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  1. I thought it is pretty accurate and thorough. I wouldn't have used "weird" though.
  2. But the handbook instructions about garments (read at TR interviews) are clear that that is required. So there is an internal church disconnect of expectations. So do we get extra points for wearing them as much we can? Are we clearly not celestial material if we are more lax? Does it depend on why?
  3. I think the twin issues of culturally adopting a there is a one, who we are in mortal life is more important than who we are eternally are both part of how this thinking gets foster. See last 10 minutes particularly.
  4. Does it prevent someone from getting permanent residence status as a spouse? I don't think so, at least in every case. But overstaying a visa for even a day results in a 3 year bar, so go home during the process. Apparently waivers of the 2 year requirement are harder to get when your J1 program is paid for by government. https://www.lawfirm1.com/j-1-visa-to-marriage-based-green-card-rules-and-restrictions/ And what would be so bad about starting married life and a family in a foreign country, giving yor children dual citizenship?
  5. Our good acts do not allow us to commit any one else's time, attention, resources of finances without their advanced agreement. You buy them yourself. (You might ask for a bulk price. And you should hire people to place the books in the rooms or at least tip generously those who have do to that work too.
  6. https://www.boundless.com/immigration-resources/types-of-us-work-visas/ why not the permanent resident option? uscis.gov Once you marry, your spouse can apply for permanent residence and remain in the United States while we process the application. If you choose this method, file a Form I-129F, Petition for Alien Fiancé(e). Filing instructions and forms are available on our Web site at www. uscis.
  7. But that isn't what she said. She was describing how the man taught and described himself leading up to the wickedness (or at least up to when we knew about what he was actually doing).
  8. Wait! What? In some wards the Relief Society Presidents have been performing the setting apart? No, the sustaining of the RSP and counselors, secretaries, teachers, in RS meeting.
  9. RSP already do that in multiple wards I have been in, but as I think of it, not uniformly.
  10. Women (and men and children) already can bring with them someone in any interviews. And victims of abuse or sexual abuse do not need to confess anything to a bishop. They are victims and have not committed sin by having been sinned against: nothing to be sorry about. But it is true that it is not uncommon for bishops to probe into what they shouldn't and to otherwise come across and trying to make sure the victim hasn't sinned (sometimes wrongly because they still believe that you aren't really raped if you remain alive after the event).
  11. The General Authority talks to all of existing stake male leadership, one by one. I am aware of one occasion when the GA also spoke to all the women stake leaders (and if I recall correctly, also the wives of the Stake Presidency). It was talked about widely because it was unheard of. The General Authority who is seeking God's guidance would be foolish not too include women in trying to figure it out. But it hasn't been historically what happened everywhere. ETA: I should have noted that part of what a GA is doing in interviewing the men is seeing if God tells him directly. "this is your guy". And the spirit sometimes also says NONE of the current stake leadership should be chosen.
  12. So maybe if everyone who knows her writes c/o the family member closest, she'll get the letters. Whether or not she can read them or remember anyone, she can still understand that they are people who cared about her enough to write (and maybe enjoy any flower photos or pictures or animal photos or pictures that are included). If anyone does this, I hope you include that others remember her name and wish her well..
  13. While I see the value of spanish speaking ward option, I see lots of downsides in seperating by stakes. 1) it doesn't help integregation into their new country 2) it almost never would mean the spanish speaking stake would have similar resources. 3) When people move to a new country integration is impeded to the extent that newcomers can be "othered" in any way; and 4) Why can't spanish speakign people be in leadership positions without making a spanish speaking Stake?
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