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  1. Plain as white bread! It gets so cold here that you hope for heated arguments with people
  2. I don't live in BC!!!! I live really east of it! Mountains creep me out
  3. Canadians play cricket? not that i've ever seen or heard!
  4. so, if I don't do a family name within the two years or three years I can reserve it again and try to do it this time? I have like 300 hundred names with at least 800 plus ordinances and there is no way we can do all that in two years. So, some of them we will release to the Temple system and they can be done by others but with the ones we are keeping we can do as many as we can if the two years comes up we can reserve them still when we get that email?
  5. I have not. I have family in BC but in the Okanagan
  6. I have these printed cards with family names to take to the temple, does anyone know if there is a time limit on doing them? So, would they be say be invalidated in 3 years from the day of printing or something? Then you would have to reprint them. I see on Family Search that with some names I get this message, "One or more of these ordinances were shared with the temple. You may reserve these ordinances, and then you have 90 days to complete them." Does anyone know if there is a time limit on doing family names? What is this 90 day message pertaining to?
  7. they are wannbe GI Joe's, it's cosplay for adults, skip the convention fee!
  8. I had a mission companion who was, still? a member of a militia group. He used to post these kinds of photos on facebook, he believed he and his 30 out of shape friends were the solo hope of the US, everyone was infiltrated or something. He would post these poorly worded manifesto's to ISIS and some other groups, telling them to beware of him and friends. He even mentioned once or twice storming the White House to physically remove Obama-and that is when I removed him from facebook, the last last thing I need is the RCMP kicking down my door at 330am asking me about this guy, so I want to avoi
  9. why are you dumping all this on me? I don't have anything to do with Quebec immigration or immigration good luck with your son and family!
  10. But he wasn't put in a cage was he? and he wasn't a child? Keep in mind though that Quebec has different laws than the rest of Canada in regards to immigration, not totally. One is the French language requirement.
  11. ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Wesley? I don't follow Star Trek
  12. we just had a retired Air Force couple from Arizona move here, we haven't met them yet because they are in quarantine. We welcome everyone!!!!! We think they came here for the healthcare for their two sick daughters but yeah send anyone up here!
  13. To say nothing about the brown shirts and vans, haven't we seen this before in history?
  14. ah, we had a jump in homicides and violent crime last year but nothing related to covid, BLM or the police or anything like that
  15. are you talking about Japanese internment camps during WW2? I agree with these measures https://laws.justice.gc.ca/eng/acts/Q-1.1/page-2.html
  16. we only quarantine Americans and Eastern Canadians now, Hitler would agree that we should quarantine Calgary riff raff😜
  17. I am on the webpage for our province and its the same amount across the board, it depends on if its outside, social distancing in place and regulated. 50 people inside , 100 outside. no change for bars, breweries, beverage rooms ooh, a survey!
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