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  1. Just pointing out that the church had a lot of investments so it probably wasn’t all money straight from the pockets of members. And even if it was, good on them for using the funds I have them so well
  2. So if so give the church $1000 in tithing, and they turn that into $10,000,000 through investments, is that $10,000,000 tithing? Follow up question, should I be concerned or disgusted with a church who can turn $1000 into $10,000,000 through investing?
  3. Couldn’t have spent it better myself. Side note, it probably wasn’t tithing. And if it was, it likely wasn’t all tithing, but rather investments.
  4. On a serious note, is it that big of an issue if the church is wrong in its literal translation of the story of Noah? What about the story of Noah is so important that we need to nail down whether it was historical or fictional? I would refer to this comment above A story doesn’t need to be literal for us to pull meaning from it.
  5. Another thing that would fix it is trying to understand what the poster is saying rather than deciding what they are saying and arguing that straw man argument. I recently said something in a post and I misexplained a concept. Someone called me out and I quickly corrected myself. The next 2 pages of posts were of others ignoring my correction and all my comments. They seemed more interested in the misexplanation than what I really meant. I participate in a few Latter-day Saint forums. All of them I feel comfortable to share my thoughts openly, ask questions, and challenges concepts t
  6. I’m definitely not in the know here… I have never come across a DezNat nor read anything by them. I have only heard people talk about them. I was always under the impression that they were like 90% trolling and 10% hostile.
  7. Even those donations are the church’s discretion
  8. Couple experiences I have had: - I was feeding ducks one day with my family. I had a lot of bread and there was currently only a handful of ducks in the water. The bread wasn’t particularly valuable, I had a lot of it and it was fairly easy to come by. I started feeding the docs and more and more started to come. Eventually I had over a dozen ducks trying to get the bread I was giving them. They started fighting each other over every scrap. Eventually a goose showed up and became very hostile. Then the goose came on to land and chased us and our bread. - On my mission, I served in a
  9. He isn’t the one that instigates the punishment. The punishment is execute by a divine law that even God lives by. Alma 42 talks about this law. It mentions in Verse 25 that should God go against this law, he would cease to be God. God did not make the law. Doctrine and Covenants 19:15-18 talks about Christ suffering for us… but it only applies if we repent.
  10. There is some punishment / suffering to be had for those that do not repent though. Is there a place for that or does that just happen?
  11. Several ways - purpose, usage, attributable source, natural law. Active Latter-day Saint here. All those things could be just features of a unique magic system in a a fictional book. I think the only way to really distinguish the two is by experiencing it.
  12. I know one main benefit in praying for the dead is to comfort your own soul. I imagine that prayer still has an affect on the spirits of the dead and I don’t find it inappropriate to pray for them.
  13. I immediately admitted that was a poor use of words in how I described it. I’m sorry, I didn’t realize you were still stuck on that line
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