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  1. One opinion that aligns with JS. Definitely not the authoritative opinion by any stretch of the imagination.
  2. The video makes it clear that there isn't simply one idea of what constitutes an angel. JS claimed nothing revelatory or original in this regard.
  3. This is a fascinating video on angels. I'm truly ignorant on the subject. Enjoy!
  4. Damien the Leper was a real person. I was only kidding with the silly Kolob comment. Kolob is more a theory or idea. One that I really have no interest in.
  5. I'm not. I feel as though who I was when I first started posting here was the miserable me. It's been a journey. Calm, Blue Bell, Scott, Smac, etc. are a rich history of learning and humbling for myself. Mormonism just wasn't the right fit. And they've been kind and patient despite our disagreements. I am truly blessed.
  6. My life is amazing as a Catholic. Your arrogance is a childish detractor.
  7. @Scott Lloyd The struggle is real.
  8. The statement quite is presumptuous, asinine and self righteous. Attempting to take such a statement seriously is a lesson in futility.
  9. Before resigning my membership, a former bishop/friend told me that if I left that I'd be so miserable that I wouldn't know how miserable I'd be. I simply chuckled and not out of disrespect but because of the absolute absurdity of the statement.
  10. I am doing well. I hope and pray that you are as well. I don't see myself as a sign of hope but I thank you for the compliment. Having not been Catholic for very long, I enjoy yours, Miserere's and Bonaventure's responses to some of the thread topics.
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