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  1. I love that Jesus said to destroy the temple and He'll rebuild it in 3 days. That simple but powerful prophecy and declaration about Himself brings me to my knees in love and gratitude.
  2. The absurdity of the attempt to be coy by the purveyor of misinformation is comical.
  3. This is why, within the Catholic faith, we rely on Scripture, Tradition, Magisterium and Revelation. Outside the Churches of the Ecumenical Councils, I struggle to see the same characteristics in the more contemporary churches.
  4. I understand where you're coming from. Pluralism and egalitarianism should drive us to a more compassionate, ethical and moral society.
  5. I'm well aware with the history of human dynamics where the family is concerned. You're right...the nuclear family is only a preference and not a standard.
  6. I agree with you, sir. Children are not an accessory. However, to want to be a parent despite not being in a relationship is not morally unacceptable. I have a straight male friend who chose surrogacy because he wanted to be a father and rather than have a child as a positive consequence of a marriage. IOW, his choice to be a father had everything to do with him and the child. The negative consequence of this is that there are ignoramuses who make assumptions about the type of sex life he chooses to live. Vile and disgusting lot they are. Even if promiscuity were an issue, it is none of societ
  7. No matter how much someone may want to argue, albeit from biased authority, the FP is not binding on the rest of the world as it does not address real specific issues that are part of everyday life. Sure it may make mention of generalized issues and fear monger with "calamities" but it does little to provide a foundation for "proper" or "appropriate" family dynamics. The antiquated and obsolete nuclear family that is idolized by self proclaimed "traditionalists" is of no consequence or relevance to how people determine and define their families in 2020. The nuclear family is more a preferred m
  8. This is a good reminder to reread Chris Rodda's book "Liar for Jesus...and Guns: A Debunking of David Barton's Book on the Second Amendment".
  9. Gabriel is an archangel to those of us in the Catholic and Orthodox (maybe Protestants?) faiths. Is there historical evidence within the 3 Abrahamic faiths that archangels were ever conflated with persons such as Noah and Adam? Or is it just a nineteenth century LDS construct? I mean no disrespect. The closest to humans and angels being same or similar species would be Nephilim and we see what God did to them in the Enochian texts (correct me if I'm wrong).
  10. That's fine but I'm hard pressed to find a non-religious person who accepts the idea of a life essence or soul. I'd be interested to hear what the non-religious think about a not exclusively religious idea and how it pertains to them.
  11. Because we don't live in a theocracy, we also must include the perspective of atheists and secularists who may not believe that the soul exists.
  12. This isn't meant to be a snarky question but is there any evidence to support Abraham, himself, being familiar with the text of the BoA or is the BoA better suited to be viewed as pseudepigrapha via the "red headed step child's cousin's uncle twice removed" sort of idea. Again, no disrespect.
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