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  1. on "older" chapels here at least they have the old way of the Church's name, which they changed in the mid 90's sometime! someone should look into that!
  2. https://news-nz.churchofjesuschrist.org/article/how-charitable-donations-in-australiaare-helping-people-around-the-world not sure of this was posted or not, it's from April of this year
  3. So, NOBODY mentioned the Fifth Estate show today at church. We had a mayoral election this week and that was mentioned once or twice and someone confessed to adultery in Sunday School-he had told the Bishop, SP all this but felt the need to share in class. So, Canadian tax laws wasn't even hinted at!
  4. if you go to the Fifth Estate FB page you'll find no comments. Why? NOBODY CARES!!!!!!!!!! the CRA, the IRS said it's legal so what is the issue? Why should the church be punished for following the law? should the church break the law?
  5. I can't, don't and won't speak for all Canadians but this is hardly news. Nobody watches the Fifth Estate anyways, I had forgotten all about it. Who wants to watch a show about Canadian tax law anyways?😴😴😴😴 One thing that is remarkable to me is there is a Federal Tax Court Judge, which-as I am led to believe, is one court down from the Canadian Supreme Court, in that area but anyways, he's a member of the Church. He has like 4 or 5 University degrees, he used to be a Stake President in Alberta. He's an expert on Canadian Tax Law. They should have interviewed him. Besides, he has a way hot daughter💥
  6. They had a Canadian version of this, something like The Book of the Mormons and now i'm getting emailed on FB from people who haven't been to Church in YEARS saying how upset they are about the Church
  7. Both World Wars had members of the church on opposing sides, Germany had the most members in Europe pre WW2-IIRC they had 13,000 and England was 2nd with 10,000
  8. This is interesting https://www.thechurchnews.com/members/2022/10/13/23402779/church-issues-statement-on-account-data-incident-affecting-some-members-employees
  9. it'll be interesting to see how this will look when it comes out in the paper copy of the Liahona
  10. I was going to say that too, how do you burn doctrines?
  11. we are also counseled not to be a "as a busybody in other men's matters" if it isn't your business, which it usually isn't then let those who's business it is deal with it. God didn't ask you or me to me to make final judgements on anyone, we don't know the whole story-as much as people like to think they do
  12. our temple has a prairie crocus motif on the temple exterior
  13. The CHL put this up recently about these things https://history.churchofjesuschrist.org/blog/ask-us-top-reference-questions-about-book-of-mormon-artifacts?lang=eng
  14. do you honestly believe this pure nonsense? Do you not know that while the natural man is an enemy to God, God is not an enemy to the natural man? Are you prepared to tell someone sorry but your genetic predisposition makes you unlovable by God, your abuse at the hands of your LDS Bishop father makes you unlovable by God. your need to go to therapy makes you unlovable by God. If you don't want to celebrate the "natural man" then don't be a capitalist as that is pure Korihor thinking. What institutions are not teaching sin, guilt and repentance? Do you think you can eat what you want, rot your teeth and your dentist will be happy? do you think you can break the law and the justice dept. will be happy about it? Why don't you you grow up and not wait for others to do stuff for you already, quit complaining about "Progressive western culture" I would hate to be in your EQ class and listen to this garbage
  15. I am dumbstruck that Ireland and Scotland didn't get a temple
  16. I really liked Elder Rasband's talk. When I was in the MTC we did "Search for Christ" in the Book of Mormon, one thing I learned is that it's one thing to find Jesus on a page but it's entirely another thing to find Jesus in your heart and mind
  17. ah, get to know these people and how you came to be where you are. I don't know if it's "spiritual" per se but at some day and age we'll meet these people, hopefully, and it would be nice to know something about them. There is a quotation I love from Pres. George F. Richards, "I love my grandparents, for they gave my parents life and existence, and made it possible for me to live and enjoy the blessings I enjoy today. And just as well I love all my forebears; no matter how far back they may be traced they belong to me and I to them. I love them. As I become more acquainted with them, by genealogical research and by doing for them the necessary work for their salvation, in the temple of the Lord, I love them more." April 1935 General Conference
  18. rather than hunting around Family Search looking for a family name the option is now available that it's all laid out for you, so you know, basically, who needs what ordinance. Indexing is an option, it's one part of finding names to take to the temple, not the only option. I find records and index them myself and just read them off of a register or whatever. Family history though is more than names and dates it's what kind of life did they lead and if you can find that out that's pretty cool too.
  19. In 3 Nephi 17 verse 16-17, it's an interesting snippet from the probable records of the "multitude" of what Jesus had said and done in the previous chapters. So, I suspect that Mormon had their records of what Jesus has said and done and he included that piece in his part
  20. well, it was Elder John A. Widtsoe who said "though the Lord will not deprive men of the right of free agency, even in the last extremity, He may, in His great mercy, ameliorate the terrors of warfare and turn the tide of battle in behalf of the righteous" Evidences and Reconciliations, Ch. 11. Now, according to him, he "may" do that and he didn't say a collective righteousness so one may assume a righteous individual on either side of a war
  21. I have a quotation in mind about God limiting war from the First Presidency in WW2 but I ordered from a new pizza place so it'll have to wait🍕
  22. I have a hazy recollection he was, or at the time, a lawyer
  23. honestly, I wouldn't put it past her. I doubt anyone even knew her husband, they divorced in the 80's sometime.
  24. Many years ago a grandson of Elder Wirthlin would post on here, I don't think his name was Greg though, his handle was St. Balthasar-something like that. I think that Thomas Wirthlin McConkie is also a grandson of Elder Wirthlin
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