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    I like to listen to others that share different beliefs than me. I try to respect those differences, but will also challenge those beliefs to sort out truth from dogma. I feel that people have often let religious dogma overshadow the basic message of Christ. I adhere to simple truths. Love God, love others, let God judge and worry about my own faults.

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  1. You might be right about firing the person who puts a male spirit in a female body or visa versa. For sure the ones that put a spirit in a body that is both male and female what do the scriptures say about those born with both genders?
  2. It is ironic that a person born into mortality may be in conflict with the true nature of his per-existence gender may try to correct that gender to match the ore-existence. They get kicked out of the church for doing so. Then when they die, they become the gender they got kicked out of the church for. Their eternal nature
  3. Your post really touched some deep emotions in me. I wish my coming out to my family could have been so supportive and understanding. Through this process, I too have learned for myself that nothing comes between my Savior and myself. I know this might sound strange to many on this board, but I honestly felt closer to the Savior after I came out and left the Church. In my mind, I always knew that the Savior knew who I was and I always felt his love. But to feel an increase in love was not what I expected. Maybe He was love bombing me as well to help me get through this. I don't rea
  4. Thanks for the clarification. I read the article you linked to . Looks like mostly they just photographed them and saves part of them. At least that is something. I personally wish they could have been preserved in place for future generations intact. For me part of the awe was seeing them in context with the rest of the pioneer era craftmanship. I understand the goal of being more efficient, but it came at a huge cost IMO.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I can see that for doctrinal issues. But what about decisions like where to build a church or how to treat gays in their congregations? I would assume they would pray about it and then do what they feel what God has impressed upon them.
  6. And the swimming pools are much nicer. Is it bad that I am warming up to the idea of being sent to hell?
  7. Thanks Robert. Basically you are saying that the Church leaders get inspiration/revelation just like any other church leaders. I agree. I don't think there is anything unique in the Church's relationship with God and His guidance. I wish I had figured that out earlier in my life when I thought Church leaders opinions carried more weight and followed their direction when really I should have been more questioning and relying on my own inspiration. ETA: I am really happy the murals and craftsmanship of those early pioneers will be saved. I wish the same decision had happened with the S
  8. I appreciate your thoughtful explanation on what you and I am assuming Church leadership and members think the definition of revelation is and how it is received. It certainly is way more broad than what I believed growing up. When President Kimball announced the end to the ban of the priesthood through revelation, I thought at the time that this was historic. God once again spoke to his prophet. But if as you suggest is true, can I ask, how is that any different than any other church leaders? Don't they also feel impressed that they are making the right decisions as they govern and
  9. I have absolutely no interest in some kind of heaven where every straight couple gets to spend eternity with their spouse, but if you are gay, you are not allowed that relationship to continue. There is nothing heaven about that kind of place. It all seems pointless as some goal to want to obtain. It is why I put my trust in God and not the guesswork of men who think they know what heaven is going to be like based on their own goals and expectations while throwing everyone else that doesn't fit that dynamic under the bus. Somehow, I believe God will find a place for me and my partner. I do
  10. Did you think my post had anything to do with a definition between gender and sex?
  11. Ok, you claim to be in possession of great knowledge directly from God. So perhaps you should be sharing what you know to be the exact will of God. We would all like to know. The prophet would like to know what God has revealed to you because every prophet has been silent on some of these fundamental questions you seem to have received answers to. We would all like to know the vast knowledge you have about what happens after death. You say that it takes a man and a woman to produce a spirit child. Just how does that happen? How are spirit children made? You say you know what ha
  12. What I am REALLY SAYING is that this is ALL speculation. No one knows how this is all going to work. So to assert one point of view as being somehow true for the eternities based on our extremely limited understanding is foolish. Especially when that opinion comes from a single point of view based on our conditions in this life. Of course I failed to elucidate what that is when there is no revealed knowledge on this subject. Just like you failed to elucidate how it is possible for a male and female are essential to create billions of spirit children when we don't actually know how spirit c
  13. It is interesting to me that you would say this now. I just spent the afternoon with a person who was born with Klinefelter Syndrome. (He was born with XXY chromosomes.) He is perhaps the tallest person I have ever meant in my life at 6'10" which can be a manifestation of that condition. He didn't enter puberty until he was in his 30's and that was because the doctors put him on a regimen of testosterone that forced puberty to occur. Otherwise, it never would have happened. He continues testosterone treatments daily to this day. You may think this is a rare condition. But actuall
  14. If the Celestial Kingdom is just about procreation, then yeah maybe you have a point. I tend to think it is more than that. I guess I just have a much broader view of what the work of God is. And the concept of women being eternally pregnant just doesn't seem to me to be what eternity is all about. I also believe the Love of God is so great that I too will fulfill the best possible version of myself. Being gay is not some affliction that I need to overcome. On the contrary, the gifts and blessings God has given me my whole life will continue to expand and be refined. None of that
  15. And how do you know this? Did you get some revelation from God that the prophet is not aware of? I personally plan to spend eternity with my beloved partner. And I don't really care where.
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