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  1. I'm glad you've been able to work your way through your doubts, and that you found the help you needed here. I know from personal experience these types of doubts are quite painful. I'm mindful of my dependence on the Spirit, and my need of patience, and humility as I go through this process.
  2. Thank you HT, It is my hope to find answers that satisfy my desire for a strengthened faith without hiding from the difficult subject.
  3. I purchased and have been reading the book you recommended. Much of what I've read so far is disturbing. I hope that in time I'll find peace and understanding about the topic, and in the long run my faith will have a better foundation.
  4. Thank you for your frank and thoughtful response to my question.
  5. Hi Juliann, here is something I have difficulty reconciling: D&C 42:22 seems to qualify as Church policy and doctrine limiting a man from taking more than one wife, yet it is widely accepted within the Church that Joseph Smith went, and was going beyond those bounds. Also there are many verses in the Book Of Mormon where prophets railed against plural wives, and believing Saints take these pronouncements to be inspired. These all seem to be at odds with the behavior and private teaching of JS.
  6. Thank you Juliann for your interest. Ultimately I'd like to believe the practice was ordained by God, but that may be asking too much of a book and would necessitate personal revelation. I'd like to know in practice how polygamy was regulated, what permission was required and by whom. What obligations were expected in the financial support of spouses. A friend of mine said these unions required the permission of the First Presidency. I'm not sure that is true. I'm interested in the conflict between pronouncements of Church policy concerning the numbers of individuals acceptable within a mar
  7. I would like to have a better understanding of the history of polygamy and how it was practiced in the Church. I was thinking about reading In Sacred Loneliness but doubt I'd get through eight hundred pages. Polygamy has been a sensitive subject, and one that frankly I've been inclined to avoid for fear of damage to my faith in the Restoration. What books or other sources do you recommend to better understand this part of our history?
  8. That's why I wrote a degree of sympathy. it's not absolute.
  9. I've not been active in apologetics for a number of years, so I hadn't noticed the shift. I have a degree of sympathy for many who struggle with religious questions. Many come to harbor tender feelings and have challenges not easily overcome. I'm grateful for those who were patient with me at times when I've struggled myself.
  10. Thank you Kenngo for your welcoming words.I just re-read Helaman 16, which has some similarity to my questioning, verse 18 "That it is anot reasonable that such a being as a Christ shall come; if so, and he be the Son of God, the Father of heaven and of earth, as it has been spoken, why will he not show himself unto us as well as unto them who shall be at Jerusalem?" I see some similarity to this in my question and speculating why God doesn't reveal to all with certainty His doctrines that believers are divided on. Those saying it was not reasonable that a Christ would come. could not see
  11. I’m sorry I couldn’t participate more actively in the discussion. It was a really busy day at work. I appreciate all who have taken the time to contribute to the discussion. I didn’t expect so many responses. Thank you all. It’s a interesting topic, and one that to a great degree I expect will remain mysterious, at least to me. There is much we won’t know while in mortality.
  12. Your quote from Lectures On Faith Explain that God’s exercise of faith is elemental to His power. The worlds were created by His faith for example. If that is true then our learning to exercise and navigate life with a reliance on faith is a form of training to develop a more god like nature, becoming more like Him through the practice. This gives me a basis for understanding His exclusion for the most part of sure knowledge on many religious questions. On the other hand, a lot of horrid things have come as a result of religious differences and confusion.
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