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  1. We seem to be indistinguishable at this point. (That mask is the top recommended cloth mask by ConsumerLab.)
  2. Well here is an effective cloth one for ya. It's only $35. Supreme Style Face Mask, Fully Adjustable Ear Loop, Neck Strap, 3 Layered, Tested and rated Filtration Effectiveness of 98.8%. 100% American- Made in our Los Angeles Factory, and shipped direct to you within one business day. LA Linen Masks are designed to Protect you from the environment, as well as protecting others. With an incredible 98.8%BFE (Bacterial Filtration Effectiveness) and Delta P of 3.8 Breathability, it is made to keep you Safe and Comfortable during a long period of use. Masks are Machine washable and dry. Color Bleach Safe. Pass 110 wash cycle test as per Military guidelines. 3 Specialized layer Design for All-Day Comfort and Protection.Outer Layer: Poly/Lycra stretch fabric for a proper tight fit. Middle Layer: Polypropylene/Cotton Polymer offering the highest level of filtration. The Inside layer is a cotton blend to keep your skin dry and comfortable, and prevent irritation. Generous Size For Excellent Jaw Mobility 9x9 inch pattern Full size mask 7x7 inch pattern Small size mask Internal nose wire for a proper fit, and reduce fogging of glasses.
  3. Are you going to deny that Fauci told people not to wear masks because they didn't work at the start of the pandemic? Cause it won't work to say he wasn't lying, if that is where you are going, he admitted it.
  4. Pogi, this is to Gui, but your railing at me seems to follow the same stream of thought that originates with "you didn't defend me." But it isn't about you, it is about advocating for any crummy mask (because in this false dilemma it is better than nothing) when effective ones are readily available. You have required us to explain those "clarifications" over and over and over and over and over and over to the point it has become a derail.
  5. Ohhhh....you should have explained that sooner! If you can't attribute conversations back to 2020 to B, then you can't be expected to pay the least bit of attention to what she actually said. Got it. Did that happen back in 2020, too? Because those you are misattributing statements to have not left out how masks do work. In fact, that has the been the very basis of the objection to encouraging people to wear masks that are known NOT to work. Because there are readily available tested masks that DO provide a high percentage of protection if worn correctly. I can keep going if you need me to.
  6. Well don't stop now, rewrite what I said and attribute it to me. It worked before, right?
  7. It was darn clear what she was saying from the get go. Like I said, you guys are unbelievable. Any deviation from your pre-approved Covid-nurturing script and you rewrite what was said to mean something that was never said, to the point others are believing that those who advocate for masks are anti-maskers. I'm not sure what you guys get out of doing that but it is starting to look like trolling.
  8. "You two"? I have not discussed any of this with Gui before wandering into a message board thread. What is with the paranoia? And now you are throwing in politics just as you attempted to paint me as an anti-masker, what the heck does Republican have to do with what masks are made of and how they fit????? Do you have to be a Dem to advocate for using the most effective masks available? What the....?
  9. It is difficult when there is more than one person rewriting what has been said by those who don't line up with all of their thinking. This has been eye opening for me on a topic like this when there should be a special effort made to quickly get to the best information and best practices.
  10. She never said that anymore than I ever said masks shouldn't be worn. You guys are unbelievable.
  11. As someone who had chicken pox, measles and mumps, I need better explanations why Covid reacts any differently to natural immunity. Not that I want to find out. But this strikes me as another common sense thing given our experience with other diseases. I am more nervous about getting a vaccine booster than the first time around, but I will because I have to get on planes now.
  12. Pogi, that is just weird. It usually doesn't help to categorize people, it is better to confront what they say. I certainly wouldn't consider you a right wing nut because you advocate for masks and vaccines. Why you consider me a political opponent because I do the same is rather mystifying. Why in the world are you demonizing anyone who advocates for effective masks?? (Throwing vaccines in as if I'm anti-vaccine is kind of dirty pool, actually. Tsk.) I came into this thread late. I'm not going to read all of it so I don't understand who I am supposed to be criticizing. I haven't seen any anti-masker posts (although your definition of anti-masks seems to be anyone who doesn't support leaky cloth masks over effective masks.)
  13. I wouldn't proselyte prickly individuals. But I do speak up with those who do wear masks (and on message boards) because I think most people probably don't know about how poorly rated some masks are. I assume if they use masks they do want to be protected/protect others. Plus, the kn95s really are more comfortable, I think.
  14. I do. Do you? How is that response any different than those who claim that unvaccinated people are only hurting themselves? (hint: it's not) Now you are sounding like an anti-masker if you think advocating for the best masks available, that actually can prevent transmission, is a "strawman."
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