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  1. Any evidence for the actual plates to substantiate the BoM? Dr. Peterson does very well and I appreciate his work but the transmission based on claims and possible circumstantial and probable evidence still don't make a solid case. Let me phrase based on my own train of thought. Bart Ehrman wrote the book "Did Jesus Exist?". Can we apply the same methodology to the BoM? If so, I'm willing to listen. If not, then we reach nothing. ETA: I'm asking for much especially in consideration of the translation of the City of Enoch. Perhaps Hebrews 11:1 is a hindrance to me. Please be patient with
  2. Reminds me of how useless the Trek was to my spiritual life and how greatly it had been exaggerated. No disrespect to those who believe otherwise.
  3. Can I get an exact date of the first seal opening? Shouldn't be too hard to pinpoint.
  4. Um...who cares? People have been doing this kinda stuff since before it was criminalized.
  5. Not in the continental U.S. if it were to ever be a country.
  6. Because it was clear she didn't know what she was talking about and I couldn't take her seriously.
  7. I remember when my seminary teacher made a ridiculous and unfounded claim that we were in the "midnight hour of the sixth seal".
  8. Or replace tribal drums and instruments with organ/keyboard in more indigenous areas.
  9. Looking up from the inside resembles a sea shell. Seashells and their symbolism for baptism mean nothing to LDS.
  10. Happy and Blessed Ash Wednesday to everyone! May your Lenten season be blessed and fruitful!
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