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  1. If you can all of the benefits of getting married, without any of the obligations, sure there are a whole lot of people who would take that.
  2. I would just say, "I get that you all may have different risk assessments. And if you do not want to come on Thanksgiving and wear a mask, stay six foot apart and be okay with sitting outside if we decide to do that too, we fully understand and will miss you (and invite you to attend via [whatever platform you can set up on a device]. If you just don't want to come at all for no reason at all, that too will not be a problem. We will understand. But we expect everyone who comes to wear a mask all the time except the actually eating portion, stay 6 feet apart from each other, wash down
  3. That is what the current instructions from SLC are (except the number of people in the building), and what happens in this part of FL (which is NOT central FL)
  4. I thought this board had a policy against politics.
  5. There are many disciples of Jesus Christ who have trouble with emotional numbing, across lots of named issues (and sometimes just the steady pace of struggles). And so long as each of us is doing our personal best to live the commandments and quickly repenting of actual sin (and lots of us need help with healthy thinking skills that cognitive behavior therapy can give to making sure we distinguish the two and the impacts and do not accept unearned guilt) is ALWAYS enough for our Heavenly Parents and our Savior, and completely closes the gap between our personal best and objective perfection.
  6. Papa ,I would also be careful about providing revelation to my children, over whom I might has some authority eternally. I cannot tell you have many times I've thought I was doing what the Lord wanted, that i'd been inspired to work out and proposed, only to have the Spirit hit me upside the head with the fact that I got it all wrong after all and the kiddo really needed me to do something entirely different.
  7. Doesn't sound like a denouncement of Mormonism any more than a decision to no longer describe ourselves as Mormons is. It sounds to me like a conversion to Christ.
  8. My guess is the extra trash is more than made up for by the huge worldwide reduction in the stuff that comes from cars and factorys not in use. There have been clear skies in many places that have allowed quantification of the amount of polluting substances caused by such things.
  9. I think it was President Oaks who wrote (a book if I recall correctly) that the gospel doesn't require someone to have a child they got by rape. It was about agency. And about the fact that we do not know when one specific spirit is permanently attached to any given body. (And it is important to note that there has never been any church approval for abortion, just a recognition that the church would not take action against a person's membership in certain specific situations --- thereby leaving it to God to decide.)
  10. I hope someone does have personal experience with one of the home design apps to share.
  11. I'm inclined to think that the natural process of nature prove that God exists.
  12. Poverty is not evil. Not taking action personally do alleviate suffering associated with it, when you have the means to do so IS.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised to learn that all of the speakers were asked to pre-record their talks just in case they couldn't give them. It would also have helped the translators so that everyone could hear it in their own language more quickly.
  14. I just see it as a recognition that revelation anticipates disorder and wickedness until the end. I don't see it as any more than that.
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