. ThinK of it this way if you tallied all the times that a person has a s*xual enco
  9. “all over” = pandemic stage. It’s projected to change from a pandemic to endemic by most scientists. As in with herd immunity through (hopefully mostly) vaccine and (hopefully less so getting it directly) illness we hit a point that we have some base immunity to covid-19 that getting sick with its variants will not have the same effect and the amount who get sick in general will drastically reduce. It will become manageable, basically, largely through mass vaccination to give covid less of a breeding ground to evolve. https://www.bmj.com/content/372/bmj.n494
  10. Yes, I remember this idea around female identity and the hyper focus on marriage and baring children drove me nuts for most of my teens and twenties. I’m still not a big fan of it even though I’m a mom who’s main job nowadays is raising a kid. with luv, BD
  11. No. I’m saying the stories of God prompting people on children almost entirely focus on people having more. There isn’t as many stories shared from especially larger events like GC of people being told they need to have less than they planned. It depends your cultural context. There is the larger society and then there is your smaller community and family culture that form your view of an ideal family size. So for example, I come from a long line of baby makers. We reproduce. My great g-ma had 9, my grandma had 13 + a step, my mom had seven. All but 1 of my aunts and uncles have 4+ ch
  12. Not even that stopped me. Sometimes I was pretty blunt about it. I remember an exchange as a missionary. I didn’t like kneeling in prayer and the missionary I was on exchange with commented on it and challenged me to do so. I said no. She gave me scripture about jesus kneeling in prayer. I said Jesus also prayed on the cross and I’m not about to pray like that either. To be fair after that, I kinda felt the spirit withdraw and I promised instead that I would study it out for myself because I couldn’t appropriately do it just because she believed it and most everyone believed it. I did, it
  13. This was never my problem or my experience. Which I’ve always been grateful for. It was easy for me to both enjoy my church and church activity life and enjoy my school friends who were always different faiths from me. My childhood memories are a consistent mix of both. And I know I mentioned this before, but I’m generally anti authority. Telling me to do something solely on the merit of religious authority doesn’t work for me at all. But I’ve seen this similar concern in others...both friends and clients. And it concerns me. I know people who’ve truly received their own revelation to
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