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  1. I have as much respect for this as flag waving LDS who insist voting for Trump is the only righteous and true way. The Ethical Women whatever group do the same thing, instead of openly declaring themselves as Democrats they hide behind "ethical," as if those with different political views aren't. I am still hoping for groups that are trustworthy rather than so blatantly partisan. Follow your conscience but don't pretend to be superior.
  2. How do you think this will differ from the usual tossed salad?
  3. The Seven Deadly Heresies belongs to McConkie. It has always been controversial. It is not prophetic advice and there is a reason we are encouraged to follow living prophets not dead ones. I married a nonmember. We were sealed after he died. It’s all good. We can all be sealed after death so it would be tragic if you were to give up on a wife you loved enough to marry just to get some years cut off of your sealing date. Meanwhile concentrate on becoming something that Christ would be proud of.
  4. Take her to a fortune teller and respond to all of the nonsense as fun entertainment. Approach it like a fascinating research project that respects her intelligence but gives her information that doesn't come from you. Find another of these healers and she will get a different reading or whatever they call it. Do it yourself so you look like you aren't dismissing it.
  5. Pardon the weird character inserts: So even the Church thinks this verse is only tied to ancient times.
  6. He obviously never envisioned a day when women didn't need men to survive.
  7. Spinster? How can anyone take this seriously. You will notice that this is springing up in countries that repress women which is the only system where it could possibly survive. Sort of like the 19th century.....
  8. Is there any evidence of a life of abuse beyond what she has said?
  9. I thought that odd. Because of the timing, I suspect it has something to do with limiting touching.
  10. I can’t tell you how much I have enjoyed our discussions about polygamy!! You have been a great help with your unique research.
  11. Just when you think people can’t possibly be anymore disgusting. They should be wearing masks just to hide their jerk faces. We may never know about the efficacy of masks. But at this point it does send a message that you are concerned about others rather than only yourself. I shop at Harmons which requires a mask. One lady came in without one. I merely assumed she had a physical need to be mask free. One thing masks do for me is make me extra aware of germ spreading when I’m in public places.
  12. Nothing you have said has a thing to do with racism and not in a good way. Giving people stuff you don’t need has always been a cover for not including them in other parts of life. The clock has run out on “I have a black friend”. The point should be that racism isn’t complicated at all. And the KKK is a terrorist group.
  13. Oops, I read you saying Sons of God for some reason.
  14. Actually, it doesn't. It means men. It has taken modern day revelation to start including women.
  15. As an aside, I'm getting a real chuckle over the sudden eagerness to equate "men" with "women" when that distinction is held so close to the heart when it comes to priesthood. LOL
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