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  1. That's why I wrote a degree of sympathy. it's not absolute.
  2. I've not been active in apologetics for a number of years, so I hadn't noticed the shift. I have a degree of sympathy for many who struggle with religious questions. Many come to harbor tender feelings and have challenges not easily overcome. I'm grateful for those who were patient with me at times when I've struggled myself.
  3. Thank you Kenngo for your welcoming words.I just re-read Helaman 16, which has some similarity to my questioning, verse 18 "That it is anot reasonable that such a being as a Christ shall come; if so, and he be the Son of God, the Father of heaven and of earth, as it has been spoken, why will he not show himself unto us as well as unto them who shall be at Jerusalem?" I see some similarity to this in my question and speculating why God doesn't reveal to all with certainty His doctrines that believers are divided on. Those saying it was not reasonable that a Christ would come. could not see
  4. I’m sorry I couldn’t participate more actively in the discussion. It was a really busy day at work. I appreciate all who have taken the time to contribute to the discussion. I didn’t expect so many responses. Thank you all. It’s a interesting topic, and one that to a great degree I expect will remain mysterious, at least to me. There is much we won’t know while in mortality.
  5. Your quote from Lectures On Faith Explain that God’s exercise of faith is elemental to His power. The worlds were created by His faith for example. If that is true then our learning to exercise and navigate life with a reliance on faith is a form of training to develop a more god like nature, becoming more like Him through the practice. This gives me a basis for understanding His exclusion for the most part of sure knowledge on many religious questions. On the other hand, a lot of horrid things have come as a result of religious differences and confusion.
  6. A person my feel something is true with great certainty, yet their assumptions are wrong. But if God so chose he could make things unassailable.
  7. This can so easily be confusing. I believe a person may in good conscience act in accords to their religious beliefs in a manner that surely feels and is persecution to another who in good conscience is following another faith. Acting in accords to one’s faith is an act of faith, is it not? I’m sure as anything in my religion that God wants me to be guided by faith, yet that may cause others to oppose my beliefs based on their exercise of faith.
  8. I have been thinking lately about why God keeps knowledge of many things from being scientifically provable, and the price that has been paid because of disputations on matters of faith. I'm sure your all familiar with these historic persecutions. God could if He chose reveal to mankind with unmistakable clarity how we are to worship, and what is true and false doctrine. I suppose it must be that uncertainty is critical to testing our nature, and that test is the reason for our mortal probation. It pains me to think of the cruelty that religious disputations have fostered throughout history,
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