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  1. Why should I ask for help? The rant against the Park Ranger Stan is just an analogue. County and State parks have been closed in California by bureaucrats at the direction of county and state political employees. It is too easy for the bureaucrats and employees to go along with this. They are all getting paid. I've not heard of any layoffs in California. You have to understand that my legal practice involves gaining access to permit granters and bureaucrats for clients. No can do as a general matter. Things are opening up but I question why this was done in the first place. G
  2. In the first 30 seconds I could see he had the name of the Church wrong.
  3. I indeed dispute what you say. As a whole they are not good working people. Want a job as a park ranger? Stay home. Do nothing. Collect a paycheck. Despite the fact the job is outdoors. Does your city in California have a system of outdoor areas such as running trails or beaches? Shut them down. But employees who supervise them collect paychex. By contrast, private sector employees are out of a job. I employ 20 people. I now have to borrow to pay them. I can't keep it up. Yet the City employees who work across the street from my office are getting paid. To sta
  4. Not all government workers are lazy. But the huge community of government workers have let society down. Government workers continue to collect pay, but private workers do not. Government pay has only an indirect relationship to taxation. You have not disputed the fact that the government has suspended the operations of lifeguards, park rangers, building inspectors, building and safety workers, and others. As a lawyer I can't get action from the departments in California that administer health care, securities, insurance, gas and oil, because they are all home -- collecting a pay
  5. As I have said before, the Covid shutdown is an excuse for government workers to collect their pay but do nothing. No lifeguards, building and safety inspections, park rangers, and the like. Entire swaths of parks and running trails have been shut down -- because government workers didn't want to be there to supervise. Large sections of California coastlines -- closed. Parking lots to access the coast -- closed. Marathons -- cancelled because no permits would issue. Insurance commissioner's office; the DMV; you name it.
  6. Hah. Please don't tear into me. It isn't worth it.
  7. As a lawyer who practices in the area of childhood sexual abuse, I can assure you there aren't studies of abuse like this. Groomers rely upon "affinity crimes" to obtain access to children. A priest, a youth pastor, a bishop, a young men's president, a soccer coach, a Boy's and Girl's leader, a teacher, a track coach, a basketball coach, a guy who has daughters who has sleepovers. A person who drives by an elementary school is a very desperate and rare individual. The Church will necessarily have higher numbers because the Church provides access to youth, and not because of histor
  8. That is an absurd statement. Thus, when Scientology claims the existence of thetans, the burden of proof is whose? Whose burden is it to prove that Mithras was born from a rock? That Mary was immaculately conceived? That Catholic saints do not move of their own volition? There is no burden of proof as ultimate proof is unavailing. The burden of persuasion is upon the person advocating the position of improbability. The theory of Ye Olde English is one of desperation. The Book of Mormon is a question of faith. It is not to be analyzed by the false theoretical const
  9. Do you see what is wrong with this analysis? You're not quoting Martin Harris. Martin Harris' statement is contained in the Book of Mormon. He had an entire lifetime to impeach that statement. He didn't. So much is said about Joseph Smith and the witnesses which doesn't come out of their mouths. Head in a hat while translating? Joseph Smith never said it and instead said that the Lord didn't want to reveal the translation process.
  10. I also liked tennis. Our grade depended on where we ranked in the class after playing each other. I was at the bottom of the men but I bested all the women. I got a B-.
  11. Can you teach in Religious Education without a college degree? Or at least a Master's. I know the guy who taught me freshman BoM didn't seem to want to be there and was a Provo businessman. Just read from the manual. Became a general authority 20 years later. Monte Nyman taught me Isaiah. He just used the OT and BoM text and the Church manual. I just didn't see it. Don't instructors have to be more than an institute teacher? Didn't seem so. The assistant director of the Ancient Scripture Department doesn't even have a degree in the field. Does he teach? Not really a
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