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  1. I have studied a lot of Carl Sagan's views. I don't think much of them when it comes to religious truth. Who is to say the Occam's Razor is axiomatic? Would that explain the Heisenberg uncertainty principle? Would that arrive at a unified theory of relativity? I don't think so.
  2. Dropping the suit is technically an admission the suit has no merit. Craig Vernon can issue a public statement dressing up the pig, but the law is what it is.
  3. An employee of mine went to a Ward level FHE group in a BYU Ward. One guy had Covid two Mondays ago and now dozens are sick including my employee
  4. From your article: Yet, swords are found all the time and in museums around the world. I posted a link to a paper analyzing a Grecian sword.
  5. Well, that's true, but your comment is more of the "absence of evidence is not evidence of absence" argument. When in fact, as a lawyer, you know that a negative can be proven by showing that something has not been observed. I realize the difficulty in language. But if Book of Mormon civilizations really did exist in Central America, we see large scale proof of chariots, horses, swords, breastplates and writings.
  6. I think that we'd find support for steel in the Americas. For horses, other than the few odd anachronisms. There are dozens of place names in the Bible which are identified today. Not too ambiguous.
  7. That really isn't a response. Absence of evidence is indeed evidence of absence, not the other way around.
  8. It is the most significant source of evidence for an ancient civilization and its social constructs. Archaeology drives all that trivial nonsense with Margaret Barker and Dever about "real" worship of the divine ancient Israel Although I am not even remotely close to being an anthropologist, I do read. I am not aware of any accepted ancient civilization by anthropologists where there is no archeology.
  9. It is a challenge for many local riders to go up that hill. There is something surreal about biking past a well-lit temple with a completely empty parking lot. i have biked through the empty parking lot to contemplate the temple's true meaning.
  10. The Church has financed digs in MesoAmerica by financing Ferguson's New World Archaeological Foundation. At least, for a time. Grecian, Roman and Viking swords are found all the time. On display in museums around the world. http://dlib.nyu.edu/awdl/isaw/isaw-papers/9/ This Wiki entry on Thomas Stewart Ferguson: "Thomas Stuart Ferguson was one of the most noted defenders of Book of Mormon archaeology. Mr. Ferguson planned the New World Archaeological Foundation which he hoped would prove The Book of Mormon through archaeological research. The Mormon Church granted hu
  11. Not only is it covered by jungle, but by impenetrable swamps, rivers and deadly malaria. The French lost 20,000 workers trying to dig a canal there.
  12. Nope. Not where there is no path, lots of swamps and rivers. The pioneers often took one full day to cross one river.
  13. Only if you're Superman. Forty miles of malarial jungle with no paths. Can't be done.
  14. Smac, I think you engage in sophistry to support an unjustifiable position, and you seize upon very minor errors to discredit. Has any academic at any university in an academic publication ever concluded that Joseph Smith could translate Egyptian? No. Have Gee and Muhlestein ever published their conclusions about the Book of Abraham in a peer reviewed journal? No. Imagine. A lifetime of academic pursuit and unwilling to engage in customary academic discussion. Have Gee or Muhlestein ever participated in a roundtable academic discussion of the Book of Abraham with unbeliever
  15. There are plenty of Catholic bashers. Plenty of Protestant bashers. Your wife's experience is not evidence. The number of bashers likely exceed the membership of the LDS Church. During the Reformation, St Thomas More burned Protestant priests at the stake. So many bashing books. Dozens of books authored by former Catholics who became Protestant. The Republican party in the 19th century pushed a constitutional amendment to ban the Catholic Church.
  16. I really want to be sympathetic to your view of the Book of Abraham. I'm a believer, but I feel a particular sense of outrage with the way apologia is being done. I never used to feel that outrage, but several years ago I was invited to a study group to review John Sorenson's book, and my outrage started to build then. Apologia has a function, but not to state outright lies and misrepresentation of the facts and scientific method. There has been no "scholarly" support of which I'm aware that supports Gee and Muhlstein. If I'm wrong perhaps you can point me to such. "Scholarly" should
  17. The map is kinda cool but I'd like to see the narrow neck of land and Cumorah plotted on it, among other things. I'd like to dig for that hidden room of treasure.
  18. This is way better than the MesoAmerican theory.
  19. You guys are a little too much. You will be removed from the thread if you continue to badger posters over screennames.
  20. Wishful thinking. You lack courage. The Lord needs defenders on social media with courage and personal accountability.
  21. I answer questions. Others, especially anonymous posters, don't. In response to your anonymous questions: No. No. I don't care if you care. It is entirely relevant. I have previously explained that ratification is good enough. I don't care about dabbling but I do care about official letters and statements in the Times and Seasons. Finally, I give hardly a hoot about the views of posters who are anonymous. Either you have the courage to put your names next to your views or you are just peeing into the wind.
  22. Yes, as I read the Green Mountain Boys letter and his statements to the Times and Seasons.
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