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  1. I would have joined the group if I'd been there. Just a really peaceful way to say, "we want all of Heavenly Father's children to feel safe at BYU".
  2. why can't you use Christlike boy. Or Boy like Mormon. Or Christ disciple boy. I think any member can sing any song they want to.
  3. Of course, but probably not in the mortal part of it.
  4. There is one caveat: many people today are anxious or depresssed, afraid, frozen. Lots aren't sleeping enough or well. They aren't eating nutritiously and exercising. And they are suffering losses and going through trials. Any of those things can interfere for a time with being able to hear and feel the Holy Ghost bearing witness of our Heavenly Parents and Savior's love for each of us, let alone feeling Them. Sometimes exercise and eating better and getting sufficient restful sleep can help, but none are a quick fix generally. Sometimes we have to get through the mists of d
  5. Ask a parent to sign in too.
  6. Every proselytizing mission before the pandemic included a requirement for service for a certain number of hours (I think it was 20). A young man's duty is to be prepared and worthy and to complete the application fully (including expressing his concerns, and presumably his wish to be of service as a majority of time). He may get called to a service mission (I've known missionaries to be called to service in the Family History office, and some others, for instance). Or he may not.
  7. Learning to understand those with different experiences Figuring out what characteristics in a partner inspire you/drive you nuts. Learning that there is not ONE way to live one's discipleship. Conversion of the one soul --- namely yourself. Learning about the big wide world. Making lifelong friends. Seeing bad leadership to help you not replicate it. How to teach basic gospel teachings Experiencing for a short time what we covenant to do in the temple --- live for Him, give all of our time, talents and resources (so we can appreciate that otherwise we d
  8. Morningstar, I would pay an attorney (your state may have a list of pro bono attys who wouldn't charge you much) to tell him that he is never to contact you again for any reason, that he knows he is not allowed to do that because the former bishop told him not to, and that any further contact or coming within 50 feet of you will get a report of stalking to the police. And I wouldn't be talking to the new bishop. I'd be asking the former bishop if he knows why the guy now thinks he can --- maybe it was just something he forgot to pass on or emphasize to the guy before he left.
  9. The revelation was in 1918 but is D&c138 because it was only canonized ten or so years ago (it was officially accepted by the Quorum of the Twelve when it happened).
  10. did you watch the multi-episode JS papers podcast on all seven versions and how the fit together, published last year?
  11. I think members have an obligation to reduce, reuse, recycle as much as they can as part of their personal discipleship. I think we should plant gardens and buy locally to the extent we can. I have a hard time thinking I'll be able to justify at judgment only wearing jeans (and anything other than underwear and stuff that is actually dirty) once before washing them. I think that we should support using clean energy at home and around the world (not to do away with fossil fuels --- God did create them for a reason, but to bring new non-polluting and cost efficient energy online) includin
  12. Has anyone mentioned that there is a possibility that the prophets didn't lie or were mistaken AND there was no worldwide flood? We don't generally know what we don't know. Noah could well have experienced his whole world under water. But he would have no way to know that his view of the whole world wasn't really the whole world. There is lots of evidence that people's large world view anciently about how big the world was (not to mention it's shape) was not accurate. I take comfort in the fact that the Gospel of Jesus Christ incorporates all absolute truth in whatever subject ar
  13. I've been in two wards where this was regularly done (one in which it served as a several month project for the scouts to learn mechanics), and in my SE community there is a full charity that does it with donated cars from the community, about 50 a year, last I heard.
  14. A promise to protect in a household where violence is occurring cannot be enough, and clearly wasn't enough. Sure targeting the non-violent parent is an awful way to go. But if she won't/can't prevent it (which she cannot because she is rightly afraid of him) then something else is required. The point I was making is that the mother's failure to protect was not learned in a confessional and therefore not subject to the privilege. I would also hope that bishops in this situation would have facilitated her connecting with community resources about domestic violence which can help families
  15. If the bishop knew the man was involved in child porn, he could have expressly told mother that she needed to protect the children by leaving, and if she did not, he could have reported the mother for failure to protect the children from their father whom the bishop believed was a danger to the children. That might not have been enough, but it would have been a try. The mother's neglect (what amounts to co-dependency and probably fear and maybe horror) was surely secondary, but at least the agency might have been able to get her attention, and the children might have gotten interviewed ea
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