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  1. This isn't meant to be a snarky question but is there any evidence to support Abraham, himself, being familiar with the text of the BoA or is the BoA better suited to be viewed as pseudepigrapha via the "red headed step child's cousin's uncle twice removed" sort of idea. Again, no disrespect.
  2. No one is calling into question anyone's Christianity. You made a hyperbolic assertion in such a way that it seemed as if you were stating an absolute fact. My problems with Mr. McConkie's theology are not an issue. Remember, I grew up in the church and am familiar with his work. I'm not questioning the heart of Mr. McConkie's faith and his Christianity. That was nowhere asserted or alluded to in my initial response to you. Again, you made a hyperbolic assertion in such a way that others may view your perspective as though other exemplary Christians are found wanting. If this was not your inte
  3. Please prove this assertion and not just claim that an opinion was being expressed.
  4. It was a joke based on his comments made in his book that should not be named. Sorry the joke was lost on you.
  5. Mr. McConkie is likely enjoying purgatory as we speak. Good on him. We all need a bit of cleansing.
  6. I participate in LDS discussion because I still have a history with the church and friends and family who are still in. I try to hold back harsh criticism in favor of civil and honest discussion. I have no desire to try to prove Mormonism "wrong" as I am content to acknowledge Mormonism is impossible for me to believe. I've heard people say that their "shelves" broke. I simply dissected my "shelf" (an absolutely ridiculous analogy), realized that said shelf was unnecessary and then began to find (what I believed to be) authentic truth in the historical Church rather than a church that was a pr
  7. The last bishop I had when I was living in Flagstaff, AZ used to pronounce Israel as "Izrull". Nails-on-chalkboard indeed. It was also like hearing a car going 120mph coming to an abrupt stop.
  8. Interesting that a sacrament is labeled a show.
  9. Calm and I had a discussion in another thread a few months back on this subject. I demonstrated that the textual variants of the Greek support a literal interpretation. One of those variants was used in the text where Jesus said that He is the way, the truth and the life. I asked Calm, because she was making the case that it could be figurative, that perhaps we should take Jesus' proclamation as to who He is figuratively as well.
  10. Mormon sacrament isn't in any way like the Anaphora we experience in the Divine Liturgy. Furthermore, Mormons lack the ability to enact the epiklesis and anamnesis to provide a valid Eucharist. Mormons, like most Protestants, believe in a pneumatic presence communion and blatantly disavow the fact that Jesus said that the wine is His blood and the bread is His body. I've debated this before on here concerning the literal language uses employed by Jesus in the scriptural text.
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