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  1. I thought Dorie Olds accepting help, conditional on not telling anyone about it, and then casually deciding to break that promise when it suited her was even creepier.
  2. How many other schools refer to their students as children of God? Let's start there.
  3. And ignoring a very detailed and long post by a POC deserves mention In a thread about people of color that is dominated by older white men complaining about losing out. It is telling that you consider that observation... and correction...as shaming. And no, you are not going to draw me into arguing against what the church is trying to accomplish. All you want to offer is all the wrongs you think have been committed elsewhere. We have a chance, as a church, to provide an example and template for mending some significant wounds to many people. Im backing these efforts 100% and hope to see
  4. Nope. Nothing. This has to be the most cringe worthy thread ever produced on MDDB.
  5. That verse is consistent with current church practice....and certainly the Proc on the Family. There are several ways to go with polygamy. God commanded it, for reasons unknown. JS followed God's command, but didn't get it right. JS thought it would be a good idea and did it thinking God approved. JS is a reprobate and took advantage of a good thing. The problem is, none of these really work well under examination. It occured in an era where women had limited opportunity and were repressed politically, socially and culturally. And frankly, polygyny doesn't really work in any other conditi
  6. So you are saying that BYU, accountable to the First Presidency, is going full bore for racial injustice. Wow.
  7. Which is exactly what you are doing. Hello?
  8. This only works if there weren't already a bizillion scholarships at BYU that white and Asian candidates have used (my white daughter among them.) How about we do it by numbers instead. When the undesired group acquires more scholarships than the desired group, then complain?
  9. Or it is about creating a global community for a global church. I am astonished that you see "root out racism without delay" as a bad thing.
  10. Why are you calling this affirmative action?
  11. I would only recommend this for someone who is very well versed in the study of polygamy. It is certainly a masterful undertaking and one of the few that discusses women's stories. But the stories are selective with the intent of showing the worst. Not that that isn't needed after so many decades of only showing the best, but there needs to be balance...or disclosure. If you are not familiar with the sources she uses you will not know that you are only hearing parts of the story. The podcast does not educate the listener on the importance of understanding reliability problems with sources in t
  12. https://www.dialoguejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/sbi/articles/Dialogue_V11N01_46.pdf
  13. I'm not sure what you mean by Church policy vs what JS was doing. They were one and the same. Don't confuse Utah polygamy, after it became an open practice.
  14. I found this an apologetic treatment although I really appreciated this conclusion, [emphasis added] This is how I judge writings on polygamy, ". . . twenty nine men in addition to himself [JS] had married plural wives in Nauvoo." When polygamy is only counted through men when they were minor players, whatever else is written is going to be incomplete. He also puts polyandrous in scare quotes, although he does concede that although there is no evidence of conjugal relations there is no doctrinal reason why "any authorized plural marriage could not have included such relations."
  15. The DNA thing is stupid but during the Thomas O'Dea years, it was debated whether Mormons should be categorized as an ethnic group because of the high preponderance of English/Danish bloodlines. I would be considered an ethnic Mormon.
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