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  1. I don’t post here often, I’m more of a lurker. There is another Latter-day Saint forum I participate on due to its smaller community, but this particular topic has interested me and I wanted inputs from a larger array of people. Some of my friends have recently been obsessed with this new video out out by a Latter Day Saint on the second coming. I’ve always been uninterested and frankly annoyed by any claims to predict the second coming or becoming enthralled with signs of the times. I’ve found that those that obsess over the second coming do so, ironically, at the expense of all other
  2. Getting rid of poverty may lessen abortions, but it won’t fix the main issue. That abortion is widely accepted as a moral decision to make
  3. I would also like to point out that in the prior two chapters when The Nephite nation was being destroyed and the world was in darkness, God spoke, he only spoke once and everyone heard (3 Nephi 10:1). When we are distressed and seeking God, it is easy to hear him.
  4. I would say that the battle between good and evil is almost entirely a Personal one And not eternal. Once the war is won/lost in ourselves, that is when the “war” ends. Once we have conquered the enemy within us, we can then work on the Kay’s part of Luke 22:32 and strengthen our brethren in their own battles With evil.
  5. I engaged in a debate with a Catholic once and he said something that stick with me. ”The purpose of an open mind is to eventually close on something firm” being consistently “open minded” sounds a lot like being a skeptic. Never laying a foundation in anything or holding to anything you find true. I think it is important to be open minded in places where we have nurtured beliefs. If I was raised to believe that evolution was anti Christian, have an open mind about different arguments in that topic. But if you have come to find out for yourself that evolution is or is NOT anti C
  6. I guess I didn’t get the question then. I have many ancestors with multiple wives and they all show up just fine when I go look
  7. Someone pointed out to me that This was actually some last year https://www.deseret.com/2018/6/14/20646965/lds-church-s-familysearch-database-to-add-same-sex-families-to-family-tree-feature
  8. ...The one shown on the tree is the one you are connected to by blood...
  9. You want to know where some of the best drivers are? Las Vegas. Vegas drivers get it. However, if you don’t obey the laws and meet their standard of driving, they will let you know.
  10. Just some thoughts: ”Priesthood keys are the right to preside over and direct the Church within a jurisdiction.” (https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/new-era/2012/05/priesthood-keys?lang=eng) To me it seems like they could have gone out and done missionary work, but no divine authority had been given to anyone to direct it. Though there was direction being given and guidance provided, the authority that was had was man made and man given.
  11. I think we all agree he speaks on it the most out of all the general authorities. I do not think he alone has such an unusual fixation on the topic. Part of me wonders if he may have been formally or informally assigned to be the punching bag in the topic by the Prophet. He is by far one of the most careful speakers (regardless of his “slip up” when he said homosexuality is a life style) and would make sense if he was asked to tackle such a topic. His views on homosexuality are not any different than the other authorities. And I think it is important for someone to tackle it. With all tha
  12. One more question then. And I am nor trying to set an argumentative trap. Just curious as to some of your answers. What value is there in asserting that the belief in God and this church is a relative truth and cannot be an absolute truth?
  13. And I wouldn’t expect it to. I wouldn’t even attempt to persuade anyone with my own experiences (as in all truth they are far from miraculous). Now going back to the post that triggered it all: It’s not a matter of preference as in it being cold or hot. It is a guy saying tell me the temperature and who ever is wrong dies. one person is saying “dang it is 96 degrees in here” and the other saying “heck no! It is like 38 degrees in here”. There is indeed a correct temperature. Someone is right (or at least closest) and the other is wrong. Someone will surely die while the other liv
  14. I have had this analogy floating around on my mind. 2+2 is indeed 4. That is an absolute truth and will not change. but what is x+y=z? Well it can be anything assuming it make sense and doesn’t break any laws. But say there is a test a teacher is giving out and it accounts for 100% of your grade. This test has one question and the instructions are ”Solve x+y=z. There is only one combination and order of numbers I will accept.” you can take the relative truth approach, accept that the answer is completely unknowable and treat every combination of numbers with equal valu
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