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Free Tacenda

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Is this kind of like pressuring the LDS church to make changes?  Now that people are asking the mods to take Tacenda off probation, they can't actually do it because that would look like they are caving to outside pressure, so they have to keep her on probation just to prove a point that they aren't going to be influenced by external forces.  

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How about we do a prisoner exchange.  Put Unaffiliated on limited status and free Tacenda.  He is looking for some kind of punishment anyway.

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There is a reason I need to be on limited....look at my posts! And look at my likes!! Of course half my time here I've been on limited so maybe my "likes" aren't able to materialize. ;)

But I can tell you one thing, I enjoyed my short stints as a "Contributor". 

Thanks everyone, you are too kind, hugs!! 🤗

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Just for fun ...let's put Calm and Juliann in a lock box for a week...we can watch all hell break lose and while that happens...Tacenda and Stem can break out for a bit...

(I am so kidding...) I would really hate to meet Calm and Juliann in a dark alley at night.😊  So...changed my mind...how about Smac...and Scott...lock them up and set us all free!!!

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