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  1. I don't plan to ignore you. I think your argument is technically frivolous because (1) the church's actions don't contravene scripture, and indeed the NT suggests excommunication with zero process or fairness, (2) "fairness" is in the eyes of the holder, particularly given the autonomy doctrine, and (3) you really don't have standing. As a lawyer I never simply ignore argument that is frivolous. Now, if you were to comment upon the work of the Mesoamerican theory for the Book of Mormon, or whether Joseph Smith really "translated" Egyptian or any legit language at all, or whether Marga
  2. Hah hah. You've touched on one of my libertarian notions. People who pay stupid money for nutrional supplements, especially through MLM schemes, ought to do so and nobody should care about it. They probably get a lot of psychic value out of it. I roll my eyes at people in Utah county who work for MLMs but I say -- hey -- it makes people happy. Like gambling on horses.
  3. And I'm here to argue that you really don't have "standing" to make this particular argument. If you were railing against how the Brotherhood of the Elks expels members over 70 years of age, I'd have the same reaction.
  4. I do feel sorry for her. I have read her prior stuff, especially when I was a bishop trying to understand basic stuff about relationships. I thought she was good and would have recommended her to any ward member having issues. Now --- no.
  5. I don't think it all relevant that he makes money off his donations. As long as the IRS doesn't care about it than why should anybody else care?
  6. I guess I wonder why you, who is out of fellowship, complain about the process for a member's exit when such isn't doctrinal or scriptural and the church can do what it wants. I certainly can see your argument about salvation for gays; abortion rights; gold plates; angels; the Book of Abraham; holding onto money and not spending it; and other purportedly offensive teachings of the church. But mere procedures for an exit? The Church could say: All disciplinary councils are held in Salt Lake City. Nobody can attend. Nobody can submit evidence. We'll go on what the bishop says. That cetai
  7. I really cannot understand why you are so offended by her exit disciplinary council. I mean, the church used to excommunicate people for dancing. During the Nauvoo period. I've used the word "autonomy" before, but what it means is that when it comes to conditions of membership, a church has the right to complete freedom in defining such. I had an ancestor excommunicated for striking his plural wife. Conditions for exit can be completely arbitrary. I guess you can complain about it, but I'd spend my time complaining about misuse of church funds, patriarchal abuse, interviewing children, an
  8. She has some rather liberal views about masturbation and pornography that counter the Church's position. And Freud's. And the DSM-IV-TR manual. And the policies of many other churches, Christian and otherwise.
  9. The church central gets involve only when complaints come from outside the stake. I was a witness to a disciplinary proceeding against an apostle's sister. He wanted to intervene; the stake wouldn't let him.
  10. They are trying obviously to avoid the Bill Reel problem. He said he wasn't recording but it obviously was recorded. I think Bill was just wrong. I feel sorry for her in above exchange. I've read her professional writings and thought she demanded lots of respect. Now she looks ridiculous. Pornography is a real problem as many religions and therapists say, and religion ought to speak out against it. Isn't there a DSM-IV-TR statement dealing with pornography?
  11. Here is the original quote: The ACLU challenged the following statutory statement: "Public schools within this State shall give balanced treatment to creation-science and to evolution-science." The plaintiffs challenging the statement were: Arkansas Bishops of the United Methodist, Episcopal, Roman Catholic and African Methodist Episcopal Churches, the principal official of the Presbyterian Churches in Arkansas, other United Methodist, Southern Baptist and Presbyterian clergy, as well as several persons who sue as parents and next friends of minor children attending Arkansas pub
  12. Protesting what? The answer is yes, no and maybe depending upon policy and the circumstances. I had a companion in the mission field who was kicked out of BYU for streaking through a women's dorm. Should he have been kicked out or not?
  13. Who is they? If an apostate is in a plain state of apostasy, the duty is to excommunicate. How "loving" and "compassionate" is that. You see Jesus through a New Age lens.
  14. But you're just piling on with Happy to condemn what the Church has full autonomy to dictate. The NT is very clear that the Church has a sacred obligation to give the heave-ho to members that trouble the Church. "Cut them off," using a double entendre relationg to castration. The body of the saints is supposed to be of one mind, not agitating here and there with Bill Reel and John Dehlin.
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