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  1. Brand new product. Based on points of compass rather than days in year. Marketed to Mormons and Pentacostals.
  2. The first immigration restrictions did not hit the U.S. until the Chinese Exclusion Act of 1879. Brigham Young had been dead for two years. He would have had no role in discussing controlling U.S. borders because that was not a concept during his lifetime. Despite various pandering statements, Brigham Young despised the U.S. He openly advocated hanging Pres Buchanan. Why would he be interested in discussing the controlling of its borders? He negotiated with the Mexican government the occupation of "Upper California" (Salt Lake Valley) as a place to practice plural marriage safely. (Although bigamy was a crime under Mexican law, the government did not enforce it.) The safety of the Salt Lake Valley became undone with the Treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo in 1848, leading eventually to the Mormon war against the United States. Brigham Young committed major crimes against U.S. law for which he received a pardon. Somehow I just can't see him being the person you see him, and as far as I can tell, his politics were a weird amalgam of mercantilism and Southern (anti U.S.) leanings. It is one thing to counsel the Saints about staying in place in their countries, and quite another to get involved in the political discussion of border control. These are two separate concepts, and as far as I can tell, the Church has tilted in favor of open immigration.
  3. I like this board because it is a cool place to shop for Microsoft 360.
  4. That isn't true. The GOP opposed it. The Dems were afraid of voter backlash and didn't pass it either.
  5. The problem is not with the merits of DACA but with the fact the President lacked the authority to enact it. The Dems now have the power. Will they do it? No.
  6. Well, your observation about McConkie is correct but it wasn't doctrine in the official church sense. And I dispute the concept that the prophet defines current doctrine. It is the Q12 that does that.
  7. Nope. That is Bill Reel's argument. Church doctrine is want the Q12 says it is. Of course there is likely a church website entry that contradicts me.
  8. Although at one time in my life I spent a lot of time in Biblical scholarship, I don't think Biblical scholarship is necessary in the Church. I used to own a dozen or so different commentaries. I remember how I held my nose reading Bruce R. McConkie's NT commentary when it deviated so far from established learning about particular passages. I have many books by New Testament and Hebrew scholars. I remember feeling proud for myself teaching classes and drawing upon these commentaries. I am reaching the point where I don't think this stuff is even helpful. I have long considered and understood this talk by Elder Oaks: https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1995/01/scripture-reading-and-revelation?lang=eng.
  9. Some apologia is absurd and wrong based upon the evidence that exists, like John Sorensen's theories. But, some apologia lends insight.
  10. As said elsewhere, the only ex cathedra statements in the Church are those approved by the Q12. I sure as heck know that Bishops and Stake Presidents make mistakes and are only men. Why are not the Brethren the same?
  11. So I consider Elder McConkie to be one of the greatest authorities this Church has ever produced. Do I believe everything he says? Mostly. Do I get great insights from him? On occasion and significantly so.
  12. Elder McConkie is a favorite whipping boy of the marginal member. "Mormon Doctrine," last time I checked, was one of the most heavily cited references in General Conference. Elder McConkie was uniquely a scriptorian, meaning, he knew the KJV scriptures back and forth. But a Biblical scholar he was not. He didn't know any of the basics of Biblical commentary even though he wrote one. The Church doesn't really need a Biblical scholar, as Elder Dallin Oaks once said in a famous speech in or around 2003. Elder Oaks said that we rely upon and revere the words of the Bible for what the words are today, and not for what contemporaneous religious and secular history might explain the words to be. Elder Oaks said that the Bible can be interpreted many different ways by people subject to the Spirit. The Church doesn't need a Bart Erhmann (sp?) to understand the Bible. In public Elder McConkie was not a very lovable fellow. The Church doesn't really require that. On my mission the most lovable and empathetic person, with a lot of success, came home, married a wonderful person and then divorced her to live an alternative life style. So having a loveable personality is not much of a requirement. Elder McConkie tended not to be in harmony with his Brethren because he was stubborn. I consider that to be troublesome but then he would not likey have generated his famous works. Elder McConkie has an annoying writing style (he loved the word "transcendant" which means nothing), which seems to be copied after his father in law. I just ignore all that, because being Terryl Givens isn't quite what the world needs.
  13. Theodore Turley? My last Turley was Francis Turley who married Miles Archibald Romney in the colonies in the late 19th Century.
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