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  1. & @bluebell Honestly, I bet they made the men’s page only because they made a sisters page. There are plenty of stuff sisters would find more interesting than brothers (as evident of the page). You can’t make a sisters page without a brothers
  2. As a brother myself, I would say the resources I need are found everywhere else in gospel library.
  3. It’s not. I was thinking of that same point actually. As far as I can tell, the only reason this is a topic is because someone thinks this is an issue of some sort.
  4. Click on it. It just takes you a page that tells you to go somewhere else.
  5. The Men’s section literally only has videos on Father’s Day
  6. I agree, but so many aren’t taught to be familiar with the spirit. Others aren’t convinced their understanding of the spirit is correct so when someone challenges it, they don’t have a leg to stand on. Others are taught that the gospel is just here for social belonging… but I also feel it is more complicated than this… not sure what else to add though
  7. I think this has a huge factor in it all. It isn’t the cause, and I think you make a great point about training up your child. But today we have instant access to all the arguments against the church. Dozens of Podcasts release anti and unorthodox info about the church every week. PDFs full of critical info on the church being shared in mass. Faulty whistleblowers and legal disputes being paraded around. Was this normal in the past? I have no idea.
  8. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you aren’t in the US are you? Yes. . With the invention of the internet, the anti-Mormons were quicker to the draw with revealing their interpretations of lesser known Church history than the church. I also think that because the internet wasn’t around, there were not as many easily accessible voices attacking the church. Lastly, I could be wrong, but I feel the atmosphere of the US up until like 2005 was vastly Christianized. Today, we have so many social movements that are inherently anti-Christian. And these movements are built on the idea of love and anyone who goes against it is full of hate. As for why individuals leave There are many many causes to this, there isn’t just one. Some feel they were lied to, some were not taught correct principle growing up and so they misunderstand doctrine and why the church does things, some just want to leave
  9. Please do share. I’m really not looking for an argument. What scriptures do you literally take to mean this?
  10. What leads you to expect this?
  11. I was using the traditional Christian definition of it. Yes, many (if not most) believe you will burn for all eternity if you do not accept the concept of the trinity
  12. But that isn’t what we are saying. We didn’t rename Christ, we aren’t claiming he is a different person entirely, we just believe his nature is different than what other describe.
  13. It is important, as is reading scripture and saying prayer every day. but it goes beyond important. Many Christians believe you will be damned if you don’t understand and accept the trinity in its entirety.
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