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  1. Yeah, well this was to an audience from a seasoned podcaster. Should have known better doesn't begin to cover what he displayed so blatantly.
  2. Oh puhlease. He is well known for his misogynistic tendencies (women who worked with him are the sources). But I understand that it is common to downplay such things. He had to apologize for a bad blooper involving comments about Blacks, too. And none of this was stuff was so minor that could be discounted without displaying bigotry yourself.
  3. Women, Blacks and now gays. Can’t wait to see what group he goes after next.
  4. Other discussions have analyzed that he gets more than that through other money stream categories. “ Expenses” type stuff.
  5. You’ve got to be kidding. 🙄
  6. He is an excellent choice. I’m very happy with this.
  7. Cal answered 2 and 3. The Bloggernacle was the name for liberal LDS blogs, such as Times and Seasons. They were Mormon centered but walked the line, often going over into criticism. They saw themselves as intellectuals (and many were, the discussions could be sophisticated.) Their participation/influence has decreased just as message boards have. From what I have observed, liberal onliners who stay with the church have thoroughly rejected Dehlin and hls antics, and particularly his problems with racism and misogyny. I think it fair to say that "intellectuals," i.e., those who put in the time to read and analyze, are repelled by the anti-intellectual sloppiness of unstudied critics even though they are often critical of the church themselves.
  8. There was a time in the heyday of his approach, where he must have been on reporters' speed dial. But now, they likely go more to Patrick Mason types.
  9. He has also thoroughly turned off the Bloggernacle types. As more "intellectuals" found the freedom to start speaking freely and engaging with church problems on a more intellectual basis, the Dehlin-skip-corners-rather-than-read style didn't compete well. As with us and evangelicals, his opponents changed....and he didn't. In the 20+ years I've been in this arena, little has stayed static because the issues stay the same. It eventually turns into too many reruns. I would be as embarrased to donate to him as I would be to Tim Ballard, given Dehlin's track record with the treatment of women.
  10. I don't know what to do with the devil thing either. In the OT, he is presented as the adversarial prosecutor in a court like proceeding. I think adversary is more suitable than "devil." I think the devil thing falls apart at the beginning of the story, where he is thrown out of heaven. It doesn't strike me as that bad of an act for that severe of a punishment...more of a difference of opinion. But a lot of Mormon stuff has trouble staying coherent once you get past a couple of propositions. I don't think that is a bad thing, it just means we have to move beyond the facile bumper sticker theology stuff. No one goes around saying a good spirit made them do every good thing, we tend to give the person, or take credit for it ourselves. It gets back to those who think they are entitled to revelation for every mundane choice they have to make. We have a very erratic way of managing all of this. As for evil, I don't think we need the "natural man" and the devil, the natural man tendencies should cover a lot of evil.
  11. Question beg much? You need to document that such a list exists. I find that ludicrous. Who would compile it? How? What is the cut off for "large?" Do you really think tithing records are listed by the amount of money? Wouldn't alphabetically be more realistic, or geographically, if there are such lists? Even more ludicrous is that some GA would first, have access and second, plow through thousands of tithing records to find the big rollers.
  12. I think this is true. But it is also true that the church subordinates women. Both co-exist. So it is one thing to say that the church shapes better men while still saying nothing about how it limits women. We do ourselves no favors by trying to redefine sexism in the church. It isn't about how anyone "feels." It is about what women can do vs what men can do based on nothing but their sex, the divide isn't deniable. (Claudia Bushman once told me that the church's entire purpose was to create better men. It has succeeded, now it needs to expand.)
  13. Emily Freeman gave a barn burner talk. Probably my favorite explanation of walking the covenant path.
  14. Because that was his purpose. I've never understood those who think it elevates them to label people who don't share their opinions as "offended." It is an insult meant to silence, not understand.
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