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  1. Personally if I lived in a congregation where my safety was at risk when people knew my faith, or that might try to hurt my faith, I'd be praying that those who are not so burdened had enough compassion not to discuss my situation online.
  2. But you don't have to know where they are or demanding membership lists to put lives at risk. All you have to do is for this to surface in some perusal of social media by someone who's job it is to keep an authoritarian/malevolent eye on religious people in their country. Then they can use what everyone is saying here to identify whomever they want.
  3. I'm not sure that being able to find "sensitive wards" would be healthy or appropriate in any case. In the interest of not harming others, I'd suggest deletion of this thread.
  4. I think it is much more likely that the Community of Christ will sell the Kirtland Temple now that the man who was the main person in charge of the temple for years died last year.
  5. Many people I know would immediately read both because they would want to know A) what can possibly justify a difference; and B) what someone at church headquarters deems for one and not the other; and C) how in the world anyone thought this was a good idea. (I don't know that that visceral reaction occurs when things are put in the RS vs. EQ column generally. But saying things in those categories is at least wholly within the stewardship of the EQP and the RSP.)
  6. Well, it is probably a guaranteed way to attract more eyes.
  7. Upon further reflection (and some followup review), I retract my two posts above. It is important that those who don't read English, be able to access his words. (I would have deleted them, but found that to be impossible.)
  8. I'm just saying that if someone couldn't themselves produce the product that they put out under their name, making a big deal about what THEY are putting out is misleading. And if Sis. Nelson's description of her dh's habits are accurate, I could see that it could be President Nelson himself prepping the posts.
  9. So does President Nelson SPEAK spanish fluently? If not, then this is a gimmick. (If so, does anyone know what flavor of Spanish and how he became and stays fluent?)
  10. My take is that the church could very well be liable for abuse by the leaders it chose and whether or not it appropriately trained and supervised such leaders. And it has significantly more ethical if not legal obligation because a) these leaders didn't choose to be Scout leaders usually, having been called to do it; and b) the calling gives them an aura of affirmation of goodness, that potentially makes a youth less likely to question inappropriate behavior and/or be heard when they report stuff. But I also know that the trolling for victims done by the law firms prosecuting this included my dh who attended a non-lds scout troop for 1 year in the 1960's, and it basically said you don't have to prove it, you just have to send us a response to say you want to be part of the group and get compensation for your claim. Many of the victim groups and/or attys have specifically targeted abuse done in lds troops and is often been about sticking it to the LDS church as opposed to helping/compensating any victims. Part of that is because of the church's potentially deep pockets, which the judge shut down pretty solidly when it said that the settlement wouldn't include atty fees, which would have to come from victims compensation, because there is no statutory right to atty fees for the claims. When I've read about this I have wondered if the church or anyone else has determined how many perps there were in lds troops compared to other sponsors. The amount the church ante'd up seems to reflect that church sponsored troop were relatively free of abuse, but I'd sure like to know the facts if they've been determined.
  11. Praying for you. But you're wrong about your long lost relatives. If you can bring yourself to be charitable, let them do what they can to repent (and even if they are merely gloating or self-aggrandizing, be your best Christlike self in allowing them to help you (even if it doesn't help you. Heck if it makes you mad enough, you might even live longer).
  12. Don't forget the Tabernacle Choir broadcast tomorrow at 10:45 AM.(i don't know what time zone.)
  13. No, not "a" secret combination. And I'm not sure the government is being run by a secret combination overall either. Are their evil people seeking to undermine everything good from God, yes, I believe that. All those who fund and support destruction of the five divinely inspired principles in our Constitution President Oaks spoke about last April would fit into that category. And all those who fund and encourage use of substances that interfere with exercise of agency would also fit.
  14. The way I parse this is that no earned interest on tithing is not tithing (since it doesn't involve the people who gave it, and it is immediately and fully the Lords upon deposit into the bishop's hands. But absolutely yes, the church should treat it every bit as sacredly as tithing funds are treated.
  15. Because it is only through the saving ordinances administered under our Heavenly Parents as delegated to Jesus Christ's church that they can return to live with THEM and our families, which has always been every mortal person's goal since the pre-existence when we opted in to that plan.
  16. Oh, and incel doesn't/shouldn't apply to 16 year olds anyway, or anyone for that matter chooses to follow the commandments and wait for sex until they marry someone. The term refers to involuntarily celibate, not "I'm smart enough to know that having sex when I'm sixteen not just violates the laws of God, but it also gets in the way of doing teenage developmental tasks of understanding how I and the world works. Further sex at 16 or 18 or even 25 with someone other than my wife may be pleasurable, but can also create children who deserve to be born in stable circumstances. I'm smart enough not to have sex that may mean I get diseases, break the hearts of women who think I care about them when I just want to get off, and get sidetracked from the experiences that will help me become my best self." Some would argue that the current incel movement and/or posting sites are also about white supremacy --- and surely you're also smart enough to stay away from that.
  17. 1) You are and always will be a beloved child of Heavenly Parents who created your spirit body and sent you to earth to get the mortal body you need (and wanted before you came to earth) and learn how to have your spirit control its parts, passions and appetites in submission to Their will so you can learn to become like Them and return to Them with honor. (They also sent Jesus to be your Savior and through the atonement close any gap between personal best and quick repentance of actual sin, and objective perfection.) Sexual appetites are strong to help you want to get married and have children when you are an adult because families are the basic governmental unit of heaven. Think of these issues as not yet teaching your body to follow your spirit. (Satan has long encouraged mortals to misuse sexual desire because he knows how easy it is get messed up and to thwart Their Plan that calls for all children to be born to married mother and father who try to follow Their teachings.) Remember always that your Heavenly Parents and your Savior know you intimately and well in every moment of your life. They are rooting for your success in becoming like Them. They love you even when you are struggling to follow Them, or don't want to follow Them because you want to do something you know They won't approve of. In order to be further away from Them, YOU have to move. You can rid yourself of porn and masturbation. It may take cold and 1 min showers, a stripped down phone that goes on the counter when you get home (or maybe for a while no electronics at all), different clothing, or sleeping where you are without privacy, or quit walking by a particular store front, or some other change in the environment. Experts will tell you that if you want to replace a habit, you should substitute some other activity. Every.Time.Immediately.Until exhaustion.or.sleep. Could be cleaning, singing, dancing, crocheting, pushups or running, writing in a journal, or something else. But if you consistently substitute the new thing for the undesired thing for 30-45 days that may be enough to rid yourself of it, but if it takes you longer, just do it. Sometimes masturbation has become a coping mechanism (even perhaps for something wholly unrelated to sex). If you are one of those, you'll need a therapist to help you sort that out and figure out how to cope differently. 2) Yes you can learn spanish and move to Mexico when you graduate from high school (or the equivalent where you are). You'll want to identify the nearest Mexican consular office and ask them what the process for doing that would be. I suspect you'll have the biggest opportunity if you get your education finished and have a marketable tech skill when you apply for that. So focus on getting as much education and certified skills as you can between now and when you turn 18 (I'd suggest finish college too: there are colleges that have study abroad in Mexico to get a start.)
  18. It would be wrong to include the names of people you taught and companioned with you, without express permission from them, and giving them a chance to comment and reject what you have written about them. In some countries, it could result in invasion of privacy claims (which your editor will likely inform you about and require you edit them out without that permission. At the least, write them and say, "this is how I remember this? Is your memory the same? If not, what is your memory, I'd like to be fully accurate." I think it would be just as wrong to use the names of ward members, Mission Leaders, and others too because people tell and interact with missionaries without the expectation that it will be repeated to others. I've long been concerned about the flippant (not intended I'm pretty sure, but flippant nonetheless) way missionaries write home about people they are working with, usually with details of conversions and often details of struggles they are working on. What a horrible betrayal of those who shared that information in the quest of seeking God.
  19. I refused to purchase for my children (and later for grandchildren) anything that wouldn't cover garments. But I didn't prevent them from spending their own earned money for whatever they chose. (Sometimes they had to find their own transportation when insisting on wearing inappropriate clothing though.) I had kids who were entrepreneurial though. After the first time I bought something from them which I couldn't bear to have them wear, they started bringing home more inappropriate things. It took me a full year to figure out that they were going to a used clothing store, buying the least expensive waaay too inappropriate clothes, selling it to me for retail. Thus having more to spend on what they really planned to wear. I object to anything that suggests women have to wear anything because of [anything other than their own desire to become everything they seek to become as daughters of God]. And I object to any comments that wearing clothing outside garment standards indicates lack of appropriate discipleship or faith. And, I do so hope/wish that leaders teach both yw and ym that a) what they wear can say something about themselves and even create safety risks (including nothing between them and the pavement when they fall, not just that someone will perceive them as vulnerable sexually), and so they should wear what reflects who they want to become. b) But choosing something other than FSOY compliant clothes doesn't diminish in any way their Heavenly Parents' and Savior's love for them, or mean they are not good enough for church or some other pejorative. The guideline is simply a measure of protection in a world that leaves many needing protection from ugliness/wickedness.
  20. The question is do you strive to keep the commandments. You describe yourself as deliberately not doing things you think you are required to do to keep the Sabbath day holy (though there is no ONE standard of expectation for what is required to do so except that it pretty clearly requires church attendance to the extent one is physically and medically able and can figure out a way to do so around one's work schedule in an industry where sunday work is required). There is also an element of whether you are intentionally thumbing your nose at various commandments, that can certainly potentially impair your temple experience. I think the bishop is obligated to accept the responses of those who seek recommends absent actual knowledge of sin. I also think that members who are going when they aren't telling the truth in interviews and/or who perceive themselves as not even marginally keeping commandments they know they should be keeping are putting themselves in danger spiritually. OTOH, personal best plus quick repentance (means you're working on mastering it fully) of actual sin is ALWAYS even to make a member perfect in Christ through the atonement. (It the flipppant attitude I perceived in your words that would trouble me if I were in your shoes, honest and full effort into keeping commandments give access to the atonement, but it doesn't close the gap of just doing what you feel like doing.)
  21. I've never seen members here as representing a faction. But maybe I'm not here enough to see it. I hope we all are working to live our discipleship of Jesus Christ fully and joyfully. Glad to welcome everyone.
  22. No they do not. (CFR your claim.) You cannot seriously say that she went to the bishop and confessed to get someone else in trouble, and then recovered from the really harsh response and finished her education. And she never gave the person's name, so how could she be trying to get someone in trouble?
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