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  1. Did evil exist before Satan? Or is Satan just the face of evil for this round of creation?
  2. Satan wants contention. Christ want peace. When contention starts, it is ALWAYS instigated by the spirit of the devil. Christ fights only out of defense and justice. But I imagine if he had it his way, there would be no fighting… but unfortunately, we live in a fallen world
  3. Protestantism can either be extremely accepting or atrociously cliquish. He will never make his own people happy.
  4. My approach has always been to ask “what do you want?” And then do what I can to help provide that.
  5. I personally don’t find any specific approach compelling either. I believe one of them to be true… but which one? I have no clue. It is hard for me to engage with people who feel they have “proven” something to be false when there is clearly lacking information as to whether it is true or false. Once someone has revealed to me they are being intellectually dishonest, I lose all interest. This has happened with virtually all the anti-Mormon prophets. There are a handful of smaller ”influencers” who are former members that I think have worthwhile things to say, but the mainstream voices are hard to listen to since they have such a strong narrative.
  6. We have a portions of three facsimiles recovered from the destroyed original source. I’m not defending the literal translation argument, just pointing out that we don’t have enough time not to definitively say that it was all fabricated
  7. How do I join this club of getting kicked from a thread???
  8. @The Unclean Deaconjust so I understand. Are they/you suggesting that the method JSjr used to theorize what was on the kinderhook plates was the same method he used the “translate” what was on the papyri?
  9. I never watched this particular show so I am lacking in knowing what they said. Do you think it could be possible that Joseph Smith had a menial understanding of Egyptian hieroglyphics making it impossible for him to really translate anything from the papyri so he had to use the revelation to do so (the catalyst theory). Then when the kinder hook plates came around, he used his menial skills and recognized a symbol and then declared what he felt it to be? It makes sense that JSjr would show interest in learning Egyptian, considering his experience. This is almost certainly verified simply by the fact he purchased the papyri. but I find it unlikely that he could have reached a skilled enough point where he no longer needed revelation for the purpose of translating the book of Abraham. I don’t quite understand how this throws any kind of wrench in the current theory. Particularly the catalyst theory.
  10. There are a handful of ways Joseph smith may or may not have translated the plates / book of Abraham / Kinderhook. it seems RFM is suggesting that JSjr only used one of the many theorized methods and they are saying the method Joseph used the “translate” the kinderhook plates was the same way he translated all the other books. From whatI understand, the method of translation shifted over time. Doctrine and Covenants 8 suggests there was some attempt at reading what was on the plates and translate in a more traditional fashion. I think there is a lot of evidence for the catalyst theory. Other accounts suggest a seer stone and a hat. Some times the plates were present while other times it was not. Kinderhook points to some sort of translation process that includes the traditional translating he know today. I don’t know what methods JSjr used and did not use, but never once had I ever thought he only used one single method. It here seems to be a lot of evidence that the mode of “translation” changed over time.
  11. He understands this. He is working toward going to the temple. He is just confused by the inconsistency of the lines he cannot cross to be worthy of the temple
  12. This is particularly for the word of wisdom, but it exists in other commandments. Why are there things that keep us from good standing of the church and others that do not. For example, drinking tea will keep you from the temple, but being 600lbs and having a diet of pizza and ice cream does not. What justifies the line? I ask because my brother in law is wanting to get back into the church, but he cannot justify why we cannot vape… but having a major energy drink addiction doesn’t stop anyone from being in Good standing. thoughts?
  13. This isn’t true where I’m at. Fast food places are paying $12-15 an hour for new hires. Pre Covid it was $8 standard. I was paid $10 an hour to work with high need autistic adults while going to college only 3 years before. Yet everyone is still trying to hire.
  14. I know very little about this How is it that unemployment is so low… yet there is such a large shortage of workers (particularly in the food sector and other cheap labor industries) Utah is currently at 2% unemployment (https://jobs.utah.gov/wi/update/index.html)
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