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  1. One of the established official criteria for setting ward boundaries IS to include both economic and other kinds of diversity. Sometimes that slams right into the guidance that students who attend the same high school, should be in the same ward, another of those general criteria.
  2. When black babies die at a disproportionate rate (and a whole lot of other similar glaring data, we can hardly blame black people for thinking that many of those outcomes wouldn't happen if there were more black drs (who know better incidentally, black bodies which are not altogether identical to white bodies medically). The point is that we have a whole group of citizens whose outcomes can be improved by knowing more about black people and having more people of color in medicine and the law and other fields. I think the segregation on colleges for Black Dorm and a Asian Dorm is counter
  3. If you haven't been to the Grand Canyon do that (maybe the south and north rim and the train from page to the west rim). This year you might be able to find a river rafting excursion that has space. If you choose to visit other areas of interest to native americans, that will just round out your trip. (And if you decide to stop in Las Vegas on the strip for one of the legendary shows and buffets (if there are any at the moment) you can still circle round to Zion and Bryce and Canyonlands.
  4. I think that people who leave their property to the church generally think of it as giving all they have to the Lord ---- part of their temple covenant. We've mostly used our money for our children while alive. But if we die with money/property, we intend to put it into a family trust that will own the property, and give grants of the amount generated in income annually minus expenses (paid directly to third parties) for education, missions, study abroad, musical instruments, training, (with a required match from the person to the extent they are capable of doing that), and maybe if the
  5. 501(c)(3)'s are supposed to operate on behalf of the causes involving improvement of society (which may include the discussion of ideas), not on behalf of the persons who run them. Whenever someone sets up a nominal 501(c)(3) (and state authorization) and the benefit of the donations innures to the founder, and boards are groupies of the founder who do not police, establish policies to prevent, and otherwise make sure it is the cause and not a person who benefits, then there is a problem. What many of the critics did was set up 501(c)(3)'s intending to pay themselves all of most of the
  6. Dehlin was reported for fraud to the IRS at least three years ago when it was clear that the foundation was not in any way a charitable organization (since he didn't provide any charitable services, that donators actually bought content --- which means they couldn't lawfully claim any donation as a deduction either), but merely used the donations to fund his own lifestyle. But then I saw that most of the anti-mormon groups operate in exactly the same way to the benefit of one or more of the founders/board. So while it is wrong and illegal to establish a 501(c)(3) like that of Dehlin a
  7. Joseph Smith personally endorsed Eliza Snow's verse "reason tells me I've a Mother there". But I don't see how spirit children can be created through any sort of replication of mortal sexual behavior --- Heavenly Mother and Father have resurrected bodies, so any child wouldn't be spirit, but mortal. The process has to be different to preserve spirit children being born to earthly parents in mortal bodies.
  8. There is just an announcement. John Doe had his membership withdrawn last week [sometimes with the addition of something like because he used his church connections in affinity fraud, or because he has been convicted of sexual assault of a child, but general with no specific explanation]. Explanations may also be limited and directed at those who need continuing or further protection that isn't possible if they don't know that they aren't any longer a member.
  9. We stopped calling them church courts several years ago, and last year started calling them something like membership status meetings. And I'd say that no matter the change of name they are inevitably a really big deal to those who have experienced the process. The D&C sets up the procedure, but they don't always follow that: and it is not uncommon that High Councilors who are involve frequently perceive that they are obligated to do what the SP wants them to do whether they feel that appropriate or not). [Nowadays the High Council hears all matters which are expected to consider
  10. Heterosexuals still have to curb their sexual desires consistent with the Lord's plan. And that means full agreement with partner. And the equality is getting full spiritual control of our mortal bodies --- NOT how often or that we engage in sex.
  11. The atonement doesn't just resolve sin, it also resolves, pain and struggles and fear and every other negative of mortal life's experience. (I used struggle generally because living the commandments isn't very often the exact way someone in the lgbtq+ group would naturally choose to live --- NOT that being gay is a sin.
  12. Then I'm not sure how what you are doing runs any risk of offending anyone. It is the submissions for temple work that causes the bad feelings, not identifying and collecting families. Sorry I misunderstood.
  13. I hope today that no one is teaching that homosexuality is a sin ---- our leaders have unequivocably said that is NOT our doctrine. I think we teach that gender is eternal, and that everyone is invited to live the commandments. That different people have different struggles with different commandments and that all of His children retain the capacity to follow the commandments whatever our personal difficulties with doing so.
  14. I think members of the restored Church of Jesus Christ (the name we call ourselves) do enjoy the privilege of asking any question they choose. Each of us gets testimonies of gospel principles line upon line. We are encourage to study scriptures daily, to seek to learn everything about the earth and all areas of subjects. And the church itself spends a lot in effort and money in disseminating manuals and information, and videos and scriptures around the world so that all members can be fully informed of their faith and have tools to learn all the God has to give them. The Church further
  15. Church policy forbids doing temple work for anyone born less than 100 or maybe 115 years ago, without written permission of their next of kin. If you are violating that policy, then you are not doing the Lord's work, and you may be making it harder for family to see God and feel a desire to learn the Gospel. Further, if you are caught, you may be kicked out of family search and never again allowed to process names. So if that is what you are doing, STOP immediately, and follow the church policies. (Your family history consultants can show you were to find them. ETA: You should ow
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