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  1. I'd be interested to know this man's background, not doxing or anything but is he mentally stable or what is going on upstairs.
  2. When i was going on my mission I was at the Chicago Airport. I spotted another young guy, suit, bags family seeing him off-the whole thing. I figured he was also going on a mission. Turns he wasn't...he was going into FBI training.
  3. as it turned out though she wasn't the only one who quit wanting to have anything to do with Trump. Besides of which there was that Porter, who worked for him. It was found he was beating his wife and that whole scandal and the Bishop told the wife to think about his career (all the while he's still beating you) I am sure she is fine
  4. One thing is I see BOM interpretations meaning or only meaning that they apply to the Continental US so I would extrapolate that to say only USians would apply that to their situation, the rest of the world it doesn't apply to. I would say that if that is true why bother giving the BOM to the world if it only has application to the US? I think people need to get out of the mindset that this applies to only the 50 States.
  5. I like to seperate ideas, from Doctrine to life advice. For example, it's a good idea to get married, the doctrine is if you are sealed in a temple and live faithful you will have a continuation of the family unity after death. Life advice would be telling someone when to get married, how to stay married, should you continue to be married? it's not a doctrine that you are your holiness is dependant on how many kids you have, if any.
  6. This is butchered I know but does it sound familiar? 'The Temple is a house of learning or the Lord's classroom, the curriculum is the gospel and the teacher is the Holy Ghost'. Does that sound familiar? It sounds like something Pres. Packer would say but i've gone through his book "The Holy Temple" and have come up empty. Thank you!!!
  7. and Captain Moroni was wearing flip flops!!!!!!!!!!!!! who wear flips flops in January and to this giant mess?
  8. We have a sister here from S. Alberta who is supposed to go Leeds but that isn't happening anytime soon. Funnily enough her Uncle was in the Stake Presidency here years ago and his brother also lived here so people know the last name at least.
  9. President Ballard touched on this years ago, https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/general-conference/1992/10/the-joy-of-hope-fulfilled?lang=eng
  10. He did, he did! He said that John the Revelator had more to do with the fall of communism than we think. This was Aug. of 1998. I remember thinking I was 11 in 1989 I never thought tickety-boo about the fall of communism. He shared some 3 Nephite stories as well, i'd have to to go back and get my notes. I remember him saying that he knows their names and that we were to write them down. Of course you're like what is this?! But he told us he knew their names and had us turn to 3 Nephi 19 :4 and said they are all right there. SMH!!!!!!!!!!!!!😶
  11. This might be kind of long! So, my dad is or was German, he's passed away now. He joined the Church in 1962 here in Canada, met my Mum and she joined in 1967 in which year they got married. My Mum said she didn't do genealogy right away but it took awhile. So, in the late 1960's my Dad wrote his father for genealogical information and he responded with scant details. So, that was all that has been done for my Dad's line since then. One of his families my dad said was "Trittenpriess". My Mum said she has been looking for information about my Dad's family, given what little information she had s
  12. I recall hearing a comedian saying they visited Temple Square and was told we get sealed in temples and if we endure we can be together with our family forever and they said, "what happens if you are good?"😊🤣
  13. I am helping to write a book! it's the history of our temple and church history here. I have had some amazing experiences doing it too. Plus, not twenty minutes ago an order of 8 books came in. it's from Cardston, Alberta so I have to wash my hands now, ugh
  14. The problem is most people who believe this conspiracy stuff won't be convinced otherwise. I think too that it's one thing to think that the mafia killed JFK than it is to think that the Canadian Government knows how to control winter, you know as well but if you tell anyone, "government agents" will kill you.
  15. I think my district went through with me, at least i recall my MTC companion being my escort and I remember sitting in the Provo temple dumbstruck and processing everything and the sister missionaries we're like, "well, what did you think?" ummmmmmmmmmmmm well, if my folks can do it or did it hahahhahahahhahaha!
  16. I had absolutely no temple training or anything prior to serving. No one told me ticketey-boo about the temple. Back then (1998) there were only two Canadian temples and one was closed. So I went to the MTC unendowed, People lost their minds that I wasn't endowed. I remember thinking the entire time well, if my folks can do this and they turned out allright then it can't be that bad! I would say thought that I really fell in love so to speak with temples and temple work at the MTC just because it was so close and you could actually go without making it a huge excursion.
  17. oh yes! and Spanish as well. This mission had a Spanish missionary program but it kind of flopped overtime, lack of interest,2 or three tiny areas with Spanish people, missionary burnout, missionaries not getting the language etc.
  18. how do you know that God didn't inspire other Governments? the US owes its existence, for better or worse, to other Governments. I have never read the constitution and probably most of the Earth's population hasn't either. Are we not conforming to God's will? Why should you read the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms anymore than I should read your thing?
  19. I'm sorry to hear about your friend☹️ I don't know how all that stuff works, but yeah I hope they recover. Our Stake President got it but he recovered, he works at a Hospital so it's no surprise where he got it
  20. How nuts is this? https://www.thechurchnews.com/leaders-and-ministry/2020-12-05/elder-renlund-tests-positive-covid-19-sister-renlund-199240
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