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  1. My Dad grew up in Nazi Germany and his uncle was imprisoned because he was Communist during the war. Like someone once said Canada and the US are two different birds living in the same tree. We just don't have the same history
  2. and? the Government takes its cues from the disease in this case, if you want to be to hooked up to a ventilator for 2 weeks at an overcrowded hospital then have it-the rest of us would prefer to enjoy our summer. In our case here the Government says 50 can congregate so we work with that, no fuss no muss
  3. not here, the gov. just limits the amount of people that can assemble. We could have gone back in May if the Stake had allowed it
  4. I have and sounds good to me. I can practice my minority religion in Canada without any infringements, you can't pray to open municipal meetings but so what. We had a case here that lasted almost 10 years involving a member of the Church and the Provincial Supreme Court came to a draw on it but it never went to the Canadian Supreme Court
  5. well, the Canadian Supreme Court are dealing with this https://www.scc-csc.ca/case-dossier/cb/index-eng.aspx nothing about a a church!
  6. I said "drag the court" not "dragged the court" there is no difference!!!!!!!!🥴
  7. i'll be honest I don't know or care how the USSC works, it doesn't affect anything to do with my life. Why give in though to these petitioners if it's all discretionary? why squeeze the juice out of that? there must be some good that can come from it-like the decisions , don't like it, go to church don't go church, can people make up their own minds or can't they? why involve a court? seems a waste of time for something that will go away
  8. go to church, don't go to church, why drag the USSC into this? the pandemic will go away so why waste court time?
  9. Where I live it's quite the opposite, everybody's is pregnant it seems! I guess they didn't want to watch another episode of Star Trek, so why not👄
  10. ah, give it time, this will blow over, be cautious of course. I think they didn't want to have people to go back early when given enough time the pandemic shall pass and they all can go back safely. I am not surprised but this didn't upset the apple cart for me
  11. it appears that BYU is on the move with this https://www.thechurchnews.com/members/2020-07-22/byu-committee-race-equity-belonging-connecting-community-189483 “review processes, [policies] and organizational attitudes regarding racism.”
  12. Obviously as members of the Church we are gathering scattered Israel in these latter-days and i'm given to understand that the tribe of Ephraim is the primary gatherer. What though would preclude someone from another tribe gathering others to Christ? I had a Bishop years ago who was Jewish and I don't know but i'd say he probably wasn't from Ephraim and I know a brother in our Stake who is from Dan. Both of whom served as Bishops. What would make Ephraim more special than other tribes if we all are charged to do the same thing?
  13. i'd buy that, would you say they are temporary changes or?
  14. I wonder? if how many members will come back to Church or during this whole pandemic, maybe this is a thing to get some back? in out ward of about 150 people, only 80 have come back, with 10 missionaries but they came both weeks so really 60 but I expect more will return when it's safer
  15. I wonder why they would release it to the press if they didn't want the press to talk about it?
  16. https://www.thechurchnews.com/temples/2020-07-20/first-presidency-announces-changes-to-temple-ceremonies-covid-19-189240 Well, i'll be. I wonder what has changed? oh rats, I guess we can't speculate, unless someone knows something?!
  17. well, the chances of winning are slim to none☹️
  18. oh nice! Vanc. is a great, great city! all of those places Canadian MUSTS did you roll up the rim to win?!
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