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  1. Our MP talked to us about this at a zone conference once, he told us that it didn't affect your standing in the church so don't be calling him at 4am telling him about it. I don't know the whats and the wherefore's about it
  2. there's the BYU studies one, not sure of the date though https://byustudies.byu.edu/charts/7-6-synopsis-four-gospels
  3. We have already done or started to do virtual EQ, not great but it's something anyways
  4. nobody here, but I know one member(not personally who died from it) Our temple dedication has been postponed because of it. Which in hindsight nobody o God's green earth wants to stand around outside in November waiting for a tour or something. Pass
  5. who knows what announcements they'll make beyond new temples. It seems covid has blown up everything now and new and novel ways of doing things seems (I suspect) has already happened. I am intrigued by the changes to the endowment , whatever they are I look forward to it
  6. I was wondering the same thig, but have heard el zippo. I suspect trials and tribulations will be made a mention
  7. Have you read the story about the excommunicated Mission president? I love what Pres. Ballard told him https://latterdaysaintmag.com/the-journey-home-for-a-mission-president-who-was-excommunicated/
  8. you're talking about something else entirely, "communicating with the dead" which isn't what I was talking about-Joseph Smith did it a la Moroni et al. I can think of a thousand things not mentioned in scriptures that neither you nor I nor anyone else made like Elk, otters, muskrats. Unicorns are mentioned in the scriptures, are they real? can you tell their feeding schedule, i'd love to see one
  9. would you prefer the Lethbridge Lasers? or the Brooks Badgers?😜
  10. The Edmonton Oilers aren't mentioned in the scriptures either but they sadly exist, I am wondering if there is any basis for this phenomenon
  11. oh the house is long gone, he's probably up in the spirit world playing cribbage or watching Alfred the Great discuss England with Sir Winston Churchill or something! If someone comes for someone who dies , in the next life, we wouldn't know about in this life, we don't live there, we live here. We'll never know if anyone came for him, he died instantly, no time!
  12. I would imagine if someone was killed instantly they wouldn't be time for someone to come and get them. Mind you I have read accounts of soldiers saying they had some kind of experience where they knew they were going to do and then did, if they wrote about it in a letter, diary, told someone etc. My Great Uncle Stanley was killed instantly in WW1 and he, apparently, came to the farm house to visit his mother. She said she could feel his presence as if he was right there and so when they got the news that he was killed she wasn't surprised by it-it was like he was coming to say goodbye
  13. That is very lovely thank you for sharing!
  14. that's the thing we'll never know 10 percent until we're dead ourselves, which I don't want!hahhaha!
  15. Something that has been reported, at least, in my family, on three occasions that we know of (member of the church and non member) is that when you are dying they claim to have seen a loved one that already died. It's almost like that deceased person is coming to get them. I know Brigham Young said "Joseph" when he was dying-I have no idea if he saw him or wanted to see him, I wasn't there. Do you think there is something to that idea that when you are dying someone from the great beyond comes and gets you?
  16. https://churchofjesuschristtemples.org/cardston-alberta-temple/ a random temple, just click on "prayer roll" and away you go!
  17. exactley, like if the Book of Mormon was given exclusively to the US-why bother distributing it to everyone everywhere? The other thing too is what version of the US? as you know the US in 1830 isn't like it is today-No Taco Bell🌮, no KFC🍗, In and Out Burger🍔, besides new US States🌎
  18. Mind you though who is going to be praying over these names?
  19. I submitted some names and voila! it worked! You could always do it online, just email the specific temple and ask them to do it and they'd do it.
  20. correct me if I am wrong but a Dr. Bart Kowallis of BYU did work in this stuff years ago, i'm too lazy though to look it up though😴
  21. we know different children then! hahahha!
  22. and why we have inflated membership roles. In our Stake, when the temple is discussed in the media, it's purported we have 4500 members. We don't. We have 3200 members, 1200-1300 are active ish, with about 600 with an active recommend, with about 2-300 endowed without a recommend. That's like 2000 people inactive, worse if somehow the 4500 number is accurate
  23. Do we agree on what constitutes third Isaiah? I am reading right now from Joe Spencer of BYU saying that there isn't third isaiah in the Book of Mormon if you say that third isaiah is chapters 56-66, which he is correct.There are two references from Isaiah 55
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