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  1. I would call it course or vulgar, not "explicit". As used it isn't even about sex.
  2. The Encyclopedia of Mormonism was written for a secular audience. And lots has happened in the 20+ years since it was published by a secular press. It authors were chosen mostly upon their secular qualifications. And I think it is a very useful book for anyone interested in an encyclopedia length and focus take on any Gospel topic. I don't think it is useful in parsing Church doctrine or teaching all the ins and outs of any doctrine, nor complete in history (we know a whole lot more because of the josephsmithpapers project).
  3. No, I'm saying that without cognition, without some level of understanding both of existing circumstances and the choices as outlined, there can be no choice or agency (or even recognition of our relationships as spirit children of God and who Jesus and Lucifer are).
  4. I'd argue that in order to have made a choice to follow Jesus this has to be accurate.
  5. https://journal.interpreterfoundation.org/twenty-years-after-paradigms-regained-part-1-the-ongoing-plain-and-precious-significance-of-margaret-barkers-scholarship-for-latter-day-saint-studies/ And yes, this comes from Kevin's post today. Thought his title might not draw the eye of those who might be interested.
  6. You're probably reading the House version. Not the Senate version (which I'm not sure has even yet been officially amended, just that the amendment language has been proposed.
  7. Haven't read the rest of the posts. I know what the House Bill on the subject says. While the Church's press release does not mention it, it seems clear that the Church supports only the Senate version, which is materially different** from the House version and which will likely come up for a vote between now and Jan 2023. https://www.baldwin.senate.gov/download/respect-for-marriage-act-amendment-text Here's the passed House version: https://www.congress.gov/bill/117th-congress/house-bill/8404/text?format=txt ** Including limiting marriage to two people, which does exclude polyamory, polygamy (none of the senators who are named in the Senate Amendment proposals are LDS but clearly there remain public outcry now some 140 years after the Edmunds Act) and human/animal ones?
  8. I have to say that I rather doubt that the masturbation issue has anything to do with your autism ---- it is a challenge for lots of people, and your labeling it that way likely interferes with your choosing not to do it any more. And you are correct that porn damages the way we think and treat other children of God (not to mention the specific harms involved in its actual production). Good on you for seeking to overcome those obstacles to the live your Heavenly Parents and Savior want for you, planned for you to have.
  9. I bet you'll have fun going over all the memories that won't make the eulogy, though. (At least I would in your place.) Are you guessing he'll chose to be at the funeral if allowed, or would he pass on that opportunity if given?
  10. I'm thinking that the objectionable pregnant teen naked with adult man might rule it out for me (though that could be ff'ded alternatively. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt9198364/parentalguide
  11. I hope get to read/hear something from you either here or in the eternities. Godspeed. And you are correct that when you have limited ________, focusing it on those you know and love in real life is the best use of those capacities. Lots of love.
  12. Why do we have to make this a THING. (And the stepping back from headline isn't supported by the text in which he said his relationship with the church is complicated.) We each have an entire lifetime to become like our Savior. And most of us need all of it. Besides, this particular challenge is particularly difficult to navigate. Any chance we could just leave him alone as he sorts this out?
  13. I couldn't get in to answer when this first opened, and haven't read the rest. But I wanted to point out, in case no one has, that it really depends on what you mean by love. God's kind of love embraces everything about us, even when we/humans are doing seriously wicked and hurtful things. And we seek Their kind of love. But mortals tend to have difficulty even figuring out how to love wicked people. It isn't because we don't accept them as our brother. It's just hard to imagine how any person can voluntarily do such awful things.
  14. It shows that your spirit is not yet in fully control of your mortal body, its parts passions and appetites yet. We came to earth because we needed our mortal body and mortal experiences, and our goal here is to teach our body to be in control of our spirits and not the other way around. Obviously there are lots of ways people's spirits aren't yet in full charge and acting in full submission to God. But sexual appetites are one of Satan's most used trigger points. Misuse of them (outside the marital relationship) in many of its forms leads to much risk of or actual harm, including for wholly innocent. And because God made them strong to fulfill His purposes, those appetites are hard to put back in a bottle once they get encouraged, acted upon. So don't misuse those appetites and work on your spirit being able to control each of your mortal appetites. It's an obstacle to becoming like Them, but not an insurmountable one to the extent one works to extinguish it. (BTW, many young people think it will go away when they are married. But that isn't necessarily so and when it is not part of how the couple together are intimate, it directly competes. Resolve the issue before you start seriously dating.) ETA: while it is not a sin that has to be confessed to a bishop for repentance, it is one of the questions bishops must ask for missionary applications (because missionaries don't get to choose their companions and every missionary needs to be fully safe from anything that will/might negatively affect his mission. In one case I personally know of, the clean time was a year. In another I personally know of it was 4 months.
  15. It's in the D&c, though it is not a "must" just a way to determine whether they are who they claim to be: A resurrected person all of them will be able to shake hands with mortals. And spirits, know they won't be able to so won't agree to do so. It is those who claim to be resurrected or someone who has been resurrected when they aren't that have to be Satan's minions. Obviously anyone having this conversation would want to know which.
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