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  1. That is pretty common in anti literature. Or that the quote could be interpreted in a way that doesn't impinge on faith as well as the anti one. IME, often the anti citation doesn't even lead to the claim itself (if there is even a citation).
  2. Or maybe it is just leaving to God what is His. Trying to retain control over earthly things only works to our benefit when it is part of our own stewardship. Tithing isn't our money to start with. It is His portion of the 100% that He has given us.
  3. So make sure you tell that granddaughter before she goes everything you want her to know before you die. And then write her as you find out you are still around and thought of other things. Maybe you will and maybe you won't. BUT EVERY THING WILL BE OKAY, whatever happens. (And while you are waiting, maybe write to your grandchildren yet unborn about what you want them to know about you.)
  4. I taught a non-verbal 13 year old once who had not been baptized and whose parents had decided she should not be baptized. She didn't act like she understood anything and couldn't talk to any of us either. There was a cabinet in the room that was not square, so its door kept creeping open. Over several weeks I watch her be increasing annoyed by it. The next week, she came to class early and started trying things to make it stop falling open. The third thing she tried, worked. I knew that for all her outward presentation, she was absolutely capable of keeping baptismal covenants and should be baptized. I did share my experience with the bishop, but that decision is typically left to parents. Outward appearance of a person with disabilities do not always accurately convey possibilities. Of course those who are developmentally disabled should be able to do everything they physically can do with help in the temple if they choose.
  5. They just require you believe only in a mortal, Ron Hubbard, who controls every aspect of your life, even after you leave and renounce the faith because joining the movement includes signing an agreement that every dispute will be heard by arbitrators selected by them, with no independent oversight.
  6. I'd argue that because Scientologists do not operate with anything seemingly related to free will or agency, that it takes nothing at all from the teachings of Jesus Christ. If you were suggesting that it is the epitome of every thing that cannot help us become what all mortals come to earth to do, I'd agree with you.
  7. Ish't Jacob speaking to a group who do know of the words and works of God? Sinning against the light we already have is wickedness of course, but it isn't always inherently evil.
  8. Didn't read the other posts. Why would you say that He has "so many bad offspring"? He really just has a whole bunch of eternal spirit children who are doing their best to get through a life, largely without really knowing Him or having much opportunity to experience the peace and joy that comes from that and from learning to control our body's, parts, passions and appetites consistent with His will and as intended so we can become like Them. Every spirit who gets a body and comes to earth CHOSE His plan. But we get here without that memory and with a mortal body that prone to put itself first in all of preservation, and embrace our appetites without controlling and banking them so everyone's boat can float equally. I'll agree that most of His children are making large or small mistakes. But many of them aren't "bad" (even if what they do are contrary to God's will and oppositional to having a world with complete joy and peace and goodness).
  9. Did anyone look in the Encyclopedia of Mormonism to see what was published there on the topic?
  10. I think it hilarious that members think God would require we rely on the opinions of a United States group related to the film industry to determine for us what we should or shouldn't watch. There are lots of movies that teach or support ideas and experiences contrary to the laws of God. There are really good movies which include intentionally bad content (gratuitous violence, language or sexual innuendo) because they don't fair commercially without a PG-13 rating. Many of the sex scenes in any movie offer purely gratuitous sex. But Ezra Taft Benson did talk about no R ratings, and For the Strength of Youth for a time was taught no R rated movies. The harm to our spirit is likely most damaging when the bad conduct is gratuitous, and much of the sex and almost all of the language IS gratuitous in any movie. There are several places I now use to learn whether a movie includes bad things just to do that, and how much language, sex, nakedness, and criminal behavior without being held accountable, and unkindness is included. And thankfully, now it is hard to afford taking the entire family to shows anyway and at home we can fast forward or turn off as necessary.
  11. Yes, I get all my information about church policy from LDSliving, which is my go to source
  12. Why would any of us need validation from anyone about our faith/beliefs? Isn't it completely enough to feel square with God?
  13. I'm a committed latterday saint too, and I believe that abortion should be legal until the child can live without medical intervention outside the womb. I'm a rape survivor (one of those will never get a conviction circumstances). In order to make a decision to keep a child created in adverse circumstances (not just rape) one needs the freedom to choose that. That freedom makes it possible to have the healthy mental health to be able to raise the child free of the stigma. I am so very saddened by the life so many will lead because their parents were forced to have them in adverse circumstances. Our country and civilization would be so much more healthy if instead of taking away choice, we added appropriate supports for healthy raising of those children, and we supported the standard that sexual activity isn't a game and should not be freely engaged in before one is able and willing to raise a child, and outside of marriage. Only a few of the abortions are fully because the child is unwanted, and having raised many foster children and adopted I know that being adopted and raised in a new family with love does NOT necessarily fix the inherent wounds of not being raised by natural parents.
  14. Funny you ask. A couple of weeks ago, I read an analysis of ages and the conclusion was that Elder Bednar is almost certainly going to be a Church president if the current pattern continues, as is.
  15. So I withdraw the above. We don't have citation, but we do have a claim of specific objection to the person who was going to be debating. https://www.deseret.com/opinion/2023/4/19/23689586/byu-law-school-cancel-culture-richard-duncan (which claims without details or timing that the paperwork was complete. My position right now is that there well may have been content discrimination.
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