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  1. I am conservative as well, but call myself a "never-Trump" libertarian conservative. Many good members of the Church are falling for the worst of this. A friend of mine in my stake, a wealthy commercial real estate broker, believes that liberals are kidnapping conservative children for reeducation camps, that vaccinations are a means to social control of conservatives, and that Big Tech Facebook and Instagram need to be put out of business by the government. I am aghast and tell him that; naturally, I am branded a "liberal." The GOP is going to fail and badly with this.
  2. Lots of arm waving without any support. You're just a socialist; decry the wealth docs obtain. "The richer they get." The reality is that the gov't regulates the number of medical schools and docs in the united states. If the gov't withdrew that regulation, we'd have more competition amongst docs. And Medicare sets the costs for procedures, which all, or almost all, health care providers follow. Tobacco is a particular bad example of government socialization. We see all such foolish government advertising with public money. Tobacco, alcohol, where to dig, railroad crossings, etc. and etc. Meanwhile, because it isn't deemed socially acceptable, we don't see ads against marijuana or STDs. The morons who work in state and federal public health do it for the government paycheck. They do not act in our best interests.
  3. There is no real private medicine. What docs and hospitals charge depends on a fee schedule regulated by the DofH. Insurance is now dependant upon the ACA. The government even controls the number of doctors educated and new hospital construction.
  4. Hopefully I'm not all that ignorant. I practice law representing big medical institutions, whose names you would instantly recognize. Some of the largest hospitals and hospital chains in the U.S. I don't do malpractice work but represent them in administrative relations with the government. I believe that the private health care industry could do all you cite and more. Much more. We should leave it to trained doctors to prescribe treatments and set costs. If the government wants socialized medicine, as it does, it should simply issue vouchers. Can you imagine the stupidity of the Veterans' Administration? A huge public health care program. The government builds hospitals for the vets and hires staff for the hospitals. A friend of mine, a Navy Vet, waited almost a year for a hip replacement and over a year for dentures. When I was a bishop I would go to the local vet hospital in Westwood, California, a huge complex. I was appalled at conditions. Far worse than a regular hospital. What is the solution? One solution is to simply fold the veterans into Medicare, even though that too is an appalling program. Socialized medicine in the U.S. is a nightmare. Get the gorillas of the CDC out of the treatment of patients.
  5. Well, you've proved me wrong. What idiots those public health officials are. I guess the average person must trust them.
  6. I doubt the prophet is endorsing public health officials, the biggest nincompoops in the government. After all, the CDC funded studies in Wuhan relating to the artificial enhancement of coronaviruses. What idiot would do that with taxpayer funds? The support for the vaccines is rooted in statistical studies paid for by private companies. Like polio and chicken pox, it makes statistical sense to get a vaccine and impose vaccine requirements upon access to government benefits.
  7. When David Smith (Joseph's son) was called by the Reorganized Church to serve as a missionary in the Salt Lake Valley, and had his nervous breakdown there, the papers that covered it (including the Deseret News) used "Josephites" to describe the reorganized church, and the Tribune referred to the Brighamites.
  8. "Josephite." The two terms are commonly used within the COC and also by the LDS Church in the late nineteenth century. You might recall there were significant court battles over the ownership of the Kirtland, Nauvoo and Independence temples where that distinction was made. https://slife.org/list-of-denominations-in-the-latter-day-saint-movement/ Also: Strangites, Cutlerites, Hedrickite, Bickertonites.
  9. I apologize for quoting from Wiki but the cited source is the Cambridge History of the Bible. "[N]o complete version of the Diatessaron in Syriac or Greek had been recovered; while the medieval translations that had survived—in Arabic and Latin—both relied on texts that had been heavily corrected to conform better with later canonical versions of the separate Gospel texts. There is scholarly uncertainty about what language Tatian used for its original composition, whether Syriac or Greek." https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diatessaron#cite_note-B._Lockwood_1500,_p._429-10 What this means, of course, is that the only version of the Diatessaron we have today is constructed from canonical sources which, of course, leads to improper assumptions. As I have repeatedly requested, if you think you have solid evidence for your proposition, you would not hesitate to quote the text in support and provide me the cite. I tend to believe that Joseph Smith composed the text of the Book of Mormon from his own understanding of the scriptures, provided it was consistent with the inspiration he was receiving. That is why the Book of Mormon is filled with 19th Century anachronisms, a point Brant Gardner made in his two volume work about the translation process. But as Joseph Smith said that he wasn't going to reveal the translation process, it is all speculation. That is why I tend to base my belief upon the text itself rather than textual criticism or some other esoteric method.
  10. Quote the text which supports your proposition and provide the cite. If the cite is not on the internet, post the image from the page of the reference.
  11. Like I have said, quote the text and then I'll look and decide. Provide the cite.
  12. The Diatessaron as we have it today was reconstructed in 1881 from medieval sources which drew upon canonical books. This means that your source post dates the placement of Mark in the canon. No doubt there was a Diatessaron in early circulation but we have lost that. Canon fodder indeed. What is your next best evidence? This dog doesn't hunt. Can you quote the text rather than send me impenetrable links?
  13. The absence of evidence is the evidence of absence. Perhaps however you could simplify your analysis and quote word for word the text of something that is the best support for your position. I am willing to be convinced.
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