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  1. in our ward today there about 40 people there and last week was the same amount. They split the ward alphabetically so i'm in the second group. I'd say about 15 people didn't wear masks, I did but I could care less who did or didn't, it's a non issue. Where I am covid hasn't hit us hard at all, it's all that Ontario and Alberta riff raff we worry about 🀭
  2. you'll change your mind when you eat poutine!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! or follow Basketball!!!!
  3. In 1979 then Elder Hinckley asked the Church to read the Book of Mormon before the next conference in 1965 Pres. N. Eldon Tanner asked everyone to read the Book of Mormon before Christmas in 1961 President Joseph Fielding Smith asked the Church to read the Book or Mormon β€œWe have been trying this year to get every man holding the priesthood, and our sisters too, to read the Book of Mormon during the year 1961 -- no matter how many times they may have read it before. It seems to me that any member of this Church would never be satisfied until he or she had read the Book of Mormon
  4. our Stake has left it up to the Bishops as to when to reopen and how to do it. Crazily enough 4 wards need new Bishopric members, the whole temple situation, sell a building, keep the YSA? and a new Mission Presidency Counselor, lots of decisions to be made coming up
  5. with Arrington's signature that could fetch a pretty penny!
  6. don't forget Orson Whitney and his womenly friends and whoever "****" was, a friend but who? he had to give up reincarnation to become a GA, I am not sure what the brethren thought about that though I don't know what the situation was with Elder Hamula but he divorced his wife
  7. that's fair, I think he was a tough individual. He had a tough childhood so I guess he had to be. He almost quit being a GA in the 1890's due to politics and that's a a bold move, the church world today would lose their minds of someone quit being a GA. Someone I like was one of his contemporaries, Elder Rulon S. Wells, he served a few years longer than Elder Roberts but he didn't seem to attract much if any attention to his service. One thing about Elder Roberts or anyone is this idea of living on borrowed light, like it's fine to believe or not his testimony or anyone's but at some poin
  8. I have read the "Studies of the Book of Mormon" back in the 90's, I can't recall much of it though and I have been a fan, so to speak, of Elder Roberts since. I don't really buy into the idea he doubted the Book of Mormon, based on my readings from him. I had recently come across a PH.D. thesis out of Alaska that argues it is a European lie that horses weren't in the Americas when the Spaniards came here, basically saying that the natives Americans were so uncivilized that we had to save them, they didn't even have horses. https://scholarworks.alaska.edu/handle/11122/7592 "They alway
  9. i'd imagine the on with the signatures are worth a pretty pennyπŸ€‘
  10. 😌😌😌😌😌 anytime!
  11. I can think of Kate Holbrook and Matt Grow, they and Elder Cook of the Twelve gave that CES devotional in 2018? https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/2020/07/church-history-a-source-of-strength-and-inspiration?lang=eng is this it? I think this is a probably a summary but the video is online
  12. i'd be more interested in actually reading the full Lloyd's journal account rather than someone's else's assessment of it, there are segments taken out of it you are aware that he died on Sept. 27, 1933, not in August? He told a "long time friend" of his, Jack Christiansen just days before he died in Sept, β€œYou accept Joseph Smith and all of the scriptures.” https://www.churchofjesuschrist.org/study/ensign/1983/12/b-h-roberts-after-fifty-years-still-witnessing-for-the-book-of-mormon?lang=eng This is old news, obviously for some but read this article from John W. Welch tha
  13. According to Truman Madsen the meetings weren't so much as to get the other General Authorities to answer his questions but "to identify for them certain criticisms that might be made against the Book of Mormon" https://scholarsarchive.byu.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1973&context=byusq Again from the Madsen article, In a 1923 letter to the First Presidency he even said, "that what is herein set forth does not represent any conclusions of mine...I am taking the position that our faith is not only unshaken but unshakeable in the Book of Mormon, and therefore we can look without
  14. any names of the historians? do you think the article was written this year or you had just read it this year but was written last year or something?
  15. Critics of the Church were bashing the BOA long before he was born, so they didn't need his help so now it seems they have justification for their beliefs, as if they needed it, which they didn't because he wasn't even born yet when the BOA hit the fan by the critics
  16. Shortly after Joseph Smith was killed, she was so overcome with grief and he came to her in a vision comforting her
  17. I saw again "Flags of our fathers" about the Battle of Iwo Jima, I recently found out a brother I knew in the mission field was in it, I had no idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. He talked about being a Navy gunner and shared some stories and whatnot. I was tearing up realizing that that this super kindly old brother who always helped us out with stuff, was actually there and survived the whole thing.He was also at the Battle of Okinawa and in the Phillipines and some other battles. I am still dumbstruck
  18. I think they are snapshots into the past for sure, but I wouldn't put all my metaphorical money into one book but keep reading recent stuff as well. For example I have a book by Elder Theodore M. Burton, "God's Greatest Gift", from the mid 1970's about Temple work, salvation for the dead. Since it was printed though so many changes, policies etc. have come into the Church in regards to those subjects
  19. it didn't happen in the Americas so why would they know the details?
  20. now, that's an intriguing thought! Thank you!
  21. I think most? people would say that Jesus was nailed to the cross at around 9am or at least around then and was on the cross from say 9am to 3pm and then died at that time, but Matthew 27:46 says, "and about the Ninth Hour" he cried why has God forsaken him? How do they figure 9 hours? 9am to 3pm isn't 9 hours? Or is it?
  22. we got an email saying that in small branches to wear masks but due to being able to socially distance in ward buildings the option is yours. Where I live there are only 4 active cases
  23. Pres. Ballard gave that recent interview and he wasn't wearing a mask, I don't want to shame him or anything but, I wonder why he wasn't https://www.thechurchnews.com/leaders-and-ministry/2020-07-09/pioneer-day-president-ballard-joseph-smith-mary-fielding-smith-188556
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