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  1. He can't to anything to us without us giving him the space to do it. I think he can show and tell us stuff including lies of all sorts and levels, but that is the limit to his "power". He can't get into our head unless we let him. He apparently can take over the bodies of pigs though.
  2. Pretty sure not. The TR questions are the same for everyone.
  3. I didn't say or think that. The atonement covers a lot more than sin.
  4. OP, I think you are missing the power of atonement --- your personal best and quick repentance of sin is always enough to make you perfect in Christ. If I were in your shoes, I'd stop thinking of it as hopeless and make sure I was as perfect an example of discipleship of Christ that I could live (no matter how far from objectively perfect it is and that distance always shortens as we work on things), on the chance that my family might want to accept the gospel in this life. If Heavenly Father and Jesus can come to earth to talk to mortals, it is a pretty safe bet that anyone who is in the
  5. The limited bios I saw suggest that each has a reason to want to put their brand forward. I figure that some are participating just for business.
  6. I've been checking my ldstools since the announcement but haven't found it yet. They must be either rolling it out, or I don't know where to find it?
  7. You know Raingirl, that you could tell us where he is so that if anyone was there, they could help him to the extent they could on your behalf. Or maybe someone here could read to him by phone when he is up for that. That is one of the values of places like this. (And when done by private messaging response to your identification of a zipcode here, it doesn't have to be too much information.) And bishops are bishops over everyone in their geographical area --- not just those who are baptized. So you might at least use "meetinghouse locator" to identify them and let them know of yo
  8. Oh, there are lots of places and times these days where it is impossible to ask simple questions. (And apparently those ward members don't know that many congregations started meeting in small groups in late July, though they've explicitly discouraged those over 60 and with health risk from attending, and also officially stated that there is no obligation or expectation at all yet that anyone who doesn't choose to attend is wrong in that.) GA has had some ups and downs though, and if you believe what you read about the state, some significant resistance to mask wearing. I'd be more leery
  9. I can only tell you my experience with my 8 year old grandchild whose parents had not had him blessed and didnt' take him to church. He had older siblings who'd been baptized when they decided to take the missionary lessons, and his older sister had just started taking the lessons. And he insisted on joining her, got mad when she kept skipping the lessons so his baptism had to also be postponed. Sure I think there are 8 year olds who do it is a matter of tradition. But there was no question in my mind that that child who knew his parents and siblings had trouble living the gospel and w
  10. You are right. His baptism gives him the gift of the Holy Ghost, which matters, no matter how little one follows commandments or attends church. I have a son who resigned when he wasn't living the gospel (and had done what he felt was unforgivable although I don't think it was something that church members would deem unforgiveable). He's still having difficulty with that, but he feels stuck because he isn't a member. Being on the membership rolls can mean that someone gets inspired to reach out to him at some time. (If you are contacted for a new address, be sure to ask his permission
  11. Never completely alone. Your Heavenly Parents and Savior are there as you need Them. (And you can talk to and zoom anyone you wish on the device you used to write your post here.)
  12. You might ask if they are interested in your doing their ordinances by proxy for those relatives in case they ever decide they want to accept them. You'll need their written permission and a contact number so their permission can be verified. I'd wait for a while though because you have to wait a year anyway. If you interact with them regularly as they mourn, there may be an opportunity to talk about what happens after death.
  13. Well, those are the same words in the LDS baptismal prayer, but Catholics do not recognize LDS baptisms as valid baptisms.
  14. Sometimes you have to make people feel it is worth it to them to attend. Often that is by having an apostle tour guide at a time that works easily for you and allows you to also be with others who might be professionally helpful, thus justifying work time. From the church perspective it is likely also so that the leaders of the community get the very most professional tours with someone ordained/set apart to lead who therefore have wide experience and know sound answers to lots and lots of questions, and practice at listening to the spirit and acting on it in a church leadership setting
  15. I think I would ask if I could go with her once to see what it is. Always best to know more before you decide how to respond. The new Handbook updates announced last week addressed this very subject. I think you might need to teach your daughter that our doctrine of agency makes it highly unlikely that any particular spirit is already assigned to be someone's child before the child is born, with a few exceptions like Jesus and John the Baptist. That if God determined that before people married, that would be by nature subscribing to the NOT doctrinally supported Saturday's Warrior g
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